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The 15 Best Cat Window Perches And Beds

Window gazing is a beloved feline pastime.

Your cat is likely to enjoy watching a garden full of birds and butterflies, a bustling street, or a quiet backyard from your window.

The vista can be even more thrilling for indoor-only kitties! However, finding a comfortable place to watch might be difficult for cats.

They may press their front paws against the glass, balance on narrow windowsills, or just abandon window watching.

Window perches and cat beds are a better option. These beds attach straight to a window or ledge to offer your cat with a nice spot to sit.

Because there are so many various shapes and varieties to pick from, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) combed through the reviews to help you find the best cat window perches and beds.


Best Overall: K&H EZ Mount Bolster

K&H EZ Mount Deluxe Bolster Cat Window Perch is the ultimate window perch and bed. It’s the best window bed overall, with many positive ratings.

This perch has a window-mounted hammock. Suction-cup beds are rated to hold 50 pounds, more than enough for any cat. This window perch folds up against the window so you may close curtains for privacy without removing the bed.

Some owners said their cats didn’t appreciate the hammock-style bed.


Best Cat Window Perch: K&H EZ Mount

K&H EZ Mount Cat Window Perch is another alternative. This is the best cat window perch and bed for the money if you want something safe and strong. It mounts securely using suction cups. Suction cups can hold 50 pounds once attached.

This hammock-style perch has a padded mat instead of a built-in bed. Some reviewers suggested a thicker cushion, but others reported their cats didn’t mind. Some cats didn’t like the hammock-style bed and wouldn’t use it.


K&H Thermo-Kitty Sill Cat Window Perch 

K&H Thermo-Kitty Sill Cat Window Perch is the greatest luxury alternative. This perch can handle up to 40 pounds and attaches with Velcro or screws. Cats love the cushioned perch. This window perch has a heating cushion for cold days.

This bed doesn’t fold or retract to make curtain shutting easy. This bed may block your curtains if they reach the windowsill. It needs a 2-inch sill.


Best for multi-cat families: K&H EZ Mount Cat Penthouse

The K&H Pets EZ Mount Cat Penthouse is packed with amenities. This is the greatest window cat bed for multiple cats. This cat penthouse has mesh windows for comfortable lounging. The penthouse is also cat-safe.

A tiny ledge helps cats climb onto the penthouse. This house design extends 10 inches from the window, making it hard to close curtains. Larger cats may feel crowded in the enclosed cat house, according to some reviews.


K&H EZ Mount Window Cat Sill


K&H Pets EZ Mount Window Scratcher Kitty Sill delivers fitness and fun. This perch has a cardboard scratching mat so cats may scratch as they watch. Suction cups secure the scratcher for even the heaviest cats.

Scratching pad reviews were divided. Some cats relished sharpening their claws at the window, according to owners. Others reported their cats didn’t like the scratching feature or it was uncomfortable.

This design sheds cardboard as it’s used, needing occasional cleaning.

Choosing the Best Cat Window Perch and Bed Buyer's Guide

Window Perches and Bed Designs

Because there are so many various types and possibilities, selecting a window perch for your cat might be difficult. They are classified into three types: hammock-style or hanging beds, enclosed dwellings, and sill-mounted beds.

The most frequent are hammock beds or hanging beds. These beds are often mounted using suction cups and offer a flat surface for your cat to sit on.

The two corners nearest to the window are directly attached to suction cups, while wires or strings connect the other two corners to a second pair of suction cups higher up.

Despite the name “hammock,” these cat beds are quite solid and do not swing about, however they may somewhat bounce. One advantage of these beds is that they can usually be folded up against the window to close the curtains.

The enclosed house, also known as a pod, bubble, or condo, is another type of bed. These beds are typically attached to the home with four or more suction cups.

Your cat is right up against the window since the side facing the window is left open. There will be one or more entrance holes as well.

Some cats enjoy being in an enclosed space, while others dislike it. If your cat enjoys squeezing into tight boxes or hiding in cat tunnels, an enclosed housing may be the best choice.

A sill-mounted bed is the final type of bed. These resemble standard cat beds, but the bottom includes a shelf or bracket that mounts to your windowsill.

These beds may be attached with velcro or screws. Because they attach to the sill rather than the glass, they are more roomy and lower to the ground.

One disadvantage is that they usually necessitate more extensive installation. Many considerations go into creating the best cat window perches and beds.

Are Cats Safe on Window Perches?

It may appear dangerous to let your cat to play on something that is just held up by a few suction cups, but window perches are quite safe when put appropriately.

Make sure your window is clean before putting the bed up. Dust and filth can compromise the seal and weaken your mattress.

Special instructions should be found in your perch’s manual. Some suction cups require soaking in warm water before use, while others do not.

When assembling the bed, ensure that any hanging wires are taut. Before allowing your cat to use the perch, lightly press the suction cups to ensure proper grip.

It is recommended that they be removed, cleaned, and reattached every 4-8 weeks to ensure that the seal remains strong.

Assisting Your Cat in Finding a New Window Perch

If your cat isn’t naturally adventurous, it might not know it can immediately climb on the window perch. There are a few things you can do to make perch use easier.

Place the perch in a window that your cat already utilizes if possible. Then make certain that it is easily accessible. If your window is high enough, you may wish to place a box or piece of furniture near the perch at first to serve as a step up.

Encourage your cat onto the perch with catnip or goodies to get them interested in it. Putting your cat directly on the perch can result in a variety of reactions. Some cats are afraid and apprehensive in unfamiliar settings, and they do not react well.

However, if your cat is relaxed and trusting, this could be a terrific method.


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope that these reviews will assist you in determining whether a window perch is a good alternative for your cat. There are so many alternatives to select from!

We judged the K&H Deluxe Bolster Perch to be the best overall cat window perch and bed, with an excellent balance of comfort and convenience.

The K&H EZ Mount Cat Window Perch is our most affordable option.

If you prefer something a little more comfortable, the K&H Thermo-Kitty Sill Cat Window Perch with its velvety heated bed is the finest premium alternative.

Whatever type you choose, a window perch is an excellent way to introduce nature into your cat’s day.

After all, we’re glad you picked BestForPets out of dozens of other sites where you could read reviews of the best cat window perches and beds.

We hope that this article has helped you choose the best item for your pet.

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