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Here Are The Best Ceramic Cat Water Fountains

Dehydration can be dangerous for cats. Ceramic water fountains can encourage them to drink more than they would otherwise.

But not just any fountain will do. A cat fountain must be strong enough to withstand repeated use, quiet enough not to bother the rest of the home, and simple to clean.

This post from BestForPets (bestforpets.org) will look at the best ceramic cat water fountains on the market. These reviews should assist you in deciding on the best solution for your pet.


PetSafe Creekside Ceramic Pet Fountain – Overall Winner

The PetSafe Creekside Ceramic Dog & Cat Fountain mimics a natural stream to help boost a cat’s water intake.

It can contain up to 60 ounces of water at a time, which is sufficient for running in the fountain and drinking by your cat.

This fountain is designed to be extremely quiet and not bother you or your cat. It has a pump and a carbon filter to keep the water pure as it flows.

It will also not leave an unpleasant taste in the water. The substance is resistant to scratches and free of heavy metals.

Simply wipe the pump down by hand and place the ceramic components in the dishwasher to clean. Overall, this is the greatest ceramic cat water fountain available.


Best Value Pioneer Pet Raindrop Ceramic PET Fountain

The Pioneer Pet Raindrop Ceramic Dog & Cat Fountain is the greatest ceramic cat water fountain for the money for people on a budget.

It holds 60 ounces, which is more than enough for most cats. The porcelain is totally dishwasher safe, making cleaning a breeze.

However, the pump must be manually cleaned once a month. It also contains a charcoal filter that is simple to replace as needed.

This filter keeps the water pure even after it has been resting in the bowl for a while. The fountain itself has a distinct, modern design that distinguishes it from other possibilities.

If you’re concerned about how the fountain will look in your home, keep this in mind.


Premium Drinkwell Pagoda Ceramic Pet Fountain

The Drinkwell Pagoda Ceramic Dog & Cat Fountain has a somewhat larger capacity than most other fountains, but it comes at a cost. This ceramic fountain is quite pricey.

A low-voltage pump circulates the water and, with the help of a foam filter, maintains it clean. This filter is constructed of carbon and coconut shell.

It can be replenished as needed to guarantee that the water remains clean for several months. This fountain is very silent.

For the most part, you’ll only hear the water circulating. The pump is nearly silent.


Dog & Cat Drinkwell Seascape Ceramic Fountain

The Drinkwell Seascape Ceramic Dog & Cat Fountain, for the most part, is similar to other fountains.

It features a capacity of 70 ounces and a carbon filter that keeps the water pure while it circulates. This filter also keeps unpleasant odors and tastes at bay, encouraging greater drinking.

The pump is totally submersible and absolutely silent. It should not frighten your cat or upset other members of the family.

The ceramic design is fashionable and will complement most home decors.

However, the pump that comes with this fountain isn’t the best. It doesn’t seem to last as long and isn’t as forceful as some other options, which severely limits the fountain’s functionality.


Avalon Ceramic Dog & Cat Fountain by Drinkwell

The Drinkwell Avalon Ceramic Dog & Cat Fountain is simple but pricey. In fact, it is one of the more expensive solutions available.

It features a capacity of 70 ounces with a porcelain design that is both attractive and easy to clean. Two streams help to oxygenate the water while also increasing total flow.

While this fountain includes a filter, it must be adjusted on a regular basis.

This might quickly build up to a significant amount of money out of your pocket. In any case, the filter isn’t that amazing. The water gets muddy and leaves slime all over the porcelain bowl.

How to Choose The Best Ceramic Cat Water Fountain

Pet fountains are not all created equal. If you want to get one for your cat, be sure it has all of the functions that you require.

While cat fountains may appear simple, they can have a long range of functions.

This section will assist you in determining which components of your fountain are essential and which may be skipped.

You should be able to choose the best one for you and your cat based on this information.


Pet fountains often have capacities ranging from 50 to 150 ounces. If you only have one little cat, a smaller size will most likely suffice.

Those who have large cats or several cats would most likely want a larger fountain. Keep in mind that in order for the pump to work correctly, you must keep the fountain mainly full.

The last thing you want is for the pump to fail or break due to a lack of water. As a result, you should not wait until the water runs out before refilling it.

When in doubt, we recommend opting with the larger size.


It is critical to have a filter. This not only keeps your cat’s water clean, but it also keeps the pump from becoming clogged and eventually malfunctioning.

As a result, we strongly advise selecting a fountain that has a high-quality filter. This filter should ideally be made of carbon or charcoal.

It should easily catch cat fur, which will quickly jam the pump. You should also think about the cost of replacing the filter.

Even the greatest filter will need to be replaced on a regular basis. Some are prohibitively expensive, raising the overall cost of the fountain.


You don’t want a fountain that will just last a month or two. After all, these fountains are not inexpensive. On these ceramic fountains, it is usually the pump that fails, not the bowl.

As a result, you should select one with a high-quality pump. Looking through reviews is often the only way to determine the quality of the pump.

These can steer you in the right path, especially if you pay heed to the unit’s durability information.

Level of Noise

Pumps may be fairly loud, therefore there is always the possibility that cat fountains will be quite loud. Fortunately, most are built to be reasonably quiet.

Companies understand that loud pumps frequently terrify cats, defeating the purpose of the fountain!

Almost all of the fountains in our reviews are quiet enough not to irritate you or your cat.

You can, however, expect to hear water flow, which is unavoidable with a fountain. Water that moves makes noise, and all fountains have moving water.

Flow of Water

The entire purpose of a fountain is to get water flowing. As a result, if the water does not flow due to a faulty pump or improper installation, the fountain is essentially useless.

As a result, when making a purchase, you should carefully evaluate the flow of the water. The power of the pump frequently plays a significant influence in this.


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes our reviews have given you with a wealth of knowledge about the best ceramic cat water fountains on the market.

With the buyer’s guide, selecting the best fountain for you should be simple.

We suggest the PetSafe Creekside Ceramic Dog & Cat Fountain to the majority of consumers. It contains a quiet and long-lasting pump as well as an excellent filter.

The material is scratch-resistant, which is essential when working with cats.

The Pioneer Pet Raindrop Ceramic Dog & Cat Fountain is a bit less expensive but still excellent option. It has a filter, a pump, and a modern style that many consumers like.

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