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The 15 Best Cat Id Tags

Cats enjoy exploring and, unfortunately, they can travel far from home. Whether your cat lives inside or outside, you can use a cat ID tag to ensure that it is returned if it escapes. Cats are less tolerant of having a collar or tag than dogs, so knowing your cat's preferences is important when looking through different designs. There are nearly infinite possibilities for tags when you examine your options. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has simplified your search by including in-depth reviews and a buyer's guide with additional information about the best cat ID tags.


Dog Tag Art Personalized Pet ID Tags for Dogs and Cats

If you’re tired of standard ID tags that are boring and unimaginative, the Dog Tag Art Custom Pet ID Tags for Dogs and Cats can add some humor and style to your cat’s collar.

You can design your own tag or choose from hundreds of colorful graphics. A sheriff badge, Charlie Brown pattern, Captain America pattern, “I know I’m cute, but you can’t have me” message, and many more are among the designs.

Dog Tag art is more customizable than other brands, but it comes at a higher price. The tag’s biggest flaw is its size. The large size is too large, and the small size is no bigger than a nickel.

SiliDog Silent Tag Personalized Silicone Bone Cat ID Tag

The SiliDog Silent Tag Silicone Bone Personalized Dog & Cat ID Tag is made entirely of silicone rather than stainless steel. It’s designed to run quietly and even glows in the dark.

Unlike many other tags, the SiliDog allows you to include up to six lines of text. It’s ideal for pet owners who need to include additional medical information on their pet’s ID.

The manufacturer claims that the color and engraving will not fade over time, and there are eight different colors to choose from.

The silicone tag is a nice alternative to standard metal tags, but it is not as durable as stainless steel. If your cat enjoys chewing, you will most likely need to replace it soon.

Several customers complained that the tag did not last as long as other brands and that it was more expensive than the majority of competitors.

“I Still Live with My Parents” Funny Cat Pet ID Tag

Big Jerk’s Funny Cat Pet ID Tag allows you to personalize it with four lines of text and up to 20 characters per line.

On the other side, the message “I Still Live with My Parents” is displayed. There are 16 colors and two sizes to choose from, but unlike other brands, the tag is made of aluminum and the text is painted on rather than engraved.

Although aluminum is lighter than steel, it is not as durable. Many pet owners complained that when active, outdoor cats wore the tag, it became dented.

It’s not too expensive, but for the same price, you can find a product that’s a little more durable.

Hexagon Personalized Dog ID Tag by PawFurEver

The PawFurEver Hexagon Personalized Dog ID Tag comes in three colors and eight designs. You can add four lines of text to the back and print your cat’s name on the front. Unlike most stainless-steel tags, it comes in a variety of colors, including gold, silver, and red gold.

Although you can select from a variety of fonts, several customers were dissatisfied with the text etching. It isn’t as deep as other brands, and the letters are more difficult to read.

The tag is more customizable than comparable models, but why buy an ID tag if the etching fades? We like the clever designs, but it’s better as a temporary tag for special occasions or photo shoots.

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Best Cat ID Tag

You can consider some of the factors that may influence your decision before purchasing a cat ID tag.

Type of Cat ID Tag

Are dangling tags bothering your cat? The most common type is split ring IDs, but they irritate some felines. A slide-on tag is attached to the collar and does not dangle or make noise.

Size of Cat ID Tag

The majority of the tags are about the size of a quarter, but some may be too large for your cat. Larger tags seem to bother dogs less than cats, and some cats will chew on the ID if it’s too big.

If your cat isn’t used to wearing a collar or tag, you may need to try on different designs to find the right fit.

Price of a Cat ID Tag

The price difference between brands of ID tags is less than that between most pet products, but the higher-priced ones are usually more colorful and full of graphics.

If you want an attractive, long-lasting tag, you’ll have to pay a few dollars more than if you just want a plain design.

Durability of Cat ID Tag

The enamel-coated stainless-steel tags are stronger and last longer than the other models. Cats are less likely to chew on a smooth enamel service than they are on a silicone or aluminum tag, and the enamel keeps the text from wearing thin or fading.

Lines of Text on Cat ID Tags Tags typically have three to six lines of text with up to 20 characters per line. Most cat owners can get by with three lines, but those who have felines with medical conditions should include more text to ensure the animal’s rescuer is aware of the issue.

We recommend a larger tag or a double-sided model with plenty of space for health information. In addition, some manufacturers allow you to change the font size in order to add more characters to each line.


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) looked at several ID tags and our favorite is the Red Dingo Paw Print Stainless Steel Personalized Dog & Cat ID Tag.

It comes in three sizes and a variety of colors, and the text is protected by a tough enamel coating. It’s much less expensive than other enamel-coated tags.

The Frisco Stainless Steel Personalized Cat ID Tag is the winner of our best ID for the money award. It has four lines of text on the backside and an attractive cat face on the front.

We hope that our reviews will assist you in choosing the best cat ID tags for your cat.

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