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The 11 Best Ceramic Cat Bowls

Scratched dishes are not only annoying to clean, but they are also an ideal environment for germs to grow.

You don't have to worry about your cat scratching the worst porcelain bowls you can find.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) tells you that porcelain bowls are much cheaper than metal bowls, making them the best ceramic cat bowls for frugal cat owners who can't afford other options. more expensive.

Ceramic Cat Bowls: A Buyer's Guide

This short buyer’s guide has been compiled to assist you in selecting the finest ceramic cat bowl for your beloved pet. Finally, we’ve covered the essentials of shopping for a ceramic cat dish, so you can get the best one for your needs.

If you have a cat, you should definitely invest in some ceramic cat bowls.

Generally speaking, porcelain bowls are the most secure option for serving food and water to your cat. For the simple reason that ceramic is extremely scratch-resistant. After a few washes, the surface of plastic bowls and even some metal bowls become scratched, creating a bacterial breeding ground in the groves.

However, care must be used when utilizing the ceramic bowls so as not to break them. However, if you’d prefer not to use ceramic bowls, stainless steel options are available.

When Buying a Ceramic Bowl for Your Cat, Keep These Things in Mind.

Get the best ceramic cat bowl by keeping these things in mind.

  • Pick a category: Determining whether you’ll be utilizing the ceramic cat bowls for food or water before making the purchase is a good idea. Find the best bowl for your needs based on that information.
  • Make sure you take your cat’s size into account when picking out a bowl. The majority of the bowls we’ve mentioned here are ceramic and suitable for most cats; but, if you have a kitten, a smaller bowl will also do.
  • The substance used to create most ceramic bowls makes them simple to disinfect and rinse. However, the “dishwasher-safe” bowls would be the most convenient to use.
  • Some cat owners care about how their cat’s bowl looks, so they pick a color that complements the rest of their decor. If you count yourself among them, choose the bowl in a shade that harmonizes with your decor.


In this analysis, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) analyzed the characteristics of several different types of cat litter and came up with our top three recommendations.

The Yeirve overhead cat food dish is our winner because it has everything your feline friend needs — a bowl, a sturdy base, and a non-slip mat. For convenience and ease of cleaning, the Necoichi tilting cat bowl is our third best pick.

We trust that our reviews will assist you in choosing the best ceramic cat bowls for your kitten.


Necoichi Raiseable Cat Dish

When your cat eats from the Necoichi Ceramic Cat Food Bowl, the food won’t go back into the bowl since it’s elevated. The elevated design not only lessens the possibility of backflow, but it also relieves strain on your cat’s back from stooping to drink.

The bowl is wide enough at its base to prevent it from toppling over when set down on the floor. The large, circular top makes it easy for your cat to eat, and it also aids with digestion.

This ceramic bowl is not only dishwasher- and microwave-safe, but it is also composed of high-quality porcelain material that complies with European EC&ECC regulations, so it is safe for your cat.


  • Your cat won’t have to bend over as far to reach the food, and there’s less chance of backflow thanks to the elevated design.
  • The bowl is simple to use and aids in digestion.
  • With 5 unique layouts to choose from


  • The infamous felines can simply flip it because of its high profile.


Ceramic dipping bowl with a Waggo design

A fine porcelain bowl, the Waggo Dipper Bowl may be used for both food and water when feeding your cat. Your cat will have no trouble getting food or water from this conical-shaped bowl.

Not only that, but it comes in ten eye-catching hues and three distinct sizes. Picking the right size for your cat is simple because to the variety of sizes on offer.

Cats with long, bushy beards will like the bowl’s broad opening, which makes it easier for them to eat without straining their necks.

The porcelain used in its construction is both strong and weighty, ensuring that the bowl will remain securely in place on the floor at all times.

It can be cleaned quickly and easily in the dishwasher, and it can be used in the microwave for quick reheating or defrosting of frozen foods.


  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Large, stable bowl that won’t topple over
  • The cat can easily eat and drink from the bowl thanks to its large opening.
  • There are ten lovely hues to choose from.


  • Costs a pretty penny compared to other ceramic pet dishes.


PetWare Kaytee Bowl with Paw Print

The Kaytee PetWare Bowl is a stylish ceramic bowl that can withstand your cat’s chewing. Depending on the variation you choose, it will feature either Bunny paw prints or Ferret or Guinea Pig face silhouettes.

The Kaytee ceramic bowl is constructed with a heavy-duty design to prevent it from toppling over and spilling its contents. It’s simple for your cat to use the bowl because of the broad hole.

The bowl is safe for the dishwasher and can be hand washed with a light soap. Because of this, cleaning is quick and painless.

As a result of these advantages, not only is it the most cost-effective bowl on our list, but it is also the greatest ceramic cat bowl.


  • More reasonably priced than comparable alternatives
  • Sturdy construction that won’t topple over easily
  • With three lovely patterns to choose from


  • Due to its diminutive size, this bowl is best suited for kittens and small cats.


Square Ceramic Pet Bowl with Bone-Dry DII Lattice Design for Food and Water

If you’re looking for a bowl for your cat that won’t detract from your home’s decor, go no farther than the Bone Dry Lattice Ceramic Cat Bowl. You can even obtain cat bowls with your pet’s name engraved on it and a design of your choosing.

It’s perfect for providing both food and water to your cats, and if you like to use different bowls for each, a ceramic cat dishes set is also available. It won’t tip over because of its wide base, and it won’t slide because of the silicone ring around the bottom.

The glazed ceramic cat bowl may be cleaned conveniently in the dishwasher. In addition, you can thaw or reheat your meal in the bowl itself because it is microwave safe.


  • Made in four stylish hues
  • The bowl can’t tip over because of its stable wide base.
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe


  • The base’s rubber o-rings can be removed without much effort.


Stoneware Animal Dish With A Conscience

Weighty and made of stoneware, the Ethical Animal Dish is the ideal cat bowl for serving both food and water. Its solid construction ensures it won’t slide or flip over while you’re eating.

The fact that the bowl is so substantial makes it very challenging for even your pet to knock it over. This also makes it work well as a non-slip water bowl for your cat.

The bowl’s high gloss finish makes it resistant to scratches and gives it an upscale appearance. Also, you can pick the ideal size from among five distinct options.

The ceramic bowl can safely go through the dishwasher, making cleanup a breeze. Also, the scratch-resistant and shiny finish ensures that your cat’s scratching won’t expose the surface to filth.


  • Clean up quickly and easily in the dishwasher
  • Shiny as glass


  • The bowl is shorter than expected when it arrives.


Yeirve’s Elevated Transparent Cat Bowl Is The Best Option Available

  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Transparent
  • 15 degrees is the tilt angle.

Yeirve’s elevated clear cat bowl is the greatest value among tilting cat bowls. The base is sturdy ABS, and the whole thing is constructed from non-toxic, food-grade materials. As a result of client feedback, they have improved the design even more cat-friendly.

These bowls are 15 degrees tilted and slightly elevated to help cats with spinal problems and improve their eating posture. These cat-shaped bowls are see-through.

The plastic is dishwasher and sink safe but not microwave safe. In case your cat makes a mess while eating, the silicone pad that comes with this feeding dish will keep the stand from sliding around.


  • The cat’s posture while feeding is supported.
  • Planning and sturdiness
  • Affordable


  • Plastic is quickly discolored.


Angled Cat Bowl with Mess-Free Design

  • It’s made out of melamine and stainless steel.
  • White-cream in color.
  • 15 degrees is the tilt angle.

The 15-degree incline of the Super Design slanted cat bowl makes it more convenient for cats to eat, and the design is meant to prevent gas and indigestion from occurring as a result of the cats’ eating position.

This dish is sturdy and won’t skid, so you can use it to serve food and water to your cat without worrying about irritating their sensitive whiskers.

It’s built to withstand your cat’s weight, making it nearly impossible to tip over, and it comes with a robust stand that features non-slip feet to keep the bowl in place while kitty eats.

This slanted cat bowl is not dishwasher- or microwave-safe, but it is easy to clean and wipe down, and it is suited for medium to big cat breeds.


  • Cannot be easily flipped
  • Sturdy, skid-free bottom
  • Very simple to clean


  • Avoid the microwave


The Havniva Ceramic Slanted Cat Bowl

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Shade of pale green
  • 15 degrees is the tilt angle.

This elevated, slanted cat bowl features a robust platform and a large, dishwasher-safe ceramic bowl that is simple to clean. To keep the bowl from moving around while your cat eats, the stand is sturdy.

Because the food in this Havniva bowl is tilted, it is concentrated and your cat can easily access all of it without having to work too hard.

The broad and elevated ceramic dish will keep your cat’s neck from getting strained and will shield its whiskers from any potential damage.

It’s also simple to clean and can be put in the dishwasher. Due to the metal construction of the support, this bowl is best used indoors to prevent the stand from rusting and corrosion.


  • Perfect for cats with delicate whiskers.
  • The ability to keep food concentrated
  • Sturdy


  • When exposed to the elements, the metal stand quickly corrodes.


LIONWEI Ceramic Cat Bowl, Raise and Slope Design

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Color: White
  • 25 degrees of inclination

This heart-shaped cat bowl is elevated and slanted for easy feeding. The porcelain ceramic it’s built of makes it a breeze to keep tidy. This bowl serves cats of all sizes, from kittens to adults.

This Lionwei bowl makes it easy to clean and reheat your cat’s food in the microwave or dishwasher. The bowl can be used indoors or out, however due to its materials, it is quite fragile and would be easily broken if dropped or knocked over.

The bowl’s depth makes it suitable for serving substantial portions without worrying about overflow. Because the base and bowl are joined, you’ll have to carry the whole thing from the sink to the dishwasher.


  • Very simple to clean
  • A lot of weight and steadiness
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe


  • Designed with a drain hole at the base to help conserve water while doing laundry

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