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The Best Catnip Sprays : What You Need To Know

Do you know what catnip is? It is a fragrant herb that makes cats lick, chew, or roll in delight. Some cats become quiet, relaxed, and euphoric, while others become aggressively playful.

It is thought that over 70% of cats react behaviorally to the active component present in catnip. If your cat is one of the 70%, you can use catnip for enrichment or during training.

Catnip comes in three varieties: fresh catnip, dried catnip, and catnip sprays. Fresh and dried catnip are both effective, but they are messy and take time to clean up once the effects wear off.

Consider utilizing catnip sprays if you want a powerful and mess-free form of catnip. Just a small sprinkle will kickstart your pet's fun, relieve stress, or help adjustment if you've recently adopted a kitten.

But where should you look for the greatest catnip sprays? Here is a list of the best catnip sprays from BestForPets (bestforpets.org).

They contain genuine catnip oil, which is both safe and beneficial to your pet.


SmartyKat Catnip Mist Spray – Overall Winner

With the sleek and clean SmartyKat Catnip Mist Spray, entice your cat to enjoy their old toys, bedding, and scratchers.

It is the greatest overall catnip spray because it is both pet and child safe, as well as environmentally friendly.

The mist spray contains catnip oil and is devoid of chemicals and pesticides. It is effective on kittens as early as nine months old.

The SmartyKat catnip spray provides a rush of energy to your feline for more fun playtime. Apply the spray liberally for the greatest results.

The bottle has a nozzle for simple application.


Premium Potent Catnip from Pet Craft Supply – Best Value

We believe that the Pet Craft Supply Premium Potent Catnip is the greatest catnip spray for the money.

It is produced entirely of natural, pure catnip that is free of chemicals, additives, and insecticides.

Because the catnip utilized in the spray was picked during the peak season, it is powerful and of high quality. Cats are drawn to the Pet Craft Catnip spray.

It naturally gives cats bursts of lively energy followed by periods of tranquil repose. You can train your cat with catnip spray. It can help to redirect disruptive behavior.

Unlike catnip leaves, our quality catnip spray is simple to use and leaves no mess.

Simply shake the spray bottle, spray it over cat toys or your favourite surface, and sit back and watch the fun begin.

The spray comes in an 8-ounce bottle and is ideal for households with several cats.


Frisky Spritz Catnip Spray – Premium Choice by OurPets

Cats quickly become tired with their old toys or scratching posts. Fortunately, OurPets Frisky Spritz Catnip Spray transforms these old goods into more appealing treats.

A few spritzes on toys and scratchers will entice your cat to use them. You can also use this Frisky catnip spray to welcome a new feline into your home.

Catnip provides a sense of warmth and contentment, which helps with the adjustment period.

This catnip spray contains only North American cultivated catnip oil. It is non-toxic and free of dyes.


Smokey’s Stash Catnip Spray – Kittens Only

Smokey’s Stash Catnip Spray is created in the United States with 100% organic catnip oil and purified water for optimum efficacy.

Because it is safe and healthful, it is the ideal catnip spray for kittens. Smokey’s catnip spray is great for teaching your cat where to scratch.

Spray once or twice on a scratching post to keep him away from your furnishings. This will save you money as well as the hassle of buying new furnishings.

You may also use the catnip spray to reintroduce old toys to your cat. Spray some on the cat’s bedding instead, so it associates it with a joyful experience.


Bliss Mist Catnip Spray by Petlinks

Play is crucial for your kitty’s health and happiness. Petlinks Bliss Mist Catnip spray, as a result, stimulates your cat’s natural interests and gets him eager and energetic.

Cats are drawn to the spray by toys, scratchers, and bedding. However, your pet must be at least nine months old for this spray to be effective.

Natural catnip oil is used to make this mist catnip spray. It comes in a handy 7-ounce bottle that is simple to spray without making a mess.

What to Look for in The Best Catnip Spray Buyer's Guide


The percentage of catnip oil used in a spray must be confirmed. Some manufacturers sacrifice quality by diluting catnip spray with water.

Check the label to confirm that the catnip oil has a higher proportion than water, preferably 75 percent or more.

Furthermore, use catnip sprays labeled “100% catnip” rather than “all-natural ingredients.”

Filers are used as supplements by some manufacturers, and they may trigger a significant reaction in your cat.


As a pet owner, you are responsible for your cat’s safety, which should be a top priority when selecting a catnip spray.

Choose organic catnip spray for this because it is devoid of chemicals and pesticides. Organic catnip sprays are pricey, but they are worth it.

Source of Catnip

It turns out that the United States and Europe have the highest requirements for pet items.

This means that catnip sprays from these two continents are far safer for your cat than those from elsewhere.

Best Catnip Spray FAQ

What Effect Does Catnip Spray Have on Cats?

Catnip oil includes nepetalactone, which causes behavioral changes in cats. This scent enters the brain of cats via the vomeronasal gland.

Cats react differently to catnip spray. Some show obvious enjoyment, relaxation, and tenderness, while others become extremely playful or violent.

Catnip can assist your pet relieve discomfort, reduce anxiety, and soothe separation anxiety if they respond favorably to it.

How Long Do the Effects of Catnip Spray Last?

It’s all up to the cat. The effects often last 10 to 15 minutes before gradually wearing off.

Furthermore, if your cat is exposed to catnip numerous times each week, the effects may diminish with time.


Catnip spray will keep your cat active and excited in a healthy, non-addictive way. Because it contains genuine catnip oils, the SmartyKat Catnip Mist Spray excite kitties.

Regardless of age, a few sprinkles will send your cat rolling, running, and jumping. Try the Pet Craft Supply Premium Potent Catnip if you want high-quality catnip spray at a reasonable price.

The spray is made with 100 percent natural catnip and is free of chemicals, fillers, and chemicals. It provides addictive enjoyment followed by quiet rest.

Whether you have one or several cats, catnip spray can keep them busy.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this far. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that this article will assist you in selecting the best catnip sprays for your pet.

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