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The 14 Best Cat Trees In Canada

Cats, as cat owners, know that they enjoy hanging out in high areas. They also enjoy scratching, running, and jumping.

So, what could be a greater gift for your cat than a cat tree? It combines so many of your cat's favorite things into one handy piece!

A cat tree is one of the most crucial pieces of furniture you can have for your cat. However, there are so many to pick from that finding the time to buy might be difficult.

So, to make your lives easier, we developed reviews of the best cat trees in Canada.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes you'll be able to find your cat's next favorite cat tree soon (and your scratched-up furniture will thank you).


FEANDREA Cat Tree Condo – Overall Winner

  • 59.3 inches tall
  • Dark grey color
  • 34.2 pound weight

The FEANDREA Cat Tree Condo is the greatest overall cat tree in Canada. It’s a stylish cat tree that’s spacious and strong, with an enclosed condo, hammock, two perches, and two beds.

It’s made of a dark grey plush material with ten distinct sisal posts for scratching. The top perch measures 13.8 inches in height and has a few dangling toys for your cat to throw around.

It includes anti-topple fittings, but this tree is strong enough that you may not need them.

The biggest disadvantage of this cat tree is that, despite its size, it may be too tiny for huge cats. Furthermore, the cloth is a little thin.


  • 59 inches tall
  • Large and strong
  • It comes with two mattresses and perches, an enclosed condo, and a hammock.
  • 10 scratching posts made with sisal
  • Playing toys are hung from the ceiling.
  • Fittings are included to keep it from tipping over.


  • Big cats might find it too small.
  • The plush material is quite thin.

PAWZ Road Cat Tree – The Best Buy

  • 34 inches tall
  • Light grey color
  • 20.7 pound weight

The PAWZ Road Cat Tree is the best cat tree in Canada for the money. This isn’t the tallest cat tree available, but it’s fairly durable and comes in a nice light grey color.

The top perch has a soft rim to prevent your cat from rolling out and is 15.7 inches long, making it suitable for large cats.

It also includes two enclosed condominiums, a hanging toy, and a long sisal scratching post that should suit cats who prefer to stretch when scratching.

While this tree is suitable for most cats, the condominiums are only suitable for small to medium-sized cats. It may also be difficult to put together for certain people.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Light grey plush material is appealing.
  • Quite strong
  • Large soft-rimmed top perch
  • Scratching post made of long sisal rope


  • Condos are insufficient for huge cats.
  • It could be tricky to put together.

Vesper Cat Tree – The Best Option

  • 40.8 inches tall
  • Walnut and white in color
  • 51 pound weight

The Vesper Cat Tree is our top option since it is visually appealing, has a high perch, and memory foam cushions. It includes two enclosed cube-shaped condos as well as toys on a string that may be attached to the tree.

It’s composed of high-quality MDF that has the appearance of walnut, so it’s easy to clean and looks wonderful! The cushions are machine washable, and it has a 32-inch scratching post.

However, it is pricey, and if you want a very tall cat tree, this isn’t it.


  • Two enclosed condominiums with separate entrances
  • Memory foam cushions that are machine-washable
  • Playing balls on a string are included.
  • Scratching post 32″
  • Made from high-quality MDF that looks like walnut.


  • Expensive
  • It is not the highest cat tree.

Cat Tree Tower Rabbitgoo

  • 61 inches tall
  • Color options include light grey, dark grey, and beige.
  • 35.2 pound weight

The Rabbitgoo Cat Tree Tower comes in three different colors: light grey, dark grey, and beige (which is more expensive). It stands 61 inches tall and has a soft-rimmed perch at the top.

It also includes a condo, a rope for playing, a ladder, a basket, and a hammock. It features several scratching posts made of sisal rope and is ideal for people who have multiple cats.

This tree, however, is best suited for small to medium-sized cats. Large cats can use this, although they won’t fit on several of the platforms.

Furthermore, while the basket is beloved among cats, it only has support on one side and is prone to breaking.


  • Three different colors are available.
  • Rimmed platform with hanging basket
  • There is a condo, rope, ladder, and hammock.
  • A number of scratching posts
  • Works well in multi-cat households.


  • Large cats may find it too small.
  • The basket may break.

Cat Condo On2Pets

  • 60 inches tall
  • Colour: Green
  • 32 pound weight

The On2Pets Cat Condo is a one-of-a-kind cat tree! It will be a favorite of your cat and a topic of interest for visitors. It is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large, with a square or round base.

One rendition of the tree appears to be in fall. It stands 60 inches tall and can support cats weighing up to 32 pounds. It contains three carpeted perches surrounded by silk leaves, providing your cat with the ideal hiding spot.

The drawbacks include that it is pricey, and the central pillar that holds everything up is hollow, causing it to wobble.


  • 60″ tall
  • There are three sizes available, as well as a “fall” variation.
  • Cats weighing up to 32 pounds can be accommodated.
  • There are three carpeted perches.
  • Covered in silk foliage, it makes an excellent hiding place.


  • Expensive
  • Can be shaky

Classic Cat Tree by Armarkat

  • 52 inches tall
  • Colour: Beige
  • 13 pound weight

The Armarkat Classic Cat Tree is reasonably priced and shaped to fit neatly into a corner. It includes an enclosed condo, two platforms, and a dangling ball.

It has a soft beige carpet covering and multiple sisal rope-covered scratching posts. The enclosed condo is a fair size, and the tree as a whole is simple to assemble.

The flaws of this product are that it can be shaky at times, therefore it may be more stable if you push it into a corner, and the perches are too little for an average-sized to large cat.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Easily fits into corners
  • Two platforms, an enclosed condo, and a dangling ball
  • Material is soft and beige.
  • Simple to construct


  • Can be shaky
  • Large cats may find it too small.

Pawz Road Cat Tree is designed for small and medium-sized cats

  • 54 inches tall
  • Dark gray color
  • 24 pound weight

The Pawz Road Cat Tree for Tiny and Medium Cats is an excellent tree for small to medium-sized cats. It’s dark grey, with multiple scratching posts made of sisal rope and an enclosed condo.

There are three perches and a hanging basket, as well as a dangly ball and a rope for entertainment.

However, the cat tree might be shaky, and the popular basket can break, especially if your cat is large.


  • Ideal for tiny to medium-sized cats.
  • Three perches and an enclosed condo
  • Is there a basket?
  • It has a dangling ball and a rope for playing.


  • Can be shaky
  • The basket may break.

Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats FEANDREA

  • 67 inches tall
  • Dark grey color
  • 64 pound weight

The FEANDREA Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats is 67 inches tall and comes in a stylish dark grey color.

It features two enclosed condominiums, three plushy perches with raised edges, and a sisal-covered slope that your cat can scratch or use as a ramp. It has anti-tipping fittings and, best of all, it fits most huge cats!

The faults are that this tree is pricey (which is understandable given its size) and that the material on the top of the sisal scratching posts tends to fall apart with excessive scratching activity.


  • At 67″, he is tall.
  • There are two residences and three comfortable perches.
  • Scratching slope made of sisal that can also be used as a ramp.
  • It includes anti-topple fittings.
  • Excellent for huge cats.


  • Expensive
  • The material may fall apart.

Midwestern Pet Homes Cat Tree

  • 50.5 inches tall
  • Color scheme: black-and-white flower pattern
  • 32.5 pound weight

The MidWest Homes for Pets Cat Tree is a stylish black cat tree with a designer print cloth. It features two platforms, a condo, and a top perch with a raised edge for your cat’s comfort.

It also includes the standard sisal-covered scratching posts and two dangle balls for your cat’s entertainment. This cat tree, on the other hand, is shaky. It’s extremely pricey for a small cat tree.


  • Elegant black with creative print
  • Two platforms, one condo, and a raised edge on the upper level
  • It includes two dangly balls.


  • Pricey
  • Can be shaky
  • Large cats will find it too small.

Extra Large Cat Tree by Amazon Basics

  • 56 inches tall
  • Colour: Beige
  • 28.5 pound weight

Amazon’s Basics Extra Large Cat Tree contains numerous platforms, one of which has a raised lip at the top. It contains several scratching posts made of sisal rope and a condo with two entrances.

It has two dangly balls and is a light beige color that should go with most decors.

The elastic string for the dangly balls has mistakenly looped around the legs and tails of some cats, who were happily retrieved by their owners.

If you buy this cat tree, you should think about not attaching the balls. This tree is also prone to swaying.


  • Scratching posts and several platforms
  • Two entrances to a condominium
  • Two dangly balls are included.
  • The light beige color should complement most decors.


  • Toy elastic string may coil around a cat’s leg or tail.
  • It could be shaky.

Buying the Best Cat Tree in Canada: A Buyer's Guide

You should have a better notion of what you’re searching for now that you’ve read the reviews. But, before you buy anything, read this buyer’s advice. We discuss a few points that may influence your decision.

Strong Cat Trees

The durability of the cat tree that you bring home is vital. If the tree is shaky, your cat will feel threatened and lose interest in it. Furthermore, the taller the tree, the more likely it is to sway.

The base is an important aspect in deciding how shaky the cat tree is. The weight is also significant. Check that the tree you want has anti-topple bolts; this way, you may tie it to the wall, which will increase its sturdiness.

Your Cat’s Size

Most cat trees on the market are designed for small cats, despite the fact that most individuals have medium to large cats. Before purchasing a tree, always double-check the dimensions.

If you can’t find them, try inquiring online; other customers would be glad to assist you. Try measuring your cat’s sleeping surface and comparing it to the platforms on the cat tree.


The color of the cat tree can occasionally influence the pricing. Some manufacturers will charge more for a cat tree that is identical but in a more “desirable” color. This is just something to think about while buying.

What Is It Used For?

Are you looking for a cat tree to provide your cat a high spot to hang out, or are you more interested in the scratching posts? If you’re only interested in the scratching post, you can get one separately.

This may be the greatest option if your favorite cat tree lacks a scratching post that your cat will use. Remember that sisal rope is changeable, so focus on the height and size of the cat tree’s platforms.


The FEANDREA Cat Tree Condo is our all-time favorite cat tree because it’s appealing while also being huge and robust, and it even contains a nice hammock that your cat will enjoy!

The Pawz Road Cat Tree is reasonably priced, robust, and has a top perch with a soft ring so your cat does not roll out, and it is large enough for bigger cats.

Finally, the Vesper Cat Tree is our top option because it is stylish and comes with memory-foam cushions.

After reading these reviews of the best cat trees in Canada, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes you’ve decided on a terrific cat tree.

It’s such an important piece of furniture for your cat, and if you can get the proper one, you’ll have a much happy kitty and household.

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