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Here Are The Best Cat Trees For Older Cats

Cats of all ages prefer perching in high areas to keep an eye on everything.

This behavior does not change as they become older, albeit their inability to move around readily makes it difficult for them to clamber up high.

As a result, your senior cat will enjoy the advantage when you provide simple access to their preferred high areas in senior cat trees.

If your senior cat is no longer able to reach the top perch of the cat tree they've been playing on since they were a kitten, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has put together this list of reviews to help you find the best cat trees for older cats.


Faux Fleece Cat Tree & Condo FEANDREA 37.8-in

The FEANDREA 37.8-in Faux Fleece Cat Tree & Condo is made of engineered wood and fits into most compact areas. Your senior cat may climb the built-in ramp to the first perch and scrape their claws on the durable sisal-rope coating.

There are three sleeping areas to accommodate different napping styles: a fur-lined apartment, a comfy hammock, and a supported perch at the top.

All of the platforms are close together, allowing your old cat to clamber from perch to perch without having to leap too far.

Although there are multiple sisal-covered scratching posts and a ramp, there are no spare parts for the adult cat tree if something breaks. The FEANDREA 37.8 inch cat tree is pricey for cat owners on a tight budget.


Yaheetech Plush Cat Tree & Condo 35.8-in

The Yaheetech 35.8-in Plush Cat Tree & Condo is available in two neutral gray hues to compliment your existing décor. Your senior cat can use the ramp to reach the second-floor condo while keeping their claws sharp with the sisal covering.

So your cat doesn’t have to jump too far to climb up or down, the roof of the condo serves as a platform to reach the neighboring strengthened perch.

Your cats will not be turned off by shaky surfaces or insecure perches thanks to the robust hardwood frame. However, some owners have complained that the Yaheetech 35.8 inch cat tree is too tiny for large cats.

The second-floor condo’s roof and strengthened perch may also be too high for cats with limited movement.


Plush Cat Tree & Condo Yaheetech 47.5-in

The Yaheetech 47.5-in Plush Cat Tree & Condo, with its reinforced base and anti-toppling fittings, provides a stable platform for your cats to keep an eye on the house.

The supplied ladder is made of sisal rope, which promotes proper claw care and allows senior cats to access the mid-level condo. This option is perfect for multi-cat families because it has plenty of napping and scratching areas.

The two view seats are easily accessible to arthritic felines and do not require much jumping. This cat tree, when combined with the removable pom-pom toy, offers a healthy amount of movement for your older kitty.

Despite its many areas to sit and scratch, the Yaheetech 47.5 inch cat tree is best suited for tiny cats.


Professional Cat Tree Yaheetech 42-in

The Yaheetech 42-in Professional Cat Tree is a mid-height cat tree with numerous different perches. It has a built-in, sisal-covered ramp so elderly cats may easily access the snug cabin.

This cat tree features a hammock as well as a supported top perch and a simple climbing platform. This is the best option for tiny to medium-sized breeds.

Some owners have complained about the stability of this cat tree while their cats use it. While the hammock and middle platform are easily accessible from the condo, some senior cats may find it difficult to climb onto the bolstered perch.


62-inch Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo by Go Pet Club

The Go Pet Club 62-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo is appropriate for many cats and comes in black, gray, beige, brown, paw print, and blue.

Cats of all ages will enjoy the sisal scratching posts and rope toy, and the built-in ladder allows senior cats to easily reach the first layer.

Because of its height, this cat tree must be secured to a wall to prevent it from wobbling or toppling over when your cat climbs to the higher tiers.

Although they can access the hammock and first-level tier, some elderly cats may struggle to reach the top perch and tunnel of this cat tower for huge cats.

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Best Cat Tree for Senior Cats


Your cat, like us, slows down as they get older. They’ll still clamber onto anything they can reach, but they’ll do so with caution and make sure all four paws are secure before moving on.

Cat trees with close-together ramps and perches will enable your cat climb them without leaping too far. These characteristics are critical when choosing a cat tree for elderly cats.

Short cat trees for cats with arthritis can also be beneficial. They’re tall enough for your cat to appreciate the view out the window while still providing lower places for your cat to jump onto.


Some cat trees are specifically built for little cats or kittens. These options are especially great for your elderly cat because the perches are closer together than on large breed cat trees.

However, the area given on each tier may not be sufficient to ensure your senior kitty feels secure. Your elderly cat may desire more space to stretch out and turn around because they have less mobility than their younger counterparts.

Many kittens prefer to have enough space to find their feet before climbing to the next level. This also applies to napping areas.

Arthritic cats may prefer stretching out in condominiums or on wider perches rather than snuggling up in hammocks as often as they did when they were younger.

Remember to take into account the available space in your home. Small cat trees can easily fit beneath a window or in a corner, while cat tower designs for huge cats require a lot of space and are frequently attached to a wall.


You must ensure that the cat tree is solid as well as that each seat is easily accessible to your feline. This includes the material used to make the perches.

Bolstered resting areas with cushioned cushions are ideal for snoozing, but if your older cat prefers to move from firm ground, they may not enjoy climbing over the squishy texture to reach the next tier or climb back down.


With lots of area for many cats to play and stretch out on, the FEANDREA 37.8-in Faux Fleece Cat Tree & Condo, our overall best cat tree for senior cats, provides your senior felines with an easy climb between close perches and a condo for quiet sleeps.

BestForPets‘s (bestforpets.org) recommendation for the finest cat tree for older cats for the money is affordable for modest budgets, fits into compact flats, and still allows your senior cat to enjoy the view via a window.

These are the 10 best cat trees for older cats reviews, and they should have helped you find a solution to keep your senior feline active.

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