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The 7 Best Cat Foods From Addiction

Addiction cat food was developed in 2002 by a professional nutritionist who wanted to create diets with unusual proteins like kangaroo, brushtail, and wild game.

Although the current Addiction cat food selection has expanded to include more standard cat food proteins, these unique sources can still be found in many of its dishes.

The cuisine is made in New Zealand with high-quality ingredients, yet the brand has experienced one recall in the past.

Dry kibble and wet food are available. It also sells cat snacks as well as dehydrated raw food that can be reactivated with water.

The recipes benefit from the meat-based proteins listed first, but they also use potatoes and other vegetables.

This is not normally regarded ideal because cats are obligate carnivores who acquire the vast majority of their nutrients from food in the outdoors.

The only non-meat they'd eat is the contents of their quarry's stomachs. Here are the best cat foods from Addiction that BestForPets (bestforpets.org) recommends purchasing.


Grain-Free Salmon Bleu Dry Cat Food Addiction

Addiction Grain-Free Salmon Bleu Dry Cat Food is a hypoallergenic recipe that includes Pacific salmon, cranberries, probiotics, and a variety of other nutrients.

It’s made up of 30% protein and 15% fat. The ingredients do not contain grains, but potatoes are used as a grain substitute.

Because potatoes are starchy, they help to maintain the kibble in shape. However, they are not species-appropriate and have little nutritional benefit.

Salmon is the main ingredient, and chicken fat ranks high on the ingredient list. Another good source of omega fatty acids is chicken fat.

Because of the inclusion of species-inappropriate components, such as green tea extract, some cats will dislike the flavor or taste of the meal.

Thiamine, which is essential in fish recipes, is included in the recipe. Cats should not be fed fish on a regular basis because it lacks thiamine.


  • The main ingredient is salmon.
  • Probiotics are present.
  • Grain-free


  • Potatoes are used.
  • Inappropriate for the species


Grain-Free Viva La Venison Dry Cat Food Addiction

The new protein venison is the major ingredient of Addiction Grain-Free Viva La Venison Dry Cat Food.

This suggests that the food is suitable for an elimination-allergy diet or for cats who are sensitive to other meat proteins.

However, because cats would not eat elk or deer in the wild, this meat is not considered suitable for cats. Dried potatoes are also included as the second ingredient.

These are used as low-cost substitutes for grain components. They help the kibble keep its shape, but they are another element that is not suitable for cats and provides no nutritional value.

Brewer’s dry yeast is also present and may be allergenic.


  • Venison is an unusual protein.
  • Probiotics are present.
  • There are no artificial ingredients.
  • Grain-free


  • Inappropriate for the species
  • It makes use of potatoes as well as other fruits and vegetables.


Grain-Free Duck Royale Dry Cat Food Addiction

Cats can and do kill ducks, albeit the bird can be difficult to catch.

Nonetheless, the duck ingredient at the top of the ingredients list of Addiction Grain-Free Duck Royale Dry Cat Food is species-appropriate.

Unfortunately, the remaining ingredients are not suitable for feline eating.

This dish contains potatoes as a minor component. It also contains herbal botanicals, which the maker claims increase health and vitality, but cats would not eat these in the wild.

However, the food is grain-free, corn-free, and gluten-free.


  • Suitable for all phases of life
  • There are no artificial ingredients.
  • The main ingredient is duck.


  • The majority of the substances are not species-appropriate.
  • Potatoes are a less expensive alternative to grains.

A Brief Examination of Addiction Cat Food


  • Novel proteins are present.
  • Grain-free eating plan
  • There are no artificial ingredients.


  • Fillers and non-beneficial substances are present.
  • Inappropriate for the species

History of Recalls

Addiction has experienced one recall in its history.

In 2016, more than 350 packs of their dog food were recalled due to a difference in the calcium and phosphorous ratios, as well as the meal being excessively high in vitamin A.

Their cat food, on the other hand, has never been recalled, and there have been no documented cases of illness related with the one recall.

Reviewed Addiction Cat Food

Addiction cat food was founded in 2002 after co-founder Jerel Kwek realized that his Golden Retriever, Zack, was suffering from skin and gastrointestinal issues caused by insufficient nutrition in commercially available meals at the time.

Following the finding, Jerel resolved to seek out the greatest ingredients to feed to Zack. His hunt led him to New Zealand, a country with an abundance of organic, cage-free beef.

The company blends innovative proteins from meats such as buffalo with fruits and vegetables to give a balanced and healthful diet.

The name is derived from the desire for the cuisine to be so delicious that it becomes addicting.

Addiction has expanded its product line to include cat food as well as dry and wet dog food. The meal is regarded premium and is sold in 15 countries around the world.

Aside from Addiction, the company also makes and sells WishBone, which is defined as an artisanal pet chow cooked in small batches and contains a blend of superfoods, and Awesome Pawsome, which are healthy and delightful natural dog treats.

Which Cats Are Addiction Cat Food Suitable For?

Although Addiction began as a dog food company, its foods are as beneficial to cats and their owners.

This means that the dishes are grain-free and produced with ingredients that are not only healthful and filling, but also kind on sensitive stomachs. They include no maize, wheat, or artificial substances.

Although this meal is acceptable for any cat, it is especially suitable for those with allergies and sensitivities, such as cats who may react negatively to grains.

Ingredients for Addiction

Although the specific components of Addiction cat chow vary depending on the formulation and flavor, the majority of them include the following:

Novel Proteins

These are proteins that are not typically supplied to a species. In the instance of Addiction cat food, the company began with buffalo and kangaroo.

Salmon, venison, and duck are the most often available Addiction lines in the US market. On average, novel proteins have fewer fat and carbs than regular proteins.

Furthermore, because pets have never been exposed to these components, they can be used as prospective food sources for cats with food allergies.


Potatoes are prominent among the components in these cat meals. They are, in reality, the second listed ingredient, indicating that this is the second most prevalent ingredient by weight.

Potatoes are starchy and are used in grain-free recipes to replace grains. They are affordable, however they do not provide much nutritional benefit to cats and are not considered species-appropriate.


Probiotics aid in the growth of gut microorganisms. Because the digestive tract contains the majority of the immune system, feeding probiotics can help the immune system battle sickness and illness.

They can help your cat avoid and recover from gastrointestinal problems, as well as promote overall wellness.

Appropriateness of Species

Although Addiction cat chow is free of artificial additives and has unique proteins, it is not considered species suitable.

In the wild, cats would not eat venison, and only a few species of cat would actively consume fish.

A cat would most likely have to take on a little duck. Furthermore, the diet contains numerous vegetables and fruits that cats do not normally consume in the wild.

What Other Users Have to Say

We searched the web to discover what other websites and people had to say about Addiction cat food:

“If you’re searching for a limited-ingredient or new protein diet for your cat and value New Zealand’s reputation for safety, you might try Addiction,” says AllAboutCats, “but it’s not one of the better brands.”

“Addiction’s salmon or venison formulae are reasonably priced and of decent quality,” says We’reAllAboutPets. Just keep in mind that the carbohydrate level of these foods is pretty high, and you could probably find a cat chow that doesn’t have as many synthetic vitamin and mineral supplements.”

Amazon: We also looked at Amazon reviews to see what other purchasers and cat owners thought of the Addiction cat food line. Check out the reviews here.


Hypoallergenic cat food is known as Addiction cat food. Because the products contain unique proteins, they are appropriate for cats with allergies and dietary sensitivities.

BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org) research and testing of the best cat foods from Addiction above leads us to believe that Grain-Free Salmon Bleu Dry Cat Food Addiction and Grain-Free Duck Royale Dry Cat Food Addiction are the two most dependable and well-known options.

They are not species-appropriate, however, because cats would not eat such proteins in the wild, and they contain additives such as potatoes and botanical herbs.

The company has had one dog food recall, and some consumers may appreciate the tight health and safety laws that New Zealand enterprises must follow.

In general, there are similarly decent or even higher quality cat feeds on the market for the same or less money, and aside from the inclusion of new proteins, there aren’t many reasons to choose Addiction cat food over most others.


What Do Addiction Cat Food Customers Think?

Addiction is not the most popular brand, however this is most likely due to price and availability.

Traditional cat food produced with basic proteins like chicken and beef is far more cheap for the ordinary cat owner than single-source protein formulas like Addiction.

However, among those who have tried the brand, the products have been highly appreciated.

The Duck Royale recipe gets more over four stars on Chewy, the Salmon recipe has nearly four stars, and the Venison recipe has slightly under four stars.

How Much Is Addiction Cat Food?

While Addiction has a small selection of cat food items, all three recipes are produced with unique protein sources, making them popular as hypoallergenic diets for cats with food allergies.

Addiction cat food is pricey, as is the case with many recipes using new proteins.

Addiction cat food costs between $3.30 and $4.99 per pound. The fish dish is the cheapest, as expected, while the duck recipe is the most expensive.

Although Addiction cat food is more expensive than the average cat food brand, it is comparable in price to other high-quality products such as Instinct by Nature’s Variety.

If your cat need a particular diet, this brand is worth trying.

Where Can I Purchase Addiction Cat Food?

Addiction cat food is best purchased online from shops such as Chewy and Amazon.

Addiction does not offer their products on their own website, and it may be difficult to find it in local retailers, including major chains such as Petco and PetSmart.

Create an online auto-shipment to save money on this brand. Some merchants even provide free shipping if you spend a specific amount.

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