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The 9 Best Cat Muzzles

Do your cuddly, pleasant, and loving cat ever become stubborn or aggressive?

If this is the case, your pet may view certain events or persons as dangers, resulting in a shift in temperament.

Bathing, grooming, or a trip to the vet have all been known to set off an aggressive personality.

So, what can you do in such situations? Purchase a cat muzzle.

This device will assist you in soothing your cat and preventing biting, chewing, and clawing.

Consider a cat muzzle to be a first-aid kit for your aggressive cat.

The mask also aids in the regulation of meowing and over-grooming.

But how do you go about finding the best cat muzzles?

After reading about veterinary-recommended choices and honest user feedback, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) compiled a list of the top ten best muzzles on the market.

These products will keep your pets from biting and chewing on you, your furnishings, the vet, or the groomer.


Overall Winner: Wintchuk Cat Muzzle

Do you want a multi-functional cat muzzle? Take a look at the Wintchuk Cat Muzzle. It is suitable for all cat face sizes and weights, as it is available in Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large.

This mask will assist you in calming your kitty while grooming, bathing, or nail trimming. The smooth, flexible fabric is skin-friendly and comfy. The design includes a breathing hole to alleviate your concerns regarding its safety.

The Wintchuk Cat Muzzle has velcro straps that may be adjusted to fit your cat’s head. So, no matter what form your pet’s head is, you can rely on this mask to keep it comfortable and safe. This is the greatest overall cat muzzle in our opinion.


Kitten-Friendly Zoopolr Cat Muzzles

The Zoopolr Cat Muzzle ensures the safety of a kitten muzzle. It is constructed of a highly breathable nylon mesh fabric that allows your pet to breathe easier. The front opening in the muzzle makes this mask more secure and breathable.

The Zoopolr muzzle is ideal for preventing kittens from clawing their faces or excessive grooming. However, if you want to keep your problematic cat from biting and chewing, this mask may not be effective.

Sharp claws are used by some cats to loosen or remove the muzzle. Other cats bite their fangs through the flimsy fabric, leaving you vulnerable.

The muzzle has an adjustable strap and Velcro fasteners to help you get the perfect fit. It is available in small and large sizes. The small size is ideal for cats weighing 0-6 pounds, while the large size is ideal for cats weighing 6-13 pounds.


Cat Muzzle from Downtown Pet Supply

The Downtown Pet Supply Cat Muzzle is offered in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

The small muzzle is excellent for cats weighing less than 6 pounds, the medium for those weighing 6-12 pounds, and the big for cats weighing more than 12 pounds.

All sizes have a velcro strap to allow you to modify the mask to fit your cat. The strap also makes it simple to put on and remove the mask.

This product is intended to prevent cats from gnawing and biting. It is constructed of sturdy, breathable nylon fabric that cats cannot gnaw or break apart with their paws.

Nylon, on the other hand, is not as breathable as other textiles. As a result, use this muzzle with extreme caution. It should be neither too tight nor too loose.

The hole in the front of the Downtown Cat Muzzle allows for breathing but not feeding. Even so, make sure you get the appropriate fit so your cat doesn’t have breathing issues.


Nylon Cat Muzzles by Xbes

With the Xbes Nylon Cat Muzzle, you can finally groom your kitty in peace. This nylon fabric muzzle works well for calming down a stressed kitty. Nylon is strong enough to ensure your safety while still being comfy for your cat.

The Xbes cat muzzle protects your pet’s face while you brush or cut its nails. It is safe to use the muzzle when bathing your cat because it is made of water-resistant nylon. For ease breathing, the mask contains a hole around the nose.

Muzzles come in three sizes: small, medium, and big. The small size is suitable for cats weighing less than 5.5 pounds, the medium size is suitable for cats weighing between 5.5 and 11 pounds, and the large size is suitable for cats weighing more than 11 pounds. The supplied velcro straps make it easy to keep the mask in place.

The Advantages of Cat Muzzles

When meek cats are exposed to specific settings, such as visiting the pet or sitting among other pets, it is natural for them to become hostile.

They may bite, scratch, or meow angrily at you. In other circumstances, some cats eat their food too quickly, which causes stomach issues.

If this describes you, consider the following advantages of utilizing cat muzzles.

Biting Controls

To soothe a stressed or angry feline, the proper cat muzzle fits snuggly. When all other choices have been exhausted, it regulates chewing and biting.

Grooming Made Simple

Some cats enjoy having their fur brushed, while others despise it. A cat muzzle might make grooming easier for pets who dislike it. While you put on the blindfold, your pet will be less agitated when you brush or cut their nails.

Corrects Misbehavior

Is your cat displaying undesired behavior that raises red flags? To correct behavior, you can use a cat muzzle. However, consult your veterinarian before using the muzzle, and only wear it for a few minutes at a time.

Prevents excessive grooming

Grooming obsession in some cats can be harmful. Fortunately, a cat muzzle can assist to prevent this.

Controlling Your Weight

A muzzle can aid a cat who has digestive problems or is overweight as a result of eating too quickly. The mask can prevent your pet from eating too quickly, preventing gulping and intestinal issues.

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Best Cat Muzzle

Here are some things to look for in a cat muzzle to ensure you receive the most value for your money and quality.


Nylon is the most commonly used material for cat muzzles since it is pleasant, sturdy, and washable. It is difficult to avoid biting, although it is less breathable.

Other muzzle materials include mesh, canvas, and plastic. Mesh masks are also very breathable and comfy. They do not, however, always settle a concerned cat because they do not limit a cat’s vision.

Leather and plastic muzzles, on the other hand, are more robust but less comfortable and have poor breathability.


You must consider the safety and comfort of a muzzle, keeping in mind that it is normally fastened around the neck and over the cat’s face.

An unpleasant cat muzzle can only give your pet pain and sorrow. This is why masks with adjustable straps are ideal because they are easy to fit and tailor to your feline’s head shape.

Muzzle Design

What makes you want a cat muzzle? Is it to encourage your cat to eat slowly or to cease biting during grooming and vet visits?

A muzzle with an open snout is required to get them to moderate their eating behavior. Cat muzzles that conceal the mouth are great for putting a stop to meowing.

A full-face covering muzzle, on the other hand, is best suited if you wish to quiet your cat and avoid biting and clawing.


Most manufacturers provide cat muzzles in three sizes: small, medium, and big.

Small fits are frequently made for cats weighing less than 6 pounds, medium fits for felines weighing 6-12 pounds, and big fits for felines weighing more than 12 pounds.

When selecting the appropriate size, consider your pet’s cat head size and breed. We propose investing in a movable cat muzzle.

Guidelines for Using a Cat Muzzle Safely

Cats despise constraints, and a cat muzzle, which inhibits eyesight, is no exception.

As a result, only use the muzzle as a last resort when all other techniques of calming your cat have failed. If you do decide to wear the mask, here are some pointers on how to do it securely.

Begin slowly

Your cat will be unfamiliar with a cat muzzle. As a result, introduce it gently and gradually. Remember that your cat might not like wearing a mask over its face. Allow your pet to sniff the mask before putting it on, and only put it on when it is relaxed.

Put on the mask for a few minutes and then praise this behavior with a snuggle or food. This will teach your cat to associate the muzzle with treats and affection. Increase the time your cat wears the mask gradually, but never more than 20 minutes.

Use the Proper Fitting

Because cat muzzles cover a cat’s face, you must only use the appropriate size. A cat’s snout that is excessively small and tight might cause discomfort and breathing difficulties. When it becomes too large, your cat may be able to escape.

Use for Limited Time

Although cat muzzles are useful, they should only be used for brief periods of time. Too long wearing the muzzle might induce nausea, discomfort, breathing issues, and vomiting.

As a result, limit your pet’s time wearing the muzzle to no more than 20 minutes.


The aforementioned cat muzzles are robust, comfy, safe, and long-lasting, so you’ll be a happy customer regardless of which one you choose.

The Wintchuk Cat Muzzle is our top option because it is skin-friendly, pleasant, flexible, and long-lasting. It comes in four sizes, making it ideal for most cats.

The Downtown Pet Supply Cat Muzzle provides the finest value for money. It’s constructed of a comfortable but sturdy nylon fabric. The adjustable strap and velcro fastening make it simple to put on.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) recommend the Zoopolr Cat Muzzle for kittens since they are extremely breathable.

We hope this article helps you choose the best cat muzzles for your pet.


Are Cats Allowed to Wear Dog Muzzles?

No, they don’t. Dogs have long, narrow snouts, whereas cats have flat snouts. A dog muzzle will not sufficiently protect a cat’s eyes and mouth. A muzzle must also limit a cat’s vision in order to relax and soothe them.

Is Using Cat Muzzles on Kittens Safe? 

Yes, if the aggressive kitten is more than ten weeks old. Also, make sure that the size is correct and that you only use it when your pet is hostile. If your kitten is friendly, there is no need for a muzzle.

Are Cat Muzzles Harmful?

Cat muzzles are not harsh because they are intended to be used only temporarily and in extreme cases.

These devices are extremely useful in both relaxing a pet during necessary vet operations and keeping you from being bitten by an anxious or angry cat. However, always keep an eye on your pet when they are wearing a muzzle.

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