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How To Buy The Best Cat Tents & Teepees

Most cats will sleep anywhere that feels safe, from a cardboard box to a mound of laundry.

But one thing cats look for in a bed is security, which they often acquire by sleeping in an enclosed space where they can't be seen.

Tent and teepee-style cat beds are an excellent choice for making your cat feel safe, secure, and warm and cuddly during naptime.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) discovered the best cat tents & teepees and produced evaluations to assist you in selecting the ideal bed for your cat's comfort.


Premium Armarkat Teepee Cat Bed

The Armarkat Teepee Style Cat Bed is a neutral-striped cat tent or teepee bed. This bed contains tiebacks, ropes, and a washable cushion.

It’s preassembled and foldable for simple storage. Non-skid, waterproof foundation; durable fabric. This cat bed is large enough for older cats and looks modern in most households. It’s only one size and color, therefore it may not fit all homes.


Thermo Tent

K&H Pet Products Thermo Tent is the best outdoor cat tent, but it’s expensive. This two-size pet bed is washable, but the heated cushion must be removed.

This heated tent adjusts to your cat’s body temperature, so it doesn’t stay hot like a heating pad. It’s made for outdoor usage, however as it has electrical components, use it in covered areas.

The heated pad’s soft PVC cover keeps it safe if your cat has an accident.


Pumpkin Cat Bed

Armarkat Pumpkin Shape Cat Bed is a tent-style fall cat bed. It’s one color and pumpkin-shaped. Padded bed and washable cushion.

Non-skid base, velvety exterior and interior. This bed is seasonal, therefore you may not use it year-round unless you enjoy pumpkins. Top-heavy, it may not be the ideal alternative for small cats and kittens.


FurHaven’s Fleece-Cover Bed

FurHaven’s Calming Fleece-Cover Bed comes in four colors. It’s machine-washable and inside-out soft. Some find it folds readily when folded for storage.

It’s smaller than other tent beds and has a smaller opening, so adult cats won’t fit. Some find the tent cushion flatter than others, thus it may not be a good long-term alternative in most houses.

This inexpensive tent bed is excellent for short-term use.

Buying a Cat Tent or Teepee: A Buyer's Guide

The best tent or teepee bed for your cat will be determined mostly by the size of your cat and your preferences. If you have a kitten or a little adult cat, you may have more leeway than if you have a huge adult cat.

The tent should be spacious enough for your cat to come and go comfortably and safely, as well as curl up and stretch out. You want to make sure your cat has enough area to stretch out.

In terms of your personal tastes, select a bed that fits your available space. If you have a tiny area, you don’t necessarily want to buy a bed that will take up more than its fair amount of space.

Consider whether the tent will be placed beneath another piece of furniture, such as a side table or desk. A solid-framed tent will not have the same level of flexibility and give as a soft-framed tent.


The FurHaven’s Calming Fleece-Cover Bed is the best tent or teepee bed for your cat since it is inexpensive, functional, and adorable.

The Armarkat Teepee Style Cat Bed, which is more expensive than most but composed of sturdy materials, is the top pick.

BestForPets‘s (bestforpets.org) reviews only cover the best of the best cat tents & teepees to help you save time by avoiding the hundreds of tent and teepee cat beds on the market.

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