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10 Best Cat Toys For Exercising Your Cat

If your cat appears to have a lot of energy or needs to lose some weight, selecting a few toys to assist them exercise is a terrific idea.

Some cat breeds are especially energetic and like getting as much exercise as possible. They require a plethora of toys to keep them engaged!

Another concern is an overweight cat who requires extra encouragement to exercise and maintain a healthy weight.

There are so many toys to pick from that it might be difficult to determine which ones are best for your cat. The good news is that our reviews are specifically designed to address that question!

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) looked at the best cat toys for exercising your cat, as well as user input, to come up with the top ten for you to choose from.


PetFusion Ambush Interactive Electronic Cat Toy – High-Quality Option

While playing with your cat is enjoyable, if you need to spend time cleaning or cooking, you may require a toy to keep your energetic cat entertained.

By providing a moving feather target that pops out of six different holes, the PetFusion Ambush Interactive Electronic Cat Toy encourages your cat’s natural drive to pounce.

This toy also includes an LED light to attract and hold your cat’s interest, as well as a replacement feather in case your cat gets a little rough!

This requires four AA batteries, which are included, and may be used right away. There is an auto-shutoff option after 8 minutes, which not only helps to extend battery life but also prevents your cat from becoming overstimulated.

If you’re looking for a high-end alternative, we believe this is the ideal cat toy for exercising your cat.


  • Interactive
  • Anti-slip soles
  • Contains a replacement feather


  • Expensive


SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Electronic Cat Toy with Concealed Motion

If you have an active and enthusiastic cat who enjoys chasing things, the SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Electronic Concealed Motion Cat Toy is an excellent choice.

This interactive and electronic toy features a fabric circle that conceals LED lights as well as a hidden wand with a toy attachment.

To keep your cat interested and involved, you can pick between two different toys and two different speeds.

The LED lights entice your cat, while the action keeps him active! This toy has been certified to meet kid safety requirements, so you can be assured that your cat will be safe as well.

The only drawback to this toy is that the battery life is only one hour, so make sure you turn it off after a few minutes of play!


  • Various speeds
  • evaluated for safety
  • Choose from two toy attachments.


  • Battery life is limited.


Chickadee Chirp Electronic Bird-Sound Cat Toy by SmartyKat

If you want to keep your cat entertained while you’re away but don’t want to leave something with batteries on, the SmartyKat Chickadee Chirp Electronic Bird-Sound Cat Toy is a perfect option.

When your cat catches this touch-activated toy, it will begin chirping, urging them to play more and more. Even better, it’s loaded with catnip, making it one of your cat’s favorite toys.

This bird toy’s battery is projected to survive 10,000 activations, so your cat will have plenty of fun with it! When not in use, it can be switched off to save even more battery life.

Unfortunately, the batteries aren’t replaceable, so once they’re gone, they’re gone!


  • Stuffed with catnip
  • Touch-activated
  • Battery life is extended.


  • Batteries are not replaceable.


Senses Circuit Cat Toy by Catit Design

If your cat enjoys playing with balls but expects you to keep throwing them, the Catit Design Senses Circuit Cat Toy is a great way to keep them entertained.

When your cat touches the motion-activated ball, it lights up to attract and hold your cat’s attention.

The elevated areas of the ball run provide speed and unpredictability to the ball’s path, keeping your cat interested. If you have many cats who wish to play at the same time, you can enlarge the track.

Because of the hidden areas, the ball peeks out as it moves around the track, sparking your cat’s hunting instincts.


  • Strong plastic
  • Affordable
  • Battery life is extended


  • It may be tricky to put together.


Twirly Top Electronic Mini Motion Ball Cat Toy by SmartyKat

The swirling and spinning of the SmartyKat Twirly Top Electronic Mini Motion Ball Cat Toy is impossible to resist!

This toy comes with two AAA batteries, which power an erratic spinning action that moves the plastic ribbons on top of the ball.

The battery life is expected to be 15 hours, but this toy has an auto-shutoff mechanism that turns it off after 15 minutes.

Some cats can bite through the ribbons on the top of this toy if they are extremely eager.

As a result, we recommend that you use this toy only under strict supervision. It’s still a terrific method to get your cat to exercise while still playing!


  • It is effective on both carpets and hard floors.
  • Batteries are included.
  • Auto-off function


  • I can’t decide on a color.

Buyer's Guide: Selecting The Best Cat Toys for Exercise

Some cats, particularly those kept indoors, can grow overweight. This can result in a variety of health concerns, including diabetes, osteoarthritis, and heart difficulties.

If you believe your cat is overweight, purchasing toys to encourage them to exercise is a good option. First and foremost, ensure that you have received the all-clear from your veterinarian.

As your cat sheds those first few pounds, they may recommend nutritional adjustments and modest activity. Here are our top picks for the finest toys that encourage your cat to exercise:

  • The greatest toys will motivate and stimulate your cat to exercise by stimulating their senses. Toys featuring movement, sounds, light, and scent will pique your cat’s interest. Some cats are more sensitive to some senses than others, so experiment to find what piques your cat’s interest.
  • Cats enjoy playing with various toys, so make sure to provide a variety. Keeping a few toys in a drawer and just infrequently utilizing them helps keep your cat engaged and interested.
  • Toys that are interactive. Some cats can play with a catnip mouse on their own, while some require a little more encouragement! Batteries-powered interactive toys are perfect for encouraging your cat to play and exercise. When you are unable to play with them, you can leave them out for your cat.
  • Cats enjoy the feeling of “catching” their toys, so if you’re using a toy that doesn’t allow them to grab it with their paws, such as a laser pointer or a ball run, be sure to toss your cat a kicker toy or something that they can catch once their play session is over!
  • Battery-powered toys are fantastic for encouraging your cat to play with anything moving, but if that’s the only toy you provide, you’ll go through a lot of batteries! Also, make time to play with your cat using non-battery-powered toys such as wands or kicker toys.


The SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Electronic Concealed Motion Cat Toy is a best-selling and top-rated cat toy that is designed to provide hours of entertainment for kittens and elderly cats alike.

If you’re looking for a more affordable choice, the SmartyKat Chickadee Chirp Electronic Bird-Sound Cat Toy is our favorite toy that provides excellent value.

Your cat will enjoy chasing this adorable catnip-filled bird, and you will enjoy watching them get some activity!

Cats require a lot of mental and physical exercise to stay healthy and happy, therefore having plenty of toys to encourage your cat to exercise is the best way to keep them in shape.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this far. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that this article will assist you in selecting the best cat toys for exercising your cat.

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