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15 Best Cat Trees And Condos

Cats have an innate need to climb and scratch. However, it is quite likely that a purely indoor cat will confront limitations in this part of its personality.

A cat tree, on the other hand, will allow the cat to pursue these aspects of its personality to some level.

Shopping for the greatest cat tree, condo, or tower for your kitty entails researching the many options on the market before making a purchase.

The right cat tree will provide your cat plenty of exercise and fun while also providing her with her own space to unwind.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has researched and tested dozens of cat tree and cat condo products to bring you the best cat trees and condos on the market today. 


Faux Fur Cat Tree by Go Pet Club – Best Value

  • 23 inches tall
  • Faux fur and sisal cover materials
  • Any pet weight is acceptable.
  • Condos: 0
  • 1 scratching post
  • Perches: 2

This little cat tree from Go Pet Club is only 23 inches tall, yet it still has enough space for two cats.

There is no weight limit, and two separate perches ensure that both cats may fit comfortably. Because it’s so little, this tree is far less expensive than many other options, and we believe it’s the greatest cat tree for the money.

This cat tree is an excellent choice if you have limited space. It takes up a square 20 inches across, and because it’s so short, you can fit it under a counter or in another small space if necessary.

This tree is draped in a faux fur carpet, but be careful that it sheds a lot, so expect to find threads all over the place. Still, for the price, it’s difficult to beat everything this cat tree has to offer.


  • When room is limited, a compact size is ideal.
  • Your cat can use it for a variety of purposes.
  • It’s a terrific place for your cat to nap.
  • There is enough space for two cats to live together at the same time.
  • Less expensive than alternative options


  • The carpeting has a tendency to shed and produce a mess.

Faux Fleece Cat Tree & Condo by Armarkat

  • 68 inches tall
  • Faux fleece and sisal cover materials
  • Pet weight limit: up to 60 pounds
  • Condos: 1
  • 10 Scratching Posts
  • Perches: 2

This Armarkat cat tree and condo is a little more expensive than alternatives, but it packs a lot into a 68-inch box. Your kitties will have practically limitless scratching chances with 10 scratching posts.

It has a weight limit of 60 pounds, so even if you have multiple large cats, this tree will keep them safe. The perches, however, are a touch too little for the largest of cats.

Unlike many similar goods, this cat tree is very simple to put up. The directions are clear and simple to follow, which is unusual for such devices.

There’s even a little toy that hangs from the highest perch to keep cats entertained if they’re brave enough to climb that high.


  • Almost limitless scratching opportunities
  • A high weight limit is appropriate for multi-cat homes.
  • Strong and stable
  • Simple installation with detailed instructions


  • Pricier than comparable choices
  • Large breeds may be too big for the perches.

Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo by Go Pet Club

  • 62 inches tall
  • Faux fur and sisal cover materials
  • Pet weight limit: up to 12 pounds
  • Condos: 1
  • 7 Scratching Posts
  • Perches: 1

This Go Pet Club cat tree, available in six colors, is fairly adaptable, albeit it’s rather little for large cats, with a weight limit of only 12 pounds.

We enjoy all of the features it has, including as a basket, condo, perch, and tube, but because of the low weight limit, it’s really only ideal for kittens or small breeds.

Despite this, it has a large footprint that takes up a lot of floor space, measuring 27 by 38 inches. Still, given everything it offers, it’s reasonably priced, even if it’s not ideal for large cats or multi-cat families.


  • It comes with a perch, a basket, a condo, and other accessories.
  • Reasonably priced for what it provides
  • It is available in six distinct hues.


  • Only for cats weighing up to 12 pounds.
  • A large footprint takes up a lot of floor area.

Yaheetech Multi-Cat Plush Tree & Condo

  • 51 inches tall
  • Material: Sisal
  • Pet weight limit: up to 13 pounds
  • Condos: 1
  • 8 Scratching Posts
  • Perches: 4

While the Yaheetech Plush Multi-Cat Tree and Condo is advertised as being suitable for numerous cats, it is not particularly strong.

With a maximum weight capacity of 13 pounds for the platform and just 8.8 pounds for the hammock, its usability is likewise limited.

It does, however, have other attractions, including a tube, hammock, condo, ramp, and platforms.

We like the versatility, however because to its small size and limited weight capacity, this device is only ideal for little cats.

But, with a footprint of only 19.3 inches square, we’ll give it points for that, even if it’s not a cat tree we’d suggest in general.


  • For the size, the price is reasonable.
  • There are numerous scratchable surfaces available.


  • For large breed cats, the tube is too tiny.
  • The weight restriction for the hammock is 8.8 pounds.
  • The platform’s weight restriction is only 13 pounds.

Faux Fleece Cat Tree & Condo Kitty City Claw Mega Kit

  • 68 inches tall
  • Faux fleece and sisal cover materials
  • Pet weight limit: up to 20 pounds
  • Condos: 2
  • 4 Scratching Posts
  • Perches: 3

There’s no denying that the Kitty City Claw Mega Kit is a one-of-a-kind cat tree. It’s obvious that it’s different at first glance, but different isn’t necessarily better.

In this situation, we like the concept but not the execution. Although it is reasonably priced and has numerous ways to play, it simply does not hold together.

Because of the poor quality of construction, it falls apart several times per day. To begin with, it’s only suitable for cats weighing up to 20 pounds, but even with small cats, it’s continuously breaking apart.

Furthermore, this cat tree has a large footprint for its size, measuring 47.5 inches by 32.5 inches.

It’s a significant space sacrifice, and you’ll be frustrated by the continual need to reassemble it, which is why this cat tree is at the bottom of the list.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Toys attached for a variety of play options


  • It takes up a lot of room.
  • Only appropriate for cats weighing up to 20 pounds.
  • Does not remain together

Feline Tree, Condo, and House from Go Pet Club

This super-soft, medium-sized Go Pet Club cat tree is an excellent choice for many pets. It’s a good size, and the perches are quite solid. It has a rope and a hanging toy to keep cats entertained.

The cat tree features two perches from which to survey the entire property and one cubby hole for your kitty to hide. The supports that keep the cat tree together are wrapped in natural sisal rope and double as scratching posts as well.


  • It is incredibly simple to put together and can be finished in no time.
  • A fantastic solution for cat owners with many cats.
  • The perches are pretty solid and the size is just great.


  • One of our readers complained that the carpet collects an excessive amount of cat fur.
  • Another reader noted that the poles were likewise carpeted rather than sisal fibers.

Midwest Inquisitive Cat Condo

The Midwest Curious Cat Condo is only intended for indoor usage. The doorway is spacious enough for even the largest breeds to enter the condo easily and relax in seclusion.

The condo’s lid is removable, and it is cushioned with elevated bolstered sides. The lid is strong enough to support the weight of a sleeping cat.

When your kitty is fast sleeping, the internal base of the condo is additionally padded for added comfort. On two sides, there are small, round openings for your cat to play peek-a-boo or check out what’s going on around them.

A matching plush hanging ball is included and can be attached anywhere on the cube for your cat to play with.


  • This Midwest cat condo is spacious enough for even larger breeds of cats.
  • The lid and interior of the apartment are cushioned to provide tremendous comfort whether she is inside or on top of the condo.
  • The lid of the apartment is removable, making it easy to clean from the inside.


  • A couple of people have wrote to tell us that the cat condo is prone to tipping over.
  • A few additional readers complained that the product had an unpleasant odor, similar to that of a chemical.

Furhaven Cat Tree and Condo

The Furhaven Pet Cat Tree & Condo is more of a playground than a cat tree, featuring a hanging puffball, a bouncy ball wand, a dangling prey toy mouse, and a highly engaging IQ busy box to keep your kitties engaged.

The cat tree contains sisal-covered supports for your kitties to scratch on. The multi-level platforms and dwellings are both lined with luxuriously soft faux-fur, making for an extremely pleasant sleeping and playing surface.

In the form of two condos, this cat tree includes specific areas for lounging and relaxing. The lower condo is large enough for the cat to play with the dangling toy, while the higher bunker is ideal for a perch to keep an eye on the surroundings.


  • This cat playground comes in two colors: cream and gray, so you can match it to your existing decor.
  • The platforms with numerous levels are larger and more roomy.
  • For added comfort, the entire thing is coated in soft and velvety fabric.
  • There are various tiers and interactive activities on the cat tree.


  • This product may take longer to put together.
  • This item may be difficult to locate and clean.
  • Due to a twisted platform, it is difficult to accommodate near a wall.

Cat Condo for Playing and Relaxing on2Pets

The On2Pets Cat Condo genuinely resembles a tree. When we first spotted it, we thought it was a little bush. It’s called a cat condo, and if you look closely under the leaves, you’ll notice an entire recreational zone for the kitty.

It’s just a few platforms for the kitty to sneak away and slumber, peep through the leaves, or pretend to hunt a bird or two.

This cat tree looks fantastic in any space and caters to your feline’s natural impulses such as hunting, hiding, scratching, climbing, and sleeping.


  • This product, made of pressed wood, carpet, and artificial leaves, is ideal for satisfying your kitty’s natural need to hide behind nature.
  • It also looks like a real tree and can be used as home decor when placed indoors.
  • The tree can be put together in approximately 10 minutes.


  • One reader reported that the tree creaked under the weight of his enormous feline companion and that certain parts were missing when the goods came.

BEWISHOME Kitten Activity Tower and Cat Condo

BEWISHOME is more of a cat furniture store than a playground. There are two fur-covered platforms for perching at the top, one below the other.

There are two cubby holes beneath the two platforms, one larger and rectangular in shape and the other slightly smaller but circular.

Below the condos is a huge flat area with a hammock. The cat tree features four strategically placed scratching posts.

Toys swinging from the cat shelves and a length of hanging sisal rope are fantastic for keeping your kitty entertained when she wants to play.


  • This cat tree can keep your felines entertained without taking up too much space in your home.
  • This tree is attractive, compact, and appealing to cats. Tools and hardware, as well as assembly instructions, are included.
  • This cat tree has condominiums, perches, and a hammock to accommodate your cat’s natural impulses to hide, retreat, or repose.


  • Cats who scratch beyond the prescribed sisal rope-covered area risk pulling the soft fur apart.
  • Kittens may require assistance climbing the tree before they reach adulthood.

Buyer's Manual

We hope that the product reviews covered earlier in this piece have given you enough confidence to determine which product to buy.

If not, we are supplementing the reviews with our buyers guide, which focuses on the key factors that must be carefully considered before making a final decision.

Cat Tree Varieties

A cat tree is a piece of furniture that cat owners purchase when they notice their cats climbing and scratching on their furniture.

A cat tree provides a warm place for the cat to relax, a perch with a beautiful view of the surroundings, and some extra amenities such as scratching places and toys to play with.

Condo for Cats

A cat condo is critical for a cat’s health. Cats require a safe, enclosed location to rest and examine their environment. A cat condo is a cat tree with a cubby hole in which your cat may hide or snooze.

The design of the cat condo does not have to be complicated or expensive. The key characteristics of a cat condo are durability and accessibility.

Contemporary cat tree

A modern cat tree is something that will make you as happy as your cat. A modern cat tree should have various characteristics.

The three key concerns should be design, durability, and entertainment value. The most discouraging aspect of purchasing cat trees for a home or apartment is that they are not visually pleasing.

Choose something that will go well with your current decor. Designer cat trees will please both the owner and the cat in terms of aesthetic and practicality.

Tree Climbing Cat

Indoor cats can use cat climbing trees to satisfy their climbing desires without unsettling their human companions.

Even cats who are permitted outside like cat climbers, even though they have lots of other climbing options.

Cat climbing trees are sometimes known as cat gyms because they have hanging toys that the cat may bat around at will.

At the bottom levels of many of the more complex cat climbing trees, there are cubby holes or tunnels for your feline to hang out in.

Floor-to-ceiling cat tree

Floor-to-ceiling cat trees could imply two different things to different people. These cat trees are divided into two categories: broad and narrow.

The Narrow Cat Tree

Some people believe that floor-to-ceiling cat trees should be so narrow that they must be connected from the floor to the ceiling in order to stand. These trees are very tall, very slender, and take up very little space.

Large Cat Tree

Wider floor-to-ceiling cat trees reach the ceiling for further support, but they already have a wide base and do not require support from the ceiling to stay upright. These trees take up a little more room.

Cat Tree Made of Wood

The majority of cat trees on the market are not constructed of wood. You will have to go a little deeper to discover wood cat trees, but if you want something that is long-lasting and easy to repair rather than being replaced entirely, there is no better option, regardless of their greater price.

Feline Tree in the Corner

Corner cat trees are becoming popular among cat owners who have limited room. Corner cat trees, unlike larger feline furniture, do not require much work to put together.

In fact, the majority of them are ready to use when they arrive. You only need a few screws to secure the tree to the wall.

Otherwise, they can be placed in a corner and can easily fit in with your home design.

Cat Tree in the Shape of a Tree

It is so tragic that we cannot provide our pet cats with the forest of their dreams.

But why would you want the cat to fantasize about a jungle when you can create one right in your living room? Cat trees aren’t exactly novel, but cat trees that resemble real trees?

These amazing tree-like cat trees not only bring nature into your living room, but they also maintain your kitty mentally and physically healthy.

You’ll be able to pick something that suits your aesthetic preferences while still keeping your cat happy.

Hammock for Kitty Tree

Nothing is more valuable to a cat than the security provided by high places. Our feline pals, from leopards to domestic cats, have never felt safer than when they can view from a higher altitude.

As a result, it is our responsibility as cat owners to provide the next best thing in security in the comforts of our living room.

A cat tree with a hammock provides a safe, comfy, and entertaining environment for your kitty to relax psychologically and physically. It also protects your furnishings from your feline friend’s sharp claws.

The Cat Tower

Many individuals enjoy keeping cats in their homes. Cats are natural climbers, however their climbing may cause damage to your furnishings.

Many cat owners solve this problem by using cat towers or cat trees.

The cat tower keeps your kitty busy while protecting your furnishings from harm caused by her antics. Cat towers on the market come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles.

Poles for Cats

A cat pole is a pole-like structure covered in a rough substance that encourages the cat to scratch.

Scratching helps them eliminate old material from their claws and mark territory with smell glands on their paws.

Many cat poles are actually a combo product that includes scratching posts, perches, and hide-outs all rolled into one product known as a cat tree/cat condo/cat tower.

Cat Playground

Cats enjoy a wide range of activities in the outdoors. They are scratchers, climbers, and hunters by nature. They desire the security that lofty locations provide.

Such options are very impossible to provide for an indoor cat. Cat owners, on the other hand, let their felines to express their natural instincts by providing them with a cat activity tree.

This item includes multi-level platforms, cubby hideaways, hammocks, and dangling toys.

Depending on her mood, your cat can jump, climb, perch, relax, play, or simply remain hidden. It serves as an indoor play place for your cat.

Stand for Cats

People who live with cats discover that their feline companions’ innate behavior is severely limited.

Scratching, climbing, and jumping irritate cat owners because they ruin their furniture and home decor.

However, limiting instinctual behavior may dull the kitty and cause her to strive to escape outside. A cat stand is a play area, a relaxing spot, a hide-out, a perch, and a scratching post all in one.

It is a piece of furniture for the cat to call her own within your home. She has complete freedom to jump, play, climb, and scratch with it.

Factors to consider when purchasing a cat tree


Cat trees come in a variety of sizes and layouts. They are also intended to perform various functions. A cat tree provides a pleasant environment.

When the tree is placed near a window, it makes an excellent perch for watching birds. The tallest point on the cat tree offers the elevation that cats crave.

Cat trees are carpeted and equipped with scratching posts. Most cat trees include numerous levels for the feline to perch on, as well as places for the feline to repose, such as cradles, hammocks, and cat beds. Some cat trees also have cubby enclosures where your cat may hide.

The personality of your cat

The cat tree should be carefully selected after taking into account your kitty’s age, size, climbing skill, and activity level.

A tall or multi-level cat tree is ideal for an active cat who enjoys climbing. Senior cats who like to relax will appreciate a cat tree with easily accessible beds or napping spaces.

Cats who feel safe napping in a cubby enclosure will like a cat tree with one or two such holes. If your cat is playful, it may also include toys.

If you have more than one cat, it is best to have two cat trees or one extra-large cat tree with many scratching posts and a sleeping area for each cat.

Surface scuffing

Cats scratch in a variety of ways. Many people enjoy scratching carpeted poles, while others prefer wood or sisal rope. If you are unsure of your kitty’s preferences, make sure the cat tree provides more than one option.


The cat tree you purchase should be strong so that it does not topple over if your cat jumps or climbs on it. A falling cat tree may frighten the kitty and make her unwilling to utilize it again.

Examine the design of the cat tree to determine whether it was created for aesthetics or sturdiness. Select a cat tree with a design that strikes the ideal blend of aesthetic appeal and durability.

Additional factors

The perches, platforms, and ladders must be solid enough to hold your beloved cat’s weight. Cubby enclosure holes should be large enough for your cat to enter and depart.

If you foresee having to move the cat tree frequently, two cat trees or a modular design would be preferable to a massive floor-to-ceiling cat tree.

Also, keep an eye out for the cat tree’s stuff. A solid wood cat tree would be more durable and appealing than one made of particleboard.

A cat tree coated in carpeting will endure longer than one covered in faux fur. Take note of how the cat tree is held together.

Screws, rather than nails, perform a better job of holding the cat tree together and can be tightened if they go loose during use.


What is the price of a cat tree?

Cat trees are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Some are extremely simple in design, while others can be quite intricate.

Simple ones are inexpensive, costing approximately $30, but fancier patterns may be more expensive. The price may also be affected by the materials used and the quantity of features included in the cat tree.

How long can a cat hang out in a tree?

The length of time a cat tree can serve a cat is determined by things such as the number of cats you have and how active they are.

The material selected for the cat tree is also an important consideration that will influence how long the cat can use the tree.

Which cat tree is ideal for huge cats?

Cats have an innate need to scratch and ascend above ground level. It can be difficult to locate a cat tree for huge cats.

The work is complicated by the enormous number of low-quality cat trees sold as durable and dependable. A huge cat tree will have sturdy posts and a firm base.

Large cats require a tree that is strong enough to resist the impact of their jumping on and off it.

How do I select a cat tower?

A number of elements must affect your purchasing decision. First and foremost, read up on the functions of the cat tower, as explained in the previous section of this piece.

Consider the kitty’s personality qualities such as age, size, weight, and activity level. Consider your cat’s choice for scratching surfaces, as well as whether the cat tower meets that criterion.

If your cat is enormous and extremely active, the tower must be equally strong to withstand all of your feline pal’s hopping, climbing, and clawing.

Before purchasing a cat tower, other elements such as the number of platforms, hammocks, scratching surfaces, toys, and so on should be thoroughly evaluated.

Where should a cat condo be placed?

Several factors must be taken into account. The cat condo can be placed in the area where your cat spends the most time.

The decision should also be impacted by how safe it will keep your furniture from being harmed by your pet’s antics now that it has its own furnishings.

Depending on your kitty’s nature and your own convenience, you can put a cat condo in your drawing room, living room, bedroom, or laundry room.


Cat trees, cat condos, and cat towers provide a lot of enjoyment for your pet and play a crucial role in their health.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) loved reviewing the products to help you select which one to purchase.

Following rigorous research and examination of each of the products displayed in the preceding section, we have established that the products Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo by Go Pet Club and Furhaven Cat Tree and Condo are the most notable and dependable possibilities for your consideration.

We really believe that this piece of cat furniture is critical to make your kitty’s indoor life a lot more exciting. We hope this best cat trees and condos list helps you make the right decision.

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