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9 Best Cat Trees For Small Apartments & Small Spaces

A cat tree is not an expensive buy for your feline companion. Cats often live in a vertical world, as opposed to humans, who dwell in a horizontal one.

It means that cats rely on higher spaces for comfort, safety, entertainment, and exercise.

If you have to continuously rescuing your cat from the countertops, you know how much they enjoy being on the highest perch in the house.

For timid cats, a cat tree provides a safe and pleasant environment. However, if your living area is limited, you may find it difficult to get your cat a cat tree.

There are, thankfully, cat trees specifically made for compact places.

Based on extensive research, expert advice, and ideas, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has produced a list of the best cat trees for small apartments & small spaces.

This is to assist you in making your cat feel free and comfortable in spite of a small living environment.


PEEKAB Multi-Platform Small Cat Tree – Overall Winner

PEEKAB is our greatest all-around and most adaptable cat tree, serving as both a scratching post and a condo.

The high-quality cat-condo ottoman provides your feline buddy with a soft, comfy, and robust place to nap, play, and lounge.

To avoid tipping over, the cat tree must be robust, and PEEKAB is designed to provide unequaled stability.

For enhanced durability, this cat tree is composed of medium-density fiberboard. It has a natural sisal rope post to assist the kitten in scratching rather than ruining your seats.

PEEKAB is an indoor cat tree that is designed to fit your décor needs. The high-quality artificial fur is silky and comfortable for the feline.

With beige or gray shades, you may be confident that it will integrate well with your existing furniture or bedroom décor.

The overall dimensions are 20.86 x 12.2 x 30.32 inches, making it ideal for tiny settings. It is also suitable for tiny to medium-sized cats weighing up to 16 pounds.


Best Value Poils Bebe Cat Tree & Scratching Post

The Poils Bebe cat tree is intended to fit into a small space. It saves you the trouble of removing your cat from countertops or tabletops.

The natural sisal is eco-friendly and recyclable, making it ideal for your kitten’s claws. Poils Bebe is built with your cat in mind, making it the ultimate cat tree.

For maximum stability, it is built of exceptionally durable compressed wood.

Natural sisal strands surround the platform to create a scratching area, while the high-quality faux fur is ideal for relaxing.

A smooth, gentle touch is provided by the deluxe fabric attached to the top tier. In addition, the product includes a spring plush ball to entertain cats and kittens.

Because it is simple to assemble, the trendy cat tree saves you time and effort. It takes less than three minutes to put together.

However, if you find it difficult, there is a guidebook to help you with troubleshooting.


Amazon Basics Activity Cat Tree – Top Pick

Are you seeking for a modest but functional cat tree for your pets? Then an Amazon basics activity post is a great option.

The multi-level cat tree has multiple platforms for easy hopping. It can also house two cats.

The platform, made of compressed wood with carpeted surfaces, is a perfect place to relax.

For a cat-friendly surface, the four posts are wrapped with jute rope. The compressed wood is extremely durable. Stability is essential in any cat tree.

With its square-shaped base, this device provides stability. For increased comfort and protection, the round-shaped top has a tall-sized, well-curved rim.

This cat tree is simple to assemble. In case you have any problems putting it together, the tools and instructions are included.


Multi-Level Cat Tree by CATROMANCE

CATROMANCE is an all-purpose cat tree with multiple levels that provides a platform for infinite entertainment.

The cat tower is 35.4 inches tall, allowing for continuous bouncing and hopping. It has a scratching board and robust sisal-wrapped posts for hours of scratching fun.

A robust cat tree is ideal for keeping your wild cat safe while playing. With all of the strenuous climbing and jumping, you want to be sure you have a solid foundation.

CATROMANCE ensures that the cat tree is resistant to being pushed over. CATROMANCE cat tree is comprised of skin-friendly plush carpet and certified P2-grade particleboards.

There is no chemical stimulation or unpleasant odor. The platform is made of soft material, making it a comfortable surface for kitties.

For quality scratching, the entire tree has wrapped and sturdy sisal scratching posts. It comes with thorough assembly instructions that are easy to follow.


Rabbitgoo Cat Tree Condo & Hammock 38-inch

Welcome your kitty to this versatile, really cozy space. Your wild cat may patrol the kingdom by effortlessly jumping or climbing across platforms.

When it’s time to sleep, your cat can bask in the sun or drift off to sleep inside a warm condo. The three-tiered cat fortress provides enough of perching space for your nature climber.

The platform has a well-cushioned perch for the cat to sprawl out on. Scratching and sharpening claws are made easy with the sisal-wrapped posts.

After a day of daring jumps and climbs, your kittens can relax in a cozy cradle or heated apartment. It’s made of high-quality materials for maximum strength and stability.

The included stakes are carefully wrapped in genuine sisal ropes that are strong enough to resist everyday scratching.

The cat tree is made of luxurious faux fur, which will keep your cat warm and comfy while sleeping. Both baseplates are thick to increase stability and prevent toppling or swaying.

Choosing The Best Cat Tree for Small Apartments: A Buyer's Guide

Cats enjoy climbing and scratching on anything and everything.

You can try to distract your feline companion from climbing or scratching on furniture, but your efforts may be futile because these activities are normal.

That is why selecting the best cat tree is critical. We’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you with your quest.

The Advantages of a Cat Tree

Cats are generally recognized to make people joyful. It’s now your turn to make the kitten happy and comfy by providing a cat tree. The tree provides the following advantages:

It helps to keep the peace

If you have more than one cat, you may see them getting into a physical fight. However, a vertical territory can be a peace-keeping option.

The highest-ranking cat may claim the highest perch to demonstrate its superiority. Instead of flying, the higher-ranking kitten might advertise its position from a high perch.

As a result, it’s an efficient technique to preserve harmony in a multicat setting.

Sharing Made Simple

A multi-perched cat tree allows multiple cats to share a compact space while maintaining perching order. Cats would never share a window ledge peacefully because each would claim comfortability.

A cat tree can be used as a scratching post as well as a perching spot. Some trees feature sisal-covered posts or bare wood.

Timid Cats Discover a Safe Haven

A cat tree can provide a safe hiding place for a shy or scared cat. It allows cats to remain open while retaining a high level of security.

Being on a high perch lets the cat to see the surroundings and has superior visual warming in the event of an advancing opponent.

Your fearful cat may also prefer to stay in the room rather than flee behind furniture or under the bed.

Considerations When Choosing a Cat Tree

The best cat tree will often be appropriate for your cat based on the following factors: appearance, cost, material, accessories, size, and the number of cats you own.

You must also consider the cat’s personality, size, and habits.

The following are important considerations to keep in mind when looking for an appropriate cat tree for your tiny space.


Cat trees, like other things, come in a variety of sizes. When purchasing a cat tree, make sure you get the right size.

The size is determined by the available space in your home as well as the size of your cat.

Are your dogs little or large? The platform should allow the cat to climb as high as possible, while the condo should provide adequate area for leisure.

This prompts you to double-check certain dimensions.

The personality and behaviors of the cat are also important. If your cat is really active and enjoys jumping and racing around, a tall, multifunctional cat tree is the best option.

For two or more cats, a large condo with multiple beds and platforms is excellent.

If your cat is gentle and placid, though, a simple cat tree with a soft bed is preferable. If the cat is too old to climb, invest in a medium-sized cat tree.


Another important element to consider is the material. Cat trees are typically constructed from particle boards, carpet, solid wood, and fabric.

Solid wood adds strength and longevity. Particleboards are less expensive but less durable.

The carpet is soft and comfortable, and the surface is constructed of imitation fabric, carpet, or cloth.

Some cats enjoy clawing on the carpet’s rope. Before making a purchase, make sure you understand your cat’s scratching habits.

Does your cat prefer to stay and play in the packing box rather than on the carpet? Or does he normally go outside to climb trees?

If this is the case, a particleboard or solid wood cat tree is the best option.


When living in a tiny place, a tall tower condo is the best option. This is because it saves you space and gives your cat a place to jump, run, and scratch.

Wide trees may provide a lot of horizontal space, but they might be difficult if you live in a small place.

It is recommended that you choose a cat tree with a scratching post made of tough, sturdy rope.

Furthermore, the color and appearance of the cat tree should complement the décor of your home.

Brown, black, beige, and gray are neutral colors that may go with practically anything in your living area. They’re also simple to clean and maintain.

Stability and durability

The material utilized has a big impact on durability. Solid wood is a strong material that is suitable for making cat trees. It’s also simple to clean and maintain.

A solid base is required for a cat tree to avoid wobbling and overbalancing when kittens are playing. The platform’s stability ensures that it remains upright even after rigorous scratching.

Make sure the platform’s load-bearing capacity is appropriate for your cats. For increased stability, place the cat tree in a corner and against a wall.


The ideal cat tree should be simple to clean and keep in good condition.

Treat it like you would any other piece of furniture in your home. Neutral hues like brown and black are easy to clean, however bright colors may be difficult to clean.


Aside from the previously mentioned factors, don’t forget about the pricing. The price is determined by several criteria, including the material used, the brand, and the size of the cat tree.

However, don’t let the price deceive you into overlooking your cat’s comfort.


Some cat trees are fully constructed, while others are pre-made. Although it is not a tough task, see if there is a handbook to guide you through the assembly process.

An intricate cat tree will require more time and effort to put together.


If you’re in a rush to get your kitten a new cat tree, choose one of our best cat trees for small apartments and small spaces.

Peekab Multi-Platform Cat Tree was our top overall pick based on quality, longevity, and versatility.

It appealed to us because of its outstanding quality and the comfort it provides for your cat. It can house kittens, large cats, and senior cats.

Poils Bebe Cat Tree was BestForPets‘s (bestforpets.org) best value pick. It is unique in its class due to its many levels and versatility in accommodating jumping, resting, and climbing cats.

Furthermore, its solid base and anti-toppling set make it long-lasting and safe for your small pal. Amazon Basics Activity Cat Tree was our top selection.

It is long-lasting and simple to install. This cat tree also allows your pet to scratch, jump, and climb without breaking. It’s also multilayered and adjustable, giving it the perfect gift for your cat.

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