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The 17 Best Cat Brushes For Short-Haired Cats

Our short-haired cats perform most of the grooming for us, washing themselves properly every time.

Brushing, on the other hand, helps eliminate dirt from their coats and allows the fur to shine. It also prevents wayward hairs from falling over your pillow at night.

So, assuming you don't have a crazy, long-haired feline who requires a lot of detangling, what are the best cat brushes?

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) went ahead and prepared some reviews of the best cat brushes for short-haired cats we could locate. Let's find your favorite.


Best Buy: KONG Cat ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush

  • Multi-purpose brush
  • 4.5 inches in length
  • Material: Rubber
  • Grooming and massage.

If you want to save money while still getting a quality product, choose the KONG Cat ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush. It is the greatest brush for short-haired cats for the money, providing both use and value.

This cute gripping gadget also functions as a massager. Its strong rubber tips might help your cat relax in unexpected or uncomfortable conditions. It’s also an excellent tool for general relaxation at home.

Because it is soft and long-lasting, you can use it every day. Because it is made of rubber, it gently gathers loose hairs, reducing shed tracking in your home. However, if you have a heavy shedder, it may not completely solve your problem.


  • Properties that reduce stress
  • Gentle but potent
  • Affordable


  • Not recommended for severe shedding.

Premium Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

  • Type of brush: Slicker brush
  • 10 inch length
  • Material: plastic and rubber
  • Detangling, smoothing, and deshedding

Check out the Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush if you want the greatest product available and don’t mind paying the piper.

It is slightly more expensive than models in its class, but we believe it is a very durable model with a long-lasting design—so it may be worth your money.

This brush smoothes hair beautifully and gathers any dead follicles along the way. It’s simple to use, featuring an anti-slip handle and an easy button release for emptying.

When you grasp this product, you can sense the quality—it is slightly weighted and well-made. Overall, we like the brilliance of this brush, although we recognize that similar items are available for less money.


  • Extremely long-lasting
  • Reduces shedding, detangles, and smoothes the hair
  • Simple emptying


  • Pricey

Cat Brush with Safari Bristles

  • Type of brush: bristle brush
  • 8.4 inches in length
  • Material: Plastic
  • Brushing for general cleanliness

The Safari Bristle Brush has a simple look, yet it performs admirably. This lotion is ideal for brushing the fur on a daily basis, gently eliminating any undesirable hair. Because it’s light and simple to use, your cat may just enjoy the caressing.

This brush eliminates most debris and circulates blood flow, making it ideal for softening your cat’s coat. The nylon bristles are firm, but they conform to your cat’s natural movement. Furthermore, these bristles do not enter the skin deeply enough to irritate it.

Though this design is ideal for its intended purpose, it may not be as effective at removing dead hairs from the undercoat. If your short-haired cat has thick hair, they may require a different style.


  • For daily use
  • Bristles are soft and stiff.
  • Skin will not be irritated.


  • Not suitable for thick coatings

Self-Cleaning Brush by PetCraft Supply

  • Type of brush: Slicker brush
  • 7.09 inches in length
  • Material: Plastic
  • Purpose: Deshedding and smoothing

This PetCraft Supply Self-Cleaning Brush is the next best overall brush for short-haired cats on our list. It works well, decreasing shedding and keeping your cat’s short coat lustrous and smooth.

The entire design is the appropriate size, easily fitting in virtually any hand. It includes a rubber handle for a secure grip. To discard hair, there is a simple release mechanism on the top of the brush.

The bristles are stiff but pliable, resulting in an appropriate brushing pressure. It won’t bother your cat’s skin because it gets deep enough to remove any strays without scratching.

It doesn’t take long to do the job—a few passes and you’ve got a newly combed kitty.


  • Simple to use
  • Simple liberation
  • Bristles that work


  • It is possible that this method will not work for every cat.

Pet Grooming Glove Dooki-Be

  • Gloves as a brush
  • 43 inches in length
  • Material: Silicone
  • Purpose: Deshedding

If you have a feline who doesn’t like being brushed, the Dooki-Be Pet Grooming Gloves could be useful. You can pet your cat while eliminating dead hair and debris using these gloves. Your cat might not notice the difference.

These gloves come in one size and will suit most hands. They include an adjustable band around the wrist to keep them where you want them. They may not stay on properly if you have very large or small hands.

These gloves are machine washable and can even be used in the bath. If your cat is extremely agitated during cleanings, you can shield your hands while you work.

It’s a win-win situation. Gloves, on the other hand, are ineffective for detangling or heavy shed removal.


  • Cats are calmed.
  • Hand protection
  • Simple to clean


  • Not for difficult tasks.

The Best Cat Brush by Hartz Groomer

  • Type of brush: Slicker brush
  • 6.5 inches in length
  • Material: Plastic
  • Purpose: Deshedding and smoothing

The Hartz Groomer’s Cat brush appealed to us because of its excellent grip and practical design. It goes into difficult-to-reach locations because of its distinctive shape, such as between the legs and tummy.

The bristles are stiff and thin, with tiny shields on the tips for protection. This design preserves the skin of your cat while accessing the roots for maximum hair loss. The handle is made of smooth rubber that will neither slip or grow unpleasant with time.

If you despise the static that comes with daily brushing, this brand promotes the brush’s capacity to remain cling-free. We didn’t detect any static while brushing our teeth, so we’d have to agree. This slicker brush, unlike others, lacks an easy-empty push button. Instead, you must physically remove the hair.


  • Reaches difficult-to-reach locations
  • Strong, protective bristles
  • Reduces static electricity


  • Hair must be manually removed.

2-Piece Grooming Brush by Kwispel

  • Type of brush: Hand brush
  • 4.7 inches in length
  • Material: Rubber
  • Bathing and massage.

If you’re seeking for a device that can also be used as a bath scrubber, consider the Kwispel 2-Piece Grooming Brush. By simply slipping on the wide area of your hand with adjustable points, this useful duo deals with shedding. These brushes can be used in the bath or as a regular massage.

The rubber spikes gently take out dirt, grime, and dander, allowing you to wash it away for a gleaming finish. These brushes can be used on dry hair to circulate blood flow and gather hair, but they are not suitable for heavy shedding.

After you’ve finished using it, simply rinse it with soapy water. We like that there are two options: one with small rubber points and one with longer rubber points. You can select the appropriate pressure for your cat.


  • Fits in your palm
  • Bathing is ideal.
  • It’s simple to rinse.


  • Not suitable for shedding

Soft Bristled Poodle Brush

  • Brush Material: Synthetic bristle
  • 9.5 inches in length
  • Material: plastic and rubber
  • Purpose: Deshedding and smoothing

The Poodle Soft Bristled Brush is an excellent product for reducing the accumulation of daily hair loss in cats. To generate a sleek shine, this delicate design gently eliminates the top layer of dead fur.

The brush seems to be pretty robust and lightweight, although not feeling as strong as some comparable goods.

The bristles catch hair, but it might be difficult to clean because it comes out in clumps. It also gives a lot of room for puffs of fur to drift around your room while you try to throw it away.

The handle incorporates a rippled rubber grip around the handle section to prevent slippage or discomfort during long sessions.

Overall, it lacks a distinguishing characteristic that elevates it beyond the competition, but it gets the job done—and that’s all that matters.


  • For daily use
  • Comfortable
  • Produces gleaming fur


  • Mediocre
  • Cleaning is difficult.

Brush for Dogs and Cats by BV

  • Brush: Dual-sided brush
  • 8.5 inches in length
  • Materials: plastic and stainless steel
  • Purpose: Deshedding and smoothing

The BV Dog & Cat Brush is a multi-purpose brush that will meet all of your short-haired cat’s needs. It’s a two-sided option that works well for almost every grooming session.

A side has soft, tightly bound synthetic brushes that remove dead fur and soften and supple the coat. The other side features stainless steel pegs that penetrate the fur without tugging or scratching.

The ergonomic handle has a robust ribbed rubber cover for a secure grip. This brush is larger than others, thus it may not be suitable for smaller cats or kittens. So, if it doesn’t work for you, this product comes with a money-back guarantee.


  • Double-sided
  • Reduces shedding and debris removal
  • Guaranteed satisfaction


  • Smaller cats may find it too big.

Boar Bristle Brush Con-Air Pro

  • Type of brush: bristle brush
  • 6 inch length
  • Hair from a boar
  • Purpose: Deshedding

The Con-Air Pro Pet-It Boar Bristle Brush is good for rapid brushing sessions to remove loose fur, but it isn’t perfect for tangles or difficult dirt. It has a hook handle on the back of the brush that allows you to put it on your hand for a secure grasp.

Though the product claims to be made of boar’s hair, this is only partially true (and can be deceiving until you read deeper). These bristles are actually half synthetic and half boar’s hair bristles. It does, however, give the brush a solid but pliable flow.

This distinct combination enables you to pass over the cat, quickly getting under the arms and underbelly. It’s also small and easy to store after you’re done with it. However, certain humans or cats may find the design uncomfortable.


  • For brief sessions
  • Simple to store
  • 50% pig hair


  • Not suitable for tangles or trash.
  • The design will not benefit everyone.

Purchasing the Best Brush for Short-Haired Cats

Purchasing a brush for your short-haired cat may appear to be a no-brainer—until you start looking. It appears that you are swimming in an infinite sea of products, and it is difficult to determine which are worth your money.

So, we’ll go through the many sorts of cat brushes, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. You’ll be able to locate a brush that works well for your cat’s coat this way.

How Frequently Should You Brush Your Cat?

The frequency with which you should brush your cat is determined on their grooming habits and shedding amount. Some cats shed less than others, and it’s not always because of how much fur they have.

As a suggestion, lightly brush your cat once a day. This will remove any buildup, manage dander, smooth the coat, and remove any loose hair.

How Brushing Your Cat Can Help

Brushing your cat has various advantages, some of which outweigh others.


Most cats who are used to being brushed enjoy the sensation. They adore the love and attention they receive from their owners. It’s an excellent approach to care for your cat while also making them feel cherished.

Shedding is reduced

Unless they are completely hairless, cats shed naturally 365 days a year. As a result, these particles are continually adhering to your textiles. Brushing lowers shedding by capturing hair in a handy hand-held trap.

Improves Natural Shine

Brushing distributes natural oils from the root of the hair. It naturally increases shine for a smooth finish.

Coat Smoothing

Brushing your cat’s coat daily helps smooth it out and make it look more uniform.

Debris and Dander are reduced.

Even though all cats have dander, it can be reduced by grooming. Brushing removes allergen proteins from the hair, limiting exposure to possibly irritating side effects.

Aids in blood circulation

Brushing improves blood circulation, which promotes new hair development.

Excellent Brushes for Cats with Short Hair

Deshedding Instruments

Short-haired cat deshedding tools penetrate the fur to remove dead follicles. Although it is not intended for daily use, short-haired cats benefit from a brushing session every two weeks.

Brushes for Slicker Surfaces

Slicker brushes penetrate the fur and catch shed hairs with firm, short bristles. Once everything is gathered, they usually have a simple push-release button for easy disposal.

Brushes Made of Synthetics

Brushes with synthetic bristles are ideal for mild brushing on a daily basis. They pass over the fur lightly, removing small particles and leaving a glossy sheen. However, they can be difficult to clean.

Brushes for Animal Hair

Some brushes are constructed from coarse animal hair, such as that of a boar or pig. The hair eliminates debris and dead hair gently but strongly.

Gloves for grooming

Grooming gloves are popular among cat owners whose felines dislike regular brushes. While safeguarding your hands, you may hold and comfort your haywire kitty.

Brushes made of rubber

Rubber brushes are commonly used for massage and light hair removal. These brushes are great because they don’t normally break down easily and may be used in the bath.


We hope that our reviews of the best cat brushes for short-haired cats have shown you something that interests you.

However, we still recommend our top pick, the Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush. It’s practical and efficient, leaving your cat’s coat shining and your upholstery fur-free.

The ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush is a good option if you want to save money.

It works well, minimizing hair tracking and providing a pleasant massage. This selection can also help stressed cats by calming their nerves.

Whatever you choose, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) believes these goods will perform well and last a long time.

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