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The 10 Best Cat Stairs For Beds

Cat steps can be a great addition to your home and allow additional mobility for your feline buddy, whether you have a kitten, an older cat, or a kitty recovering from surgery.

A appropriate flight of stairs will provide your cat the confidence and ability to reach your couch, windowsills, or bed.

There are many factors to consider when purchasing cat stairs to ensure your cat's comfort and safety. With so many alternatives available, selecting a decision can quickly become daunting.

To help you narrow down your options, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a thorough collection of reviews for our best cat stairs for beds.

With these tips, you're likely to find actions that will put you and your cat at ease!


CozyUp Folding Pet Steps by PetSafe

Is your cat too little to climb high furniture in your home? Make them self-sufficient by utilizing this PetSafe folding pet steps, often known as pet stairs.

These high-quality pet stairs allow pets to easily climb beds, sofas, and other high-raised furniture. It has three 20-inch-wide steps and can support up to 150 pounds. The surface is non-slip and has all of the necessary safety features.


  • Nonslip pads and side rails
  • There are two sizes available.
  • It is available in two hues.
  • Foldable and easy to store
  • Made in the United States
  • Stable and safe


  • Lightweight

The device has 63% five-star reviews because people find it simple to construct, store, and utilize. A few users have expressed dissatisfaction with its stability and light weight. As a result, this is just for tiny pets.

Pet Steps Best Pet Supplies

Best Pet Supplies has created the easiest and coziest pet steps. They come in three sizes and a range of colors. The stairs are constructed of foam and ultra-soft fleece fabric.

The pet steps can support any pet weighing up to 20 pounds. These are available in three, four, and five steps to accommodate the needs of all users.

By replacing the top covers, the pet steps are simple to clean. The covers are machine washable and can be purchased separately.


  • High-density foam that is CertiPUR-US certified
  • Integrates seamlessly with the interiors
  • Different heights and specifications
  • Cushioning of mattress quality
  • There are 17 different hues available.
  • Senior cats and dogs are welcome.
  • Cover is machine washable.


  • There are no side rails.

The product has 12000 reviews, with 78% of them being 5-star. This appeals to users, particularly those with little and medium-sized pets. The only disadvantage is that when pets jump on it, the foam presses deeply.


PETMAKER Plastic Folding Pet Stairs

These pet stairs are similar to PetSafe’s, but they have four steps. They can manage pets weighing up to 120 pounds. The stairs may be folded and stored easily.

The steps also include an anti-skid surface and side rails to keep dogs safe. The stairs are constructed of plastic and are safe for pets to use at home to climb sofas, beds, and other furniture.

A moist cloth and mild soap can also be used to clean them.


  • Long-lasting and simple to clean
  • Inside rails were built for safety.
  • Portable, foldable, and collapsible
  • There are two colors available.
  • Pet staircase with four steps
  • Simple to assemble


  • Not suitable for medium or large-sized dogs.

The pet stairs have received 65% five-star ratings. Users find it simple to assemble and store for road trips, as well as inexpensive. When utilized for large-sized pets, a few people were disappointed due to its low stability and quality.


Foldable Pet Steps with CertiPUR-US Certification

Do you want to match your pet steps to your home’s interior design and furniture? CertiPUR-ash US’s grey linen pet stairs will blend in nicely.

These pet steps are composed of foam and soft fleece fabric, so your pet will not be wounded if it loses its balance. The material is extremely soft and is ideal for tiny dogs and cats.

Furthermore, the pet stairs are machine washable, ensuring that they are always clean. The mattress-grade cushioning soothes paws and joints.


  • There are two, three, and four steps available.
  • There are eight different hues available.
  • Machine washable and long-lasting
  • Certified premium grade foam and materials
  • Promotes pet health
  • Simple to construct


  • When pets leap on them, they slide sideways.

The pet steps have 78% 5-star ratings and are best suited for carpeted surfaces. They are simple to assemble, come in a variety of heights, and integrate nicely with existing house décor.

However, some users have complained about its shaky balance when dogs and cats jump over it quickly.


Steady Paws Pet Stairs by Furhaven

These Furhaven pet steps are completely different in shape from the previously mentioned pet stairs. The steps are constructed of polyester and have a unique design.

The best feature of these pet stairs is that they are convertible. This means they can be used as 1, 2, or 3 step steps as needed.

This allows them to assist cats not only to bed but also to cars, chairs, recliners, and other items. The stairs are coated with silky faux fur, making them quite comfortable.


  • There are three color options available.
  • Made simple to clean
  • Warranty program for 60 days with no worries
  • Convertible from three to two steps
  • There are two possibilities to two steps.
  • There are two sizes available.
  • Adjustable


  • Large gaps between stages

On Amazon, these cat steps treads for bed have 76% 5-star reviews. They are appropriate for medium-sized pets such as small dogs and cats.

The stairs are also the most cheap. However, some people complain about the steps and the lined cloth.

Do Cats Require Pet Stairs?

Cats, indeed, require pet stairs for a variety of reasons. Pet stairs allow cats to easily access high beds.

Furthermore, cat stairs for bed keep pets safe while performing longer jumps. The impact of jumps is reduced when your cats instead take tiny hops.

Cat steps for bed are very good for senior cats and younger cats with achy joints and orthopedic concerns.

What Are the Advantages of Bed Cat Stairs?

The cat steps for bed are advantageous for cats because they avoid excessive pressure on the joints. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of a pet ladder:

Improved accessibility

Cat stairs for bed first and foremost give cats with easier access to high raised furniture such as beds, sofas, chairs, and anything else they wish to climb.

These are preferable for little cats with short legs who are unable to perform longer/higher jumps.

Excellent workout

Cat steps for beds are also a fantastic way for cats to exercise. They keep their legs moving and lessen the likelihood of mobility difficulties such as arthritis. They also increase their eye level to see clearly.

Climbing on a safe medium

Nonetheless, cat steps for bed provide an injury-free way for senior cats to ascend high-raised surfaces. This makes cats self-sufficient, as they no longer require assistance when climbing a bed.

A location to sleep, play, and dine

Furthermore, most cat steps for beds are really comfortable. Some kittens may even prefer to play on top of them.


What Are the Best Cat Bed Stairs?

The PetSafe CozyUp Folding Pet Steps is the greatest cat bed stairs. These cat steps for bed are strong and long-lasting, with safety side rails and nonslip pads. For smaller dogs, they can also be utilized as a dog ramp.

Here are some of the major considerations you should make before purchasing the best vehicle stairs for bed on Amazon or Chewy:

Your cat’s weight. Make sure you know your cat’s weight before purchasing a cat step for bed. It is also a good idea to measure the height of your bed before looking for a suitable cat ladder for beds.

The total number of steps. It’s time to examine the measurements of the stairs after you’ve weighed your cat and measured the height of your bed. The greater the number of steps, the higher the score. Convertible stairs are also available, allowing you to modify the amount of steps on the stairs.

Cleaning guidelines. Purchase an easier-to-clean pet stair. The foam pet stairs come with detachable covers that are machine washable. Separate cleaning instructions are also printed on the plastic chairs.

The stairs’ material. Cat pet steps are composed of plastic, polyester, or solid wood. Plastic pet steps are preferred for their ease of upkeep. Wooden pet stairs are more sturdy, but they are also more expensive.

Durability. It is critical to invest in long-lasting cat stairs for bed. If your cat utilizes the staircase as a scratching post or as a substitute for cat toys, it will be damaged soon.

Convenient storage. The best cat dog stairs are storage-friendly and simple to pack. Some are collapsible and may be stored without taking up too much room.

Is it better for cats to use a ramp or stairs?

Stairs are preferable to cat ramps for cats (same as dog stairs are better than dog steps). Pet ramps are also appropriate for cats (and senior dogs) who have difficulty walking or ascending steps.

How Can I Persuade My Cat to Use the Stairs?

Luring your cat with treats is the greatest approach to persuade them to use the stairs. Keep a piece of your cat’s favorite reward near the top or midway of the stairwell so they must climb the staircase to reach it. Repeat for a time to get them used to climbing stairs.


CozyUp Folding Pet Steps by PetSafe and Pet Steps Best Pet Supplies are the two most prominent and dependable products for your selection, according to our investigation and testing of the aforementioned products.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our selection of the best cat stairs for beds assisted you in your search for the top product for your cat!

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