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The 14 Best Cat Treats (Healthy & Tasty)

It's a commonly known truth among cat owners that our felines deserve all of the treats. But what should we do if our cats are a little overweight and we need to keep them from overeating?

In this instance, the solution is to choose a nutritious and delectable cat treat so you can still pamper your cat without worrying about their weight.

It can be difficult to find the appropriate cat treat for your kitten, though, because there are so many to choose from. That's where our feedback comes in.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) examined dozens of the best cat treats (healthy & tasty) on the market that we believe are the best of the best.

From scrumptious freeze-dried snacks made from a single protein source to tempting treats meant to help your cat's skin and fur look and feel their best, our selection is sure to have the perfect cat treat for you.


Best Overall: Cat-Man-Doo Extra Large Dried Bonito Flakes

The Cat-Man-Do Extra Large Dried Bonito Flakes were chosen as the overall best cat treats.

These treats are made from pure dried Bonito fish flakes and are a good choice for cats on a calorie-controlled diet, as they only contain 5 kcals per serving. While low in calories, these flakes are high in protein, taurine, and natural fish oils.

These all-natural cat treats can be used during training sessions, sprinkled over kibble or wet food to boost palatability, or simply given as a gift when you want to reward your cat!

These Cat-Man-Doo flakes have a lot of favorable feedback; in fact, some cats appear to adore them so much that they get sad when they run out!


  • There are three bag sizes to choose from.
  • Only 5 kilocalories per serving
  • A single source of protein
  • There are no additives or preservatives.
  • Ingredients are few.


  • Larger flakes must be split in two.

Greenies Feline SmartBites – The Best Buy

If you’re seeking for the greatest nutritious cat treats for the money, the Greenies Feline SmartBites are the way to go!

These treats are not only tasty, but they are also made with natural components that will make your cat look and feel their best. These snacks are made to boost the health of your cat’s fur and skin.

These treats will also not interfere with your cat’s nutrition, as they contain less than 2 calories each treat. They’re high in fish oil and flaxseeds, which give a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids as well as vitamins and minerals.

The crispy exterior layer is surrounded by a mushy chicken-flavored middle. The only reason these didn’t take the top rank on this list is that they aren’t as appealing to all cats, but they are among the healthiest cat treats available.


  • There are two bag sizes to choose from.
  • There are no fillers.
  • Without preservatives
  • There are no artificial flavors.


  • Some cats dislike the flavor.

Premium Minnows Freeze-Dried Cat Treats from Vital Essentials

The Vital Essentials Minnows Freeze-Dried Cat Snacks were our top pick for nutritious cat treats. These are slightly more pricey than your ordinary treat, but they are well worth it.

Each treat is packed with raw meat and produced from raw, then freeze-dried minnow. That means there are no artificial flavors, byproducts, or fillers – just pure bliss!

If the source of origin is crucial to you when choosing the best cat treats, you can’t go wrong with these.

The snacks are not only made and packaged in the United States, but the minnows are also fished wild in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

So you know your cat is eating food grown locally. The only reason these natural cat treats did not make the top two slots on our list is because they are expensive.

Finally, these are our top picks for the finest nutritional snacks for cats.


  • A single source of protein
  • Made in America
  • It is low in fat.
  • There are no fillers or preservatives.


  • Some cats must become accustomed to these goodies.

Grain-Free Halo Liv-a-Littles Cat Treats

The Halo Liv-a-Littles Grain-Free Cat Treats are made with freeze-dried, not dehydrated, whole animal protein from wild-caught salmon.

When it comes to these delicacies, farm-raised salmon is a no-no, as is the use of any artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.

These healthy Halo snacks have only 6 calories per treat, making them ideal for cats on a calorie-controlled diet.

These treats are pretty huge chunks of pure freeze-dried salmon, so you’ll probably need to split them up into smaller pieces to offer them to your cat as a bite-sized treat.

You may even crumble them up and sprinkle them on top of kibble or wet food to persuade a picky eater.


  • Made in America
  • Very easily digested
  • High protein content


  • Breaking down into smaller bits is required.

Grain-Free Blue Buffalo Wilderness Cat Treats

If you’re searching for a tiny, tasty, and healthy treat alternative, the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Cat Treats are a fantastic choice.

With only 1.3 calories per treat, they are an excellent choice for training or simply rewarding your cat for being fantastic!

While the first ingredient is actual chicken, they also contain chicken meal, which some cat owners may choose to avoid.

Cats appear to appreciate these crunchy little treats, but because they are little, some cats may consume them too rapidly.


  • There are two sizes available.
  • Grain-free
  • Made in America


  • This product contains chicken meal.
  • A lengthy component list

Prescription Diet by Hill’s Cat Treats for Metabolic Weight Management

If your cat is on a calorie-controlled diet, it can be difficult to find a healthy cat treat that is low in calories. The Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Weight Management in this case Cat treats are an excellent option.

These snacks are not only delicious, but they also help your cat feel fuller for longer. They won’t be hovering around their food bowl waiting for the next meal this way!

What we don’t like about these treats is that the first ingredient is chicken by-products, which many cat owners strive to avoid.

They also have natural (excellent) and artificial flavors (bad). You’ll also need to get permission from your veterinarian for these goodies.


  • Ideal for dieting cats
  • Each goodie contains only one calorie.


  • Chicken by-products are present.
  • A lengthy component list
  • Veterinary approval is required.

Purchasing the Healthiest and Best Cat Treats

When looking for the greatest healthy cat treats for your own pet, the first thing to consider is the sort of cat treat.

Freeze-dried snacks

These are typically manufactured from a single animal protein source or a combination of several.

They don’t usually include anything else than animal protein, making them an excellent choice if your cat has allergies or is on a limited-ingredient diet.

The process of freeze-drying helps to preserve all of the vitamins, minerals, and natural goodness of genuine meat.

Dry snacks

These are the “standard” cat treats, consisting of a combination of components that are then molded.

These are available in a wide variety of flavors and varieties, so if you’re seeking for a tuna-flavored low-calorie treat, you’re sure to find one!

Soft snacks

These contain more moisture than other treats and have a softer texture that may appeal to some cats. Senior cats who struggle to crunch dry food appear to prefer softer goodies.

Textured delights

Some delicacies have a soft interior surrounded by a crunchy shell on the outside. If your cat can’t decide between textures, try a treat with both!

Specialty foods

Some treats are created for cats who have specific dietary needs, such as a calorie-controlled diet, a grain-free diet, or a low protein diet.

Just because your cat has special dietary needs doesn’t mean you can’t find a treat for them! Some speciality snacks will require veterinary approval before you can purchase them.

This is as simple as sending your veterinarian’s information to the online retailer.

Ingredients to keep an eye out for

Consider the ingredients list while selecting the best cat treats for your cat.

While there are no specific components you should avoid at all costs, there may be some that you don’t want your cat to consume.

Byproducts of meat

Some treats contain meat by-product meal, and if you avoid it in your cat’s regular diet, it makes sense to do the same with the treats you give them.

Artificial flavors and colors are used

It’s a good idea to avoid snacks that contain a lot of artificial colors and tastes. While they may make a reward appear more appealing to your cat, they will not benefit them.

If “natural flavor” is specified, be careful that the product is not as natural as the term suggests. It’s a highly concentrated animal tissue additive.

It is added to treats to make them enticing to your cat and can sometimes mask the fact that the treat contains very little goodness.

Why is it necessary for a cat treat to be healthy?

You may believe that all cat treats are made equal and that it makes no difference whatever packet you buy from the grocery store.

That is not at all the case. Cat snacks contain calories, and if you don’t keep track of how many treats your cat gets per day, those calories can quickly pile up.

That’s not a big deal if your cat is slim and healthy, but if your cat is on a calorie-controlled diet, you’ll notice them gaining weight quickly.

Whatever treat you choose to feed, make sure to include it in your cat’s daily meals. This could imply giving them less kibble or wet food to compensate for the extra calories from the treats you use throughout the day.

Many of us also devote a significant amount of time and effort to finding the greatest cat food for our felines, ensuring that it contains only the finest ingredients.

However, if we do not apply the same criteria when selecting cat treats, we risk exposing our cats to meat by-products, flavorings, and preservatives that we avoid in their regular food.

By selecting a nutritious cat treat, perhaps even an organic cat treat, you can offer your cat treats without worrying about what they contain or how they will influence your cat’s weight.


That concludes our discussion. We hope you now have a decent notion of the finest healthy cat treat for your spoiled kitten.

To refresh your memory, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) chose the Cat-Man-Do Extra Large Dried Bonito Flakes. These contain simply bonito fish as a protein source and nothing else.

Cats enjoy the strong fishy flavor of these flakes, and with only 5 kcals per serving, you can indulge your cat without compromising their diet.

For a special treat, give these flakes whole or crumbled on top of your cat’s supper. The Greenies Feline SmartBites were chosen as the best nutritious cat treats for the money.

These 2 kcal low-calorie sweets have a twofold texture to make them more enticing. They contain components that will help keep your cat’s skin and fur in good shape.

We hope you found our reviews of the best cat treats (healthy & tasty) useful in locating the best cat treats that are both nutritious and delightful for your cat.

We’re confident that your cat will let you know if you made the proper choice!

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