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The 10 Best Cheap Cat Foods

Feeding your cat can be costly, especially if you have more than one. However, you don't want to choose a low-quality food that doesn't provide your pet with all of the nutrients they require to keep happy and healthy. This is why it is critical to conduct thorough research and select the best affordable cat food available. We understand how difficult it can be to sort through hundreds of products. That's why we did it for you. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) compiled and reviewed the %product_count% best cheap cat foods that will provide your cat with everything they require without costing you a fortune. Before we get into these evaluations, check out our buyer's guide to learn about what you want to see in your cat's food and what to avoid.


Canned Purina Fancy Feast Grilled Feast with Gravy Cat Food

Purina Fancy Feast comes in 16 different flavors, two styles, and five different variety packs.

You can order 24 or 30-count cases, or you can mix and match flavors and buy them individually. Each case includes three options ranging from chicken to fish.

The sensitive cuts have about 80% moisture content. And this is the maximum level possible for pet food.

The meat chunks are small enough that your cat can eat them without making a mess. The gravy enhances the flavor and texture of the meal, keeping your cat interested.

Each serving is high in important minerals and vitamins. This ensures that your cat is getting a well-balanced meal every time they eat.

The meal is beneficial to your cat’s digestive and immune systems. It will also nourish your cat’s skin and improve the quality of their coat.

The first two components on the label are fish broth and beef. There are genuine ocean fish ingredients such as tuna, salmon, and shrimp.

The healthful, delectable formula is made in facilities throughout the United States. Each batch is subjected to stringent quality control criteria.


  • Singles and cases are available.
  • There are numerous flavor profiles.
  • Vitamins and minerals are abundant.
  • Gravy adds flavor to the dish.


  • The smell lingers.
  • When you open it, it can soon dry out.

Fancy Feast Gravy Addicts Canned Cat Food Poultry & Beef Feast Variety Pack

Whether your cat prefers chicken, beef, or turkey, this variety pack will keep them satisfied. This mixture contains little bites that are carefully developed to fit your cat’s mouth.

Each serving is moistened by the thick gravy. Furthermore, the soft texture is easier on your cat’s digestive tract. Slow cooking at lower temperatures helps to preserve the vitamin, mineral, and nutritional content of each meal.

Every serving provides your cat with all of the nutrients they require for healthy growth. The lean protein content aids in the development of healthy muscles while also keeping your cat’s cardiovascular system in peak condition.

Because of the fatty acid content, your cat’s skin and coat health may improve with this diet. This formula’s ingredients are sourced from reliable sources.

To guarantee that the food is as healthful as possible, the cooking process is subjected to stringent quality control standards.

Finally, the three distinct flavor profiles allow you to mix and match to prevent your cat from becoming bored with the same meal on a daily basis.


  • High-quality components are used.
  • It is served in a rich gravy with a high moisture content.


  • A cat must be fed for every 2.5 pounds of body weight.
  • The gravy-to-meat ratio is inconsistent.

Original Choice Dry Cat Food by Meow Mix

Made in the United States This formula contains some of the finest components sourced from reputable suppliers all over the world.

This meal contains high-quality protein to help your cat grow healthy, with lean muscles and a strong heart. The distinctive form makes it easier for your cat to pick up and devour this kibble.

In addition, they will receive 100% balanced nutrients in every portion. It is high in important minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

This aids with digestive system regulation, immune system support, and skin and coat health. There are eight different sizes available to suit your cat’s demands.

Furthermore, the dry format of this composition ensures that it remains fresh for a longer period of time. The first cup will be just as crisp as the last. Furthermore, the bag is strong enough to keep moisture out.

Every dish contains the flavors of salmon, turkey, ocean fish, and tuna, which your cat will adore. This flavor profile also diversifies their diet.

The protein content is slightly lower. This guarantees that your cat maintains a slim and healthy weight throughout his or her life.


  • Contains a healthy protein combination
  • Has distinct shapes
  • To keep the food fresh, reseal the bag.
  • It has a reasonably long lifespan.


  • It has the potential to create a greasy residue.
  • It may be too difficult for very old or young cats.
  • It has a good quantity of filler.

Complete Dry Cat Food Cat Chow

Every serving of this dry cat food provides your cat with 25 important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to help them stay healthy on the inside and out. It promotes their general health and wellness from kitten to senior.

Every serving provides your cat with a variety of healthful carbs, fatty acids, and protein. The fatty acids immediately begin feeding your cat’s skin and enhancing the health of their coat from root to tip.

The primary protein source is chicken. This is a slim alternative for your cat’s musculoskeletal system. Each bag has three distinct shapes and sizes of kibble. Your cat will find it easier to pick up with these shapes.

When you order, you can select from five different sizes. This allows you to customize your selection based on your cat’s tastes.

To ensure quality, each ingredient in this mix is sourced from reliable sources around the United States. The meal also lasts far longer than canned alternatives.

The bag is simple to reseal after each usage. This will keep your cat’s food crispy from the first bite to the last.


  • Has a distinctively shaped kibble
  • It has 25 important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.


  • Packaging is becoming slimmer.
  • This product leaves a greasy residue.
  • There are a lot of filler elements in this.

Dry Cat Food 9Lives

If you choose this formula, you can choose from Plus Care, Daily Essentials, Indoor Complete, Protein Plus, or Lean and Tasty.

And each combination has its own set of advantages. There are also seven different size options ranging from 3.15 to 28 pounds available.

The high protein and fatty acid content benefits your cat’s cardiovascular system, lean muscle growth, coat, skin, and digestive system.

There are fewer calories per cup of food, which aids in keeping your cat at a healthy weight. If they begin to gain weight, you can reduce it gradually.

As flavor profiles, your cat will get beef, chicken, and salmon. The diet also contains veggies, such as whole wheat. These substances are slightly easier to break down and digest in your cat’s system.

This minimizes the likelihood of intestinal distress following meals. The cuisine is nutritionally complete and balanced. So you can feed it to your pet at any stage of their lives.

The kibble is tiny enough for both young and old cats to eat without difficulty. Furthermore, once opened, dry food lasts slightly longer than wet food.


  • Organ meats are included.
  • Has a high fatty acid content
  • There are five distinct formulations available.


  • Has a higher concentration of meat meals, byproducts, and synthetic dyes.

Original Cat Chow Naturals Dry Cat Food

This nutritious mix contains lean protein from salmon and chicken. Salmon has a high fatty acid content that will help your cat’s coat and skin. Because it is low in calories, chicken is a popular protein source.

This dry food contains whole grains and green vegetables, which are good filler elements that increase the nutrient value.

Whole grains are also easier for your cat’s digestive tract to digest. This minimizes the likelihood of your cat getting an upset stomach.

Because there are no artificial flavors or preservatives, this is a healthier option for your cat. It is appropriate for all life phases, and the kibble is tiny enough for both young and senior cats to consume.

The first ingredient is real meat, which is swiftly followed by whole wheat and white rice for highly digestible carbs. This food has a greater protein content.

This can assist your cat in gaining weight. It can, however, lead your cat to gain weight when their activity levels decrease.

Every serving provides your cat with 100% of the minerals and vitamins they require to flourish.


  • Whole grains and green veggies are included.
  • There are no artificial flavors or preservatives.
  • Every stage of life is supported.


  • The formula contains maize, wheat, soy, and meat meals.

Buyer's Guide to the Best Low-Cost Cat Food

You only want the best for your pet. This includes feeding them high-quality meals. However, this does not imply that you must purchase a costly formula.

Manufacturers battle for new customers. So it is feasible to discover a food that meets all of your pet’s nutritional needs without spending hundreds of dollars on it.

Wet or dry cat food

One of the first decisions you should make is whether to feed your cat dry or wet food. You may even feed them a mixture of the two by incorporating kibble into the pate or shreds.

Your choice, however, will be determined by your cat’s tastes. Some people prefer it dry. Some people love the extra wetness and gravy that comes with pate or wet cuisine.

Once you’ve decided on a type, you may begin comparing products that meet these criteria. Furthermore, this should restrict your selections, making it easy to find the finest solution.

Reputation of a Brand

There are numerous cheap cat food manufacturers on the market. Some brands are more well-known than others.

The idea is to select a company that is forthright about any previous troubles they had with their cat food. They should also inform their customers about the efforts they made to address the issues.

The Food and Drug Administration keeps track of recalls and other problems that various pet food businesses have had in the past.

When you can’t decide between two brands, you might check to see how many there are of each. The fewer recalls a company has, the more reliable their ingredients are.

How to Interpret a Cat Food Label

It’s critical that you know how to read the labels on the various options. The label will assist you answer a few important questions about the formula’s safety for your cat.

  • Net Weight – The net weight indicates how much food is in the bag. You may calculate how long the food will last by looking at the suggested serving size based on your cat’s current weight. You can figure out if this cuisine is within your budget.
  • Ingredient Sources – It should be stated somewhere on the bag where the makers obtain their ingredients. They should ideally originate from reliable sources and farms that practice sustainable farming. If the label states that they use global sources, search for one that uses suppliers based in the United States. They’re in better shape.
  • Guaranteed Analysis – This is a chart that shows how much protein, fiber, fat, phosphorus, and other nutrients are in one serving of food. Protein level between 26% and 30% with minimal phosphorus is healthy for most cats. It also aids in the prevention of unwanted weight gain and kidney disorders.
  • The first five components on the label will tell you what the majority of the food contains. It includes items such as chicken, chicken broth, brown rice, peas, and sweet potatoes. These ingredients will thereafter constitute the majority of the dish. The first or second component should be meat.
  • Is the food intended for adults, kittens, elderly, overweight cats, or cats with particular nutritional needs? Check that the food’s purpose matches your cat’s requirements.

Purchasing Considerations

What do you want to find in your low-cost cat food? What ingredients do you wish to stay away from? It is critical that you understand both of these concepts before you begin buying.


Your cat’s food should contain actual animal protein that doesn’t leave you wondering where it came from.

Beef, chicken, salmon, lamb, mussels, duck, sardines, whitefish, tuna, or bison are all good choices. Organ meat, such as beef or chicken liver, provides additional nutrients to your cat’s diet.

Vegetables and fruits

Any food that has a variety of fruits and vegetables will provide your pet with nutritious carbs. These are simple for young bodies to digest and get nutrients from.

Sweet potatoes, pumpkin, zucchini, carrots, broccoli, berries, and apples should all be on the ingredient list. If you don’t, you risk feeding your cat harmful filler, which can cause stomach problems.

Grain Whole

Whole grains are far better on your cat’s digestive system than cheap ingredients such as corn, wheat, or soy. These healthy grains are also high in nutrients, which will help balance your cat’s diet.

They can also make your pet feel fuller in between meals. They may eat less, allowing them to maintain a healthy weight.

Essential Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are good fats. Fatty fish like salmon and tuna are the best natural sources of these nutrients. These acids nourish your cat’s skin and boost the health of their coat.

They also strive to repair any previous damage. They can also help your cat’s joint mobility. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids should be indicated on the label.


Taurine is an amino acid that serves a variety of activities throughout your cat’s body. It promotes eye health, heart growth, and reproductive processes.

It is essential in kitten and early adult meals. But you want to see it at every stage of life.

Things to Avoid When Buying Cat Food

Some cat food manufacturers use unhealthy components in their recipes that provide little to no nutritional value to your kitty. They’re just filler. And businesses employ them to bulk up food.

Preservatives Synthetic

Artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors have no effect on cat food. They simply make it live longer than it should while while improving its appearance for cat parents.

Chemical preservatives such as BHT, BHA, and ethoxyquin are three major ones to avoid in your cat’s food.

Soy, corn, or wheat

Cats are natural carnivores. It stands to reason that their bodies aren’t designed to break down large amounts of grain, wheat, or soy.

Unfortunately, they are common filler ingredients used to bulk up the mix in many cat food products. You are not required to feed your pet grain-free food.

However, as previously stated, you should see nutritious carbohydrates instead.

Meat Dishes

Meat meal is frequently stated as the first or second component on your cat’s food label. Meat meal is made from fish processing facility and slaughterhouse scraps that aren’t fit for human consumption.

They cook them at high temperatures, dry them out, and then add the powder to the formula. They are not as nutritious as whole meat.

Fat Rendered

Rendered fats are a complex mixture of animal parts that are left over after slaughterhouses have processed them. It could even have plastic remnants from the meat wrappers.

It’s simple to see why you wouldn’t want these substances in your cat’s food because they’re quite unhealthy. Instead, choose clearly labeled meat fats like chicken or beef fat.

If it isn’t, it’s better for your cat to locate alternative food.


Purina Fancy Feast Grilled Feast in Gravy Canned Wet Cat Food is our recommendation for the best affordable cat food since it comes in over ten different tastes and is available in single cans and variety packs.

It has a moisture ratio of 80%. And each serving has a high concentration of critical vitamins, nutrients, and minerals for your cat.

Compare these 9 best cheap cat foods to see which one is best for your pet.

BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org) buyer’s guide covered all you needed to know to avoid trading quality for quantity. You can also use these tools to keep your cat healthy.

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