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The 9 Best Cat Foods From Diamond Naturals

Diamond Naturals has always been the go-to brand for healthy, economical pet food. Diamond Pet Foods originated in Missouri in the early 1970s as "Meta Feed and Grain."

The family sought to provide high-quality pet food that the typical pet owner could afford, which quickly led the company to become one of the fastest-growing and leading pet food manufacturers in the United States.

The company produces a wide variety of dog and cat food, as well as formulas for certain ages and kinds of animals.

The Diamond Naturals collection, which is created in the United States using carefully selected, exceptional-quality ingredients, is one of its most popular, and this is the variety we'll be discussing today.

The Naturals line includes alternatives for all cat life phases and is rich with superfoods like blueberries, spinach, and carrots, as well as antioxidants and minerals.

Diamond's wet and dry food lines are both excellent choices for cat owners who have indoor, outdoor, or geriatric cats, as the brand has food to suit any cat's lifestyle.

Read on for an in-depth look at what Diamond Naturals has to offer to learn more about these possibilities and BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) review of the best cat foods from Diamond Naturals!


Diamond Naturals Dry Cat Food Indoor Formula

The Indoor Formula Dry Cat Food is our overall favorite since it contains superfoods like as blueberries, carrots, and kelp, as well as guaranteed probiotics for optimal gut health.

The first two specified ingredients are real cage-free chicken, which is an optimal, ethical, and natural source of protein, and the dish has a crude amount of 32% minimum.

This is followed by healthy whole foods such as kale and coconut, which are high in important omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, which are necessary for good skin and coat.

The meal, like the rest of the Naturals line, is free of artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors.

Unfortunately, the food has a high percentage of carbohydrates (almost 30%), which is not optimal for cats. It also has a lot of filler ingredients, like rice and powdered cellulose.


  • Rich in beneficial superfoods
  • Antioxidants and probiotics have been added.
  • The primary protein source is cage-free chicken.
  • Essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are present.
  • Artificial colors, preservatives, and tastes are not used.


  • Carbohydrate content is high.
  • Containing dubious filler components


Adult & Kitten Diamond Naturals Chicken Dinner Canned Cat Food

Chicken is the first ingredient in this canned food Naturals range for both adults and kittens, followed by chicken broth and chicken liver, with a 10% animal-derived protein content.

The diet is also high in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, as well as healthy vegetables and fruits including carrots, pumpkin, blueberries, and kelp.

The main advantage of canned food is the moisture content – cats do not drink a lot of water, and with this canned food, you can rest assured that your cat is properly hydrated.

There are no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives in the food. The only drawback we discovered with this food is that it has a unique texture that some cats may not like.


  • The first ingredient listed is chicken.
  • Full of nutritious vegetables and fruits
  • Antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins have been added.
  • Moisture content is high.
  • Contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.


  • Texture is unusual.


Diamond Naturals Dry Cat Food Active Chicken Meal & Rice Formula

Diamond Naturals Active Dry Cat Food is appropriate for active people, nursing or pregnant women, and kittens.

It has a minimum crude protein level of 40% to provide your cat with the energy boost they require, and it is largely made from cage-free chicken, which is the first mentioned component.

The cuisine is also fortified with superfoods like coconut, spinach, and blueberries, as well as probiotics for optimal gut health.

It also contains natural DHA for brain and visual health, taurine, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and is free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

This cat food has few flaws, although it does contain superfluous filler components like rice.


  • Protein content of 40%
  • The first ingredient listed is cage-free chicken.
  • enriched with potent superfoods
  • Probiotics are assured.
  • Natural DHA, taurine, and omega fatty acids have been added.
  • Artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives are not used.


  • Contains filler components that are superfluous.


Dry Cat Food Diamond Maintenance Formula

The first ingredient in this Maintenance formula dry food is an animal by-product, which is problematic.

There are also various corn and wheat-based components that are mostly utilized as fillers in pet food. They don’t provide much nutritional value for your cat.

In comparison to the preceding recipe, this formula has a substantially larger carbohydrate content, estimated at roughly 35%.

It does include probiotics, but we don’t know how well they survive processing.


  • The first ingredient is animal protein.
  • Probiotics are added to help with digestion.
  • There are no artificial ingredients in this product.


  • Ingredients include corn and wheat.
  • Byproducts and some non-specific animal protein are present.


Adult & Kitten Diamond Naturals Whitefish Dinner Canned Cat Food

This formula, like most canned foods, is high in moisture and lower in carbohydrate than either of the two dry foods. This formula’s carbohydrate content is predicted to be less than 10%.

This meal also includes numerous types of actual animal-based protein, which we like. The only potential difficulty is that chicken and fish are common allergies in cats’ diets.


  • Contains genuine animal protein sources
  • Moisture-rich to help your cat stay hydrated
  • Approximately 5% additional carbohydrate (estimated)


  • Contains a number of common food allergies (chicken and fish)

Diamond Naturals Cat Food Evaluation

Diamond Naturals Cat Food: Who Makes It and Where Is It Made?

Schell & Kampeter Inc. owns Diamond Pet Foods, which is manufactured in four state-of-the-art facilities across the United States, including Missouri, South Carolina, and California.

Diamond manufactures pet foods for various other firms as well as its own three pet food brands for dogs and cats.

Which Cats Are Diamond Naturals Cat Food Suitable For?

Diamond offers six different types of wet and dry cat food, including active, indoor, and kitten meals. It is appropriate for any breed of cat at any stage of life.

The food is also reasonably priced and free of artificial colors, tastes, and preservatives, making it an excellent choice for health-conscious cat owners.

Which Cats Would Benefit from a Different Brand?

Diamond does not produce specialty diets for cats with specific dietary needs, so if you have a cat with an illness or condition that necessitates a prescription diet, you’ll need to consult with your veterinarian and choose a different brand.

If your cat has a urinary tract problem, for example, Hill’s Prescription Diet MultiCare Urinary Care Dry Cat Food is an excellent choice, though you will need veterinary approval.

Primary Ingredients Discussion (Good and bad)

The Diamond Naturals range contains five different dry recipes/flavors, all of which are generally healthy options, albeit with a few unwanted additives.

Here are a handful of our favorite meal additions, as well as ingredients we believe may be taken out.

The first ingredient is meat

Meat is the first ingredient listed in all five dry cat foods and the Naturals wet food line.

Protein obtained from animal sources is crucial for your cat’s health and well-being, so it’s excellent to know that the Naturals line contains the majority of its protein from animal sources.

Cage-free chicken is a popular protein source, so you can be confident that your cat is getting protein from ethically raised chicken.

Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants have been added

Diamond Naturals dry food contains probiotic strains that help enhance and maintain your cat’s gastrointestinal health.

These probiotics operate by providing enzymes that aid digestion and increase the bioavailability of nutrients in your cat’s food, as well as helping to enhance their immune system.

All of the recipes also include proteinate minerals such as calcium and iron, which are much more digestive and bioavailable to your cat.

Antioxidants, such as vitamin C, found in brightly colored veggies and fruit help fight disease and maintain your cat’s immune system in tip-top shape.

Contains dubious ingredients

While meat is the first component and there are some fantastic nutritional additives in the Naturals line, we believe that cats can do without some of the filler elements.

Peas and rice are high-quality carbs, but cats do not require them, and some research suggests that rice may reduce taurine absorption in cats, resulting in a taurine shortage.

In addition, the diet comprises pearled barley and powdered cellulose, an insoluble fiber that is essentially wood pulp and serves only as a filler.

Carbohydrates vs. protein?

Because cats are obligate carnivores, protein is one of the most important nutrients to search for in their meal, and they only require a little amount of carbs.

The Naturals line as a whole has an average protein content of 37% and a carbohydrate content of 36%.

This protein (even if it is predominantly from meat) against carbohydrate (mostly from fillers) ratio is not optimal for cats, and we believe that they might significantly reduce the total carbohydrate amount to make the meal more nutritionally balanced.

Diamond Naturals Cat Food in a Nutshell


  • Meat is usually the first ingredient listed.
  • Comparatively low-cost
  • Antioxidants, minerals, and probiotics have been added.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids have been added.
  • A lot of fiber
  • There are five different dry foods to pick from.


  • A number of filler components
  • Overall high carbohydrate content
  • Average protein content is low.

History of Recalls

Several recalls of Diamond Naturals cat food have occurred over the years, but it is important to note that this does not necessarily reflect a low-quality product.

That being said, it’s critical to understand the recall history of the firm you’re entrusting with your pet’s nourishment.

Diamond has only had a few recalls in its history, all of which were minor and did not endanger anyone’s life:

  • Multiple formulations, including five dog food recipes and two cat food recipes, were recalled owing to probable aflatoxin (a mycotoxin) contamination.
  • A huge volume of dry dog food was recalled in April 2012 owing to salmonella contamination, and the same thing happened again in May.
  • Due to inadequate thiamine levels, one brand of kitten food was recalled.

What Other Users Have to Say

It’s always a good idea to read what other people are saying about a cat food brand to get a better sense of its quality and whether your cat would like it. Here are some additional top cat food experts’ thoughts.

“The product line is excellent,” says com. There are no synthetic preservatives, colors, or tastes in any of the six recipes. The AAFCO Statements on labels demonstrate that each recipe is nutritionally balanced and complete. During my comparative shopping, I discovered that this product range is less expensive than most other brands of healthful cat foods.”

“The Diamond Naturals range contains necessary nutrients that can boost your cat’s health,” says com.

“Diamond Naturals Indoor Formula Dry Cat Food is a high-quality product that concentrates on the essential nutritional requirements of your indoor cat.”

Amazon: A lot of pet food is bought on Amazon and Chewy.com, and we always take a close look at the consumer reviews on these sites. Amazon reviews can be found here.


Overall, the Diamond Naturals cat food line is a cheap and healthy option for your pet.

While there are better (and more expensive) choices available, the Naturals line covers all the bases and offers your cat with all of the key nutrients that they require for a healthy diet.

The cuisine is created in the United States, has meat as the first component (mostly cage-free chicken), and is high in antioxidants and probiotics.

After reviewing and testing each item of the best cat foods from Diamond Naturals, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) believes that Diamond Naturals Dry Cat Food Indoor Formula and Adult & Kitten Diamond Naturals Chicken Dinner Canned Cat Food are the most dependable and well-known products.

Furthermore, all Naturals foods are free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

The main issue we have with this selection is the high carbohydrate level and the usage of superfluous fillers, which is difficult to avoid in commercial pet food.

Diamond Naturals cat food is highly recommended for adults, older cats, and kittens.


How Much Is Diamond Cat Food?

Diamond is a reasonably priced brand of cat food, depending on the product line you choose.

The Diamond Naturals line costs more than the original Diamond line, yet both are less than $0.10 per ounce for dry food. Diamond Naturals Wet Food costs approximately $0.18 per ounce.

Is Diamond Cat Food a Good Choice in General?

Diamond cat food is a mediocre brand on the whole. Some of their formulations include higher quality components than others, but all of their dry foods are rich in carbs.

Diamond Naturals wet food is our favorite of the three recipes we tested for an economical brand of cat food. It’s high in protein and hydration but low in carbs.

Where Can I Buy Diamond Cat Food?

Diamond cat food is available at a number of local and independent pet stores, as well as internet merchants.

Online, your best bet is to shop through Amazon or Chewy, however Diamond pet food is also available at Petco and PetFlow.

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