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The 12 Best Cat Scratchers In The Uk

Cats enjoy scratching, and if you don't supply them with a scratcher, they will frequently turn to items such as furniture and carpet to maintain their claws, leave their scent behind, and express their irritation.

Given how keen cats' claws are, the scratcher you choose must be strong and long-lasting. It should also be a tempting scratching post to entice your cat away from the sofa.

Cat scratchers come in a variety of styles, from simple corrugated cardboard pads to wall-mounted and even corner sisal scratchers.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) reviewed %product_count% of the best cat scratchers in the UK so you can select the one that's right for you and your cat.


Best Overall: Aibuddy Cat Scratcher Curve Pad & Lounge Bed

  • 44cm x 25cm x 7cm Dimensions
  • Corrugated cardboard is used.

The Aibuddy Cat Scratcher, Curve Scratching Pad Reversible Cardboard Lounge Bed is a curved scratcher with a corrugated scratching surface on both sides that lies on the floor.

Because it is two-sided, you may flip it over once one side has been completely scratched down, doubling its life.

The curved form not only allows your cat to stretch out and get some momentum behind their scratching, but it also gives a nice surface for your cat to rest on, making this scratcher a lounging area as well.

The curved form makes the scratcher appealing, and it is fairly priced, with a sleek grey frame. The scratcher is covered in catnip, which will entice most cats to at least inspect it.

The Aibuddy Curve’s double-sided curved design and affordable price make it our best overall cat scratcher in the UK.


  • Double-sided
  • Design that is curved
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for heavy scratchers.


Best Value Conlun Cat Scratcher Box With Scratching Board

  • 34cm x 24cm x 12cm Dimensions
  • Corrugated cardboard is used.

The Conlun Cat Scratcher Box With Cat Scratching Board is a cardboard box with a double-sided scratching board that can be placed in the box’s bottom and turned over once one side has been fully scratched.

The compact box is designed for cats weighing up to 11 pounds. Despite its diminutive size, it will appeal to cats who like to cuddle up and squeeze into small areas.

The box shape not only invites cats to enter and curl up, but it also means that the scratcher’s broken pieces are kept inside and are easy to clean up.

If you have a larger cat, they do sell a larger box that will accommodate cats weighing up to 20 pounds.

The Conlun Cat Scratcher Box is our pick for the finest cat scratcher in the UK for the money due to its low price and simplicity, and it even comes in two patterns. It could, however, benefit from slightly larger proportions for larger felines.


  • The box contains torn cardboard.
  • Scratcher pad can be turned around.
  • Affordable


  • It may be too small for a large number of cats.


Premium Catipilla Wall-Mounted Cat Scratcher

  • 12cm x 10cm x 75cm in size
  • Material: Sisal

The Catipilla Wall-Mounted Cat Scratcher is a high-quality scratcher made of natural sisal rather than corrugated cardboard. Sisal is a wonderful choice of material since it is strong but soft and textured enough that most cats will scratch it intuitively.

The fixing brackets are put into the wall, ensuring a secure fit, and additional fixing brackets may be purchased to allow you to relocate the post from one room to another.

Because it can be set above ground level, it allows your cat to stretch out and acquire some decent momentum when going to town on the sisal.

The Catipilla scratcher is pricey, but it is built of high-quality materials and provides a more durable option to corrugated cardboard alternatives.

Although the post is only secured once, it can be withdrawn and twisted to provide a previously unscratched section while concealing any frayed areas at the back.


  • For stability, it is wall-mounted.
  • Sisal scratching substance is robust and long-lasting.
  • Can be turned to extend the scratcher’s life.


  • Expensive


Cat Scratcher Tunnel & Pad Bed by Aibuddy

  • Size: 50cm x 33cm x 30.5cm
  • Corrugated cardboard is used.

Diverse cats have different scratching preferences, and some cats appear to vary their concept of scratching heaven on a daily basis.

The Aibuddy Cat Scratcher Tunnel & Pad Bed Lounge is a cylindrical scratcher with a solid interior and a scratching surface all the way around the tunnel.

It is great for cats who enjoy crawling through tunnels or who hide in drawers and other dark places. The flat bottom prevents the tunnel from rolling around while your feline companion is inside, and it allows for several playing chances.

The tunnel includes a sachet of catnip that can be used to stimulate early scratcher exploration. The Aibuddy Tunnel is rather pricey, but it has a large scratching surface.

This is a scratcher, lounger, and tunnel all in one. While the flat bottom keeps the tunnel from rolling around when your cat is inside, it does not keep the scratcher from rolling around when your cat is scratching it.


  • Scratcher, tunnel, and lounger
  • Catnip is included.
  • Encourages different types of scratching and playing positions.


  • Expensive
  • When scraped, the ball may roll.


Cat Scratcher Oval Scratch Pad by ComSaf

  • The dimensions are 44cm x 34cm x 10cm.
  • Corrugated cardboard is used.

The ComSaf Cat Scratcher, Oval Corrugated Cardboard Scratch Pad is designed like a cat bed and features a scratch pad foundation made of corrugated cardboard.

The sides are similarly constructed of corrugated cardboard, however they are attractively polished in an imitation wood grain.

The oval’s walls are strong enough to hold a lounging cat, thus it can also be used as a cat lounger. The bottom pad may also be inverted, which doubles its lifespan.

The enclosed circular design, like scratcher boxes, keeps any fragments of cardboard that get scratched off inside the box, preventing a mess on the surrounding carpet.

While the bottom pad of the ComSaf Oval Scratcher holds up well to scratching, the side walls can become damaged if your cat scratches them vertically.

The oval will be too small for medium to large cats if they want to stretch out when sleeping or scratching.


  • Design with two functions
  • The scratching pad’s life is extended by reversing it.
  • Stylish faux wood finish


  • Side walls are easily damaged.
  • Some cats find it too small.


Cardboard Cat Scratcher With Box Vivaglory

  • Size: 44cm x 18cm x 4.5cm
  • Corrugated cardboard is used.

The Vivaglory Cat Scratcher Cardboard With Box is a scratcher pad housed in a shallow box. The corrugated cardboard pad is replaceable, and the provided pad is reversible, so it will last twice as long.

The box is only slightly taller than the pad, so it’s not really handy as a lounger or bed, but the raised edges are intended to keep frayed cardboard inside the unit rather than on the floor.

The Vivaglory Cat Scratcher is affordable and comes with a bag of catnip to encourage your cat to utilize the pad.

If you position the box in the middle of a hard surface and your cat scratches from outside the box, the glossy base will move about.

To avoid this, place it against a wall or on a carpeted area. Although the slightly higher sides keep some cardboard from escaping, there will still be parts on the floor around the box.


  • Cheap
  • Catnip is included.
  • Taller sides aid in the prevention of frayed cardboard escaping.


  • Overly simplified
  • On smooth surfaces, it slides.


Cat Scratch Mat Sofa Shield Navaris

  • Size: 50cm x 70cm x 0.2cm
  • Material: Sisal

Cats can scratch on a variety of surfaces throughout the house. The side of the sofa is one surface that some cats particularly appreciate.

Even if you provide your cat with many scratching posts and scratchers, he or she may still prefer the couch.

The Navaris Cat Scratch Mat Sofa Shield is intended to protect the end and arm of the sofa, allowing your cat to scratch without causing harm to the furniture.

The mat is made of natural sisal, which is thick enough to protect the furniture underneath while also providing an excellent scratching surface for your cat. The mat is fairly priced and will easily fit over the arm of some chairs.

However, it is difficult to fit into some chairs, and you may struggle to get the requisite tight fit.


  • Prevents scratches on sofas
  • Cats are drawn to natural sisal.
  • Fits over the chair’s arm and tucks under the cushion


  • Some furniture is difficult to fit.


3 Pack Pizz Annu Cat Scratching Pad

  • Size: 50cm x 70cm x 0.2cm
  • Material: Sisal

The Pizz Annu 3 Pack Cat Scratching Pad is a set of three scratching mats made of corrugated cardboard. Two of the pads are designed with a single wave, while the other has numerous waves.

The entire set can be used together, giving your cats the thrill of knocking them over, or they can be used separately. The various designs provide a wide range of forms and permutations.

These pads are great for reclining and lying on as well as scratching. The three pads are relatively little on their own and may not be the ideal option for huge cats.

The corrugated cardboard appears to be extremely soft and simple for vigorous scratchers to tear through.


  • Three scratch pads and two boxes of catnip are included in this set.
  • Various scratching locations and layouts


  • Large cats may find it too small.
  • Corrugated cardboard easily tears.


Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed by PetCheer

  • Measurements: 50cm x 23cm x 15cm
  • Corrugated cardboard is used.

The PetCheer Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed has a stylish black frame with an infinity symbol motif.

Because the scratcher’s horizontal surfaces are all composed of corrugated cardboard, there are lots of places to scratch, and the whole item may be flipped when one side is sufficiently scratched.

Organic catnip is also included in the packaging to encourage curiosity. Because it is much smaller than the photographs show, the PetCheer Lounger is only actually ideal for kittens and small cats.

However, it is visually appealing and can be reversed to extend its longevity.


  • It can be turned over to extend its life.
  • Catnip is included.
  • Design that is appealing


  • Very little
  • Expensive


Natural Sisal Cat Scratcher Mat by M&MKPET

  • Size: 65cm x 40cm x 0.5cm
  • Material: Sisal

The M&MKPET Natural Sisal Cat Scratcher Mat is a sisal-based doormat. Sisal is an excellent material for scratchers since it is both robust and soft enough to entice cats.

The scratcher’s mat design allows it to be placed on any floor or horizontal surface, or it can be affixed to a wall to make a wall-mounted scratcher. However, it is a fairly simple design, and convincing a cat to utilize it may take some work.

The scratcher mat is especially useful for deterring cats who scratch specific sections of carpet or doormats, but it may take a lot of catnip to get your cats to utilize it.

Furthermore, the mat is shipped folded, and it is extremely difficult to remove the wrinkles that appear during shipping.


  • Crafted from sisal
  • Can be used on horizontal surfaces or wall-mounted


  • Design is quite simple.
  • Creases are tough to eradicate.

How to Buy the Best Cat Scratcher in the UK: A Buyer's Guide

Cats have some odd habits, and while each cat is unique, they all have a natural drive to scratch.

If you don’t provide an appropriate scratching surface, your cat’s claws may cause damage to your furniture, rugs, and even your walls.

What Causes Cats to Scratch?

Cats scratching is a normal behavior. They do it for the following primary reasons:

Scratching helps to keep a cat’s claws healthy and in good condition. It sharpens the remaining claws and eliminates dead ones.

Scratching against trees, fences, and other abrasive surfaces is common among outdoor cats. If you have a house cat, they will have to scratch against something else.

Cats have smell glands in the bottom of their paws that they use to mark territory. They leave their aroma behind when they scratch things.

This allows them to find their way around and serves as a warning to other cats and animals that this is their domain.

Stress Reduction: If you’ve ever seen a cat go to town on a scratcher, you’ll know that it helps to decrease stress and anxiety.

Scratching Post versus. Scratcher

Instead of scratching furniture or your legs, you can give your cat a variety of items to scratch. Scratching posts are vertical columns often made of sisal or jute.

Scratchers are pads, mats, or boxes that provide at least one scratching area for your cat.

Giving a cat several scratching surfaces in the areas where they spend the most time is a smart idea.

If your cat scratches your furniture, place a scratching post nearby or use a sofa scratching mat. If they scratch at the rugs or carpet, provide a box or other scratcher to deter this activity.

Sisal vs. Corrugated Cardboard

Scratchers are primarily composed of corrugated cardboard, though some sometimes include a sisal covering.

Corrugated cardboard is inexpensive, and the corrugation creates holes in the material that are simple to scratch.

However, cardboard is quickly frayed, so you must buy a top quality cardboard scratcher or your cat will make quick work of the scratching surface.

Types of Scratchers

Every cat is unique and has distinct tastes. You can satisfy your cat’s scratching need by using one of the scratchers listed below.


A horizontal flat scratcher might be as thin as a doormat or as thick as a box lid. A flat scratcher can double as a bed or a sitting space in addition to a scratcher.


A box is a horizontal scratcher with walls on all sides. The box can be rectangular, oval, or any other shape.

The box design, in addition to offering a place for your cat to lay down and a surface to scratch, ensures that any damaged or frayed cardboard from the scratcher is contained within.

It won’t spill and make a mess on the floor near the scratcher.


Loungers come in a variety of shapes, but they are often curled in a wave shape. These are intended to allow your cat to lie down and sleep, but the curved form allows for a wider range of scratching postures.

Scratcher for the Wall

Most cats enjoy stretching out while scratching. It enables them to achieve a proper scratching motion and can aid in the relief of physical strain.

Wall-mounted scratchers are typically screwed to the wall and can be hung at any height to accommodate your cat’s needs. However, when removed, these leave screw holes.

Scratchers with Reversible Covers

When shopping for scratchers, search for ones that promise to be reversible or feature a reversible pad.

This means that the product’s scratcher element can be turned over to reveal another scratching surface. This effectively doubles the life of the scratcher and eliminates the need for replacement pads and mats.


Cat scratchers allow cats to scratch an itch that they naturally have. They may also protect your furniture, rugs, and even your legs and walls from scratching.

It can be difficult to find the appropriate scratcher with so many different types available. To assist you in your decision, we have listed ten of the best cat scratchers in the UK above.

To summarize, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) found the Aibuddy Curve Scratching Pad to be the best overall value for money and quality, while the low-cost Conlun Cat Scratcher is rather simple yet fulfills the job asked of it.

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