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The 11 Best Cat Food Bowls

Cats, aside from grooming and disposition, aren't very high-maintenance pets.

They don't necessitate a big list of extras. A bowl, on the other hand, is something that every cat requires. They'll actually need two: one for water and one for food.

Of course, bowls are a very simple product, and choosing one for your cat should be straightforward, right?

It can be, but if you start looking online, you'll find that there are considerably more possibilities than you might have thought, and many have some frightening terrible reviews despite receiving a lot of positive comments.

You don't want to waste money on a subpar product that you have to replace. Fortunately, you've arrived at the correct place.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) put a slew of cat dishes through their paces to determine the finest ones. The evaluations that follow compare some of the best cat food bowls on the market, but we only suggest the top three.


Best Buy: Van Ness Ecoware Non-Skid Cat Bowl

With the Van Ness Ecoware Non-Skid Cat Bowl, we’ll go back to fundamentals. This is a simple bowl with a silicone non-skid bottom and a lovely kitty face design on the interior bottom.

It will not scrape your floor or slide about. Best of all, it won’t break the bank because this bowl is dirt cheap. It’s so inexpensive that we believe it’s the best cat food bowl for the money.

Despite its low price, this bowl is well thought out. It’s shallow and wide to accommodate a lot of food or water, yet it’s also gentle on your cat’s whiskers.

47 percent of the material is renewable bamboo that is BPA-free and free of chemicals and heavy metals. Remember that while this is only a single bow, you’ll need two.

However, if you live in California, you will need to pick another dish because this one cannot be shipped to your state.


K&H Pet Supplies Thermal Cat Bowl – The Best Option

Not all cats are inside cats. Many cats spend their lives in barns or just outside. However, when the water freezes in the winter, it might pose a serious problem for these cats.

This is where the K&H Pet Products Thermal Cat Bowl comes into play. The water within this dish may be kept from freezing by plugging it in.

You can now ensure that all of the neighborhood cats have access to water throughout the winter! The 12 watt warmer inside this heated cat bowl.

To prevent accidents, the power cord is encased in steel and is chew resistant.

With a total capacity of 32 ounces, there is ample room to store enough water for the entire night, even if many cats are drinking.

Of course, this bowl is not flawless. It’s a fairly pricey water bowl. It appears to be even more expensive when you realize that you will still need to purchase a separate bowl for eating.

Nonetheless, despite its high price, it is a good product that fulfills a specialized purpose.


Stainless Cat Bowl by Platinum Pets

The Platinum Pets Stainless Cat Bowl is a straightforward bowl. It is intended to be a dog bowl. However, it can also be used as a cat bowl.

There are several sizes available, however not all of them are available in all colors. Because most cats are significantly smaller than most dogs, you may probably choose a lower size.

Larger cats, on the other hand, may benefit from a larger bowl. The pawprint design is pretty appealing, and the bowl is available in a variety of colors.

It is long-lasting and FDA-compliant, so you can be confident that it is safe. It also has a silicone base that avoids floor damage, skidding, and tipping.

The bowl is completely dishwasher safe and free of lead. They also do not contain any BPA. The rubber bottom is the major reason this bowl isn’t higher on the list.

It frequently pops off with little use. This can be a major issue, especially for cats who are harsher with their dishes.

The stainless steel appears to be of inferior quality as well, as it scratches more easily than other selections.

If the bowl is scratched, it must be thrown because the scratches are difficult to remove.


Stainless Cat Bowl PEGGY11

Another average set is the PEGGY11 Stainless Cat Bowl. This set includes two bowls, but you can also purchase a single bowl.

They are entirely made of stainless steel and have little design, which may be useful if you want something more simple.

There are various sizes available, however they are all on the small side. When determining the ideal size for your cat, consider its size.

The bottom is silicone-coated to protect your flooring from scratches, reduce noise, and decrease slippage. They are dishwasher safe, including the rubber bottoms.

These bowls are extremely light. Even with the silicone bottoms, they slip about easily. Even kittens can easily knock these bowls all over the place.

They also tend to tip easily. This is probably not the best solution if you have a tough cat. This isn’t the set for you if you require the bowls to stay in one location.


Stoneware Cat Bowl for Ethical Pet

The Ethical Pet Stoneware crock pet dish is made of heavyweight ceramic and is difficult to tip over, which helps to prevent spills.

The weight is also supposed to assist prevent slipping and sliding, which may easily harm your floor, but we discovered that without a non-skid bottom, this dish did end up sliding on the floor.

Depending on how big your cat is or how many cats you have to feed and drink, you can choose from four different sizes. It is available in one-cup, 1.5-cup, 6-cup, and 9-cup versions.

These are a touch pricy when compared to other bowls that are extremely similar. They’re also less well-suited to a cat’s face.

These dishes are a little too deep and too narrow for a cat’s whiskers to avoid hitting the sides.

The Ethical Pet stoneware crock pet dish is a terrific choice for many pets, but we don’t think it’s the ideal choice for cats in particular.

We believe there are considerably better options for the price, such as the Van Ness Ecoware bowl in second place on this list.

Buying a Cat Food Bowl: A Buyer's Guide

It’s one thing to know which cat dishes we liked most, but it’s quite another to comprehend how we selected which ones were the best.

You can easily follow our recommendations and call it a day, but if you want to learn more about how we compared various cat dishes, then this buyer’s guide can assist you in finding the best cat food bowl for you and your pet.

What to Look for When Buying a Cat Bowl

Cat bowls are simple things, but there are a few aspects that can make one better or worse than another. Are you looking for a stainless steel cat bowl?

Or how about a ceramic one? What about one that avoids spillover? We believe the following characteristics are the most crucial.

Determine what you require in each of these areas, then search for cat bowls that match all of these requirements.

Non-slip Base

A non-skid bottom is one of the most crucial aspects of any cat bowl in our opinion.

Many people put their cat dishes on a hard floor, whether it’s wood, tile, or anything else. If you keep your cat’s food and water dishes on carpet, this may not be as vital to you.

On hard flooring, however, cat bowls without a non-skid bottom can slide all over the place when your cat tries to eat or drink. This can easily scrape your floors and cause costly damage.


Every day, you’ll be forced to gaze at the cat you’ve chosen to dish on. So, choose a design that you genuinely enjoy!

If you don’t think the cat bowls you purchase are attractive, you’ll probably find them to be an eyesore once they’re in your home.

Make sure you get a cat bowl that you enjoy the look of because you will have to live with it.

Design and Form

Cats’ whiskers are extremely delicate. Most cat dishes are whisker-friendly to protect them. This signifies that the dish is shallow but wide, allowing it to hold a large amount of food.

The biggest benefit is that your cat’s whiskers will not hit the sides or be forced against its face when eating and drinking, making it much more comfortable.

However, many of the recipes we tasted were not designed with this in mind. We want our cats to be as comfortable as possible, so look for whisker-friendly cat dishes.


Cat bowls are available in a range of materials such as stainless steel, plastic, rubber, ceramic, and others. The material from which your bowl is constructed will provide some inherent qualities.

A ceramic bowl, for example, is substantial. As a result, it is difficult to tip over and does not slide as easily. It can, however, scratch flooring if it does not have a non-skid bottom.

Ceramic is also prone to chipping and shattering if dropped. Plastic dishes are affordable and easy to clean. However, they are not hefty enough to stay in place.

A non-skid foundation can be useful, but these are frequently light enough to be moved while feeding!

You may get a cat bowl made of any material you like; just be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of each material.


Your cat will require two bowls, one for food and one for water. However, because most bowls are offered singly, you’ll need to buy two.

Some of our favorites were packaged together in a single container. We like these two-in-one bowls that include separate dishes for eating and water.

They are frequently more expensive than separate bowls, but you must consider the fact that you only need to buy one!


At the end of the day, everyone has a pet product budget that they must adhere to. If you have a huge budget, you might choose the most expensive item that appeals to you.

However, you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a good cat bowl. Simply identify what you require from your bowl and then hunt for products that may match those requirements.

Once you’ve compiled a list of suitable cat dishes, compare their prices to discover the greatest bargain at the lowest price.


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) discovered many that we loved when evaluating all of these different cat food dishes.

However, we can only recommend two best cat food bowls, so we had to be very picky while composing our reviews.

Finally, we decided on the three that we thought had the most to offer.

We recommend the Van Ness Ecoware Non-Skid Cat Bowl as the finest cat food bowl for the money for a truly reasonable solution regardless of your budget.

It’s dirt inexpensive, yet it has wonderful features including a silicone non-skid bottom that eliminates slipping, spills, floor damage, and messes.

Our top selection is the K&H Pet Products Thermal Cat Bowl.

It’s a huge 32-ounce water bowl that can be plugged in to activate the thermal heater, which keeps the water in the bowl from freezing even in subzero weather.

Because the rope is encased in steel, it is chew-resistant, protecting both your dog and the bowl.

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