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The 15 Best Cat Halters

Some cat owners have the mistaken belief that cats do not appreciate going for walks with their humans. However, many cats, particularly neighborhood cats, enjoy walks just as much as dogs do.

Cats may not require the same kind of strenuous exercise as dogs, but a regular walk around their neighborhood will do them a world of good, especially with their owner by their side.

A cat harness is an excellent technique to keep your cat from running and under your control.

While it may take a few tries for your feline friend to get acclimated to it, walking with a harness is an excellent source of both mental and physical stimulation, as well as a terrific bonding exercise for you and your cat.

There are numerous cat harnesses on the market, making it difficult to choose the best one.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) examined different models and compiled this list of the best cat halters and in-depth reviews to assist you in finding the best harness to safely secure your feline buddy. 

We also explain the four major types of cat harnesses in our buyer's guide.


Premium Red Dingo Classic Cat Harness

The Red Dingo Classic Cat harness is fully adjustable and designed to fit cats of all sizes and ages.

The harness has an increased strength size adjuster as well as side buckle clips for simple fitting and removal that will not loosen when tugged.

A 4-foot high-quality leash made of soft yet sturdy nylon webbing with a padded handle is included with the harness. The harness and leash are abrasion resistant and include an angle cut splice to reduce irritation.

The harness and lead are available in a range of colors and designs to match your cat’s individual personality.

Many customers say that their cats wiggled free from this harness in a matter of minutes, unless it was exactly adjusted to fit, which is a difficult feat.

The adjustable slides and clasps are both difficult and finicky to use, especially if you have a wriggly kitty, which keeps this harness from making the top two.


  • Completely customizable
  • Side clips that are strong and dependable
  • A 4-foot lead with a comfortable handle is included.
  • Nylon webbing with abrasion resistance
  • It is available in a range of colors and patterns.


  • Some cats may be able to wiggle free.
  • Clasps and size adjusters are challenging to use.
  • Comparatively costly


Control Cat Harness by Paws & Pals

The Paws & Pals Control Cat Harness is available in four different sizes and a range of colors to suit your cat’s individual personality.

To provide maximum comfort and safety, it is comprised of a lightweight, sturdy, breathable, and softly padded material. The harness includes adjustable straps for a specific fit and is waterproof in both material and color.

It is designed to direct the pulling weight to your cat’s shoulders, so it won’t hurt their neck or make breathing harder if they tug hard. If your cat does get mud on him, the harness is machine washable!

Cats are cunning and will fast figure out a way to escape out of an uncomfortable condition, and this harness is no exception! Several buyers have reported their cats getting out of the harness within minutes of being in it.

The neck and shoulder sections are not adjustable, which is a concern for tiny felines. The leash strap is a little off-center, which might be irritating.


  • Available in a range of colors
  • Material that is padded and lightweight
  • Weather-resistant with adjustable straps
  • Washable by machine


  • Most cats will simply wriggle out.
  • There is no neck or shoulder adjustment.
  • Shoddy construction


Come with me, PetSafe Harness for Kitty

The PetSafe Come with Me Kitty Harness contains all of the essential characteristics of a cat harness, making it one of our favorites.

Not only is the harness easy to put on and take off your cat thanks to the two simple, quick-snap buckles, but the innovative design directs any pressure applied to the leash to your cat’s shoulders rather than their neck.

The supplied 4-foot leash is a nice addition because it has a bungee-style stretch that has some give and will not suddenly halt your cat if they become startled.

The kitten harness is constructed of 3/8-inch-wide comfy nylon and comes in three different, completely adjustable sizes to match any size and age of cat.

The harness is designed to be snug around your cat’s shoulders, neck, and stomach. Without the leash, this harness is generally escape-proof, but cats will always try to find a way out.

When the leash is taught and fastened, your cats may be able to wiggle backward from the harness with considerable ease. Many consumers also complain that this leash is difficult to adjust properly.

Overall, we believe this is the best cat harness in this year.


  • Simple to put on and take off
  • A 4-foot leash can be extended to 6 feet.
  • Allows for tension and constraint without the risk of choking.
  • 3/8-inch broad soft nylon structure
  • Fully adjustable and available in three sizes


  • Not completely escape-proof
  • Adjustment is difficult.


rabbitgoo Cat Harness with Escape Protection

Rabbitgoo’s “escape-proof” cat harness is made of breathable air mesh and is soft and lightweight for maximum comfort. It has four different adjustments for a custom fit, and both sides have a strong safety clip to keep your cat from slipping out.

The harness also includes a nylon leash that simply connects to the harness via a metal loop in the center of the harness to evenly distribute pulling weight.

The side snap buckles make the harness simple to put on and take off, and it incorporates reflective strips if you wish to take your cat on a night walk!

While the waist area of the harness is simple to adjust, the neck section must be adjusted before putting the harness on, or your cat’s head may not fit through.

Trying to adjust the fiddly straps while your cat is wearing it will be difficult for all but the most placid of felines. The “escape-proof” claim applies exclusively to large cats, as little cats can readily get through.

Several consumers have also reported that the clips break easily.


  • Mesh construction provides breathability.
  • Four distinct modifications
  • A nylon leash is included.
  • Snap buckles make it simple to put on and take off.


  • It is tough to adjust the neck section.
  • Small cats can easily get through.
  • Clips can readily broken.


Step-In Air Pet Harness Voyager

The Voyager Step-in Pet Harness is composed of all-weather, breathable air mesh that is lightweight yet robust. The step-in design, as well as the buckle and safety ring mechanism, make it simple to put on your cat.

It has a hook and loop closure, a strong buckle, and two D-rings that work together to provide your cat with three layers of escape-proof security.

The soft mesh construction prevents chafing even when pulling, and the harness has two reflective bands for increased visibility. The harness is also available in a range of colors and patterns.

The stitching on the harness is prone to coming undone after a few months of use, according to multiple consumers. While the breathable mesh is pleasant, regular use may cause chafing and even hair loss in your cats.

There is also a minor design defect in which the D-rings rattle against the plastic clips, resulting in an irritatingly noisy stroll.


  • Designed with breathable air mesh
  • Design with a step-in
  • Three tiers of defense
  • Two bands of reflection
  • There are numerous colors and patterns to choose from.


  • Stitching flaws
  • Mesh texture that is abrasive
  • Obnoxious design defect


Cat Harness Eagloo

The Eagloo Cat Harness is not only comfortable, but also long-lasting, thanks to its lightweight, soft, and breathable air mesh fabric.

It has reinforced double-stitched edges with comfortable padding, and the mesh is designed for any weather to keep your cat cool and dry.

The harness is simple to put on, with two quick-snap buckles and four completely adjustable straps to fit your cat exactly. To ensure maximum visibility, the reflective strip may reflect ambient light even in low-light circumstances.

With the metal lead attachment loop that distributes weight evenly over their chest and away from their throat, your cat will be safe from choking.

While the company says that this harness is escape-proof, numerous buyers have reported their cats slipping out backwards within minutes of putting it on.

When your cat starts straining, the buckle easily slips along the straps, loosening it and allowing them to escape. Even the extra-small size harness may be too large for the majority of cats.


  • Mesh structure is lightweight and breathable.
  • Double-edged reinforced stitching
  • There are four fully adjustable straps.
  • Reflective strips for increased visibility
  • Even weight distribution in the pull


  • As advertised, it is not completely escape-proof.
  • The buckle strap adjustment is simple.
  • Smaller cats may not fit.



The BINGPET Cat Harness is fully adjustable around the neck and chest for maximum safety and comfort, and the buckles are made of strong plastic for enhanced security.

It boasts plush padding and a breathable mesh construction, as well as two heavy-duty D-rings for leash connection. The rings are set comfortably to guarantee even weight distribution.

The classic plaid pattern is also machine washable, and the vest comes with a durable 59-inch leash. The Velcro adjustments allow for quick and easy fitting and removal, and the vest is available in two sizes.

The neck part is too large for some cats since the straps are too thin, allowing your cat to slip out. The mesh’s structure and Velcro straps will also attract hair, which can be difficult to remove.


  • Neck and chest straps are fully adjustable.
  • Mesh is silky and breathable.
  • Two strong D-ring attachments
  • A 59-foot lead is included.


  • Small around the neck.
  • The sound of Velcro may terrify your cat.
  • Hair attracts


Cat Harness with Kitty Holster

The Kitty Holster Cat Harness is made of 100% undyed cotton and is ultra-lightweight, soft, and non-abrasive. It has a robust metal D-ring loop attachment for the leash that will evenly distribute your cat’s weight if they pull or tug.

With wide straps to minimize pinching, this vest-style harness provides a high level of comfort and security. It is available in four sizes to ensure a proper fit.

The Velcro straps make fitting a simple, and the vest is available in a variety of colors and patterns. The Velcro straps are noisy and may startle some cats, so they will need time to adjust.

While the harness is available in a variety of sizes, the vest’s flexibility is limited. Velcro, like cotton, attracts cat hair, despite the fact that the vest is machine washable. Given the limitations, the vest is also expensive.


  • Non-abrasive and lightweight
  • Straps are wide to prevent pinching and chaffing.
  • It is available in a range of colors and patterns.
  • Leash attachment with a metal D-ring


  • The sound of Velcro may terrify your cat.
  • Adjustability is limited.
  • Cat fur attracts
  • Expensive


Cat Harness PUPTECK

The PUPTECK Cat Harness comes in three sizes and has a 59-inch lead. It contains Velcro adjustment straps around the neck and chest, as well as an extra plastic buckle for safety in case your cat manages to separate the Velcro straps.

It’s composed of breathable mesh to keep you cool and features two heavy-duty D-rings to clip the lead into to evenly disperse the pulling weight.

Even with the extra buckle, most cats will be able to escape this harness since the Velcro straps are too small. The harness is somewhat large and hefty, particularly for little cats, and the attached leash is also quite heavy and wide.

When fitted and removed, Velcro generates a loud noise that may scare your cat, and it accumulates fur.


  • A 59-foot lead is included.
  • Completely customizable
  • Mesh fabric that breathes


  • It is simple to flee.
  • Hefty and bulky
  • Some cats’ necks may be too small.
  • Your cat may be scared of Velcro.
  • Hair attracts

Buying a Cat Harness: A Buyer's Guide

Cats are independent creatures who do not respond well to confinement, so it may take some time for your kitty to become acclimated to a harness. Cat harnesses should be as safe, comfortable, and secure as possible.

Cats, as most cat owners will attest, are incredibly agile and slippery when necessary, and there are few harnesses from which they cannot escape. The most crucial feature of a good cat harness is that it prevents escape.

The Four Kinds of Cat Harnesses


The H-Harness is constructed of small cloth strips that go down the side of your cat, with a band around the neck and another near the belly. This gives them the appearance of the letter “H” from above.

Advantages of H-Harnesses

Because there isn’t much fabric on these, there aren’t many places of contact on the cat’s body. As a result, they are an excellent choice for kittens because they will not weigh them down or overwhelm them.

An H-Harness is typically fastened around the neck and torso like a collar, eliminating the need to battle with your cat to get it over his head.

While your cat is unlikely to love wearing a harness the first time he wears it, he is far more likely to tolerate an H-Harness, making them an excellent starting point.

The disadvantages of H-Harnesses

Because they have a little surface area, cunning felines may easily wiggle out of them, making them far less secure than other versions.

As a result, you should wear them solely for training purposes and limit their use to situations where your cat can be readily contained.

They also contract as the cat pulls, which might pinch them. You should minimize how frequently this occurs because if it occurs too frequently, your cat may develop an aversion to wearing a harness.

He may also exact his vengeance by snatching your favorite bowling trophy from the mantle (who are we kidding, he’ll do it anyway).


Vest harnesses, like vests, cover a considerable section of your cat’s chest and back (huh, imagine that).

Because they’re usually one piece, you’ll have to slide them over your cat’s head and then maneuver his front paws through the armholes. The leash is then attached to a D-ring or buckle on the back of the dog.

Vest Advantages

Because they cover so much of your pet’s body, they diffuse pressure rather than concentrating it on a single area. This lessens the risk of injury if your tabby panics and attempts to flee, or if you have to take it out of danger’s way quickly. It also makes them nearly impossible to flee.

They’re also less likely to pinch your pet when walking, and some cats enjoy the mild pressure they apply. But, most significantly, they’re simply gorgeous.

Vests’ Drawbacks

The majority of vests must be worn by slipping them over the cat’s head. If you’ve ever had a cat, you can see how this could be an issue.

Many people try to prevent this by only doing it once and then leaving the harness on all the time, but this is not something we advocate.

Because of the weight of the cloth, these may not be suitable for senior pets with movement concerns. They also get exceedingly hot during the summer.

Vests are more pricey than other options, but let us remind you of what actually matters: they’re really, extremely cute.

Figures 8 and 9

The S harness, which is related to the H harness, is formed of tiny strips of fabric or webbing that run in a figure-8 shape around the neck and belly.

Figure 8 Advantages

They’re meant to gently compress the cat as he lunges forward, so they should aid with leash training. We mentioned “theoretically” – more on that in a moment.

These are perfect for docile cats in low-risk environments. They’re so light that many pets will quickly forget they’re wearing them.

The disadvantages of Figure 8s

Don’t be fooled by the squeezing mechanism into thinking these are secure harnesses; they are not. Aside from being simple to get out of, if your cat is scared, a “gentle squeeze” is the last thing he wants to experience.

The narrow straps may bite into the skin and cause irritation, so make sure yours is properly sized.


These are currently the least prevalent harnesses, but this may change because they are designed for ease of use.

Set the harness on the floor, and the cat steps into the arm openings, which you then pull up over their shoulders and over their chests.

Advantages of Step-Ins

These are much easier to put on than vests and are nearly as secure. They have wider necks and arm holes, giving your cat more range of motion and making the stroll more enjoyable for him.

They are also lightweight, making them a perfect choice for the summer.

Step-Ins Have Drawbacks

While they are more secure than vests, there is still enough room for your cat to escape, therefore they should only be used in low-risk scenarios.

They’re especially prone to being backed out of, so be prepared to scoop up your cat if you notice him shifting into reverse.

Also, while having your cat step into the harness is easier than dragging it over his head, getting it on is likely to be a bit of a rodeo.

Which Cat Harness is the Best?

We normally prefer a vest-style harness unless you’re walking your cat in an exceptionally safe, controlled area, as they provide the most security by far. They’re also rather comfortable (once you get them on, anyway).

However, the other categories have their uses, but they are best suited for specialized situations than than general use.

Of course, after you’ve decided to walk your cat, you’ll find a reason to buy one of each style. After all, your pet requires them.

Here are a few more key considerations to think about:

  • While appearance is crucial, the style of the harness you purchase speaks to its manufacturing approach. A step-in harness needs you to insert your cat’s front legs into two apertures, then insert their head into the loop and secure it. This can be stressful for your cat, especially if he or she is unfamiliar with leashes. The most basic design is an H-style harness, which has an H-shaped design that wraps around your cat’s chest and front legs and then clips in firmly. The most escape-proof option is a vest harness, but it is rather large and may cause your cat to overheat.
  • Whatever type you choose, the harness should be as cushioned and comfy as possible. It should include sturdy straps to minimize pinching, breathable mesh to reduce overheating, and stitching that is cushioned or folded in to prevent chaffing. Most harnesses are secured with plastic buckles of some kind, but some use Velcro straps. Velcro may terrify some cats and attract hair, but it is simple to use.
  • It is critical to measure your cat’s chest and neck area before purchasing to ensure that the harness fits comfortably. While all harnesses are adjustable in some way, most come in a few different sizes for teenagers, adults, and large-breed cats. Getting the right size harness will help keep your cat from sliding through.


According to our tests, the best cat harness is the PetSafe Harness for Kitty.

You’ll be able to protect your closest friend wherever the world takes them thanks to its unique 2-in-1 leash and harness design. They can now go exploring in safety and comfort.

The Paws & Pals Control Cat Harness is the best cat harness for the money. This is the finest value option for cat lovers who want a high-quality product without breaking the bank.

It’s composed of tough, breathable mesh and tough nylon, distributes leash-pull pressure evenly across your cat’s chest, and clips effortlessly for easy fitting and removal.

Cats are intelligent, independent, and determined, so finding a secure and dependable harness for your feline can be frustrating.

Hopefully, BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org) in-depth reviews of the best cat halters have helped you narrow down your selections and discover the ideal harness for your cherished feline companion.

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