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The 11 Best Cat Scratching Posts To File Nails

It won't take you long to notice that your cat desperately needs a scratching post to file their nails on.

This will not only satisfy their natural desire to sharpen their claws, but it will also extend their backs and strengthen the muscles in their spine.

But only if you buy a scratching post that is more enticing to them than everything else in your house will it succeed.

The models included in these evaluations are intriguing, well-made, and sure to keep your cat coming back for more.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) can't promise that if you give your cat one of these scratching posts, they'll leave your furniture alone, but it should slide down the list of their best cat scratching posts to file nails.


Premium PetFusion Jumbo Lounger Scratcher With Catnip

The PetFusion Jumbo Lounger Cat Scratcher Toy With Catnip is an expensive item, but it provides a lot of bang for your cash.

This variant does double duty as a nice lounger for your cat to relax on when they’ve finished tearing it up. The recycled cardboard is surprisingly soft, and cats appear to like stretching out on it.

It’s as much fun to shred as it is to sleep on, and the best part is that once one side is ripped to ribbons, you can simply flip it over and repeat the process. However, the cardboard is thick enough that you shouldn’t have to do that for long.

Many cats enjoy hiding inside the hole in the centre, making it an excellent choice for nervous cats because it provides them with a sense of security while simultaneously allowing you to keep a watch on them.

The main disadvantage of this product is that many cats will use the various levels as battle stations from which to attack their siblings (or owner), so it might not be a smart idea if you have kitties who don’t get along.

The PetFusion Jumbo Lounger is difficult to beat if you have the money and want to indulge your cat.


Tiger Tough Farmhouse Corrugated Cat Scratcher – Specifically Designed for Kittens

The Tiger Tough Farmhouse Playground Corrugated Cat Scratcher is more like a playroom for your cat to wreck than a full-fledged scratching post, and it should be a hit with young kittens (and those who are still kittens at heart).

The house has two levels, giving your cat something to climb and numerous spots to relax. Each level features multiple windows through which a cat can peer, giving the impression that they are in their own tiny fortress.

If that isn’t enough, four toys dangle from the upper level and dangle in front of the entryways to the bottom. This will keep your cat occupied for a long time, especially if you soak the toys in the supplied bag of catnip.

Just don’t expect those toys to endure indefinitely (or longer than a few weeks, really).

However, as your cat grows older, the farmhouse may become too small. Smaller breeds can continue to utilize it, but if you have a Maine Coon, they will eventually be too big to fit through the front entrance.

Kittens will adore the Tiger Tough Farmhouse, so don’t be shocked if you find yourself rapidly displaced in their hearts. Simply be there to assist them in dealing with the heartbreak once they have outgrown it.


Cat Scratcher by Kong Naturals

This Kong Naturals Cat Scratcher alternative doesn’t offer much. What more could you ask for than a broad, flat sheet of cardboard that performs a good job of filing down a cat’s claws while being incredibly cheap?

You can easily buy a few of these and scatter them over your home. That would make your cat happy and save you money without costing you much.

Each one is infused with catnip, guaranteeing that your cat is immediately drawn to them. They’re also created from renewable materials, so you don’t have to feel bad about buying a new one every month.

Of sure, there are some flaws, but you shouldn’t expect a faultless scratcher for the price. It moves around when in use, and it won’t last long if used frequently. Also, the flat design may be unappealing to some cats, so you’ll need to find a method to dress it up if the catnip doesn’t entice them.

Don’t expect this scratcher to serve a life-changing purpose, but for something that does the job cheaply, it’s difficult to complain.


Cat Bed Necoichi Cozy Scratcher

What could be better than a scratching post? Of course, you may sleep in a scratching post, which is exactly what the Necoichi Cozy Scratcher Cat Bed is.

This model, on the other hand, might have been better suited determining whether to be a bed or a scratcher.

When your cat begins to tear it up (and it doesn’t take long for the cardboard to fall apart), it will become significantly less comfy, and they may no longer want to lie on it.

The good news is that it’s composed of recycled paper and chemical-free cornstarch glue, so your cat won’t come into contact with any harmful chemicals while they lie on it.

It is also replaceable, but you may not believe it is worthwhile. You might eventually want to tuck an actual bed in here and call it a day.

It’s also rather stylish (for a scratching post, at least), so you can position it in a prominent location without fear of humiliation.

It’s not particularly large, so cats weighing more than 10 pounds will have difficulties fitting inside. They don’t have much area to scratch on it either, unless they hang halfway out.

The Necoichi Cozy Scratcher Bed is wonderful for what it is, however we recommend getting your cat a bed and a scratching post instead of attempting to get both in one.


Scratch Massage Cat Bed Omega Paw Ripple Board

Scratch Massage with Omega Paw Ripple Board Cat Bed is designed to be a bed, however most cats aren’t interested in that element. You’re better off viewing it as a three-sided scratching post.

Because each side has three layers of cardboard, once one layer wears out, simply peel it off to reveal the fresh paper underneath.

It also allegedly massages your cat’s toes as they use it; we can’t testify to that personally, but it sounds appealing.

Those three layers may not last long, since the cardboard readily tears once the cat puts his hands on it (maybe the toe massage motivates them to keep going!).

The fact that it is apparently also a bed may increase the price, which is already rather high. If your cat does lie on it, it will flatten out over time.

This may make it more difficult for them to scratch it efficiently, so you may wish to persuade them to sleep somewhere else. There’s also a chin scratcher on one side, but most cats don’t seem to know what it is, so they ignore it completely.

The Omega Paw Ripple Board can be entertaining for your cat, but you can definitely find a better solution for the money.


What Qualities Should a Scratching Post Have?

When evaluating different postings, there are a few factors to consider, but they all boil down to size, safety, and interaction.

You want a large enough post for your cat to utilize comfortably. Many cats enjoy stretching out while honing their claws, and a larger post or mat will allow them to do so. Larger models, on the other hand, will take up more space in your home.

You should also ensure that whatever you purchase is safe for kids to use. It should not wobble, tip over, fall apart, or snag their claws. The tough aspect is predicting engagement, and you’ll need to know your cat well to do so.

The scratcher should be constructed of a material that the cat will want to tear at and should be designed so that they will want to engage with it. Some cats require only a box, while others require a full-fledged housing.

It may take some trial and error to find the perfect scratching post for your cat, but most are not that pricey. You may wish to purchase multiple posts in various shapes and sizes to provide your kitties with options.

Is a Scratching Post Necessary for My Cat?

Yes. If your cat doesn’t have anything to sharpen their claws on, they’ll find anything – and you’re not going to like what they find.

Having a scratching post on available allows you to refocus their natural drive to scratch without having to sacrifice your couch, kitchen table, or leg.

Scratching also allows them to stretch and tone their muscles, and many cats find it relaxing, even easing stress and anxiety. It also keeps their nails healthy by preventing them from becoming too long and removing dead claw components.


The PetFusion Jumbo Lounger Cat Scratcher Toy With Catnip is the greatest scratching post for filing nails BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has found because it’s both durable and enjoyable for your cat to use.

At the other end of the price range is the Scratch Massage with Omega Paw Ripple Board Cat Bed, which, despite its simplicity, is both effective and affordable.

At the end of the day, any of the products mentioned in these best cat scratching posts to file nails will assist your cat in satisfying their scratching instinct without damaging your furniture.

Their claws will remain small and keen, so don’t worry about them being unable to vent their rage on you if they so desire.

Buying Advice: Selecting the Finest Cat Scratching Posts for Filing Nails

You may believe that all scratching posts are identical and that you should get the least expensive one available. However, this is not the case, and there are a few things you should check for before purchasing a post.

Before purchasing a scratching post, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself.

What Qualities Should a Scratching Post Contain?

When evaluating various postings, there are several factors to consider, but they ultimately boil down to size, safety, and interaction.

You should choose a scratching post that is large enough for your cat to utilize comfortably. Many cats like stretching out while honing their claws; a larger post or mat will allow them to do so. However, larger appliances may require more room in your home.

You must also ensure that anything you purchase is safe for their usage. It should not be unstable, topple over, fall apart, or pose a hazard to their claws.

Engagement is the difficult part, and you’ll need to know your cat well in order to accurately forecast it. The scratcher must be constructed of a material that the cat will want to rip and be designed in a way that will encourage interaction. Some cats want a simple box, while others require a full-fledged home.

Finding the ideal scratching post for your cat might be a trial-and-error process, but thankfully, the most are reasonably priced. You may choose to purchase many posts of various sizes and shapes to give your cats alternatives.

Should My Cat Have a Scratching Post?

Yes. If your cat doesn’t have something to sharpen its claws on, it will find something, and you’re probably not going to like what it chooses. Having a scratching post on available allows you to divert your cat’s natural impulse to scratch without risking damage to your sofa, kitchen table, or leg.

Scratching also allows cats to stretch and develop muscular tone, and many cats find it comforting and anxiety-relieving. Additionally, it maintains their nails healthy by preventing them from becoming too long and eliminating the dead portions of the claw.

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