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15 Best Cat Scratching Posts Available

Scratching is a natural behavior for cats, and indoor cats, in particular, miss out on the ability to scratch trees, rocks, and other surfaces.

Scratching posts for cats are a practical and healthy option. They let your cat to keep their claws while also offering a way for them to exercise their paws and claws.

The post itself should be strong and sturdy, with a decent surface for scratching that your cat will appreciate.

Because the post will most likely take up a significant amount of space in one of your home's main rooms, it should be visually appealing enough to take center stage.

There is a wide variety of cat scratching posts available, including ones with numerous platforms, varying altitudes, and extra features like as hammocks, swings, and dangling toys.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has reviewed %product_count% of the best cat scratching posts available, or cat scratchers, to help you select the ideal toy for your cat.


MECOOL Cat Scratching Post – Overall Winner

The MECOOL Cat Scratching Post is small and compact, making it ideal for feline households with limited room.

It’s not the tallest scratching post available at 55 cm, but it still provides plenty of room for your cat to climb. It’s the ideal size for apartments and small houses with adult cats or kittens.

It’s a basic design that offers plenty of options for your cat to interact with, including a hanging pom-pom toy, making it the greatest overall cat scratching post. The scratching post’s solid wooden base keeps it stable while your cat plays.

This scratching post is comprised of two different materials to satisfy your cat’s love of textures. The sisal rope is ideal for scratching, and the plush fabric gives your cat a cozy place to mark.

While your cat will enjoy playing with the hanging pom-pom toy, there is no way to replace it if they manage to take it off.


  • Sisal and plush material
  • Base made of wood
  • Toy with pom-poms
  • Appropriate for apartments
  • 80 cm tall


  • There is no substitute pom-pom.


Premium SmartCat Ultimate Cat Scratching Post

The SmartCat Ultimate Cat Scratching Post, available in gray or cream, is more expensive than the basic models, but it looks nice and is sturdy and durable enough for even the most furious scratchers.

The base and tower are composed of engineered wood and are extremely durable. Because the base is 16 inches square, the scratcher will not wobble or tumble over when in use.

The fact that the wood has not been coated has both advantages and disadvantages. The wood looks beautiful, which means that the scratcher will look good in most decors and next to exposed wood furniture.

Cats who prefer to scratch wood than sisal, on the other hand, may find the temptation too high, and there is no undoing the damage once it’s been done.

This post has a perch on top of the 32-inch post, allowing your cat to sit atop the post and survey its surroundings. When it comes to premium options, we believe this is the greatest cat scratching post available.


  • The base and tower are made of engineered wood.
  • Post with sisal coating
  • Design that is appealing


  • Expensive
  • Wood is susceptible to harm.


3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratching Post by PetFusion

The PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratching Post is a stylish scratching post with a brief tunnel area for your cat to explore.

The post is created from ethically sourced recycled cardboard and corn husk glue, making it environmentally friendly while remaining robust and tough for your cat, even when it vents its rage on the post.

The form of the post allows your cat to stretch up to scratch, but it can also enjoy horizontal and slanted scratching, and the cubby area within the triangle provides additional play space for your cat.

The post is available in normal or jumbo sizes, and while it is more expensive than other scratchers, it is a useful design for your cat as well as a beautiful style that would look at home in a living room, bedroom, or other area in the house.


  • Horizontal scuffing
  • Components made from recycled cardboard and corn glue
  • Cubby provides an extra play area.


  • Expensive
  • Not as well-liked as ordinary scratch posts


Scratching Post for Cats in the Midwest

The MidWest Feline Cat Scratching Post is simple in design, but it is 41 inches tall and is wrapped in sisal rope. When compared to other materials, sisal rope is less likely to fray and tear.

The post has a large base. Cats can get rather agitated when scratching their post, and if the foundation is not built to keep the scratcher upright, it will tumble.

The oversized base of the MidWest Feline Cat Scratching Post allows your cat to stand on it, giving its own weight to the scratcher’s construction and design to guarantee that it remains solid and strong.

The base is covered with soft fur that is easy to clean, allowing you to remove any fur as well as any spills or other accidents.

This scratcher has a straightforward upright shape. It lacks any frills, extra layers, or other characteristics. It is, however, of high quality and has proven to be quite efficient against ferocious scratchers.

However, because it lacks toys and other stuff, you may need to spritz with catnip spray or consider adding additional aspects to entice your cat to try it.


  • 41″ tall
  • Sisal rope is extremely durable.
  • A large base
  • The felt coating is simple to clean.


  • Quite costly
  • The fundamental design


Cat Scratcher Post Hepper Hi-lo

The Hepper’s Hi-lo Cat Scratcher Post is a flexible cardboard post with a steel kickstand that can be set in any of five configurations.

The idea is sound. By repositioning the scratcher, you can keep your cat interested and minimize boredom, which can occur with a normal upright scratching column.

It also means that you can adjust the scratcher position to encourage your cat to scratch at previously undamaged areas, extending the life of the post before you need to replace it.

However, despite the unit’s solid and durable metal legs, it does wobble. Rubber pads prevent some slippage, but unless the scratcher is placed on a rough surface, it will likely wander across the floor while your cat uses it.

When the cardboard scratching surface wears down, which can happen after a few weeks if your cat is particularly active, it will shed cardboard on the floor.


  • Five vacancies are available.
  • Elegant design with metal legs
  • Legs have anti-slip rubber grips.


  • Sheds made of cardboard
  • Scratcher is readily ripped.


Premium Cat Scratcher Post from Kitty City

The Kitty City Premium Cat Scratcher Post is a low-cost yet high-quality scratcher. It has a wooden base and a woven sisal-covered 32-inch column.

Sisal is not only healthy for your cat’s claw health and provides a great scratching surface, but it is also robust and resilient. It will not tear readily, and even if it does fray, it will stay in place rather than being shed across the room and on the floor.

The top of the pillar features a perch for resting. The standard version of the post is pleasant for your cat to sit on, and you can add a perching platform to the top of the post for more comfort and pleasure.

A small cat ball is hidden beneath the perch, which may entice certain felines to reach up and catch it. This will familiarize them with the texture of the post and encourage them to scratch.

The Kitty City Premium Cat Scratcher Post is simple to assemble with the three provided screws and is reasonably priced.

Unfortunately, the post is made of cardboard and will ultimately bend or break. Furthermore, the sisal is secured with staples, which will not appeal to all owners or cats.


  • Cheap
  • Under the perch is a cat ball.
  • The perch cushion is appealing.
  • Sisal fabric


  • The column is made of thin cardboard.
  • The sisal has been stapled down.


Tall Cat Scratching Post by 4 Paws Stuff

The 4 Paws Stuff Tall Cat Scratching Post is 22 inches and is made of pressed wood with a cardboard column. The lower half of the column is covered in faux fur, while the top half is covered in sisal.

To encourage cats and show them that the post is for them, a stringed ball is placed to the top of the column.

Although it is billed as a tall cat scratching post, it is shorter than most others, and its size limits it to kittens and smaller cat breeds.

Furthermore, while sisal can endure cat aggression, faux fur cannot, and you may find small fragments of fluff on the floor of your room.

The post is built for stability, and it includes Velcro feet to keep it from strolling and sliding over the floor. The post is simple to assemble and install in the home.

Overall, we believe this is one of the greatest kitten scratching posts.


  • Cheap
  • Toy included to lure cats to the toy
  • Section for scratching sisal


  • The 22″ design is short.
  • Faux fur can easily ruined.


Dimaka Scratching Post for Tall Cats

The Dimaka Tall Cat Scratching Post is a 29-inch post divided into two sections covered with high-quality sisal rope.

The base and midsection are covered in faux-fur, which should survive because it is not a high-wear area. A fur ball affixed to the top section is also intended to attract and interest your cat.

The base is chipboard, while the column is cardboard. While these materials were chosen to keep the scratch post’s cost low, they are rather frail and can become damaged, especially when used by strong and athletic cats.

The tower’s height makes it acceptable for most adult cats and kittens, though enormous and giant breeds may require something taller, and if your cat is large enough to scratch the top piece, it may cause the tower to collapse.

The scratching post is available in a range of colors, so you can pick something to complement your room’s décor and furniture. The post is simple to assemble, requiring only three steps to complete before it is ready for use by your cats.


  • Cheap
  • Section for scratching sisal
  • Choice of colors


  • The cardboard column is unsteady.
  • Sisal rope is easily separated.


Cat Scratching Post by Amazon Basics

The Amazon Basics Cat Scratching Post is a simple scratcher that is 32 inches tall and is coated with jute string over the scratch post part and faux-fur at the base and top.

Because of the tower’s height, it will be popular with cats who like to scratch at full stretch. It contains a removable dangle toy that attracts your cat and can be replaced if it becomes damaged or is taken off the post.

The base is large enough to keep the post from toppling over. The column, on the other hand, is constructed of cardboard, which can easily bend when used by larger cats, and the rope splits, causing your cat to scratch the cardboard underneath.


  • Cheap
  • 32″ tall


  • Cardboard is readily broken.
  • Jute rope divides


Road Cat Scratching Post PAWZ

The PAWZ Road Cat Scratching Post measures 22 inches tall. It is constructed of a chipboard base and a cardboard column. The lower half of the post is carpeted, while the top half is natural sisal.

The marbles on the track on the base are intended to provide interactive play for your cat. A dangling toy will also interest the cat and encourage it to play on the post.

The notion is that when it reaches up to collect the ball, it will feel the texture of the sisal and be enticed to scratch this portion of the post.

Unfortunately, 22 inches is only about the height of a kitten, and the cardboard column is weak and may bend or shatter when your cat attacks it.

The carpet and fur are quickly frayed and prone to leaving chunks on the floor, and just because they’re at the bottom of the column doesn’t mean your cat won’t scratch them.


  • Cheap
  • Base Interactive


  • Carpet can easily destroyed.
  • The cardboard tube is shaky.
  • Only 22 inches in height

Buyer's Guide: Finding the Best Cat Scratching Post

Cats not only enjoy scratching, but it also benefits them physically. Scratching the cat’s claws eliminates loose and dead layers.

It stimulates your cat to stretch, which is beneficial to his musculoskeletal health and serves as a type of exercise.

When your cat is upset, you may notice that it scratches. This is because scratching relieves tension and anxiety.

Finally, because cats’ claws include smell glands, scratching allows them to establish their territory and communicate with other members of the household.

Height of Cat Scratching Post

Some cats like to stretch while they scratch, while others like to scratch at a lower level. Some cats enjoy doing both, while others will change their minds as soon as you purchase a new scratch post to fit their former preferences.

It is ideal to use a post that is tall enough for your cat to scratch fully stretched. Shorter posts of roughly 20 inches may be appropriate for kittens and small breeds, while huge and giant breeds will require one that is 40 inches or taller.

Size of Cat Scratching Post Base

The size of the base is also important. When scratching, your cat will put a lot of pressure on the post, especially if it scratches near the top of the post.

Oversized and massive bases will provide a larger and more stable footprint for the post, as well as additional stability.

If the base is large enough for your cat to stand on while scratching, the whole thing will be nearly immovable.

Building Materials

The two most typical building materials for this sort of post are wood and cardboard.

The foundation is often constructed of wood, whether engineered wood or chipboard, though there are some that are built of recycled, compressed, or corrugated cardboard.

The information used for the post’s column section is equally important.

Although wood is a robust material that will not bend, the screw or other attachment can be a weak point. Some posts use cardboard for the column, but they are more likely to bend, crack, or break.

What Is the Best Scratching Post Material?

Consider the material used to cover the posts as well. The base might be treated and left as is, or it could be covered in a carpet or faux fur material.

The post should be wrapped in something textured, such as jute or sisal. In addition to solid pieces of fabric, some manufacturers utilize a rope or twine that wraps around the post.

These can be useful since they provide a more pleasing texture to the finish, but if they are not correctly glued and attached, they can work free and produce a mess.

Interactive Toys For Cats

The majority of the cat posts on our list are simple post ideas. They do not have any extra layers or divisions, although they may have a cat toy or another interactive toy.

Swinging toys are useful because they encourage the cat to lean against the post. They discover that the post is textured, which encourages them to scratch the sisal rather than the sofa.

Some of the toys feature an interactive basis as well. In most situations, this means that a track has been drilled into the foundation and a marble has been inserted in the track.

Cats enjoy pushing marbles over these pathways, which adds to their enjoyment of the cat scratching post.


Although none of the posts on our list include hammocks, mattresses, or additional layers, some do have a perch on top of the column. The perch provides a place for your cat to sit and view their surroundings.

The perch is normally not large enough to sleep down on, but it should be large enough to sit on. In some circumstances, you can also purchase an extra perch cover, which is a cushion that extends the functionality of the column top.

How Many Scratching Posts Do I Need?

Many cat owners have a single scratching post, which may be plenty for one cat. Cats, on the other hand, are changeable, fussy, and can be territorial and possessive.

If you have more than one cat, you will need more than one scratching post, and even if you just have one cat, it is a good idea to give a variety of scratching posts in different areas such as the living room and bedroom.

It’s a good idea to have one post for each cat, plus one extra.

When Is It Time to Replace My Cat Scratching Post?

Your cat is the greatest judge of when it’s time to replace a scratching post. If a post was previously popular but is no longer used, it is a solid indication that it is time to upgrade and obtain a new one.

If the carpet or other materials are frayed and shedding on the floor, this is also a positive clue, and if the scratching post has bent or collapsed, or is otherwise damaged, you should replace it.

What Is the Best Way to Repair a Cat Scratching Post?

A scratching post can sometimes be repaired. If your cat has scratched the carpet, find some new cloth and glue it down over the exposed area.

If they have ripped the sisal or other twine away from the column, add hot glue to the back of the twine and wind it around the column again.

Use glue sticks to secure the twine and avoid using staples or other fasteners that could hurt or snag your cat.

Do Scratching Posts Cause Claw Dullness?

Scratching posts do not actually dull claws, but they do aid to maintain claws and keep them in good shape.

If anything, the scratching post will assist your cat preserve sharp claws and shed any dead layers of claw and skin, among other benefits.

How Do I Make My Cat Scratch A New Post?

Cats are fickle and fussy creatures who don’t care if you spent a small sum on a new scratching post.

Even if it looks just like the tattered one in the living room that they use practically every day, there’s no guarantee your cat will utilize the new post.

Try the following to encourage the use of a new scratching post:

  • Training – Give your cat a treat when they investigate the new post, even if it’s simply to sniff it. If you keep doing this, the cat will return to the post and eventually try to scratch it.
  • Placement – If you purchase a scratcher to deter your cat from scratching furniture, place it near to the sofa or other item. Place it next to the old scratching post instead.
  • Hanging Toy – Some scratching posts feature a toy that hangs from the top, such as a ball or a mouse. This encourages the cat to grab the toy and scratch at the textured scratching surface. If one is missing, consider adding your own.
  • Catnip – Catnip draws your cat naturally, and it is frequently included in the fabric of new scratchers, as well as the material of new toys and even cat beds. Purchase some and scatter it on the post. This will not only lure the cat to the spot, but it will also activate his senses and rile him up.


The ideal cat scratching post will be able to resist repeated and rigorous use.

It should be appropriate for your cat’s size and weight, and it should entice your pet feline to scratch its claws on the textured scratching part.

Because most scratchers will be used in the living room or another living area of the house, they must be both attractive and functional.

Toys, interactive bases, and other play components can entice your cat to spend time scratching at the post.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) discovered the MECOOL Cat Scratching Post to be the greatest when completing our reviews of the top cat scratching posts.

The Dimaka Scratching Post for Tall Cats was the best bargain and stood 32.5 inches tall from base to perch.

We here at BestForPets hope that our top fifteen list of the best cat scratching posts available was helpful in your search for the best option for your cat.

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