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The Best Cat Toys For Active Cats To Buy

When most people think of a cat, they see a sluggish creature that naps all day. Some cats, though, will be more active than others.

This energy might be channeled into harmful actions or interrupt your sleep schedule. Remember how your poor toes fell prey in the early morning hours? You will notice if and when your cat is acting strangely as their owner.

A variety of cat toys on the market might be a terrific way to channel all of your cat's pent-up energy. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has produced a list of our best cat toys for active cats.

Each toy is designed to mentally and physically occupy your cat, allowing it to expend all of its energy productively. Furthermore, all of our choices are based on genuine client feedback.


Penn-Plax Spin Kitty Cat Wheel Toy – High-Quality Option

When we think of workout wheels, we usually think of hamster wheels, don’t we? This product is similar to that, but it is meant for cats.

The Penn-Plax Spin Kitty Cat Wheel Toy will only be liked by certain cats, but it is an excellent choice for very active indoor cats.

A wheel can be a terrific way to burn calories and get some good exercise. This wheel does come dismantled, however it is said to be simple to build.

It’s composed of sturdy wood and can withstand cats weighing up to 15 pounds. It also has a carpet-like interior and a fibrous exterior coating for scratching.

Catit Design Senses Circuit Cat Toy – Kittens Only

For a variety of reasons, the Catit Design Senses Circuit Cat Toy is our top option for energetic kittens. To begin, the design has an expanding track, allowing you to alter the size of the toy as your kitty grows.

This toy may be used by multiple cats at the same time, so if your kitten is joining a household with other cats, it can help them bond.

The design is suitable for all ages of cats. The openings are small enough for a kitten’s paws, and there is no danger of their becoming stuck in any of them.

As they learn to explore their instincts and play behaviors, the light-up ball will draw their attention.

Cat Toy SnugglyCat Ripple Rug

If your active cat likes to hide under the sheets when you make the bed or wreak havoc on your clothes basket while you try to fold it, the SnugglyCat Ripple Rug Cat Toy might be the one for them!

To be sure, when you think of a cat toy, you don’t normally think of a glorified rug, but you’d be shocked how well this suited a high-energy cat!

This design, which is essentially a double-layered rug, invites your cat to dig, nest, and play in the folds between the top and bottom layers.

It is ideal for active cats who want to burn off energy on their own. When playtime is done, this toy also makes a good spot to slumber.

However, some owners have reported that their nervous cats will not approach it, thus it is better left to the brave cats. You can change the size of the holes to fit your cat.

Furthermore, because some larger cats have become entangled in the openings, you may want to use it under supervision.

Amazing Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle for Cats Cat Toy

The Cat’s Incredible Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle This type of cat toy may not appear to be suitable for a hyperactive cat, but cats will be pulled to it by the attraction of food, and the task of obtaining the food will keep them occupied and slow them down from their regular high-energy activity.

Although it is surprisingly resilient for a cardboard product, it may not be suitable for particularly aggressive cats that may chew or rip at the toy. If your cat chews on this toy, it is safe because the ink used is metal-free.

Pure Commotion Spinning Wand Cat Toy by Petlinks

The Petlinks Pure Commotion Spinning Wand Cat Toy automates the original cat teasing wand! In active cats, the swinging action of the feather on the end of the wand will promote chasing and jumping.

It features variable speed settings to accommodate cats of all ages and skills. It also features an adjustable timer that can be adjusted from 15 minutes to two hours to keep your cat entertained when you leave the house.

It is difficult to assemble, according to reviews. Because the wand is so flexible, it is difficult to clip into the base. Furthermore, the mechanics of this toy make it rather noisy, which may deter more cautious cats from playing with it.

Finding the Best Cat Toys for Active Cats: A Buyer's Guide

Important Factors to Consider When Buying Cat Toys

A cat’s existence is incomplete without play. Play habits in cats promote physical and mental wellbeing. It also serves as a healthy outlet for energy, which helps to mitigate the effects of destructive activities.

Playtime can also be used to strengthen relationships. Play can strengthen your relationship with your cats, but it can also strengthen the friendship of two cats.

Cat toys are a terrific place to start with this important activity! Varied cat toys can provide different benefits, therefore consider some of the following when selecting cat toys.

Play Style

Consider the design of a cat toy and the type of behavior it will encourage. Natural cat play activities include:

  • Chasing
  • Jumping
  • Stalking
  • Running
  • Chewing

You’ll notice that these are all actions that wild cats exhibit when pursuing prey. Play is essentially an opportunity for your pet cat to be their wild selves and let their instincts take control.


The item’s value is determined by balancing the item’s quality and cost. A low value item will be expensive but of poor quality, whereas a good value item will be a reasonable price for the quality and features.

Consider the cost of the item in relation to the reviews that they have the product’s attributes. You may be confident that the things we review are of high quality!


Most cats are pleased to play alone because they are solitary animals. They frequently hunt alone, therefore they prefer to play alone as well.

The majority of cat toys are designed to be enjoyed alone. For cats who spend a lot of time alone, automatic toys could be a nice option.

Some cat toys will also be made so that numerous cats can play with them at the same time. This feature could be useful in a multi-cat household.

Playing together can aid in the formation of bonds. We cat owners are all aware that forcing a bond between two cats does not always work out.

Don’t overlook the most vital relationship between your cat and yourself! While you may not be able to keep up with an extremely active cat’s play demands, your participation in their play behaviors will help you build and maintain a tight bond.


This may seem apparent, but it bears mentioning. You could spend hours researching and selecting the best toys for your cat, only to be met with complete disinterest when you deliver them to them.

It’s pointless to have a fancy toy if your cat won’t play with it! Learn about your cat and what motivates their playful behavior. If they enjoy chasing your hands beneath the bed covers, a tunnel toy might be appropriate.

If they enjoy chasing flying bugs around the home, they might enjoy a wand-based toy.

Tips for Managing an Exuberant Cat

A hyperactive cat that you can’t seem to tire of could become an issue for you.

They may channel their energy into damaging actions around the house, be aggressive or bothersome to other pets in the house, or interrupt your sleep cycle with activity at night.

Here are some suggestions for keeping an active cat happy while also keeping you, the owner, sane.

  • Playtime — a variety of playtimes can burn energy and keep an active cat occupied and satisfied!
  • Excess energy can be caused by a diet heavy in low-quality fats and sugar. These will result in a large explosion of energy, followed by a crash.
  • A well-balanced food rich in high-quality proteins and fats will keep your active cat’s energy levels in check.
  • While many cats are antisocial, a high-energy cat may benefit from a feline companion with a comparable energy level. Kittens generally like being among other kittens. Humans can also engage in social interaction. Spending time with your cat will assist you in managing their energy.
  • Sleep schedule — even the most active cats like a lot of sleep! However, their sleep routine will be vastly different from yours. They may sleep more during the day and be more active at night, keeping you awake! Allow them to sleep during the day. Wake them up for play periods throughout the day to encourage them to sleep more soundly at night.
  • Outdoor time that is safe — a high-activity cat may benefit from outdoor time to burn off excess energy. Harness training and outdoor enclosures are excellent options for your cat to spend time outside in a safe and limited environment.


Petlinks Pure Commotion Spinning Wand Cat Toy is our top selection for cat toys for active cats.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) liked this product because it mixes a traditional laser toy, which is a popular choice for many energetic cats, with a contemporary style.

Penn-Plax Spin Kitty Cat Wheel Toy is our next top option and the best value. This product is reasonably priced and has received numerous positive reviews from real customers.

We at BestForPets hope that you found our reviews of the 10 best cat toys for active cats currently available on the market to be entertaining.


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