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The 7 Best Cat Toys For Maine Coons

As cat owners, we are all aware of the importance of play for our kitties. Yet, as a Maine Coon owner, you are aware that they are large cats, and large cats need large toys!

No matter how old they are, Maine coons are still thought of as kittens at heart, so it is important for their physical and mental health to let them run, play, and pounce.

However, selecting the best toys for giant cats can be difficult, so here are BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) reviews of the best cat toys for Maine coons to make your life easier.

You'll need to choose which toy your Maine Coon prefers from the many options available.


Yeowww! Yellow Banana Catnip Toy — Best Overall

Yeowww is the greatest overall cat toy for Maine Coons. Yellow Banana Catnip Toy. Catnip with cat means great moments for everyone!

This banana toy is 7 inches long, which may not be long enough for a Maine Coon to get a good bunny kick, but it’s sufficiently sized and reasonably priced.

Made with cotton twill and stitched by hand in the United States. It is also manufactured from organic and natural components, making it suitable for licking and chewing. But, it is also sturdy enough to resist the wear and tear of a cat.

Importantly, it is filled with 100 percent organic catnip, and we can testify that it is powerful! Nevertheless, some cat owners may have issues with the toy’s longevity if their Maine Coon enjoys it.


  • Crafted with sturdy cotton twill and stitched by hand in the United States.
  • Composed entirely from natural substances
  • Very affordable
  • Long enough for most cats to kick a rabbit.
  • 100% strong organic catnip


  • May not be very sturdy

Premium Option: TRIXIE 5-in-1 Activity Board for Cats

The 5-in-1 Activity Board from TRIXIE is our top selection. It is an excellent choice if your Maine Coon is easily bored, as the hard puzzle will excite your cat’s curiosity and senses.

You set a couple of your cat’s favorite goodies on the activity board, which has five tough methods for your cat to get the treats. These difficulties need that your cat find out how to extract goodies from globes, pegs, and tunnels.

But, being a luxury option, it is more expensive than the other toys on our list. In addition, if your Maine Coon has very big paws or is polydactyl, they may have difficulties extracting rewards from specific obstructions.


  • Arouses the senses and curiosity of the cat
  • Five obstacles for your cat to overcome.
  • Cats must use their intelligence to solve the riddles.
  • You might add sweets to hurdles as a kind of incentive


  • Pricey
  • Maybe too little for large paws.

MeoHui Feather Wand Toy for Cats

The MeoHui Cat Feather Wand is a great method to thrill your Maine Coon for playtime. You will get two telescoping wands that can be extended from 15 to 39 inches in length, making them simple to store.

In addition, it includes two strings with two replacements for each rod, five feather refills, and four squiggly worm refills, so you have alternatives and replacements.

The string contains an easy-to-use clasp for undoing and reattaching the feathers and worms. In addition, cats like playing with feather wands, and it is an excellent way to exercise and connect with your Maine Coon.

Nevertheless, the wands may break after prolonged usage, and you must keep a close eye on your cat near this toy since it is possible for them to ingest the lures.


  • Includes two telescoping wands
  • Two chords, five feathers, and four worms.
  • Simple-to-use clasp for modifying the lure.
  • Great method to interact with your cat via play


  • May break after usage
  • Cats may consume the lures, which must be watched.

Huge Tunnel Bed in Kitty City

The Kitty City Big Cat Tunnel Bed is both a play area and a bed for your Maine Coon. When combined, the two tunnels form one circular tunnel with the bed in the centre. It has two zippered entrances, and the tunnel is meant for big cats, so the majority of Maine Coons can easily fit.

The problem is that, while it’s excellent that it’s big enough for Maine Coons, it also occupies a lot of floor area. Also, the material for the tunnel is quite thin, and there are exposed metal wires; this is not harmful, but it may not be very pleasant.


  • Play tunnel and a comfy bed
  • Two tunnels that can be joined together are included.
  • The bed is a washable, thick, and pleasant plush material.
  • Huge in comparison to Maine Coons


  • Utilizes a great deal of floor area
  • Within are metal wires and a thin substance.

Tower of Tracks by Petstages for Cats

Within each tier of the Petstages Tower of Tracks are three balls for cats to bat around. Hence, you will not lose the balls, and the cats will still enjoy playing with them. It includes non-skid pads on the bottom, which assist hold it in place, and many cats may play with it.

Regrettably, this product has a bit of deceptive advertising, since it is shown as having two balls on each layer, however it only contains one ball on each tier. It is also light enough for cats to effortlessly turn it over.


  • Three levels with a single ball on each tier.
  • The balls remain on the track and are difficult to lose.
  • Containing nonslip pads on the bottom
  • Many cats are capable of playing with this toy.


  • The product image depicts two balls each tier, however there is only one ball per tier.
  • Easily toppleable

Variety Pack of Fashion’s Speak Cat Toys

Whether you are bringing home a new kitten or adult cat, the Fashion’s Talk Variety Pack of Cat Toys might serve as a great introductory bundle.

It also allows you to supply your Maine Coon with fresh toys that you may periodically replace to prevent excessive wear and tear.

That is a wonderful method for determining which toys your cat prefers. You will get 20 unique toys, which include balls, mice, feathers, and catnip.

The disadvantages with these toys are that you may wind up paying for several toys that your cat rejects, that some of the toys are poorly manufactured and may break apart, and that the toys seen in the image may not be the ones you get.


  • 20 diverse toys
  • Excellent method for determining your cat’s preferences
  • Contains mice, catnip, and feathers.
  • Excellent beginning set


  • Some are created inexpensively
  • You may be spending money on toys that your cat does not like.
  • The toys you get are chosen at random.

Cyahvtl Laser Indicator

The Cyahvtl Laser Pointer is unique among laser pointers! It is charged through USB and tells you when it’s fully charged, which is one of its most enticing features.

In addition to the standard red dot, it has four distinct red patterns for your cat to pursue. It features a sliding button to turn it on, so you don’t have to continually press your finger against the button to keep it on.

In addition to the laser pointer, it also has a blue UV light and a white flashlight. Nevertheless, many of these points tend to quit functioning after just a few months, and sometimes they cannot keep a charge for long.


  • Charging through USB port with charging completion notification
  • Four distinct red designs and a single red dot for your cat to pursue.
  • Sliding-button function keeps it on.
  • Has a UV light and flashlight in addition.


  • Some points lose functionality after a few months.
  • Not always able to retain a charge for an extended period.

Buyer's Guide

When purchasing for a big cat such as a Maine Coon, there are a range of cat toys to pick from; however, there are a few factors to consider.


This is a vital consideration when purchasing a huge cat. If you want a toy that your cat can bunny kick, double-check the proportions and even measure your cat’s length. The longer the toy, the better when cats bunny kick.

Checking the measures is a basic guideline to follow. Also included are purchases of cat tunnels, cat beds, and cat trees. Many Maine Coons are polydactyl, which means that their already enormous paws are much larger than typical; this is something to consider while purchasing toys.


Similarly to size, you must check the toys’ durability. With larger paws and more mass, these cats may wreak considerable damage to their toys. Read reviews before purchasing toys for your Maine Coon that are more robust and long-lasting. Other cat owners will explain the advantages and disadvantages of any toy you are considering.

Changing Them Out

It’s a good idea to periodically replace your cat’s toys, since this prolongs their lifespan and presents your cat with “fresh” toys more regularly. Start by concealing any toys that your cat formerly adored but has now lost interest in, and introduce a few new toys. Bring them back after a time, and put away the newest toys, which have likely also become tedious.

Spend Time Wisely

It is wise to get toys that your cat can play with without your assistance. There are a variety of devices available for purchase, including automatic laser pointers and butterflies. It is a good idea to have a few toys available for your cat to play with throughout the day.

To engage your cat in acrobatics and antics, however, you must also collect objects that you will need to utilize yourself. Gadgets such as feather wands can build your relationship and provide your Maine Coon with a fantastic exercise.


1. Can Maine Coons use stuffed animals as toys?

Cats of the breed Maine Coon may play with plush animals, but owners should always check the label beforehand. Avoid any kind of filling that provide a choking danger, and constantly supervise.

Never let a cat unattended with a plush animal or alone with a stuffed animal. Be sure there are no buttons, eyes, zippers, strings, or other potential risks on these charming but potentially hazardous toys.

2. Can Maine Coons engage in fetch?

Maine Coons can indeed play fetch. They are sometimes likened to dogs due to their enthusiasm for learning new games, tricks, and walking on leashes.

3. Will my Maine Coon enjoy water play?

Sure, Maine Coons like frolicking in the water. This species enjoys playing in a water dish or a kiddie pool. On a hot day, they may even like running in the sprinklers.

4. Should I get larger toys for my Maine Coon?

Maine Coons should only play with toys that pose no danger to their safety. This indicates that they should not be swallowable in size. Any pet climbing equipment should be capable of supporting at least 25 pounds of weight.


The Yeowww! Yellow Banana Catnip Toy is our favorite cat toy since it is created from all-natural materials and includes 100% organic and strong catnip. 

We selected TRIXIE’s 5-in-1 Activity Board as our premium option because it stimulates your cat’s senses and curiosity. Your cat must use their intelligence to overcome the hurdles.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that these reviews of the best cat toys for Maine coons have helped you choose a toy (or toys) that will keep your Maine Coon amused for a long time!

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