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The 5 Best Cat Trees For Large Cats

Cats are natural climbers, from the tiniest kitten to the most powerful lion, felines are built to climb and jump.

To stay safe, find food, and control their territory in the wild, your cat's ancestors scaled trees and leapt long distances.

Your domesticated cat, as king of your castle, has these same instincts. Cat trees are an excellent way to protect your furniture and your sanity while keeping your cat stimulated, happy, and safe.

If your cat is larger, you should get a cat tree designed specifically for large and husky cats. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) go over the best cat trees for large cats so you can find the purrfect one for your feline friend.

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FEANDREA 2 Condominium Tower

Feandrea Cat Tree

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This cat tree is an excellent choice for large breeds, as it features a 22″ x 15.7″ perch with well-padded raised edges, giving your cat ample space to stretch out and relax comfortably.

Ideal for a single large or chubby cat or two small cats cuddling. The tree also features two spacious and comfortable cat caves: an upper two-door cave with a wide view and easy access, and a lower single-door cave that is perfect for older cats and kittens who have difficulty jumping.

The multi-level design caters to cats’ natural instincts, making it perfect for scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising.

The two scratching posts offer cats an ideal outlet for sharpening their claws, while the upper perch provides your furry companion with an excellent vantage point to observe the outside world. Both cat caves offer a comfortable place for your cat to relax and rejuvenate.

This cat tree comes in three colors to match your home decor and is simple to assemble with universal fasteners, simplified structures, and step-by-step instructions.

It is made of sturdy particleboard and has 3.4-inch-thick pillars and a large base to ensure stability and safety during play. Additionally, an anti-tip tool is included to provide added security for large or agile cats.

Maintenance is a breeze with this cat tree as it can be easily cleaned with a lint roller or vacuum, removing fur, dirt, and food crumbs to keep your cat’s space clean and sanitary.

Overall, this cat tree is a safe and enjoyable place for your furry friend to play, rest, and exercise, catering to all their natural instincts and needs.


Large perch and comfortable cat caves

Multi-level design for scratching, climbing, and exercising

Available in three colors

Sturdy and stable

Easy to assemble and maintain


Indoor use only

Limited functionality for households with multiple cats

Limited vertical scratching posts

May not be suitable for very large or overweight cats

Go Pet Club 72-Inch Tall Cat Tree with Three Perches

Go Pet Club 72

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Go Pet Club is a reputable brand in the Cat Condo market, offering affordable, high-quality products.

Their 72-inch tall cat tree model is specifically designed for medium to large-sized cats and includes a variety of remarkable features that cat owners will appreciate.

This cat tree is constructed from compressed wood, faux fur, and sisal rope, making it strong and durable.

The scratching poles and boards are hand-glued with thick natural sisal strands, ensuring that your feline companions will have a scratching and playing surface that lasts for years.

The tree is immensely stable because it was constructed with durable, heavy-duty, and eco-friendly 0.6-inch MDF planks. The scratching posts are made from extra-sturdy plastics for increased stability and durability, ensuring your cat’s safety.

The cat tree has three open spaces on the top, providing ample snoozing space for your cat. Dual condos also provide entertaining spaces for hiding and cozy beds for resting, and staircases make it easy for even the smallest kitten to climb up and down.

This all-in-one activity structure features two dangling mouse toys that encourage your cat to play, recline, and perch.

This cat tree is available in a variety of colors, including beige, beige/black, black, black/brown, brown, paw print, and slate grey, making it easy to find a shade that complements your interior design.

This cat tree not only provides an enjoyable and relaxing space for your feline companions, but it also protects your furniture from their destructive claws.

The simple design complements any indoor setting and is easy to assemble with all fasteners and tools included, as well as detailed instructions.

The Go Pet Club 72-inch tall cat tree is an excellent purchase for cat owners seeking a high-quality, long-lasting, and entertaining place for their feline companions to play, rest, and scratch while protecting their furniture.


Constructed from durable and eco-friendly materials

Hand-glued with thick natural sisal strands for increased stability and longevity

Provides ample space for cats to play, rest, and scratch

Available in a variety of colors to complement any interior design

Easy to assemble with all necessary tools included


May not be suitable for households with multiple cats

Limited vertical scratching posts

Hey-Bro Large Capacity 3 Level Cat Tower

Hey-Brother Cat Tree

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This cat tree is an excellent option for cat owners despite its unappealing name. Firstly, its weight of 37 pounds ensures that even the most active cats cannot easily topple it.

In addition, it comes with a rope that can be attached to the wall for added security, making it ideal for skittish or climbing cats.

The cat tree’s multi-tiered design is perfect for satisfying cats’ natural inclinations, including scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising. It includes two spacious cabins for luxurious sleeping, a hammock perch, and interactive cat toys such as jingly balls and sisal twine.

The natural sisal rope wrapped around the reinforced posts promotes physical activity and encourages cats to scratch their nails.

The top perch of the cat tree is made of soft and comfortable plush material, and the raised edge allows cats to rest their heads while keeping an eye on their surroundings. The PP cotton filling provides a comfortable napping experience.

The cat tree’s stability is ensured by the use of CARB-certified natural particle boards, reinforced with battens at the base, and equipped with anti-toppling fittings for added safety.

This makes it suitable for larger or more agile cats. The cat tree is easy to assemble with detailed instructions and easy to clean with high-quality materials.

Overall, this cat tree provides a safe and comfortable environment for cats to play, rest, and exercise. It is an excellent choice for owners of large cat breeds.

The design satisfies cats’ natural instincts while remaining stable, secure, and user-friendly for cat owners.


Sturdy and secure design

Multi-tiered structure ideal for scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising

Includes interactive cat toys

Soft and comfortable plush material for napping

Equipped with anti-toppling fittings for added safety

Easy to assemble and clean


Not ideal for very large cats.

80-Inch Cat Tower by Go Pet Club

Go Pet Club

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The cat tree introduced by Go Pet Club is a spacious and comfortable environment designed for cat owners who want the best for their feline companions.

Standing at 80 inches tall, it is one of the largest cat trees on the market and provides ample space for cats to play, rest, and exercise.

Constructed from compressed wood, synthetic fur, and sisal rope, this cat tree is durable and stable, perfect for medium to large-sized cats, and can accommodate multiple cats. With thirteen open areas, cats have plenty of options for lounging and playing.

The base of the cat tree is designed to be set in a corner for increased stability and safety during playtime. The overall dimensions of the cat tree are 45″W x 30″L x 80″H, with a base board measuring 24″W x 24″L.

The cat tree features a large condo measuring 16″W x 16″L x 14″H, a small condo measuring 12″W x 10″H, a platform measuring 12″W, a top paw perch measuring 14″W x 16″L x 3″H, a top round perch measuring 14″W x 3″H, and a top perch measuring 13″W x 13″L.

Additionally, it includes one dangling rope and three hanging toys to entertain and engage cats.

With thirteen posts and levels, this cat tree provides a stimulating and interactive environment for cats to play and exercise. Assembly instructions and equipment are included to make it easy for cat owners to assemble the cat tree.

Overall, this cat tree is an excellent investment for cat owners who want to provide a safe, comfortable, and entertaining environment for their cats to play, rest, and exercise.


Spacious and durable design

Accommodates multiple cats

Thirteen levels and features provide entertainment

Easy to assemble


May be too large for some spaces

Not suitable for small or elderly cats

Large Cat Tower with 4 Easy Access Perches New Cat Condos

New Cat Condos 190209 Large Cat Tower

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New Cat Condos is a reputable manufacturer of high-quality cat furniture, and their 5-foot tall cat tree is no different.

This model is handcrafted in the United States using solid wood, luxurious household-grade carpet, and unoiled sisal rope, creating a sturdy structure and a comfortable experience for your cat.

The cat tree features five levels, including the base, and 17-inch-diameter platforms, providing ample space for large cat breeds to play and relax.

Additionally, it includes plenty of high-quality sisal fiber for scratching, satisfying your cat’s natural instincts and protecting your furniture.

Measuring 24″L x 20″W x 65″H, this cat tree is ideal for households with multiple cats. The plush household-grade carpet adds extra comfort for your feline companion and is easy to maintain.

Please note that carpet color tones and textures may vary. Assembly is required but is straightforward.

In conclusion, New Cat Condos’ 5-foot tall cat tree is an excellent investment for cat owners looking for a durable, comfortable, and entertaining option for their large cat breeds.


Handcrafted in the USA with high-quality materials

Sturdy structure and comfortable for cats

Five levels and ample space for large cat breeds

High-quality sisal fiber for scratching

Plush household-grade carpet adds extra comfort and is easy to maintain


Assembly is required (though it is straightforward)

Buyer's Guide: Choosing the Finest Cat Tree for Big Cats

A cat tree and condo provide your cats a comfortable spot to rest, scratch, and stretch, while also encouraging play and exercise. However, choosing the right one for bigger cats can be challenging.

It’s essential to ensure that the tree is solid and robust enough to support the weight of a large cat, and that all the condominiums and perches are accessible.

With so many options available, it can be challenging to pick the ideal tree for big cats. Here are some suggestions to consider while searching for a tree for your huge cat.

1. Size

Size is the most significant consideration when selecting a tree for a large cat, and this includes not only the tree itself but also the tree’s accessories.

Your cat must fit comfortably into the condominiums, hammocks, and perches on the tree; thus, you must check the dimensions of these items before purchase.

The majority of manufacturers will provide a weight restriction for each component of the tree, although this is not necessarily a reliable method of estimating size.

You want your cat to feel comfortable on their perch, but not squished. Additionally, the scratching posts must be tall enough for bigger cats to fully stretch out when scratching.

2. Stability

Stability is another essential characteristic for huge cats. The base of the tree should be broad and solid to prevent it from toppling over under your cat’s weight.

Additionally, all perches must be securely fastened. For this reason, floor-to-ceiling perches are ideal for huge cats as they are quite sturdy.

3. Materials

Not only do giant cats require a cat tree that is larger and more solid than other felines, but the materials used must also be of superior quality.

Large cats may quickly destroy fake fur linings, improperly connected toys, and sisal scratching posts when they get active and loud.

For huge cats, you should acquire a tree made from the highest quality materials possible.

4. Design

The design of your cat tree is crucial because it must allow huge cats to climb without feeling confined.

Your cat tree should have a variety of perches, hiding places, toys, and scratching posts to keep your cat engaged and comfortable.

5. Price

Generally speaking, you get what you pay for, and cat trees are no exception. Low-priced trees are made with low-quality materials that are unsafe for big cats.

A sturdy, well-constructed cat tree made from durable materials will be expensive, but will last longer and encourage your cat to utilize it.

6. Advantages of cat trees

Cat trees provide several benefits for your cat, especially if they spend most of their time indoors. Cat trees may improve your cat’s health and general quality of life, making them nearly necessary for cat owners.

Among the advantages of these trees and condominiums are:

  • A place for cats to sleep and relax at a height.
  • A location to scratch, an instinctive behavior that would otherwise be expressed on your furnishings.
  • All of the scratching posts, toys, and perches to climb provide excellent physical and mental activity.
  • A wonderful sense of protection and privacy for your cat, particularly if you have other cats or dogs at home.


1. How do I keep a cat tree clean?

To keep a cat tree clean, it is recommended to vacuum it at least once a month to remove fur and dirt.

If your cat has an accident, promptly remove any solids and blot liquids to prevent stains and odors. For removable items, hand wash them and allow them to air dry before putting them back on the cat tree.

2. How much space do they occupy?

Cat trees are available in various sizes, allowing you to choose the one that fits your space best.

Also, consider the height of the cat tree and avoid purchasing one that is too tall and touches the ceiling, as it may become unstable or tip over.

3. How long will they last?

The lifespan of a cat tree depends on its materials and construction quality, but solid hardwood cat trees can last for several years.

However, scratches and jumps should be considered as factors that contribute to wear and tear.

4. Is assembling cat trees easy?

Yes, assembling cat trees is typically easy with simple instructions and tools provided. Some models may require additional tools, but overall, the process is straightforward.

5. Can any type of cat tree accommodate large cats?

No, not all cat trees are suitable for large cats. It is essential to choose a cat tree that can support your cat’s size and weight.

6. Is it necessary to consider the weight limit when choosing a cat tree for larger cats?

Yes, it is essential to select a cat tree with a weight limit commensurate with your cat’s size and weight.


Our top option overall is the Feandrea Cat Tree , which features four tiers that appeal to cats of various sizes and ages.

Consider the Go Pet Club 72 if you’re ready to spend It is large enough to handle many cats and is filled with entertaining accessories.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank you for visiting and reading about the best cat trees for large cats on our website. We hope you have picked an appropriate plant for your cat and house size.

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