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The 17 Best Cat Treats For Kittens

A well-balanced food is essential for your kitten's growth and development.

You'll be meeting your kitten's nutritional needs by choosing a high-quality commercial cat food prepared according to AAFCO's nutrient profiles for kittens, but adding protein-rich cat treats to his diet can't harm.

A healthy supplement to your developing kitten's diet can be a terrific cat treat filled with species-appropriate animal protein and animal-based lipids.

Cat snacks are a great way to reward your kitty and can help you build a deep bond with them from an early age.

In this article, we'll discuss the characteristics of a perfect kitten treat and introduce you to our top kitten treats on the market.

You're undoubtedly excited to see our top picks now that you know how we came up with them!

Here are BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) top seven selections for the best cat treats for kittens.


Best Overall: Cat-Man-Doo Dried Bonito Flakes

It doesn’t get any easier than Cat-Man-dried Doo’s bonito flakes. These are a fantastic choice for kittens and older cats alike, as they are made with a single protein-rich ingredient.

These snacks are high in protein but low in fat and calories, so you don’t have to worry about overfeeding your cat. They’re also higher in moisture than the normal crunchy cat treat and high in natural fish oils, which will help your kitten’s skin and coat.

It’s also worth noting that these snacks include 35% taurine, an amino acid that cats require. Taurine is necessary for good vision, digestion, and cardiovascular health.

One thing to bear in mind regarding these snacks is that their form and size may vary because they are flakes.

Some consumers complain that the product crumbles, but if you’re seeking for a treat that also serves as a food topper, this is a terrific choice.


  • Made with just one ingredient: dried bonito.
  • High in animal protein and omega-3 fatty acids
  • Carbohydrates and calories are limited.
  • It also functions as a food topper.


  • Prone to crumbling
  • Fairly costly


Shameless Pets Catnip n Chill Crunchy Cat Treats came in second place

Eco-conscious cat owners are concerned not just with the quality of the foods they feed their cats, but also with where they originate from and how they are produced.

Shameless Pets is a green-minded firm that uses leftover and extra produce to decrease food waste.

Shameless Pets sells crunchy treats in four different varieties. Fresh chicken is the main ingredient in this Catnip n Chill recipe, with nutrient-rich chicken fat serving as a healthy source of vital fats.

These treats have a crunchy texture that cats enjoy, and the inclusion of catnip will drive your kitten insane. There are a few plant elements in them, but no corn, wheat, or soy.

They are free of artificial ingredients and contain probiotics to help your kitten’s digestion.


  • The first ingredient is protein-rich chicken.
  • Chicken fat is a nutrient-dense source of calories.
  • Probiotics are added for healthy digestion.


  • Several plant components are included.


Wellness Kittles Grain-Free Chicken & Cranberries are the best value

These crispy treats are produced with all natural ingredients like protein-rich chicken and antioxidant-rich cranberries and blueberries to enhance kitty wellness.

Wellness Kittles are available in a variety of flavors and textures. There are also grain-inclusive and grain-free dishes available in delectable flavors like salmon, tuna, and turkey.

These treats are a low-calorie method to indulge your kitten while still promoting his health.

The first ingredient is deboned chicken, followed by chicken meal. Whitefish meal is another source of protein, and both chicken fat and salmon oil provide important fatty acids.

Omega-3 fatty acids, such as EPA and DHA, are required for proper brain and eye development.


  • Affordably priced at slightly more than $1 per ounce
  • Designed to promote kitten health.
  • High in animal protein and fat
  • There are crunchy and chewy textures available.


  • Some starchy plant components are present.


Inaba Churu Tuna & Chicken Puree Lickable Cat Treat is the best soft treat

It is not necessary for healthy cat treats to be crunchy. Creamy lickable snacks like these from Inaba Churu are available in a variety of flavors and textures.

Dry treats, like kibble, are poor in moisture and hence do not help your kitten’s hydration. These puree sweets from Inaba Churu are moist and can be used as a food topping.

They come in handy 0.5-ounce packets, ensuring that each meal is fresh. The key components in this recipe are fresh tuna and chicken.

The combination of chicken and fish provides a high quantity of protein as well as beneficial fats, while being low in calories.

Offer these puree treats to your cat during playing or training to help improve your bond. You may also drizzle them over his diet to add protein and hydration.


  • Moisture-rich and naturally flavored
  • The major ingredients are fresh tuna and chicken.
  • Each serving is fresh, thanks to the convenient pouches.


  • A little pricey, around $0.80 each.
  • There is some starch added.


VetriScience Composure Chicken Flavor Soft Chews are the best calming treat

Puppy socialization is equally as crucial as kitten socialization. As your cat grows, exposing him to new experiences will help him learn how to adapt in unusual settings.

Even if you do everything possible to socialize your kitty, there may be situations or environments that make him nervous.

Chronic stress and anxiety are harmful to your cat’s health, so speak with your veterinarian about it. A relaxing cat treat, on the other hand, may be the best alternative for your feline friend’s periodic nervousness.

VetriScience’s relaxing cat treats are made with three calming ingredients: C3 calming complex, L-Theanine, and Thiamine (B1).

C3 Calming Complex is a colostrum-derived biopeptide combination that improves cognitive function and decreases stress.

To alleviate anxiety, L-theanine increases the creation of neurotransmitters, whereas thiamine calms the central nervous system.

Although these treats contain some plant-based ingredients, users report that they work well and that their cats enjoy the flavor.


  • Three relaxing active substances are included.
  • Chewy texture, breakable into parts
  • Affordably priced at approximately $0.28 per chew


  • Texture can be difficult for some cats.


DentaLife Tasty Chicken Flavor Dental Cat Treats are the best dental treat

Dental health is an important component of your cat’s general health, so it’s best to start protecting it as soon as possible. The easiest approach to keep your kitten’s teeth clean is to brush them, but dental treats can help.

While we don’t like that these treats contain maize, the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) has approved them for tartar reduction. They feature an enticing chicken flavor and a crunchy texture that helps scrape your cat’s teeth clean.

These snacks come in a 1.8-ounce resealable package for under $2.50, making them quite inexpensive. If the chicken flavor does not appeal to your cat, these treats are also available in salmon flavor.


  • The Veterinary Oral Health Council has approved it.
  • This product is a rich amount of animal protein.
  • Aids in the removal of tartar from your cat’s teeth.


  • Two corn components are present.


PureBites Chicken Breast Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Treats are the best for sensitive stomachs

If you do not introduce different meals to your kitten at a young age, he may have a sensitive stomach. Kittens can also develop sensitive stomachs if they are fed diets that contain artificial additives or difficult-to-digest components.

PureBites freeze-dried raw cat treats are manufactured with a single high-quality, readily digested ingredient: chicken.

These treats are minimal in calories and high in species-appropriate animal protein. They are devoid of fillers and artificial flavors.

Whether you’re trying to train your kitten or simply show him some extra love, these snacks are a sweet (and healthful) way to do so.


  • Chicken breast is made from a single ingredient.
  • Nutrition is preserved by freeze-drying.
  • Protein-rich and low in calories
  • For sensitive stomachs, it is easily absorbed.


  • Treats have a tendency to crumble.


Whole Life Freeze-Dried Cat Treats with Only One Ingredient

Only One Ingredient Throughout Life Our selection for the best kitten treats for the money is Whole Life Freeze-Dried Cat Treats. It only only one component.

Chicken is 100% freeze-dried. It’s freeze-dried to keep it fresh and to help retain key nutrients.

There are no artificial preservatives, and it is naturally low in fat but very high in protein (80%), giving your dog with enough of nutrition for energy and muscular building.

The disadvantage of Whole Life is that the freeze-dried chunks disintegrate into powder when broken up, and they are fairly large. Our cats enjoy chasing them and throwing them around, but they don’t always eat them.

Finally, this is our top buy for best cat snacks for kittens.


  • Protein content is 80%.
  • Chicken is the only ingredient.
  • To preserve nutrients, it is freeze-dried.
  • Fat-free by nature
  • There are no artificial preservatives.


  • Shatters into powder
  • Large portions


Cat Treats Blue Buffalo Bursts

Bursts of Blue Buffalo Cat Treats‘ main ingredient is salmon, but it also contains shrimp and cod, bringing the protein content to 21%.

It contains both taurine and omega fats, which are both beneficial. Cats enjoy the crunchy outside, while the soft core and portable pouches make transporting them much easier.

The disadvantage of Blue Buffalo Bursts is that several of our cats did not enjoy them, so there is a potential yours may as well. We also discovered many broken pieces and dust in the bag.


  • Salmon is the main ingredient.
  • Includes shrimp and cod.
  • Taurine is present.
  • The surface is crunchy, while the middle is creamy.
  • Protein content is 21%.


  • Some cats dislike them.
  • There are numerous broken pieces in the package.


Naked Kitten Health Soft Kitten Treats

Get Naked Kitten Health Soft Treats are omega fat-fortified to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy coat. It also contains taurine and only three calories per treat.

There is no maize, wheat, or soy to worry about, and the major component is chicken.

The main disadvantage of Get Naked 701184 is that the protein level is just about 18%, which is quite low for cats.

Several of the brands on our list have more protein, yet some of our cats will not eat them.


  • Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation
  • Taurine supplementation
  • Each goodie contains three calories.
  • There will be no wheat, corn, or soy.
  • The main ingredient is chicken.


  • Protein content of 18%
  • Some cats will not eat them.


Minnows Freeze-Dried Cat Treats from Vital Essentials

The Essentials Vital Minnows Freeze-Dried Cat Treats are a single ingredient treat that contains 60% protein for your kitten.

Its freeze-dried method ensures that all of the nutrients that are often lost in over-cooked dry treats are preserved.

This food is created with only fresh, whole single-sourced minnows, so it contains no corn, wheat, or soy, which can upset your pet’s digestive system.

A delicious healthy food for your kitten that has no dangerous substances.

The main disadvantage of Vital Essentials Vital Minnows Freeze-dried Cat Treats is that cats who dislike fish may refuse to eat them.


  • Protein content of 60%
  • All nutrients are preserved by being freeze-dried.
  • Made from a single source of protein
  • There will be no corn, wheat, or soy.
  • There are no additional hormones, antibiotics, fillers, or flavorings.


  • Some cats dislike it.


Tuna Tiki Cat Stix Grain-Free Cat Treats

Tiki Cat Stix Tuna Grain-Free Cat Treats are another excellent option. It contains animal protein components derived from tuna and eggs.

This flavorful soup helps your cat stay hydrated by containing 88% moisture based on tuna broth.

This product is fantastic as a snack or as a meal topping; the natural tuna and chicken flavors are enticing to picky eaters.

With compact packaging of neatly wrapped single portions, the presentation is ideal for traveling. Kittens enjoy the formula’s grain-free texture and smooth smoothness.

Unfortunately, this treat has a total protein level of only 9%, which is why it ranks last on our list.


  • Excellent flavor and texture
  • Tuna broth aids in maintaining adequate hydration levels.
  • Grain-free recipe
  • Individually packaged snacks


  • Protein content is only 9%.

Buyer's Guide: Choosing the Finest Cat Treats

Let’s examine the substances you should search for and those you should avoid when selecting the best kitten treats.


As carnivores, cats require a great deal of animal protein to maintain their health.

Even though treats are merely a snack, we recommend seeking out brands that contain more than 35% protein whenever feasible to ensure that your kitten receives the correct nutrition during its formative years.

Additionally, it is crucial to seek for high-quality animal-based protein derived from whole meat rather than meat meals or plant-based protein.

Total Meat

Whole meat, such as chicken, turkey, or salmon, is an ingredient unaccompanied by phrases such as byproduct.

We advise seeking for brands with whole meat, preferably as the primary ingredient. This form of protein most accurately mimics a cat’s diet, and it is frequently their favorite.

In our reviews, we have attempted to indicate which brands contain whole meat as their primary ingredient.

Animal Byproduct

Meat byproduct is a dried and ground meat with a long shelf life that is also known as meat meal. This substance is used to increase protein levels and is safe for cats, especially if it is not the primary ingredient.


Some fats, such as omega fats, have long-lasting benefits on health. Fat is an essential part of a cat’s diet. Most experts recommend a fat content between 18 and 35%.

If your cat’s meal has a lot of fat, you may want to reduce the amount of fat in treats. Too much fat can cause obesity, cardiovascular disease, and a long list of other health issues.

Omega fats

Omega fatty acids are essential for your pet’s wellness. They serve a crucial role in the brain development of kittens and have an antioxidant impact that promotes healthy organ function, reducing constipation, hyperexcitability, and other health issues.

In addition to promoting a soft and healthy coat, there is some evidence that they alleviate joint pain.


Calcium is essential for the growth and development of your kitten’s bones and teeth. It also aids in blood clotting and plays an essential part in the functioning of the nervous system.

A calcium deficit typically causes in rickets, a disorder in which kittens’ bones become misshapen and brittle.

Kitten development requires calcium, and nursing mothers will require additional calcium supplements because a portion of their own calcium is used for milk production.


Taurine is an essential amino acid utilized in numerous body processes, such as eyesight, digestion, and pregnancy.

Taurine is an important component for cats that must be obtained through a carnivorous diet.

It can take a long time for taurine deficiency symptoms to manifest, so it’s best to look for fortified foods and snacks.

Ingredients to Avoid

Cats and dogs have considerably more delicate digestive systems than people, so you should avoid buying treats that contain chemical preservatives, artificial colours, and maize.

Synthetic Preservatives

You should avoid pet food containing tert-butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ), butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) (BHT).

We have observed BHA significantly more frequently than the other two. According to numerous specialists, both BHA and BHT can cause cancer in pets.

Artificial Dyes

Artificial dyes, particularly Yellow 5 and 6, Red 40, and Blue 2, can also be hazardous to your pet.

These colours may cause a hypersensitive reaction similar to an allergic reaction. Caramel coloring is another food coloring that has been linked to cancer.

Maize and Soy

Corn and soy are not a natural part of your cat’s diet, and they might cause digestive upset, including diarrhea, constipation, and stomach cramps.

Many cats enjoy maize, which may be found in a variety of meals and treats, but it contains little nutritional value. Additionally, corn and soy are two of the most genetically modified crops.

Hard vs Soft

There are several varieties of snacks that we did not have time to mention. Some are liquid or even liquid-like, while others are solid kibble.

While softer treats are acceptable if your kitty enjoys them or if they have dental issues, we encourage incorporating as many hard treats as possible because they will remove tartar and plaque, which can cause tooth illness.

How do I feed my kitten treats?

The 10% rule states that no more than 10% of your cat’s caloric intake should come from table scraps or treats.

We recognize that we are asking you to perform some complex math, so you may wish to consult your veterinarian or limit the number of rewards.

If you have ever owned more than three cats, you know that they rarely share the same preferred meal or reward.

If you have multiple cats, you may require multiple brands. In the review, we attempted to note if a greater proportion of our cats agreed than usual.

Try Veggies or Fruit

Fruits and vegetables are superior alternatives to store-bought cat treats.

Apples, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, melons, carrots, broccoli, green beans, and many others are among the many fruits and vegetables that are healthy for your pet to consume and that they may enjoy just as much.

Ensure that all tougher veggies are cooked until tender and finely chopped. If you did not need to cook them, be sure to thoroughly wash them.

DIY Kitten Treats

You can also try out these cat snacks that we discovered on CDKitchen.


  • 1 cup crumbs made from whole-grain bread
  • half a cup of canned mackerel
  • 1 tbsp. vegetable oil
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 1/2 teaspoon brewers yeast


  • Preheat oven to 350-degrees
  • Grease a cookie sheet lightly.
  • In a large bowl, combine ingredients to form a dough that can be worked.
  • Roll dough into 14 teaspoon balls
  • Place one inch apart on a cookie sheet.
  • Bake for eight minutes
  • Let cool
  • Refrigerate in a tight-fitting container


When selecting a brand of cat snacks for your kitten, we recommend something with more than 20% protein and whole meat as the first ingredient, such as Cat-Man-dried Doo’s bonito flakes, our selection for the best overall.

A healthy, single-ingredient, low-calorie treat with a whopping 74% protein content for cats. Another intelligent option is our best value.

Whole Life Freeze-Dried Cat Treats The only component in Freeze-Dried Cat Treats is freeze-dried chicken. It is composed of 80% protein and has no toxins or preservatives.

The majority of our cats liked it, and those who did not spent a considerable amount of time playing with it before abandoning it.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes you’ve enjoyed reading these evaluations and that they’ve helped you discover a cat treat you feel comfortable giving to your pet.

If you wish to continue shopping, our buyer’s guide should be able to assist you in navigating the enormous array of available options.

If you found this best cat treats for kittens list helpful, please share the seven greatest treats for kitties on Facebook and Twitter.

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