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The 11 Best Cat Shampoos For Shedding

Shedding can be a real bother, especially if your cat spends the majority of its time indoors. Cats have a natural tendency to leave a sprinkling of their hair wherever they go.

Some cats, however, shed owing to an unhealthy coat or skin problems. Baths with shed-reducing shampoo not only reduce shedding but also improve the health of your cat's skin and coat.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled evaluations of the best cat shampoos for shedding to assist you in finding the best shampoo for your cat.


Best Overall: Earthbath Shed Control Green Tea & Awapuhi Shampoo

The best overall cat shampoo for shedding is Earthbath’s Shed Control Green Tea & Awapuhi Shampoo.

It has a nice, natural aroma of green tea and awapuhi (a plant in the ginger family), but no extra scents and is hypoallergenic.

It is soap-free and nourishes and cleans the coat with natural humectants and emollients.

To soothe the skin and minimize excess shedding, it contains a variety of nourishing nutrients such as shea butter, omega-6 fatty acids, aloe vera, and green tea extract.

It’s completely biodegradable, created with fair trade shea butter, and extremely concentrated. It’s also pH balanced, so it’ll care for your cat’s skin and coat softly and properly.

This shampoo works best when allowed to sit on the skin and coat; otherwise, it may not prevent shedding adequately.


Best Value TropiClean Luxury 2 in 1 Papaya & Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner

The TropiClean Luxury 2 in 1 Papaya & Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner, which is available in three container sizes up to 2.5 gallons, is the best cat shampoo for shedding for the money.

This 2-in-1 cleanses and conditions the skin, hence improving skin and coat health. It relaxes the fur, making it easier to brush after bathing, although it should not be used on matted fur.

However, it will assist to lessen the likelihood of matting in the future. It’s a soap-free product that’s safe to use alongside topical flea and tick treatments.

It’s an environmentally friendly product that comes in a bottle made of 50% recyclable materials. It also comes in a newly redesigned leak-proof bottle.

Some consumers of this shampoo have complained that it does not lather as much as they would like.


Allergy Aid Skin Care with Aloe Vera NaturVet Aller-911

The NaturVet Aller-911 Allergy Aid Skin Care Plus Aloe Vera shampoo is an excellent choice for cats who shed excessively due to seasonal skin allergies.

It is gentle enough for everyday usage and will not remove natural oils from the skin or coat. It contains aloe vera, which moisturizes irritated and dry skin.

It can also be used as a deodorizing shampoo to eliminate odors on the skin and coat. The thick consistency makes it easier to use and reduces waste during baths.

It is more expensive when compared to other skin support and shed-reducing shampoos.


Natural De-Shedding Shampoo by Envirogroom

The Envirogroom Natural De-Shed Shampoo is designed to clean your cat’s skin and coat gently while also detangling, loosening, and eliminating dead fur.

It’s a pH-balanced, hypoallergenic product that moisturizes the coat, making it shiny and silky, and soothes the skin with aloe vera.

It’s biodegradable and created in the United States. It is certified wheat-free and gluten-free, making it ideal for persons with wheat and gluten allergies.

Because it’s so concentrated, a single bottle should last a long time. It is one of the priciest shampoos on the market.


Lemon-Aid Oatmeal & Jojoba Oil Shampoo is the best shot

The Best Shot Lemon-Aid Oatmeal & Jojoba Oil Shampoo is an oatmeal-based shampoo designed for sensitive skin, however it is not hypoallergenic and contains scent.

It has a refreshing lemon and vanilla aroma and is enriched with natural proteins, emollients, and humectants to provide a gentle, thorough clean.

It hydrates the fur and seals the hair cuticle, trapping in moisture and providing a healthier, shinier coat. It is suitable for dry skin because it is a moisturizing cleanser.

It also aids in the retention of moisture in the coat, keeping it healthy for longer and reducing tangles and matting.

It’s a low suds formula that some people may dislike, yet it rinses cleanly from the coat.

Buyer's Guide: Selecting The Best Cat Shampoo to Reduce Shedding

Choosing a shed-reducing shampoo might be tough because many people don’t understand why their cat sheds so much.

If you believe your cat is shedding excessively despite frequent brushing at home, consult your veterinarian to rule out medical causes of the shedding.

After you’ve ruled out any medical causes, look into shedding-reducing shampoos. If your veterinarian does not prescribe a shampoo, you may end up searching for the best product.

Begin by identifying your own and your cat’s requirements. If you’re allergic to specific odors, for example, you’ll know to avoid things that include these scents.

Look for items that are designed for the skin type that your cat appears to have.

Shampoos for oily skin are often different from shampoos for dry skin, and sensitive and allergy-prone skin may require hypoallergenic formulations.


These reviews of the best cat shampoos for shedding from BestForPets (bestforpets.org) are meant to serve as a starting point for you to identify the best product for your cat’s shedding.

The Earthbath’s Shed Control Green Tea & Awapuhi Shampoo is the finest cat shampoo for shedding since it has a pleasant aroma and a lot of calming and hydrating components.

The TropiClean Luxury 2 in 1 Papaya & Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner, which gently cleans the skin and coat while leaving behind moisture, is the ideal alternative for a low-cost product.

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