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The 11 Best Cat Brushes For Shedding

Cat fur, eh? The unavoidable side consequence of having a feline companion—unless you have a hairless cat, that is.

Whether your cat has short or long hair, it will shed, and you must do your best to deal with it.

Aside from purchasing some durable lint rollers, the most efficient item for controlling the amount of cat hair in your home is a cat brush.

Because there are so many cat grooming equipment available, we've compiled a list of the best cat brushes for shedding to help you choose the perfect one.

Blow the cat hair off your computer keyboard and browse BestForPets's (bestforpets.org) best options before making your final decision!


Best Buy: Kong Cat ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush

The Kong Cat ZoomGroom Multi-use Brush is our pick for the best shedding cat brush for the money. This brush stands out due to its unusual design, and it works on all coat lengths.

However, reaching down into the undercoat of exceptionally fluffy cats like the Furminator may not work as effectively. The rubber substance acts like a magnet, gathering loose hair as it travels.

Brushing is a terrific way to bond with your cat, and this product doubles as a relaxing massager as well as a shedding management tool.

One concern about this brush is that it doesn’t capture hair as well as other brush designs, enabling it to fly around and make a mess during grooming sessions.


Hertzko Self-Cleaning Deshedding Tool – High Quality

The Hertzko Self-Cleaning Deshedding Tool claims to minimize shedding by up to 95%, and most customers appear to agree that it performs a great job of eliminating dead hair.

This brush, like the Furminator, is meant to reach the cat’s undercoat, which is the primary source of shedding in most felines.

The design of the blade makes brushing more comfortable for the cat, which is beneficial for cats who dislike the activity.

This brush also has a handy feature: the blade lifts out to discharge the gathered fur and make cleaning easier.

However, some users complain that the blade comes off too easily, even while brushing, which can be aggravating.


Kitten-Friendly Safari Bristle Cat Brush

Begin brushing your kitten with the soft Safari Bristle Cat Brush to help prepare them for a lifetime of grooming.

Bristle brushes aren’t the greatest way to control shedding in an adult cat unless it has short hair and little undercoat.

Brushing kittens, on the other hand, is more about educating them to tolerate and even enjoy the act when they’re young.

You don’t want to use a brush that will hurt or irritate their tender infant skin.

This brush is fairly priced, which is fortunate because you may only be able to use it as a teaching tool before needing to upgrade to regulate the shedding of your adult cat.

If you have an older cat who needs help tolerating brushing, this brush could be an excellent place to start.


Long Hair Cat Deshedding Tool Furminator

The Furminator Long Hair Cat Deshedding Tool is one of our top picks for the finest cat brush for shedding.

When it comes to keeping your cat’s hair under control, this brush is well worth the money.

It is specifically designed to reach deep into your cat’s coat and remove the undercoat that other types of brushes struggle to control.

The blade and handle are both curved to keep your cat and your hand happy while you brush.

Before using this brush, read the instructions carefully to avoid damaging your cat’s exterior coat or skin. This brush will be less effective if your cat’s hair is matted or snarled.


Slicker Brush Safari Self-Cleaning

Slicker brushes, such as this Safari Self-cleaning Slicker Brush, are one of the most popular types of cat brush, especially for long-haired cats.

The clever self-cleaning function of this brush addresses one of the most common complaints with slicker brushes: clearing them out.

This brush is highly effective at eliminating dead hair and cleans with the push of a button, allowing you to continue grooming.

Some cats are sensitive to the feel of metal slicker brushes, even those with softer pins. If your cat has a thick topcoat, this brush will struggle to reach and remove hair from the undercoat.

Buyer's Guide: Choosing The Best Cat Shedding Brush

Now that you’ve reviewed your best choices for a cat brush to control shedding, here are some specifics to consider before you buy.

The Coat of Your Cat

This is the most critical factor to consider while deciding on a brush. As you can see from our reviews, not every brush is appropriate for every coat type.

Even though a brush is effective for all coat types, your cat may not accept it. Long-haired cat owners will almost certainly need to consider a de-shedding gadget or a slicker brush.

Some short-haired cats may tolerate a slicker brush or choose a gentler choice, such as the Kong ZoomGroom.

If your long-haired cat has thick fur, some slicker brushes may not reach their undercoat, resulting in a lot of untouched hair to shed.

Size (Cat and Brush)

When deciding which brush is ideal for your cat, keep its size in mind. Some of the brushes on our list are larger and meant for both dogs and cats.

If your cat is little, you may have difficulty using a larger brush to reach the tummy, underarms, or chin area.

Unless you have infinite time to dedicate to brushing your cat, you probably won’t want to use anything like the Li’l Paws Brush if your cat is a larger model.


The Kong Cat ZoomGroom Multi-use Brush, BestForPets‘s (bestforpets.org) best value option, has a unique, massaging design that helps you bond with your cat while keeping hair under control.

As you explore new tools to combat cat shedding, we hope our reviews of these best cat brushes for shedding have given you a better idea of what to look for in an efficient hair control cat brush.

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