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15 Best Cat Trees For Large Cats In Canada

Cats enjoy climbing, and it is an excellent method to keep them mentally busy and active.

Cat trees are also an excellent piece of furniture for keeping your cat off counters and bookshelves, but finding one that is appropriate (and solid enough) for large cats can be difficult.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) went through a plethora of options to offer you the best cat trees for large cats in Canada reviews. Continue reading for our suggestions.


Hey-brother Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo — Overall Winner

  • Engineered wood and cotton
  • perch style hammock
  • 50x50x110 cm Dimensions
  • 17.2 kg in weight

The Hey-brother Multi-level Cat Tree Condo is extremely durable and our choice for the best overall cat tree for large cats in Canada.

With a weight of 37 pounds, huge cats should have a difficult time tipping it over, especially if you have more than one cat. If you’re concerned about stability, it comes with a strap that may be used to secure it to the wall.

To meet your cat’s scratching needs, this structure includes numerous levels wrapped in soft material. Two “condos” give a comfortable napping area, while a perch and hammock provide additional options for relaxing.

It even has dangling balls and twine to provide the ultimate interactive environment. With a little DIY know-how, you can have this cat tree up and running in just 15 minutes.


  • Design with multiple layers
  • Anti-tipping mechanisms
  • Surface that is soft
  • Simple to construct


  • Assembling requires the use of tools.
  • It is difficult to move.


Best Buy: Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo

  • Wood, engineered
  • Fashion Activity Center
  • 55.983.8182.9 cm Dimensions
  • 52 pound weight

For the money, the Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo is the best cat tree for large cats in Canada.

It’s a multi-level cat activity center with perches, cat condos, and even ramps for easy jumping between floors. To stimulate scratching, the poles have varying surfaces.

This cat tree takes some effort to put together (around 30 minutes), but it can be done by one person.

The light-colored carpet will require regular brushing and steaming, but it holds up well, and most cat trees should be cleaned on a regular basis to keep them in good condition.

According to some customers, this cat tree isn’t the best quality available, but it’s a good buy. It can withstand frequent usage by a Maine Coon, showing that it is more than adequate for most large cats.


  • Design with multiple layers
  • Level transitions
  • Various textures to stimulate scratching
  • Excellent value for money
  • One person can put it together.


  • Light-colored carpet must be cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Withstands huge cats well


FEANDREA Cat Tree Furniture for Large Cats – Excellent Option

  • Wood, engineered
  • Fashion Activity Center
  • 59.939.984.1 cm in length
  • 24 pound weight

The FEANDREA Cat Tree Furniture for Huge Cats is our top choice for large cat trees in Canada. The basic two-level form of this tree includes condos, a top perch, and several scratching surfaces.

The condominiums itself may be modified in size to best fit your cat and come in three different colors to match your home decor.

There are also raised borders that can be utilized as bolsters for your cat’s head to rest on while napping. This tree may be attached to the wall for extra-large or agile cats.

This cat tree is not very straightforward to assemble and does not come with pre-drilled holes for wall anchoring, so you’ll need a few tools and some crafty abilities to get it up and running.

The plush carpeting also sheds fibers over time.


  • Several surfaces
  • Complement your home’s decor.
  • Bolster pillows for comfortable resting
  • For further stability, it can be bolted to the wall.


  • It’s difficult to put together.
  • Carpet fibers shed


2-Story Cat Tree by YAHEETECH

  • Particleboard, plush, and sisal rope
  • Cat condo in style
  • 59.939.985.1 cm in length
  • 19.84 pound weight

The YAHEETECH 2-story Cat Tree has two levels of pleasant resting spots, giving your cat plenty of places to hang out.

Although this tree is more of a bed/nest/perch than an activity center, it does contain multi-textured posts that stimulate scratching.

An anti-topple strap is included to secure this cat tree to the wall, and the surface is exceptionally soft, allowing your giant cat to nestle luxuriously.

The most common complaint about this two-story cat tree is that cats must jump quite high to reach the summit. If you have an elderly cat or one who is too heavy to jump, this may not be the tree for you.


  • Several perches for resting
  • Scratching is encouraged by textured posts.
  • Surface is really soft.
  • Included is an anti-toppling strap.


  • To move between stages, you must leap.


Cat Tree Condo by Go Pet Club

  • Engineered wood and faux fur
  • Fashion Activity Center
  • 106.759.7222 cm in length
  • 32 pound weight

To keep your huge cat active and occupied, the Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo features five cat condos, several scratching posts, tunnels, perches, and ramps.

Because this cat tree/condo combination is rather huge, it will not fit in tiny places. If you have numerous cats, however, it can fit them all and is large enough to hold enormous kitties.

Because of the size of this cat tree, assembly takes some time, but the instructions are clear and all supplies are provided.

If you want to add ladders, ropes, or swings, there are various further add-on possibilities. There is no anti-tip hardware included, but the tree appears to be strong enough without it.


  • Complete recreation center
  • Multiple huge cats can be accommodated.
  • Simple to construct
  • All required hardware is provided.
  • Add-on toys and accessories are included for additional excitement.


  • Assembling takes time.
  • Large in size — will not fit in small areas
  • There is no anti-tip hardware provided.


Cat Tower by Go Pet Club

  • Wood, engineered
  • Cat condo in style
  • 76.2114.3203 cm Dimensions
  • 68 pound weight

This Go Pet Club Cat Tower is simple to install and includes several nooks and perches for your cat to nap or hang out on. Because it is a tower-style tree, it takes up vertical space and is suitable for homes or flats with limited square footage.

Because the high platforms on this tower are close together, most cats should have no trouble jumping between levels. The most common complaint about this cat tower is its lack of stability.

When huge cats jump on top of it, it shakes, so it’s vital that this component is fastened to a wall. Unfortunately, the hardware for tying the tree is not included, so you will need to purchase it independently.


  • Ideal for tiny rooms.
  • Platforms are near to one another.


  • Requires wall anchoring for stability
  • Anchoring hardware is not supplied.


New 4 Perch Cat Condo for Cats

  • Material Wood
  • Style Bed/Perch
  • 50.8x61x165.1 cm Dimensions
  • 55 pound weight

The New Cat 4 Perch Cat Condo provides your cat with four bed-style perches. The tree is carpeted for comfort, and one tower is constructed of unoiled sisal rope to serve as a scratching post.

This tree is intended to hold huge cats or many cats. You won’t have to worry about your cat fitting because there are no tunnels or enclosed spaces.

In comparison to other cat trees, this one is simple to put together, so your cats may enjoy it nearly immediately once it arrives.

The New Cat 4 Perch Cat Condo does not come with any anchoring gear, but it is built of solid wood, so it should be pretty sturdy.

However, the domestic carpeting used to cover the tree is likely to drop fibers over time, and the firm provides no choice or guarantee concerning the color of the carpeting on the tree when you purchase it.


  • There are four perches.
  • The scratching post is included.
  • Made from genuine wood
  • Simple to construct


  • There is no anchoring hardware included.
  • Carpeting from the home
  • There are no color options.


OTLIVE Extra Large Cat Tree

  • Wood, engineered
  • Cat condo in style
  • 86.938.976.2 cm in length
  • Weight data is not available.

This OTLIVE Large Cat Tree is lower to the ground than typical cat trees, making it an excellent choice for cats with mobility concerns.

While there are two levels, your cat can advance to the second level by taking a step rather than leaping.

It comes with two box-style cat condominiums and a burrowing tunnel, and the top surface is made of claw-board to stimulate scratching.

This tree’s low height and spread assure stability, so you won’t have to worry about anchoring it to the wall. The major disadvantage of this tree is its size and color.

The soft carpeting is comfortable for cats to rest on, but because it is white, it will require extra effort to keep clean on a regular basis.

It also takes up a lot of floor space, so put it somewhere where it won’t be in the way.


  • There’s no need to jump.
  • Several surfaces
  • Integrated claw board
  • It is stable and does not require any wall anchoring.


  • It takes up a lot of floor area.
  • Regular cleaning is required.


Main Coon Cat Tower of Prestige

  • Material Wood
  • Cat Tower in Fashion
  • 61x61x165.1 cm Dimensions
  • 75 pound weight

This Prestige Main Coon Cat Tower’s name tells you everything you need to know about its suitability for huge cats! The Maine Coon is one of the most populous domestic cat breeds.

If this tree can withstand their weight, it will certainly withstand your enormous cat. Having said that, this structure was built for climbers and jumpers.

The perches are very far apart, so you’ll need an active, nimble cat to navigate the tree. Because this tree ships practically fully assembled, it just takes 4-5 minutes to assemble.

If you want to complement your décor, there are several colors to pick from, and the tree is built of solid wood for stability.

Unfortunately, the size and solidity of this cat tree are not without cost. It is by far one of the most costly cat trees on the market, but if you want one that can withstand a large cat, this is the tree for you.


  • Made to house Maine Coon cats.
  • Solid wood construction
  • It comes together in minutes.
  • A variety of colors


  • Expensive
  • Extensive climbing/jumping between perches is required.


Staggered Prestige Cat Tree

  • Material Wood
  • Cat Tree in Fashion
  • Dimensions: 54.955.9177.8 cm
  • 72 pound weight

The Prestige Staggered Cat Tree is great for individuals who dislike complicated assembly. This tree is completely constructed and ready to use for your cat.

As a result, it’s a simple, easy cat tree. There are several various designs of perches for your cat to rest on, as well as sisal rope scratching posts, but there isn’t much else.

This tree is suitable for huge cats due to its substantial wood structure. It’s also really hefty, so it’s unlikely to topple over.

Your cat will need to be able to leap between perches because the shag carpeting sheds over time.


  • Ships are being built.
  • Sturdy


  • Carpeting for sheds
  • Cats must be able to jump.

Choosing the Best Cat Tree for Large Cats in Canada: A Buyer's Guide

Do You Require a Cat Tree?

There are numerous reasons why you should get your cat a tree.

The main reason is that it provides your cat with a spot to call their own and a safe haven from anything (or anyone) on the ground.

Cats enjoy hiding, climbing, and jumping. A cat tree provides them with their own space to do all of this.

A cat tree has numerous advantages for both you and your cat:

  • Somewhere to climb and sleep without causing damage to the furniture
  • A secure area to scratch
  • A place where they can groom themselves in quiet
  • A place to hide from tiny children, pets, or even yourself.

Can Large Cats Use Cat Trees?

When there is too much weight on a cat tree, castle, or activity center, it becomes unsteady. The cat trees in this list are made specifically for huge cats and are strong enough to support their weight.

However, there are a few techniques to correct for instability in a cat tree if you’re concerned about it collapsing.

The heavier the tree, the less likely your cat will be able to tip it over. Many of these trees also include anti-topple gear that allows you to secure them to a wall.

The location of your cat tree is also important. Placing it in the corner of the room makes it more difficult for your cat to knock it around than putting it in the center.

It also limits the tree’s ability to rock in two directions rather than three.


While finding a cat tree for huge cats can be difficult, there are many options available.

These reviews of the best cat trees for large cats in Canada only talk about trees that are strong enough for bigger cats, so they should be a good place to start your search. 

To summarize, the Hey-brother Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo is the greatest overall cat tree for large cats in Canada.

This tree is both a cat condo and a full-fledged activity center for your cat’s wants to play, jump, climb, and slumber.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo is BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org) greatest cat tree for huge cats in Canada for the money.

This cat tree still meets all of your huge cat’s demands while being less expensive than many other brands. A premium choice is the EANDREA Cat Tree Furniture for Large Cats.

This activity center includes bolster pillows, extra soft carpeting, and the flexibility to customize the color to match your décor.

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