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The 11 Best Cat Litters For Heavy Urination

When you own a cat, you must pay close attention to three primary needs: sanitation, health, and enjoyment. All of them are essential for a happy kitten!

If your cat has a urinary tract infection, it can be extremely distressing for both you and her. When your cat pees a lot, cat litter is a blessing for you, your cat, and your home.

They have a higher absorption capability than any random one. It helps to eliminate the strong ammonia odor that pervades your entire home and replaces it with clean, fresh air.

Here are BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) recommendations for the best cat litters for heavy urination.


Precious Cat of Dr. Elsey

The odor of cat urine can cause allergic reactions in you and your children! You can’t kick out your sweet and innocent cat in this scenario! Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat saves you from danger. Replace your old kitty litter with our natural litter that is 99.9% dust-free and hypoallergenic.

Litter particles are the ideal size due to a superior texture and granule size made with 100% bentonite clay for excellent clumping. Prevents moisture from reaching the bottom, allowing you to scoop with less effort.

The one disadvantage of using a cat litter is that the cat leaves a lot of trail. To prevent this, Dr. Elsey’s precious cat litter employs medium clay granules, which keep everything where it belongs. It is designed for single or multi-cat households, which means it has a high absorption capacity.

Last but not least, powerful odor management is something that every cat owner desires. It assists you in keeping your home fresh and free of any artificial odors.

To summarize, we believe this is the finest cat litter for high urine.


  • This cat litter for heavy urine is 99.9% dust-free and hypoallergenic.
  • Superior texture and granule size produced with 100 percent bentonite clay for maximum clumping.
  • Prevents moisture from reaching the bottom, allowing you to scoop with less effort.
  • The elsey’s premium clumping cat provides outstanding odor control, allowing you to keep your home fresh and free of artificial odors.


  • There are no drawbacks to using this cat litter for heavy urination. Even after extensive study, it is difficult to locate a bad review.


Natural Tofu Cat Litter

You want the best cat litter for heavy urination to be natural and dust-free! Tofu Cat Litter is an excellent choice for this category. If you simply want to provide the finest for your cat, this is the one to get!

Pea fiber, maize starch, and starch are all included in this cat litter. To safeguard your cat’s safety if she eats it by accident. Because of these characteristics, it is ideal for cats and kittens. Within 1.5 seconds, water absorbs. It allows your cat to use it without making a messe.

If you have a cat who is already in pain from excessive urine, you don’t want to make matters worse. Dust could seriously affect the cat’s urinary system. That is why we have incorporated all raw components to ensure that it is completely dust-free!

The best feature of natural Tofu cat litter is that it dissolves in water in 3 seconds due to the starch characteristics. Your cat will not track this litter all over the house because it keeps your cat’s butt dry and non-sticky.

Provides the best deodorized effect, preventing your nose from smelling a variety of unpleasant scents. It is simple to dispose of because it is flushable.


  • This heavy urine cat litter has a natural odor and is 99% dust-free.
  • Because of the starch characteristics, it dissolves in water in 3 seconds.
  • Makes sure your cat’s butt is dry and non-sticky so she doesn’t track all over the home.
  • Water absorbs in 1.5 seconds, allowing your cat to utilize it without making a mess.


  • While it is flushable, we recommend only flushing a limited amount at a time.


Scoopfree Premium Crystal by Petsafe

All cat owners should use Petsafe Scoopfree Premium Crystal cat litter for high urine. It is compatible with any kitten litter box. You will save time because you will not have to worry about the size or shape. It comes in three different forms, allowing you to choose what you want in your home.

Lavender, original, and sensitive are all names that live true to their billing. You should acquire lavender if you like to beautify your home with elegant yet mild fragrances. Don’t worry, it’s not just for your cat; it’s also for you.

Why should you buy these bags? They are packaged in two pre-portioned bags (each bag weighs 4.5 lb.). Do not produce huge clumps, as this allows the cat to be comfortable rather than terrified. Small cats are recommended since they require maximum comfort or they will not use it.

Dust-free and five times more absorbent than comparable clumping clay litters. One pack can last for around a month.


  • For quality clumping cat litter, it works with any standard litter box.
  • There are three litter options: lavender, original, and sensitive.
  • The Sensitive pack has no colours or fragrances. For cat owners that prefer natural products.
  • Dust-free and five times more absorbent than comparable clumping clay litters.


  • It is highly pricey due of its luxury qualities.


Walnut Naturally Fresh Cat Litter

We know that odor management is the number one priority for parent cats that have frequent urine problems. To address this, we give you with the one-of-a-kind and highly effective walnut solution! Who knew a Natural Fresh Cat Litter – Walnut scrubber could be so useful?

Naturally Fresh, a novel cat litter mix made from fibrous walnut shells, outperforms clay, pine, maize, and wheat in odor neutralization. It achieves the job without the use of strong fragrances or scents. Your cat is free to use it as many times as she likes.

The three times more absorbent characteristics keep her from making a sloppy mess. The finest aspect of all-natural products is that everything stays clean with minimal dust emission and tracking. They are non-hazardous and non-toxic. This litter variant is available in packs of 26 pounds of litter, which will last longer.


  • This UTI cat litter is made entirely of natural materials.
  • Better than clay, pine, maize, and wheat for neutralizing smells.
  • There are no unpleasant perfumes or aromas in this walnut-based cat litter.
  • Three times as much absorbency keeps your cat from making a mess.


  • Other than cats, this product is unsuitable.


Clump & Seal Platinum Lightweight Cat Litter by Arm & Hammer

You won’t feel like you’re living in a litter box with Arm and Hammer Platinum Cat Litter. It not only seals the odor, but also kills it before it ever leaves the box. Allows you to invite people at any time without feeling ashamed.

Plant-derived particles make scooping the rock-solid clumps simple. Having a pet who needs to urinate frequently is no longer a major issue. After all of these remedies, the only thing left is dust generation, but don’t worry, this has also been addressed.

The 100% dust-free platinum formula shields your cat from hazardous dust. This prevents both you and your cat from breathing it. With this cat litter for heavy urination, you can breathe easily.


  • Seal platinum cat litter eliminates odors even before they leave the litter box.
  • Plant-derived baking soda particles make it simple to scoop the tough clumps.
  • The 100% dust-free platinum formula shields your cat from hazardous dust.
  • Provides a breathable environment for you and your pet.


  • This litter is exclusively suitable for cats.


Advanced Clumping Cat Litter by Fresh Step

Cat owners encounter numerous challenges when it comes to keeping their homes fresh and clean. It’s even more challenging when you have a cat who urinates a lot. Fresh Step Advance Clumping Litter might assist you with this problem.

Specifically engineered to combat odours over time. You get a fresh mountain spring aroma in return for a terrible stink. You can sit back and relax for at least 10 days without worrying about it. This gives you plenty of time to spend with your cat.

We are aware of how unsightly it appears when your cat left tracking prints after using litter! You no longer need to limit your cat’s freedom. This product produces results that are 99% dust-free.

Why do you have to make expressions while cleaning the litter box? Cat litter with ClumpLock technology for heavy urine reduces stinky crumbles. You won’t spend hours scraping the life out of the litter box.


  • Cat litter with ClumpLock technology is easy to clean and reduces stinky crumbles for heavy urine.
  • Designed to combat odours over time.
  • Replaces unpleasant odor with a fresh mountain spring smell.
  • This cat litter for frequent urination is 99% dust-free.


  • This litter has a perfume of crisp mountain spring, which may not be suitable for persons who are sensitive to strong scents.


Clumping Purina Tidy Cats

Do you have cats who urinate a lot? Or several cat households! Having a new house would be a lot of work. Right! No longer, with the Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Litter system, you can keep your house clean for up to 10 days. Protect your home from odors 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The triple recipe works by neutralizing the odors of urine, feces, and ammonia. Moisture-activated Power Pieces aid in the preservation of the box. This helps to keep your home smelling fresh. A long-overdue solution! Your home will undoubtedly be revitalized.

Cleaning up has been simplified to relieve your stress! When dampness comes into touch with tidy max moisture activated power components, it seals in messes. It forms strong clumps that are easy to scoop off. Your cat will benefit from a dry atmosphere, which is a desirable alternative for her.


  • Keep unpleasant odors away from your home for at least 10 days.
  • With the triple blocking mixture, you can eliminate the odors of ammonia, feces, and urine.
  • It forms huge, tight clumps that are easy to scoop out and are dust-free.
  • Cat owners with several cats or cats with frequent urinating can use this product. To prevent litter tracking, the solid waste is dried.


  • This product is only intended for cats.

How to Choose the Best Cat Litter for Urine Problems

Just as we people have various issues, so do our dogs. Cats with urinary tract infections require a particular cat litter for excessive urine, which is not enough; you must also consider a few other factors.

The following are a few points that every cat owner should consider in order to provide your cat with the ultimate comfort and love she deserves.

Aside from litter, pet parents should be aware of the best cat litter box on the market.


When it comes to safety, the only thing to remember is that cat litter for heavy urination should not contain any artificially harsh odors or hazardous substances.

This can be detrimental to both you and your cats. If you want a pleasant aroma, choose one with natural elements such as pine, lavender, or corn that is not too intense.

Some cats may like to move their litter box for their own comfort, so use a lightweight cat litter. They are also quite easy to scoop.

Learn about the best litter for asthmatic cats.

Power of Absorption

Why should you pay special attention to this factor? It’s because cats with urinary issues urinate more frequently. A high absorption capacity is required! This keeps the pee from spreading and reduces the amount of turmoil in the litter box.

Clumping litters are the ideal litter because they quickly absorb urine and excrement and generate odorless clumps. It also has a great drying capability, which aids in the prevention of odors spreading throughout the space.


A dust-free cat litter is required for heavy urinating. Cats with this condition must urinate so regularly that if the litter is not dust-free, it might be harmful to the cats’ health.

It also sticks to your cat’s buttocks and then follows her about, creating prints behind. To avoid this, always use dust-free cat litter. It’s not only excellent for her, but it’s also wonderful for your health!

Find out which litter is the best for no tracking!


When cats require the use of a litter box for comfort, they will shift it to a different location.

In this case, purchase a lightweight litter that your cat can simply remove and shift from one location to another. It is also easier to scoop and pour lightweight litter into the litter box.

As a result, wherever possible, pick lightweight litter.


The top best cat litters for heavy urination are listed above. They are carefully designed to meet the demands of an owner and a cat suffering from a urinary tract infection.

These liners are made of high-quality materials that contain no hazardous or harmful chemicals.

We at BestForPets (bestforpets.org) understand the need for it, as you don’t want her to have any more health problems while she’s already suffering with one.

You can count on the great absorption capacity to keep the litter box clean. They do this to get rid of the foul stench from the cat litter box.

It provides you with a breathable environment in which to live with your beloved and admired cat.


Which cat litter is best for frequent urination?

Dr. Elsey’s precious kitty litter is the finest for heavy urine. Superior texture and granule size produced with 100 percent bentonite clay for maximum clumping. As a result, natural litter is 99.9% dust-free and hypoallergenic.

How much does heavy urination cat litter cost?

Cat litter for heavy urine costs between $35 and $19. The most affordable is the Petsafe brand scoop-free premium crystal. Tofu cat litter natural is a high-end option.

Is it better to use scented or unscented cat litter for frequent urination?

Choose a kitty litter that does not include any artificially harsh or poisonous odors.

Rest assured, you’ll get a wide range of aromas with natural elements like pine, lavender, or corn that aren’t overpowering. People who are allergic to fragrances should use a non-scented product.

Can you combine clumping and non-clumping litter for cats who urinate a lot?

Mixing non-clumping litter with clumping litter is not a good idea since it may impair the ability of the scooped litter to form clumps.

It may generate additional garbage, which will make cleaning more difficult. One litter plate of clustering litter keeps a closer eye on last than the non-amassing variety.

This is due to the litter bunching up when your cat pees on it, and you should simply fish out the clusters with a spade on a daily basis.

In this manner, you are removing pre-owned litter while leaving new unused litter. In this manner, your single tray of litter can last for a few days.

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