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The 10 Best Cheap Rabbit Cages

If you are looking for a great pet, consider a rabbit. However, your rabbit will require a nice, spacious home to call its own.

Some owners choose to keep rabbits outdoors in fenced areas, while others choose to keep them indoors.

However, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) is curious as to which best cheap rabbit cages pattern might work best for you and your rabbit.

Are you thinking of a standard cage or a playpen? How much space do we really need? Rabbit cages can be expensive if you don't know what you're looking for. However, the reality is that they don't have to be.

Many high-quality cage options are available that you won't need to sell your car or send your child to college to afford.

We have gone ahead and done the necessary work for you. We did a lot of research on the market to find the best rabbit enclosures money can buy.

These inexpensive rabbit cage reviews will make it easier for you to choose a suitable home for your rabbit without worrying about breaking the bank.


As you can see, the process of choosing a quality cheap rabbit cage can be complicated by the multitude of alternatives available. You can choose to return a cage after you buy it, but that’s often the only way to find out how great it really is.

However, you can find acceptable alternatives. Our top pick, the MidWest Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home, is our top pick as it has everything a small to medium-sized rabbit could need.

However, if you need more space, we recommend the Living World Luxury Habitat.

With any luck, you’ve learned enough from these BestForPets (bestforpets.org) reviews to go out and buy the best cheap rabbit cages with confidence. Good luck in finding a new home.


The MidWest Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Cage Is the Best Choice

The MidWest Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home is our recommended low-cost rabbit cage. If you have a little pet, this premium rabbit home is the perfect place for them to call home.

Furthermore, no equipment is needed. Easy assembly in under a minute; no tools required.

The cage’s current dimensions are suitable for housing tiny animals. On the other hand, you may make this cage even bigger by using any of the two accessible add-ons.

Having a separate, comfortable resting space for your rabbit is important, and the hutch addition does just that.

In addition, it’s quite simple to disinfect. The 0.5-inch-wide openings in the mesh flooring are large enough for your pet’s waste to fall through and be easily collected, without sacrificing any of the flooring’s softness for your rabbit’s comfort.

The waste collecting tray may be easily removed from the cage for washing and disposal.

Your rabbits will enjoy burrowing into and climbing on top of the elevated eating area, which also serves as a private little hidey-hole.

Also, a hay feeder is supplied so there’s no need to go out and look for one that goes with it. The only thing we’d change about this ecosystem is how big it is.

Smaller rabbit breeds should be alright in it, but larger rabbits may need extra space, regardless of whether the hutch is expanded.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Collapsible
  • Maintaining its pristine condition is a breeze.
  • Extending Options Currently At Your Disposal
  • Holed-up burrow and feeding platform
  • Includes a hay feeder


  • Not big enough for adult rabbits.


Top Quality Rabbit Habitat Cage – MidWest Wabbitat

The MidWest Wabbitat Rabbit Home might be the ideal transport cage for your rabbit. It shares the same manufacturer with our top selection and offers the same set of benefits.

It requires no special equipment for assembly or disassembly. It’s portable and durable enough to hold your pet securely in place.

It has a wire mesh floor that’s half an inch thick, a urine splash barrier, and a collection pan that won’t leak.

The cage may look spacious, but it is far too little to be your rabbit’s permanent home. Unlike the more expensive Deluxe model, this cage does not come with any more space or a burrow.

And for a longer-term answer to housing, we advise getting something larger.

However, if you need a rabbit travel cage, this may be a good option.


  • Tolerable Costs
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Easily arranged
  • Maintaining its pristine condition is a breeze.


  • Not suitable for habitation; just good for transit.


High-Quality Rabbit Cages from Prevue Pet Products

The Prevue Pet Products tiny animal cage is an inexpensive option if you’re searching for something with a little more style than a standard rabbit hutch.

Its aesthetically pleasing qualities stem from its multi-tiered layout and rounded corners. It’s also a beautiful addition to the space where your rabbit will live.

In addition, it is mobile thanks to the built-in casters that allow you to roll it wherever you choose. The cage’s wheels aren’t detachable, but they do come with a lock that will keep them from moving when you don’t want them to.

The simplicity of its maintenance is one of the features we like most about this enclosure. Waste and messes are easily removed thanks to the powder coating that covers the whole unit.

The wastebasket is 6.5 inches deep, so no pee splashes will ever find their way out.

However, the price is more than we had anticipated, and the space it provides falls short of our expectations. This is a great nighttime crate if you allow your rabbit out during the day.


  • The powder coating on the outside facilitates cleaning.
  • Garbage can with an extra-deep design
  • Casters with lockable wheels
  • Appealing to the eye


  • The casters are placed permanently.
  • Expensive


Use Recycled Plastic Bunny Cages for a Comfortable Stay at Home

Simple solutions are often the best. The Ware Home Sweet Home Plastic Cage is the simplest option available.

It’s constructed from a thick plastic drop pan and a strong powder coated wire cage, and it’s easy to assemble. If your rabbit has an accident, you won’t have any trouble cleaning either the plastic pan or the powder coated wire cage.

This rabbit hutch is marketed as a permanent residence. We appreciate the manufacturer’s effort to create a low-cost option for housing your pet, but we can’t endorse this product for long-term use.

The bottom is too tiny to function as a collecting tray, and its single entrance makes frequent access impossible.

However, if you need a simple cage for transporting your pet to the doctor, this is a good choice. Very short-term housing needs can be met at a low cost.


  • Used for visits to the vet
  • Costing just a pittance


  • Not suitable for use as a permanent residence.


Pets in the Wild: The Ultimate Bunny Cage

Our ecosystem is the first one on this list that can compete with the others in terms of scale. Choose from the regular, big, or extra-large size of the Living World Deluxe Habitat. Plus, the XXL dimensions are just what we’re hoping for in terms of a long-term home.

It’s really similar to the item we’ve chosen as the best. The top-hinged door is simple to use and large enough to admit even a Flemish Giant rabbit.

(Though we wouldn’t suggest this cage for a single animal.) There’s a raised feeding platform in the cage complete with a burrow and a hay dispenser.

You could be wondering why this isn’t a priority.

This is due to worries about cleanliness and the ease with which surfaces may be scrubbed clean. Not only is there not a dedicated trash can, but there is also no mesh flooring.

The rabbit will not fall through the floor if you follow these instructions. The garbage is left where it was generated, which is the main room. Even though the feces is supposed to drain away from the rabbit’s burrow, it can still readily reach the rabbit via the bottom of the pan.

In addition, the cage’s included attachments don’t feel like they were designed for use with it. Our cage has the potential to move up this list and even become our #1 option with a few tweaks to the design.


  • Big as heck
  • An Eating Platform at a Higher Level
  • A major window in the upper door


  • Not having a trash can
  • Inconveniently dirty
  • Don’t waste your money on extras.


Quality Basics Rabbit Cages, Model 9013-1

If you need a larger cage, consider the AmazonBasics Small Animal Cage. Not quite as spacious as the Living World environment, but still quite roomy for a rabbit of any size.

An raised balcony for feeding and a secret tunnel below provide more seclusion, just like the other options here. The cage features front and top loading doors for convenience and additional accessories.

There are, nevertheless, certain concerns we have concerning this enclosure. In my opinion, it’s not very robust. Actually, it’s not very sturdy, especially the upper balcony.

The accoutrements are also mismatched. The offered water bottle, for example, is quite small.

The Living World is a lot more expensive than this cage, but you get what you pay for.


  • Large
  • Burrow-equipped Balcony
  • Simple-to-use entrances


  • Poor quality
  • It will be necessary to purchase new accessories.


Pet Bunny Cages with a Kennel-Style Wire Mesh Top and a Breathable

Our list is incomplete without the Kennel-Aire “A” frame home. It’s an A-frame style cage with very little in the way of amenities. It has a wonderful aesthetic and may be used in practically any space. The cage’s minimal design also makes it easy to personalize the interior for your rabbit.

Additionally, the mesh bottom and detachable plastic tray make cleanup a breeze. However, there are several evident problems that require fixing.

There’s no pee splash barrier and the waste collecting container is rather shallow. It may be easy to clean the cage itself, but you should also check the area immediately outside the cage in case you need to do any further cleaning. It has wheels for portability, but you can’t lock them. And, much like the other options here, we wish it were a bit bigger. Your rabbit will quickly get cramped as you start bringing in other items, such as food bowls.


  • Appealing to the eye
  • Mesh-floored trash can that can be removed for disposal
  • Extremely basic configuration that encourages individualization.


  • Too little depth in the trash bin
  • There is no protection against pee splashing.
  • Lockable wheels
  • Small


This is a Krolik rabbit cage from Ferplast, model number 57072570

An other good option for a permanent home for your rabbit is the Ferplast Krolik Rabbit Cage. You may have a hutch that’s made of wood or wire, and the space is adequate.

Your rabbit will have a sanitary location to eat thanks to the cage’s elevated feeding area (no burrow).

The accessories are useful, unlike those included with some of the other devices on this list. Still, we advise picking anything from a bit farther up our list.

Although durable, assembly of this cage presents some challenges. Your tolerance will be tested more than once. There is also no system in place for collecting trash separately.

Therefore, you should consider litter training your rabbit. Your rabbit may have to walk through soiled bedding on its way to and from the hutch and the food bowl because there is no burrow below the elevated platform.


  • Large
  • Sturdy
  • Excellent add-ons


  • No independent system for garbage pickup
  • Absence of a burrow
  • Frustratingly Tricky to Put Together


Item 100523397 Kaytee Two-Story House for Pets: My Very First Home

There’s a lot of room for improvement in the Kaytee My First Home 2-Level habitat. It’s spacious enough to keep a small rabbit comfortably, has a clean eating area on the second floor, and comes with a great hay dispenser to boot. Even the EZ Clean System concept appeals to us.

That’s a fantastic idea for a design. But the implementation falls short.

Because it lacks a solid foundation, the balcony on the second floor easily bows and breaks. The wiring and plastic used throughout the cage are flimsy, giving it an overall weak appearance and feel.

Additionally, it’s advertised to be easy to assemble, but the components might be tricky to line up and snap together correctly. Nevertheless, the absence of a top-loading door is perhaps our largest gripe. Because of this, putting in or removing your rabbit will be a chore.


  • Plenty enough
  • Precautionary ramp
  • The Quick and Easy Cleaning Method


  • Very frail
  • Confusing to put together in a nutshell
  • No overhead loading bays


AH3030 Wire Rabbit Hutch for Little Giants

The Little Giant Wire Rabbit Hutch doesn’t require much explanation. Galvanized metal is used throughout, making this item corrosion-resistant.

But basically that’s the whole story. We wouldn’t recommend it as a permanent residence due to its little size. What’s more, you’ll have to shell out cash for the supplementary hardware your project necessitates.

There is no trash bin, patio, or dining space. It’s nothing more complicated than putting up a cage for your oxen out of metal. The necessary clips for assembly are included, however the appropriate tool is supplied separately.

Bringing a large number of rabbits to a new house or pet business is where they would shine.


  • Cheap


  • Disappointingly, extras are not included.
  • In order to construct it, a specialized tool is required, which is offered separately.
  • Not even adequate as a makeshift residence.

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