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The 12 Best Cat Scratchers

Our beloved cats scratch for a variety of reasons, so it stands to reason that you should have at least one type of cat scratcher in your home for your cat to enjoy.

While many of us believe that our cats scratch to sharpen their claws, this is not the truth!

Cats scratch to relieve stress, stretch and flex their bodies, and leave a scent and visual mark on their territory – aka your couch.

Scratching also helps remove the outer coats of their claws, which must be removed once they are dead.

So, there are a variety of reasons why your cat might want to scratch, and as good cat parents, it is our responsibility to create possibilities that do not require destroying your soft furniture.

When it comes to cat scratchers, major cat buying websites provide a dizzying array of possibilities. But how can you determine which one will be best for your cat? That's where our feedback comes in!

Here are the best cat scratchers that BestForPets (bestforpets.org) thinks you should buy.


Best Buy: Petlinks Sea Ramp Cat Scratcher

If you’re seeking for the greatest cat scratcher for the money, the Petlinks Sea Ramp Cat Scratcher is an excellent choice.

This provides excellent value for money while still being attractive and fitting for a modern environment. If your cat enjoys scratching seagrass baskets, this is a fantastic answer because it is made of the same material!

The slanted surface encourages cats to stretch out to their full length while scratching, which is something that many vertical scratchers lack.

It also includes a sachet of catnip, which you can sprinkle over the surface to entice your cat to come and inspect it for the first time.

The only complaint we have about this cat scratcher is that it is too small and light for larger cat breeds. To summarize, we believe this is the greatest low-cost cat scratcher available.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Elegant style
  • Sloped to promote scratching
  • Catnip is included.


  • Not suitable for larger cats.


K&H Pet Supplies Cat Scratcher Kitty Tippy Scratch n’ Track

If your cat enjoys scratching, the K&H Pet Products Kitty Tippy Scratch n’ Track Cat Scratcher has everything you need to keep them occupied for hours!

Each side of this cat scratcher includes an indentation for the supplied balls, so your cat can enjoy batting them around. You may also add rockers to the base to have this scratcher tip from side to side as your cat plays.

The huge size is ideal for larger breeds, as they will have plenty of room to stretch out when scratching.

Some cats can easily knock the balls out of the runners, so you’ll need to find and replace them (just for your cats to knock them out again!).

Because this scratcher isn’t reversible, you’ll need to buy another once the top side has been scratched to oblivion.


  • Large cats will benefit from this.
  • There are numerous interactive features.
  • Catnip is included.


  • It is not reversible.
  • Balls can escape from runners.


K&H Pet Supplies Cat Scratcher Scratch Ramp

If you’re seeking for the ultimate cat scratcher, the K&H Pet Products Scratch Ramp Cat Scratcher is it. It cleverly combines a scratching ramp and a toy — with catnip!

Some cats require a little coaxing to begin using their cat scratcher, and with this product from K&H Pet Products, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to lure your cat.

The big cardboard area stimulates scratching, while the two balls within a runner keep your cat entertained and eager to scratch (making it the best cat scratcher to file nails).

The only thing we didn’t enjoy about this cat scratcher was the small quantity of catnip that came with it.

You might wish to complement that with extra, but your cat may take an instant love to this scratcher – no catnip required!


  • Excellent value for money
  • Toys and catnip are included.
  • Lasts a long time
  • Simple to construct


  • The catnip bag is little.


Scroll Cat Scratcher SmartyKat Scratch

The SmartyKat Scratch Scroll Cat Scratcher‘s novel shape allows your cat to use it as a toy at the same time – it even has a dangly, removable feather to encourage them into playing.

The neutral hues complement any decor and offer a mix of carpet and sisal to appeal to all cats!

Just keep in mind that if you have a larger cat, they may not be able to stretch out to their full length while using this scratcher, so while they may like the toy, the original purpose of the scratcher may be overlooked!

Some cats prefer to nap on or under this scratcher, but it’s ideal for tiny cats and kittens.


  • Shape innovation
  • Various surfaces
  • It comes with a toy.


  • Cats are unable to reach maximum stretch.
  • Underneath is not carpeted.
  • Not big enough for huge cats.


Petstages Scratch, Snuggle, and Rest Cat Scratcher

If you want a bright and eye-catching cat scratcher, the Petstages Easy Life Scratch, Snuggle, and Rest Cat Scratcher is ideal for you and your cats.

The circular core cat scratcher creates a shallow bowl that invites scratching and is ideal for your small cat to curl up in for a sleep. This product, like many of the cat scratchers in our review, comes with a small sachet of catnip.

This cardboard scratcher may withstand tiny cats, but larger cats may be unable to curl up in the core area and may knock the legs off after prolonged use.

This, too, cannot be replenished, so once the cardboard on top has been clawed to bits, it’ll be time to buy a new cat scratcher.


  • Catnip is included.
  • Scratching surface with a curve
  • It can also serve as a bed.


  • Legs can become jammed.
  • Not big enough for huge cats.
  • It cannot be refilled.


EZ Mount Window Scratcher by K&H Pet Products

The K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Scratcher‘s ingenious design allows you to mount it on your window for a scratcher and window bed in one!

Using the provided suction-cup mounting method, you can easily and securely attach this to your window. This may be folded up to sit vertically against the window when you want to pull your curtains or blinds.

While many cats enjoy lounging on high places, they don’t always feel comfortable clawing! So, while your cat may enjoy it as a seat, they may not use it for its intended purpose!

If they do, you’ll need to keep a close check on the cardboard’s integrity as they begin to scrape through it. If it appears to be deteriorating, don’t be afraid to replace it!


  • Design with two functions
  • Catnip is included.


  • Expensive
  • Some cats will not scratch with it.
  • Cords can be a nuisance.

Finding the Best Cat Scratcher: A Buyer's Guide

Providing a cat scratcher is an excellent technique to keep your cat from attacking your furnishings.

All cats have a natural desire to scratch, and we should not try to dissuade them from doing so because it is completely normal and healthy activity.

We can, however, teach our cats to scratch on appropriate surfaces rather than chair legs, couch arms, and door jambs!

Here are a few things to consider while selecting the ideal scratcher for your cat:

This makes sense, however the larger your cat, the larger the scratcher!

Cats enjoy being able to stretch their entire body while scratching and may ignore a scratcher that does not allow them to do so. Choose a horizontal or angled scratcher that is at least the same length as your cat’s body, minus their tail.

Some cat scratchers, particularly those made of cardboard, are readily knocked over. This only needs to happen once or twice before your cat decides to disregard it and move on to something more sturdy and comfortable under their paws.

This review’s cat scratchers are all constructed of cardboard, seagrass, carpet, or sisal. Some are made of a variety of materials.

Most cats appreciate cardboard scratchers because they can feel the cardboard give under their claws, but many cats enjoy different materials as well. It may take some trial and error to find the combination that works best for your cat.

Of course, the optimum answer is to supply a variety of scratchers made from various materials, but that isn’t always an option, either financially or in terms of available space. Scratching posts for cats can be vertical, horizontal, or angled.

Some cat scratchers can be positioned at various angles, while others are fixed. Angled cat scratchers are usually a good pick because they allow your cat to obtain a full muscular stretch.

Many cats enjoy both vertical and horizontal scratchers, so it may be a matter of testing a couple to discover which they prefer.

You may also create your own DIY cat scratching post and combine it with less expensive cardboard ones for a complete set of alternatives.

True, cardboard cat scratchers will always be less durable than those made of materials like carpet or sisal.

However, the fact that cats adore cardboard scratchers is a compelling reason to get one, and they are usually less expensive than other options.

Look for a cardboard scratcher with reversible sides so that as it wears out, you can flip it over and virtually double its lifespan. Catnip is a terrific tip for encouraging your cat to utilize their new scratching post instead of your furniture!

Many cat scratchers include a sachet of catnip. Simply sprinkle this over the scratcher to entice your cat to play. They may take an immediate like to their new scratcher, or you may need to encourage them with a toy or goodies.

Most cats like the opportunity to scratch and investigate new surfaces. You can set their new scratcher near where they already scratch, and you may notice that your cat begins to utilize the scratcher instead of the old surface.

Whether they don’t, gently bring them over to it when you observe them using the previous surface they scratched, and watch if they transfer the scratch to the surface you want them to use instead!

Some cats become tired of clawing in the same spot and prefer to mark their territory elsewhere.

In that scenario, it’s a good idea to have a variety of scratchers around the house or to relocate the one scratcher you do have when you observe your cat utilizing it less.

When you move the catnip, it should be refreshed, and your cat should enjoy using it again!


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) chose the Petstages Easy Life Scratch, Snuggle, and Rest Cat Scratcher as the finest overall cat scratcher.

This scratching post has an outstanding height as well as extra toys and activities for additional amusement.

If you’re searching for the most bang for your buck, consider the Petlinks Sea Ramp Cat Scratcher. This tall, angled scratcher is ideal for larger cats, and the basic design will complement most homes.

Allowing our cats to engage in a wide range of natural behaviors is essential for keeping your cat happy and healthy, as well as keeping their nails in line.

This is especially true for indoor cats, who have less opportunity to scratch on their own. So, if you haven’t already purchased a cat scratcher, don’t put it off any longer.

Our assessments of the best cat scratchers and best cat scratching posts to file nails should have provided you with plenty of inspiration to get started!

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