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The 11 Best Cat Pod Beds

Cats enjoy feeling at ease. Many cats feel comfortable and secure when they are nestled into a cozy little niche.

You may have noticed that your cat prefers to hide beneath things like garments, blankets, or towels, especially when it is stressed or anxious.

Instead of your cat needing to look for something to hide beneath, you could provide them with a cozy cat cave.

These are beds that your cat may crawl into rather than on top of, and are also known as cat pods. Your cat will feel at ease, snug, and secure once inside.

While not every cat like a pod bed, the majority do. Fortunately, many pod beds can also function as a cat mat, allowing your cat to lie on top if they don't want to crawl in.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) came across best cat pod beds that we really loved when looking for the right cat cave for our felines.

So we put them all to the test to see how they compare, which we're delighted to share with you in the following reviews.


Hepper Pod Cat Bed – Overall Winner

The Hepper pod cat bed is our favorite cat cave of all time, with the perfect combination of aesthetics and comfortability for your cat.

This isn’t just a stray ball of wool on the floor. It’s actually a modern cat condo that looks like any other piece of furniture in your home.

It’s a well-crafted piece with modern flair that would look great in any home. A self-warming Sherpa fleece layer keeps your cat cozy and warm inside this cat pod.

It’s simple to remove and clean when necessary. The liner’s edges are strengthened for durability.

This raised bed has non-slip pads under each foot to keep it from slipping and sliding on the floor as your cat joins or exits.

You’d think that putting together this cat pod would be difficult, but it only only four screws. There’s enough space inside for one large cat or two small ones.

Unfortunately, the door is a little narrow, so some large cats may struggle to enter inside!


Pod Cat Bed by Earthtone Solutions | Best Value

A pod cat bed does not have to be pricey for your cat to enjoy it, and the Earthtone Solutions Pod Cat Bed is cheap.

It’s one of the most affordable cat beds we reviewed, which makes it appealing to a wide range of consumers.

Even better, this is a two-in-one deal because it can be utilized as a cat cave or flattened out for your cat to rest on. It’s entirely up to your cat.

This sleeping pod is made in Nepal of high-quality merino wool. It will keep your cat warm in the cooler months while also keeping them cool in the summer.

With a lint roller, you can keep it mostly clean. Because it is not machine washable, you will have to wash it by hand.

We discovered that the wool used to manufacture this cat bed is quite resilient and, contrary to popular belief, does not scratch.

Some of our cats preferred to lay on it rather than in it, but they were all fascinated to it. Given the low price, we believe it is one of the best cat pod beds for the money.


Thermo Dream Pod by K&H Pet Products – Premium Option

Part of the reason cats adore pod beds is that they keep them warm and snug, making them feel safe. Why not add to the warmth by placing a heating pad beneath your cat’s bed?

That is how the K&H Pet Products Thermo-Mod Dream Pod works. It’s a two-piece bed with separate top and bottom sections that zip together for simple and rapid construction.

A heating pad beneath your cat keeps them roughly 10 degrees warmer than the ambient temperature.

The entire pod does not need to be washed, but the fake fleece cover that your cat will be sleeping on is removable and machine washable for convenience.

This cat cave is large enough to accommodate cats of all sizes; even large cats will fit comfortably inside. We discovered that the heating pad inside isn’t very powerful.

It will not burn your cat, which is excellent, but it is not suitable for temps below 60 degrees because it does not provide enough heat.

Furthermore, for the first several weeks, the bed emits a faint chemical odor. Nonetheless, we enjoy the pricing and features enough to suggest it as our top pick.


Handmade Pod Cat Bed by Twin Critters

The Twin Critters Handcrafted Pod Cat Bed, a basic yet effective design for a cat cave, just missed receiving our recommendation, but it’s still a terrific product overall.

You can select from a variety of patterns that most people will find adorable.

It’s a reasonable priced cat cave, especially considering it can be used as a cat mat/bed when flattened. The sad thing about this bed is that it likes to flatten itself out.

This is due to the fact that it appears to lack the structural stability required to remain standing for usage as a cat cave.

We also noticed that it sheds a lot of wool, which adds to the mess you’ll have to clean up. Having said that, we appreciate the fact that it is created from 100 percent natural wool.

This makes it simple to clean with a normal vacuum. Furthermore, it is fully chemical-free, so you won’t have to worry about scents as we did with some other cat caves.

However, it cannot be machine washed, therefore if it becomes soiled, it must be washed by hand. Considering everything, it’s reasonably priced, yet we believe other pod cat beds exceed this one.


Snoozer Pet Supplies Cat Bed in a Cozy Cave

We had high hopes for the Snoozer Pet Products comfy cave covered cat bed. We believed we had a guaranteed winner when it initially arrived.

However, after only a short period of usage, we discovered that it did not perform as well as we had hoped. Our kitties made it obvious that this bed was far from their first choice.

The aperture is the most problematic aspect of this cat cave. It simply does not remain open! Instead, the top falls, making entry difficult for cats.

We also saw that it began to fall apart quickly, leading us to conclude that its construction is of poor quality.

Despite this, it is far more expensive than numerous competitors that we believed performed far better.

Still, this pet bed isn’t all horrible. The machine washable cover and liner make it simple to maintain this bed clean, fresh, and looking good.

Another plus is the fill, which is made of cedar and polyester to avoid odors. You can also select from a variety of sizes and colors.

This could be a winner if the top remained open for simple ingress, but as it stands, we don’t suggest it.

Choosing the Best Cat Pod Beds: A Buyer's Guide

As you can see, there are numerous cat caves available on the market. Of course, this is only a small sample of the models accessible to you.

The actual question is, how can you go through all of these options to choose the best one for your cat?

We feel that we’ve grown to understand these goods on a deeper level after testing so many of these pod cat beds with our felines, making it easier to choose between different possibilities.

While all of them can be excellent selections for the right cat, some are unquestionably preferred to others.

We hope that by sharing the qualities that we’re comparing in this buyer’s guide, we will assist you make the best decision on a cat cave.

We’ve discovered that these are the most crucial characteristics for a cat bed to have, so if you locate a cat bed that matches your demands in each of these areas, you’re almost certainly on to a winner.

Important Cat Cave Features

Before you start looking for cat caves for your kitten, you need know exactly what you want in each of the following categories.

Instead of making an arbitrary pick that your cat may not approve of, doing so will allow you to make an educated decision on which cat pod bed to purchase.

Cats Must Enjoy It

It may seem apparent, but the most vital aspect of any cat bed you select is that your cat enjoys it.

You might choose the most beautiful cat bed with every feature possible, but if your cat doesn’t like it, it may as well not exist.

If you choose a cat pod bed that your cat dislikes, you will undoubtedly be disappointed since your cat will disregard it.

Given that you won’t know what your cat like ahead of time, it’s in your best interest to check out any bed you choose as soon as possible so that you may return it if your cat rejects it!


If you select a bed that your cat enjoys, the next most crucial consideration is its appearance.

Not only must your cat live with the bed you chose; you must as well! If you buy a cat cave that you dislike, you will feel resentment or regret every time you look at it, which will be frequently.

Make sure to choose a cat cave that you like the look of. It is going to become a permanent fixture in your home.


You will not want to go through the bother of locating the appropriate cat bed again anytime soon. As a result, it’s critical to choose a long-lasting cat bed.

Some are built to last longer than others. We had some cat caves that were falling apart after only a few weeks of use.

Unfortunately, pricing is not an indicator of quality, so you’ll have to inspect each model and decide for yourself how well it’s put together.


We all want clean houses, but having a cat makes it even more difficult. Cats may be quite stinky, so it’s critical to select a cat pod that is easy to clean.

Models with machine washable inserts and covers are our favorites. Furthermore, hard panels should be simple to clean.

While certain mattresses may be washed by hand, if that is the only way you can wash them, you may end up letting them sit, which can cause odors to build up over time.


Not every cat will have difficulty fitting into specific beds, but if you have a huge breed feline, you should be conscious of its size.

Some of the beds we tested were not as large as we had imagined after viewing photographs. After all, images can be deceptive.

Large cats require extra room in their beds. If your cat is enormous, get a bed that can suit his or her size.


Finally, pricing will be a consideration for some people more than others. If you don’t mind spending a fortune on your cat’s bed, you can disregard this factor.

Some pet owners, on the other hand, will shop just for price. We believe the sweet spot lies somewhere between these two approaches.

First, you should look for beds that meet all of your other requirements.

Then, evaluate their prices to ensure you’re not splurging when a less expensive choice can fulfill your needs just as well.


Despite the fact that there are numerous cat pod beds on the market, we didn’t want to settle for just any bed.

No, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) wanted the best cat cave for our kitties, as we’re sure you do.

To that end, we have picked on three best cat pod beds that we are confident in suggesting for your cats after extensive testing and writing reviews.

The Hepper pod cat bed is our top pick. This highly appealing design is contemporary and modern, making it suitable for almost any décor.

It only requires four screws to assemble, and the Sherpa fleece layer inside is self-warming to keep your cat warm.

If you want to spend less money, the Earthtone Solutions Pod Cat Bed is a terrific option that is reasonably priced and can be used as a cat cave or a conventional cat bed when folded flat.

The K&H Pet Products Thermo-Mod Dream Pod is a luxury cat bed with some outstanding features.

This two-piece bed zips together for easy construction and has a heated cushion on the inside to keep your cat toasty on those cool evenings.

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