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The 11 Best Cat Water Bowls

Keeping your cat hydrated is one of the finest things you can do to ensure good functioning of their urinary tract, kidneys, and nearly every other organ in their body.

Just like humans, sufficient hydration aids in the removal of toxins, the prevention of constipation and kidney stones, and the maintenance of optimal brain and body function.

There are various sorts of water bowls that encourage cats to drink more water, including cold and heated bowls, as well as drinking fountains.

We examined and assessed the best cat water bowls based on their construction, size and form, and cleaning requirements.

The following are the best cat water bowls that BestForPets (bestforpets.org) recommends.


Our Pets Premium Rubber-Bonded Stainless Steel Cat Dish is the best overall

Because it’s robust, cheap, and dishwasher safe, OurPets Durapet Premium Rubber-Bonded Stainless Steel Cat Dish is our top selection for a cat water bowl.

It’s wide enough that it won’t tip over and your cat’s whiskers won’t brush up against the edges. The stainless steel is resistant to bacterial growth, and cleaning is a pleasure because this bowl is dishwasher safe.

The bonded rubber bottom prevents it from sliding, so your cat won’t turn your kitchen floor into a water park. We also like that this selection is high-quality at a cheap price, with the added bonus of being created in the United States.

Although this bowl could be a little sturdier to prevent it from tipping over, it should hold enough water to last one cat for at least a day and a half. It is also available in 0.75 cup and 1 cup serving sizes.


PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain is the best fountain

If they have access to a clean fountain, many cats will drink more water. This is because their species developed to realize that clean, cool, flowing, and aerated water is less likely to be contaminated by germs and viruses.

The PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain is one of our favorites. We appreciate the huge capacity and the inclusion of a carbon filtering system to keep water taste and smelling clean and fresh.

An extra foam filter protects the motor, allowing it to last longer. It’s quite simple to disassemble, and the majority of the parts are dishwasher safe.

It’s built to last, but you can rest easy knowing that a replacement pump and carbon filters are available separately if needed.

It may take some time for your cat to adjust to the motion and hum of the motor, but you’ll have five different water flow options to experiment with to discover the one that makes them the most comfortable and willing to drink.


Bone Dry Ceramic Dog Bowl is the best weighted dog bowl

The name is self-explanatory. The 3-cup Bone Dry Non-Skid Ceramic Pet Bowl is a massive 4.6 pounds and will keep your floors dry because it is impossible for just about any cat to tip or push.

The FDA-approved food-safe ceramic bowl is resistant to bacterial development, easy to clean by hand or in a dishwasher, and free of lead and bisphenol A. (BPA).

It comes in a selection of elegant patterns and hues that will compliment your own personal style. They are available as singles or in sets of two bowls with capacities of 0.75 and 1.5 cup.


Ureverbasic Small Pet Feeding Bowls, Set of 2 are the best set

Many cat dishes are sold in matching sets that have adorable colors and designs that may be combined with your home decor. PetFamily’s Ureverbasic Non-Skid Stainless Steel Cat Bowls come in a range of adorable color combinations.

Pet owners appreciate the long-lasting stainless steel and broader base with a silicone ring to prevent tipping and sliding. The only disadvantage of this set is that you must be careful when washing not to use abrasives that may remove the paint.

Similarly, these bowls are only dishwasher safe if the silicone ring is removed and a high heat setting is avoided.

Veterinarians recommend keeping food and water at least three to five feet apart or more since cats dislike odors near their water.


Farm Innovators Heated Stainless Steel Pet Bowl is the best heated pet bowl

If you have barn cats or your feline simply enjoys the cold weather, you might think about getting a heated bowl for your garage, carport, barn, or other sheltered place (you will need a power source to plug it in).

When cats are thirsty, they are unlikely to consume snow. Birds and other creatures will utilize the Farm Innovators SB-40 Stainless Steel Bowl in addition to cats.

Even at subzero temperatures, the 40-watt heater keeps the water thawed. Although the capacity appears huge, you’ll need it because water evaporates in low-humidity environments.

Although the stainless steel interior is hygienic and easy to clean, it must be washed by hand to safeguard the electronics.

To avoid overheating or damage, the heating element will turn off as the water runs out. It is also securely grounded, preventing shocks and electrocution. It comes with a one-year warranty and is also available in 5.5-quart sizes.

Final Decision

The simple quality and value of Our Pets Durapet Premium Rubber-Bonded Stainless Steel Cat Dish appeal to us (view at Amazon). It’s the perfect size and depth, plus it’s also slip- and spill-proof.

You may also be able to convince your cat to drink more by providing them with the fresh, clean water that the PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain can flow with five different settings.

We’re grateful that you picked BestForPets from among the hundreds of pet kennel review sites to learn about the best cat water bowls.

For your pet, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope you’ve learned something from this article.


What should I do with my cat’s water bowl?

The optimum location for a cat’s water dish is one that is peaceful, clean, and free of odors. Cats are predators, but their biology also teaches them they are prey.

As a result, getting a glass of water can make people feel vulnerable. If the environment is too crowded or noisy, your cat may not feel relaxed and comfortable enough to drink slowly and thoroughly.

Many cats are also sensitive to aromas and odours. They may avoid water dishes that are too close to their food bowl or litter box.

This is because their species has evolved to only consume odorless water. Water with an odor, according to them, could be polluted with germs or something else hazardous.

Distance from food and garbage will also assist ensure that strange objects do not fall into and pollute their water. Most importantly, choose a position that you can easily monitor so that your cats never run out of fresh, clean drinking water.

How can I keep my cat’s water bowl from toppling over?

Spilled water is more than a nuisance. It has the potential to harm some flooring and cause trips and falls. To avoid tipping, use a bowl that is shallow and wide at the base.

Straight sides can also aid in the prevention of tipping. Some bowls have added weight in the base or are composed of naturally heavy materials such as stoneware or ceramics, making them more difficult to tip (see above).

Others have discovered that placing a rubber or other material mat beneath the bowl can also help to keep the bowl from sliding and any spilt water off the floor.

Is it okay for cats to share a water bowl?

Although more than one cat using the same water bowl causes no harm, it is advisable to have at least one water dish for each cat.

We want to be certain that nothing prevents our kitties from drinking their daily allotment of water. Even cats who have been kept together since birth and adore each other can be territorial.

Their species is distinguished by its independence. That includes the requirement for their own place. As previously stated, they must also relax in order to drink their fill.

However, if they believe there is rivalry for the bowl, they may be unable to rest. If they can’t just go on to another bowl when the dominant cat comes along, they may not be getting enough hydration.

Make careful to keep numerous drinking water bowls distinct by placing them in different rooms or far apart in the same room. As a result, no cat can guard more than one bowl at a time, and there is always another bowl to drink from safely.

Buying Advice for the Finest Cat Water Bowl

Purchasing a water bowl for your cat first appears to be a straightforward task, until you learn how many options are available. This brief buyer’s guide was prepared for you if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the variety of options.

Considerations Regarding the Appropriate Water Bowl

How do you pick from the several cat water bowls available? Which water bowl is the best for your cat? The following factors can assist explain exactly what you require if you are experiencing difficulty answering these questions.

Determine the optimal course of action in each of the following categories. Then, simply search for the water bowl that meets these requirements.

Single or double water bowls for felines?

Would you want separate water and food dishes or a single one that incorporates both? This may appear to be a simple question, but it is a crucial one you must answer before making a purchase.

Some of our favorite water bowls came as a two-in-one combination with two separate dishes. This might help your home appear more organized than two separate bowls.

Many of our favorites had a broad skirt to prevent messes from accumulating when your cat is eating and drinking in an unsanitary manner.

If you get a 2-in-1 design, each of your dishes will appear as if they belong together. By ordering two individual plates, you may end up with a mismatched set.

Whisker-Friendly Designs

Whisker tiredness can occur when cats drink and eat from dishes that are not made with their whiskers in mind. Whisker-friendly dishes are quite shallow and broad.

This allows them to retain a substantial amount of food or water and prevents your cat’s whiskers from folding across its face while it consumes.


How frequently should you refill your cat’s water dish? If you don’t mind filling it many times each day, any meal will suffice. But what if you spend the most of the day at work and are unable to refill the dish? Will your cat go without water for several hours?

Consequently, you should seek out a water bowl with a reservoir. The reservoir is often 2.5 or even 4 gallons in size. This will automatically flow water into the bowl, so you will only need to occasionally refill the big reservoir.


It is possible for cats to be messy eaters and drinkers. However, some of our favorite cat foods mitigate this issue. For instance, several of our favorite two-in-one designs have broad skirts to catch the water and crumbs your cat dumps. This means there is no mess for you to clean up on the floor!

Other mess-preventing design elements include Microban coatings or antibacterial compounds that limit the growth of germs.


Generally, we do not consider a water dish to be harmful, but certain ones can be. Ceramic plates can crack or break, resulting in sharp edges that might scratch or harm your cat. Some units must be plugged in to operate since they have water pumps; this might avoid electrocution if your cat nibbles on the cord.


At the end of the day, everyone will have a precise price for cat dishes that they are willing to pay. There will be models far above and below your budget, but do not be swayed by advertising. Locate bowls that fit your requirements, like we’ve just explained, and then compare their prices to find the greatest deal.

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