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The 15 Best Cat Treats

To be healthy, our feline pals require high-quality food and treats.

A balanced diet is essential for the health of all animals, but every now and then, your pet deserves a treat to show them that they accomplished something you appreciated, or simply as a little pick-me-up.

This is where delicious cat treats come in. Even if there are many options available, you should choose one that uses clean ingredients and is healthy for our cats to eat a couple of times per week.

Special snacks break up the monotony of their daily routines and provide them with something to look forward to. With so many alternatives, how can you determine which ones are best for your cat?

Look through some of these top reviews from BestForPets (bestforpets.org) to locate the best cat treats in a variety of price ranges and with a variety of benefits.


Best Overall: PureBites Chicken Breast Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

Sticking to products with minimum ingredients and labels you recognize is an easy approach to ensure that your cat is only consuming a clean diet.

Because they are made entirely of chicken, these are the best overall cat treats. With only 2 calories in each piece, your cat will feel like they’re indulging in something sinful without you having to worry about them gaining weight.

These PureBites treats are also sourced in the United States, and the freeze-drying method ensures that all of the essential nutrients that you want your pets to have are preserved.

These healthy cat snacks are ideal for cats with sensitive stomachs. Because they shred like cooked chicken, they are easy to break down into smaller pieces. There are no grains or gluten in them because they only include one component.


  • There is only one ingredient.
  • Freeze-drying retains flavor and nutrition.
  • There are no grains or gluten.
  • Low calorie intake
  • Made in the United States


  • The bag is little.


Best Value Temptations Tasty Chicken Flavor Cat Treats

It can be difficult to find the best cat treats for the money. You want nutritious treats for your cats to eat without breaking the bank every time you go shopping for them.

These Temptations Chicken snacks are hands down the finest value. Although there are numerous sizes available, the 16 oz tub offers the best value at a low price.

My kitties can’t get enough of these, therefore they’re a personal favorite. They come running from the other end of the house the moment they hear me open the top.

These snacks are best suited to older cats. They have a crunchy outside and a soft center. With only 2 calories per treat, you can justify providing these to your cat a few times per week.

Taurine, an amino acid that promotes general feline health, is a useful element in these. There are also a variety of protein tastes to pick from, allowing you to personalize them to your cat’s preferences.


  • Different tastes
  • There are various packing sizes to pick from.
  • Two distinct textures keep cats interested.
  • Affordable


  • Only for adult cats


Greenies Premium Feline Savory Salmon Dental Treats

All cat owners understand how difficult it may be to maintain their pet’s teeth plaque-free. Greenies salmon snacks are a pleasant method to remove tartar while also providing critical vitamins and minerals.

Every bite has less than 2 calories, and the shape is crucial to their success. Because of their crunchy texture, these are not suitable for kittens with sensitive teeth.

There are, however, numerous tastes to pick from. A compact bag costs somewhat more than other brands, but this is because they are specifically built with a single aim in mind.


  • Promote dental health
  • Each treat contains fewer than 2 calories.
  • Shapes for tartar removal
  • Various tastes


  • Pricey
  • Cats are not permitted.


Hartz Delectables Stew Tuna & Whitefish Cat Treats – Kittens Only

There aren’t many snacks suitable for cats under the age of a year. This is where Hartz Delectables enters the picture. This is a pouched stew-based delicacy.

The smooth texture of the meal is prepared with real tuna and whitefish, so it tastes excellent, contains actual nutrients, and does not harm a young kitten’s delicate teeth.

It also contains actual meat bits that your cat will devour. The disadvantage of these wet goods is their high price, and some young cats have sensitive stomachs that cannot take the richness of the meal.


  • Kittens will appreciate the soft feel.
  • Excellent for finicky eaters.
  • Genuine tuna and whitefish


  • Expensive
  • Some cats are far too wealthy.


Cat Treats Friskies Party Mix Crunch

When your cat has a party mix to pick from, they will never get rid of their snacks. These Friskies crispy cat snacks contain chicken, turkey, and liver, so your feline isn’t forced to consume the same flavors over and over.

The crunchy texture helps to keep teeth clean, and they are nutritionally balanced for all adult cats because they include real chicken.

The container comes in a variety of sizes, so you may select one based on the number of pets you own. Although they are inexpensive, they contain a variety of components that may or may not be suitable for your cat.


  • Cats benefit from variety.
  • Aids in tooth cleaning
  • Real chicken is used.


  • A large number of ingredients
  • Only for adults

Buyer's Guide: Choosing The Best Cat Treats

Even if you adore your cat, that doesn’t guarantee you know what to look for when buying cat treats.

Choose items from reputable manufacturers that are compatible with your cat’s diet and contain only natural components. Here are some of the most important variables to consider before making a purchase:


The most crucial aspect of the purchasing procedure is the ingredients. Buy no goodies with a large ingredient list that you can’t pronounce or recognize.

The purer the components, the better for your cat. If possible, buy treats with only one component, especially if your cat has a sensitive stomach.


While snacks are a lovely way to praise your pets, giving them too many of them can lead to obesity and a variety of other health issues. Stick to snacks with no more than 2 calories.

Specific Medical Conditions

Some cats are put on special diets by you or their veterinarian. Only buy treats that fit into this diet and are good for their bodies. This involves purchasing sweets for children of the proper age.


The texture is significant for a variety of reasons. Crunchy treats help keep a cat’s teeth clean, whilst softer treats are appropriate for young or geriatric cats. Soft meals are especially beneficial for cats who are extremely finicky eaters.


Most cats, believe it or not, prefer one flavor over another. While some cats enjoy the fishy flavor of salmon, others prefer plain chicken. Take note of what your cat like and is willing to consume.

Health Advantages

Your pet’s health is most likely your primary worry. Some snacks are designed expressly for a healthy, well-balanced diet.

There are some that offer additional benefits that are beneficial to your specific pet and whatever situation you are in.


With so many reviews to read, selecting nutritious and appetizing cat treats may leave you more confused than before you started looking.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) discovered that the one-ingredient PureBites freeze-dried snacks are the finest overall cat treats after extensive investigation.

If you’re seeking to save a few dollars, the Temptations delectable chicken cat treats are the greatest buy.

All of the best cat treats on this list are excellent choices that will benefit your cat regardless of health difficulties.

Giving your cat the best means they will feel their best and live the longest, healthiest, and happiest lives imaginable.

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