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How To Buy The Best Cat Toys For Exercise

Indoor cats are more prone to obesity than outdoor cats, and they require exercise and mental stimulation to remain healthy and active.

Exercising your cat may appear difficult because cats are famously stubborn and finicky about their toys, and you may have to experiment with a few toys before you find one your cat enjoys.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has attempted to save you hours of searching by presenting a varied selection of  the best cat toys for exercise and reviews.

After reading the descriptions, you can refer to our helpful buyer's guide for further information.


Best Value KONG Active Treat Ball Cat Toy

The KONG Active Treat Ball Toy is an inexpensive toy for your cat that will keep it entertained while you are away. It received our best cat toy for the money award, and it provides a lot of entertainment for a reasonable price.

It functions as both an exercise ball and a treat dispenser. Load the toy with your cat’s favorite treats and watch him chase the ball around the room. The ball moves randomly and drops rewards from a little hole.

Despite its low cost, the polyester ball is durable enough to withstand assault from a frenzied feline. The KONG ball is a standalone toy that your cat can play with while you’re away, and the reward dispenser encourages felines to exercise.

Most clients love the KONG ball, but we’ve discovered that some cats get tired with it after a few days.


PetFusion Ambush Interactive Cat Toy – High-Quality Option

The PetFusion Ambush Interactive Electronic Cat Toy is another wonderful option for solo workout. It’s our top recommendation, and it’s big enough to keep numerous cats entertained.

To enhance your cat’s love of hunting prey, the Ambush contains a multicolored turkey feather that pops out of six distinct holes.

Cats are drawn to the toy by its bright LED light, and its anti-skid pads on the bottom keep it firmly connected to the ground. If your cat finds the toy, the feather will fall off, but you can reattach it for further fun.

Destructive cats can shred the feather, but PetFusion replaces it if the original is destroyed. It looks like a robotic vacuum cleaner, but it simply stays in one spot and does not move about on the floor.

Although it is far less expensive than top-of-the-line cat toys, it is slightly more expensive than a regular toy. It comes with four AA batteries and is ready to use straight away.


SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Electronic Cat Toy with Concealed Motion

Have you ever had your cat attack your hand while it was hidden beneath a blanket? Most cats enjoy playing with hidden things, and if your cat is one of them, he or she will appreciate the SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Electronic Cat Toy.

A secret electrical arm glides around the floor unpredictably, tempting your cat to grasp the toy. It has different speeds that you may adjust, and it turns off automatically when not in use.

The toy is excellent for solo exercise, however it is not as durable as some of its competitors at comparable pricing.

When turned on, the toy emits a little humming noise, however numerous customers complained about the startling sound it makes when a cat snatches the item.

If the arm breaks, you can replace it, but the motor doesn’t appear to last very long, and it’s cheaper to buy a new toy than order a replacement motor.


SereneLife Laser Cat Toy Automatic

When you don’t feel like exercising your cat, laser toys come in handy, and the SereneLife Automatic Laser Cat Toy makes your work even easier.

Set it on the floor or table and watch it project a laser dot in random patterns throughout your home. It features preset settings that allow you to rotate the patterns to keep your cat interested. When not in use, it automatically turns off.

It’s a good choice for solo play because most lasers require your input, but the product has design flaws. Several users have mentioned that the laser does not last long before burning out.

It’s also not very robust, and if it falls off a table, you’ll have to replace it. Replacing a cheap toy isn’t unusual, but the SereneLife costs more than any of the products we looked at. It does, however, cost half as much as it did a few years ago.

Finding the Best Cat Toy for Exercise: A Buyer's Guide

Choosing a toy that will keep your cat occupied and physically fit is more difficult than choosing a toy for your dog. Cats, as you may know, are picky about their toys, and some lose interest after a few spiriting sessions.

We attempted to cover a diverse range of things in our reviews, however we did not include any ultra-expensive items, such as televisions.

You can look at some of the criteria that come into play while shopping for the perfect toy before trying out one of the toys.

Cat Toy Cost

Our reviews contain competitively priced products, yet some toys endure longer than others. Replacing a toy that only lasts a few weeks is inconvenient, but when the cost is only three or four dollars, the outlay is less taxing on your wallet.

If your cat destroys toys quickly, you should choose lower-priced items that are easy to replace.

Cat Preferences

Does your cat like to be motionless when playing with a toy, or does it prefer to race around the room?

Toys made for solo play are more suited to lethargic cats, but hyperactive cats may prefer a string toy or a laser to inspire them to run and leap.

Although we did not conduct a rigorous study to determine which toys provide the most workout, it appears that lasers and movable catnip balls burn more calories than track systems.

Space Constraints

Tunnels and track games made for numerous cats are best suited for larger spaces, and your cat may feel claustrophobic if the toys are stored in a small location.

Lasers and catnip toys are good for small apartments because they are inexpensive to replace.

Replacement Toy Parts

If you read the product descriptions of several cat toy makers, you’ll notice that they always include a disclaimer stating that the toys are not indestructible.

Every cat toy will eventually wear out and fall apart, but the product’s lifespan is determined by your cat’s activity. Some cats can play with a toy for years, while others destroy it in a matter of weeks.

When you have a destructive cat, it’s a good idea to get toys that come with or offer replacement parts. For example, our top pick includes an extra butterfly in case your cat destroys the original.

Several Cats

When there are multiple cats in the house, playtime can become more challenging. Some cats will fight over a single toy, but you can avoid this by purchasing multiple inexpensive toys or utilizing one huge toy for all of them.

Track toys, like our top pick, are great for amusing many cats, and because you don’t have to participate, your felines can play even when you’re not around.

Concerns about safety

Cat toys eventually shatter or fall apart, and it’s critical to get rid of them before your cat consumes a load of plastic or rubber.

Every toy manufacturer includes a notice that their products should not be used if they are broken, which is sound advice.

Although the toys are composed of non-toxic materials, the true danger of gnawing on a broken toy is choking. Some toys are also suitable for cats but not for children.

If you have small children roaming around the house, keep the cat toys separate from the human products.


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) discussed ten cat toys, but the SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Electronic Cat Toy is our overall favorite.

It entertains many cats with three tracks of rolling ball toys and comes with an extra butterfly toy in case one of your rambunctious cats rips it to shreds.

The KONG Active Treat Ball Toy, our next pick, impressed us with its durability and novel method of dispensing cat treats.

There are best cat toys for exercise available, but we hope our reviews and guide make your choosing a bit easier.

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