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The 15 Best Cat Carriers For Car Travel

When you have a cat, traveling can be a nightmare. Most cats dislike traveling in cars, and they also dislike being left alone too frequently. To transport the cat, you will need a sturdy and comfy carrier that will keep your cat safe.

If you need to discover the best carrier for your cat but don't know where to start, keep reading as BestForPets (bestforpets.org) compares many of the best cat carriers for car travel.

We tell you the advantages and downsides of each that we experienced while using them, and even offer a short buyer's guide to help you know what to look for while you shop.

To assist you in making an informed purchase.


Best Value Pet Magasin Collapsible Dog & Cat Carrier Bag

Our selection for the finest cat carrier for car travel on a budget is the Pet Magasin Collapsible Dog & Cat Carrier Bag. It includes a sturdy top and sides to keep the cat safe even in stop-and-go traffic.

It comes with a padded mat that you can remove for easy cleaning, as well as plenty of ventilation holes to keep your pet cool. It also folds up well for easy storage when not in use and isn’t too heavy to carry along.

The one disadvantage we encountered when using the Pet Magasin is that it must be assembled, which can be a tedious procedure.


  • Sides and hardtop
  • Mat with padding
  • It collapses for easy storage.
  • Several ventilation holes


  • Assembly is required.


Premium Choice: PawHut 39″ Soft-Sided Portable Dual Compartment Pet Carrier

The PawHut 39″ Soft-Sided Portable Dual Compartment Pet Carrier is our top pick for a car cat carrier. It gives your cat lots of space to wander around, and the huge mesh windows provide for air and an excellent view of the surroundings.

Although its sides are soft, a steel frame ensures its longevity while traveling. One of the most intriguing features of this model is the middle zipper, which allows you to split the carrier into two carriers, which is quite useful if you have more than one pet.

While we like using the PawHut carrier, it is quite heavy at about ten pounds, and at more than three feet long, it can be difficult to carry, particularly for a tiny person.


  • Steel framework
  • Design that folds
  • Disconnects from two carriers
  • There is plenty of ventilation.


  • Heavy
  • Carrying is difficult.


Happy Cat Premium Cat Carrier by PetLuv

Another excellent cat carrier for car trips is the PetLuv Happy Cat Premium Cat Carrier. It’s a larger-sized cat carrier that’s ideal for long journeys.

It offers your cat with the necessary security as well as lots of ventilation. The mesh sides also let the cat see what’s happening on around it, which can make some cats feel more at ease.

Adjustable seatbelt loops allow the carrier to fit in more vehicles, and four access panels, including a top panel, making it simple to get your cat in and out.

The only disadvantage we encountered when utilizing the PetLuv was that it may be too large for some folks and their vehicles.


  • There is plenty of ventilation.
  • Seatbelt loops that are adjustable
  • There are four access panels and one top panel.
  • Sturdy


  • Some folks may find it excessively large.


Collapsible/Portable Cat Cage/Condo by Pet Fit For Life – Best Cat Carrier for Long Car Trips

Our selection for the best car for lengthy car trips is the Pet Fit For Life Collapsible/Portable Cat Cage/Condo. It has a seatbelt strap built in to keep your pet safe.

It contains a foldable water bowl to keep your pet hydrated and a portable litterbox to make your pet’s travel more pleasant and reduce the danger of an accident. There is also a floor pad to provide comfort for your cat to avoid injury.

The Pet Fit’s disadvantage is that it is not very durable, and if you have a large or overweight cat, the bottom may buckle when you carry it.

The zipper is also not very durable, and we had cats break out of it, so if you have a cat that violently attempts to escape imprisonment, you should choose another brand.


  • Seat belt buckles
  • Water bowl that collapses
  • Litter box on wheels
  • Pad for the floor


  • Not very durable
  • Cats have the ability to escape.


Extra Large Cat Carrier by Petseek

The Petseek Extra Large Cat Carrier is the final cat carrier for automobile travel on our list, but it still includes a number of features that you may find appealing.

The soft-sided carrier’s metal frame adds stability and durability, and it folds down for easy storage when not in use. The seatbelt rings make installation simple, and the handle is cushioned and perfectly balanced.

It’s also pretty huge, with enough space for larger cats or even two smaller ones. We like the Petseek’s enormous dimensions, but there isn’t enough framing on the bottom to keep it from drooping, especially when transporting a larger cat.

If you have aggressive cats, the thin cloth might easily shred or rip.


  • Metal framework
  • Foldable
  • Loops for seatbelts


  • Wet bottom
  • Fabric that is thin

Choosing The Best Cat Carrier for Car Travel: A Buyer's Guide


When selecting a cat carrier for car travel, one of the first things to consider is size. Because your cat will be spending more time in it, this carrier should be slightly larger than usual.

We recommend that you choose a brand that enables your cat at least 15 inches in all directions, and we attempted to mention the size of each carrier on our list.

The Hard Side vs. the Soft Side

It is more of a personal preference whether to choose a hard or soft-sided carrier. Hard-sided carriers provide extra protection for your cat, but only in severe cases, such as an accident or a drop.

In practically every other case, the soft-sided carrier provides adequate protection for your cat. Soft-sided carriers are more pleasant than hard-sided carriers because they can adjust to your cat’s body if it leans against them.

Most cats, on the other hand, have a thick covering of fur that provides plenty of padding, even in a hard-shell carrier, and many come with soft pads that you can insert to boost comfort.


It is critical to have a carrier with enough of airflow, especially on lengthy journeys.

Ventilation also allows your cat to see its surroundings, which might make it feel more at ease, especially if there is someone familiar in the back seat.

All of the brands on our list have good ventilation, but if you continue to purchase elsewhere, you must exercise caution.

Water and Food

Miniature carriers include a collapsible drinking bowl and, in some cases, a litter box. These products can make traveling with your cat lot easier, so look for brands that offer them.

You can also create a little litter box out of a cardboard box to put in the carrier with the cat while driving, but this requires a large carrier.

Loops for Seatbelts

Seat belt loops on your cat carrier make it incredibly easy to attach in your vehicle and give an added layer of safety to your journey.

If you intend to travel frequently, we strongly advise you to choose a model with built-in seat belt loops, and we attempted to mention brands with them in our reviews.


It is critical to be able to clean your carrier. We recommend avoiding brands with built-in pads that cannot be removed since crumbs and dirt can become trapped beneath them, making cleaning difficult.

We like detachable padding that can be washed if your cat has an accident.


When it comes to the best cat carriers for car travel, we strongly recommend our top selection. The Hepper Soft-Sided Cat Carrier is an excellent choice because it allows adequate airflow for your cat.

It is machine washable and features numerous access panels for your cat to go in and out. Another wise choice is our suggestion for the best value.

The Pet Magasin Collapsible Dog & Cat Carrier Bag has a roof and sides for more comfort, as well as a removable pad that folds away for simple storage.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes you enjoyed reading these reviews and identified a few products you want to try.

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