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The 12 Best Catnip Toys For Cats

Catnip is a herb that is commonly known to have a favorable effect on approximately 50% of cats. According to Dr Jennifer Coates, a veterinarian, catnip generates a "high" for cats similar to that induced by marijuana or LSD in humans.

The herb, which belongs to the mint family, is not toxic to cats, although it has been known to trigger reactions including sniffing, licking, rubbing, and playful behavior. Catnip will make your cat drowsy if consumed, but the smell is what drives most cats insane.

Toys are one of the best and most common ways to deliver catnip. As you may think, there are numerous catnip toys on the market, making it difficult to choose one.

So, to assist you, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) combed the market and compiled this list of reviews of the best catnip toys for cats in %year%.


Yeowww! Pollock Cat Toy with Catnip

If you’re looking for a catnip toy that will keep your feline buddy entertained for months, this pollock fish toy by Yeowww is a must-have. This toy is made of durable, long-lasting cotton twill and is loaded with plenty of fresh catnip.

It may be a little more expensive than other toys on the market, but it is hand-sewn, created in the USA, and is filled with all-natural catnip rather than fillers or plastic components.

To summarize, when it comes to premium options, we consider this to be the greatest catnip toys for cats.


  • Contains genuine catnip
  • Made in the United States
  • Hand-sewn
  • Durable and long-lasting material


  • Price
  • Not easily replenished


Play-N-Squeak Interactive Cat Toy by Pet Zone

This Pet Zone catnip toy is part of their Play-N-Squeak line and is loaded with real dried catnip. It is well-made, long-lasting, and has an electronic mouse sound to keep your cat engaged in playing.

It’s a tad pricey for this type of toy, and you won’t be able to change the catnip inside to keep it fresh. Overall, this is a high-quality toy that will last your pet for a long time.


  • Squeak sounds are included.
  • Contains genuine catnip
  • Well-built


  • Price
  • It cannot be refilled.


Electronic Catnip Toy SmartyKat Chickadee Chirp

We love SmartyKat’s chirping bird toy because it combines both touch-activated noises that replicate the sound of a real bird and the enticing power of fresh catnip.

Whether it’s the catnip inside the toy or the noise response they get with every stroke of their paw that piques your cat’s interest, this toy is sure to keep your feline buddy entertained for hours.

Importantly, the toy is packed with catnip and is a refillable catnip toy, so you can keep it fresh and appealing to your pet.


  • Sounds that respond to touch
  • Contains genuine catnip
  • Refillable
  • Price


  • None


Petstages at Night Toy Catnip Rolls Catnip Sticks

Petstages’ midnight catnip rolls are made of soft, sturdy material that won’t produce any noise when whacked about the house by your cat at night.

They are made of 100% pure catnip and are shaped like thin sticks, making them ideal for cats to bite, tote around, or swat with their paws.

The bundle includes three catnip sticks, and the only major drawback we can think of is that the catnip isn’t refillable.


  • Price
  • Contains genuine catnip
  • Durable


  • Non-refillable


Cat Toy Multipet Chicken Plush

Multipet’s little catnip-infused plush toy is designed like a chicken and features a range of textures and shapes that will appeal to your cat.

This catnip toy is fairly priced and appears to be well constructed. It has, however, only been injected with catnip and is not refillable.


  • Price
  • Well-built
  • Interesting and eye-catching toy


  • Only catnip is used.
  • Non-refillable

Choosing the Best Catnip Toys: A Buyer's Guide

Will my cat be bothered by catnip?

When purchasing catnip toys for your cat, keep in mind that only around 50% of cats react to catnip, and it is not at all appealing to kittens or older cats.

It is impossible to predict whether a cat would appreciate catnip unless they try it. You might be able to get an idea by seeing your cat’s parents’ reaction to catnip, but even this is not certain.

What is the duration of the effect?

It is also vital to understand that the effects of catnip only last about 10 minutes. After that, it may take an hour or so before your cat reacts to it again.

Furthermore, if your cat is repeatedly exposed to catnip, it will most likely stop reacting to it entirely.

This means that catnip toys should be provided to your cat as a treat for limited periods of time rather than being left with them to play with anytime they want.

When selecting a catnip toy, you should look for one that:

Contains genuine catnip

Many catnip toys are not stuffed with actual catnip or do not contain any. Instead, they are just impregnated with the herb’s smell.

These toys may quickly lose their catnip’effect’ and may no longer be appealing to your pet.

Is it refillable?

The greatest catnip filled toys are made to provide you easy access to the catnip. This allows you to refill the toy when the catnip wears off, ensuring your cat always has a fresh, effective toy.

Is it compact enough for them to transport?

Cats enjoy swiping their toys around and carrying them around in their mouths. To ensure your cat gets the most out of their new toy, choose one that is simple for them to play with and transport.

Is bought online

Whenever possible, purchase a catnip toy from an internet vendor or a store with a large product turnover.

Catnip can become stale, and an old toy that has been resting on a shelf for a long time will not be as effective as a toy that contains fresh catnip.


Reading BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org) reviews and purchasing guide should have made it easy for you to choose the best catnip toy for your pet. Even better, you could have discovered a few alternative toys that your cat will appreciate.

To summarize, our best catnip toys for cats are:

Play-N-Squeak Interactive Cat Toy by Pet Zone is the best all-around choice.

SmartyKat’s chirping bird toy is the most affordable option.

Yeowww! Pollock Cat Toy with Catnip is a premium choice.

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