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The 11 Best Cat Condos

Let's face it: your cat runs your house, and you merely reside there. You'd prefer, however, if they had their own space to call their own so you could have some semblance of personal space in your home. Enter the cat condo!

These super-cool, multi-room mini houses, which are usually made in conjunction with a cat tree, allow your feline to cozy up, hide, scratch, and do other things.

While these used to be an eyesore, modern designs and upgrades now provide a plethora of appealing options for even the most picky cat parent.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a list of the best cat condos that will have your cat ready to move in as soon as possible—no mortgage required.


Cat Tree Condo by Go Pet Club



This very affordable over-5-foot-tall beauty is for you if you have one large cat, several medium-sized cats, or one very spoiled cat.

It has traditional carpeted posts, a climbing ladder, a comfortable hammock, a soft sleeping bowl, and multiple levels for your feline friends to explore. It’s available in a variety of neutral colors.


Vesper is a modern cat tower



Perhaps you have two or three cats in a small apartment and are looking for a cat tower that will keep them entertained without taking over the space.

Take a look at Vesper’s sleek condo. It’s made of lacquered fiberboard and sisal rope, and it comes with memory foam cushions for napping.

This cat tree receives high marks from reviewers for its durability and ease of assembly. Finishes are available in oak, walnut, or black.


Large Cat Condo Tower by Amazon Basics



This mid-sized cat tower (46 inches) is a great pick if you’re looking for something simple, with a durable carpeted base, multiple jute-wrapped posts, and a comfy sleeping perch.

Reviewers love how simple it is to put together, and the price is hard to beat.


The Feline Lotus Tree is a refined feline lotus tree



This elegant cat tower is on almost everyone’s wish list for a tree that will complement any modern decor while also pleasing most cats.

It combines function and fashion with several climbing platforms and scratching pads. It’s not cheap, but reviewers laud the engineered-wood construction and durability—and appreciate that it’s easier to clean than carpet-covered trees.

Look for it in espresso, mahogany, and smoke—and keep in mind that if one color is sold out, the others may still be available.


Classic Cat Tree by Armarkat



The Classic is one of Armarkat pet furniture company’s most popular cat towers, and for good reason. It stands 74 inches tall and features several sisal-wrapped scratching posts.

Reviewers adore it, particularly the carpeted ramps. It is available in a variety of neutral colors.

What to Look for in a Fantastic Cat Condo

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: a cat tree isn’t a cat tree unless your cat enjoys using it. And if it doesn’t fit in your living space, it’s not the cat tree for you.

Here are some important factors to consider before making a purchase:


Cat trees have wide, sturdy bases to prevent them from tipping over, and the size of those bases can vary greatly. Before purchasing a cat tree, measure the area where it will be placed.


The layout of the cat tree should be appropriate for your cat. Young, athletic cats can climb or leap onto almost any surface.

However, if you have arthritic senior cats (or lazy couch potatoes), look for a tree that allows them to jump from level to level easily.

Avoid trees with tiny beds and narrow perches that force your cat to curl up tight if he or she is a sprawler.


Cat furniture can be made from plywood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), cardboard, or even entire tree limbs.

Carpet, jute, sisal, and scratchy sisal-weave mats are examples of scratching surfaces. Consider your cat’s surface preferences as well as your own aesthetics when selecting cat furniture.


Cat furniture isn’t cheap, but there are many different price points to choose from.

Before you go shopping, set a budget and be prepared to pay a little more for premium materials and modern designs.

A good sisal rug and a high-quality carpet will last for years; a cheap rope or fabric will only last a few months.


Once you’ve completed your new cat tower, entice your cat to use it by sprinkling it with catnip. You can also hide their favorite toys and treats inside the tower for them to discover.

Are you looking for other ways to make your cat happy? Take a look at our top picks for the best cat toys.

We are grateful that you have made it this far in the reading, and we appreciate your time. This information, according to BestForPets (bestforpets.org), will help you find the best cat condos for your companion animal.

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