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10 Best Cat Repellent Sprays For Furniture

Cat owners throughout the country are all too acquainted with the sound of their cat's nails tearing into their furniture, slowly shredding the fabric to tears and costing them money.

Is there a way to solve this age-old problem? To rescue their living spaces, cat lovers are turning to cat repellent sprays for furniture.

Many people are learning that using these sprays in conjunction with positive reinforcement training can help them save not only their furniture, but also their sanity.

We looked at the 10 best cat repellent sprays for furniture on the market to find the best solutions for naturally keeping cats off furniture.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes our reviews make your decision to buy a cat repellant spray a little bit easier.


Stop That, Sentry! Best Overall Noise & Pheromone Cat Spray

Stop That, Sentry! Our best overall cat repellant spray for furnishings is Noise & Pheromone Cat Spray.

This spray employs a combination of scent and a noise deterrent to prevent cats from scratching.

After being sprayed, the spray works practically instantaneously on cats by releasing a pheromone that soothes the cat and reduces their excitability during the undesirable behavior.

The pheromone spray, combined with the noise it creates when you press the spray button, deters the cat from repeating the action, and the combined impact helps the feline avoid re-engaging in the bad behavior.

The pheromone scent is a lavender chamomile fragrance that most people enjoy. If you are scent sensitive, the smell may be too strong for you, thus this may not be the spray for you.

The spray is barely one ounce, and if you keep the button down for too long when spraying, you will likely only get a few uses out of it.


Best Value PetAg Boundary Indoor & Outdoor Cat Repellent

The PetAg Boundary Indoor/Outdoor Car Repellent is the most affordable cat repellent spray for furniture.

To keep cats off furniture and counters, this spray contains methyl nonyl ketone and other unpleasant odors.

It can also be used outside to keep cats away from gardens, plants, garbage cans, and other areas.

The aroma lasts for 24 hours, preventing cats from scratching, spraying, or urinating inappropriately.

Spraying everyday is recommended by the business for the best success in deterring your cat. This spray has a handful of drawbacks.

The perfume may be unpleasant to persons with sensitive noses, but it quickly fades.

This spray may only work for a limited period of time on your feline companion or it may have no effect at all on your cat’s undesired behavior.


PetSafe SSSCAT Motion-Activated Cat Spray – Excellent Option

Our top premium pick for a cat repellant spray for furniture is the PetSafe SSSCAT Motion-Activated Dog & Cat Spray.

Because your pet activates this device, it can be utilized in entryways, on worktops, and around furniture even when you’re not home to dissuade your pet.

It features an adjustable nozzle that can spray up to three feet away and sprays a harmless, non-staining spray to dissuade your kitty from areas you want to keep it away from.

The spray requires four AAA batteries, which must be purchased individually. The PetSafe SSSCAT Motion-Activated Spray has various drawbacks.

The container does require some reset time in between sprays, so if you have a stubborn cat who will return right back to something after an initial discouragement, you might be better off using a product that you spray yourself.

Because the motion sensor cannot distinguish between you and your cat, you must remember to avoid certain locations yourself or turn off the sensor if you must operate in those areas.


Scratch Stop Deterrent Training Spray by Petlinks – Best for Kittens

The finest kitten cat deterrent spray for furnishings is Petlinks Scratch Stop Deterrent Training Cat Spray.

This spray contains a botanical blend of lemon and eucalyptus oils, which will naturally stop your kittens from clawing your furniture.

It is eco-friendly and created from all-natural substances. Although this spray is clear, always test it on an inconspicuous area first to ensure that it does not stain your furniture.

Because the Petlinks Scratch Stop Deterrent Training Cat Spray is a training spray, you will need to employ positive reinforcement to instruct your kitten to scratch in the desired spot while applying the spray to dissuade them from scratching on the surface you want them to avoid.

Place a scratching post near the piece of furniture you want to deter them from, place a reward or catnip on the scratching post, spritz the deterrent spray on the furniture, then divert your kitten to the scratching post.


Four Paws Stay Away! Cat Repellent for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Four Paws Stay Away! A good cat repellent spray for furnishings is Indoor & Outdoor Dog and Cat Repellent.

It comes in a convenient spray container that can be sprayed on indoor and outdoor surfaces to keep cats away from locations you want them to stay away from.

The spray is clear and will not stain fabrics, but always test a small area first before spraying the entire surface. When used on a daily basis, the spray lasts for 24 hours.

The smell may be overpowering to some people’s nostrils, so if you’re sensitive to scent, you should choose another spray.

Purchasing The Best Cat Repellent Sprays for Furniture

There are various cat repellents on the market to keep your cat off your furniture, and we’re sure you have some queries. How do these repellents function?

Are they safe for your family and pets? Will cat repellent sprays leave stains on your furniture? How long can you use these products?

We’ll go through these subjects in greater depth so you can feel confident that you’re making the best decision for your cat and your family.

How do furniture cat repellents work?

Deterrent Scent

Most cat repellent sprays work by employing an odor that cats dislike to keep them away from furniture, trash cans, your deck, and a variety of other places.

Lavender, citrus, citronella, peppermint, and eucalyptus are common odors because most cats dislike those smells and will avoid regions with those aromas.

Some of the fragrances in these sprays are a little stronger, including chemicals like capsaicin, the active element in chili peppers and also found in mace.

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting a spray is what fragrances you can live with because you want to keep your cat away from the furnishings, not humans (though some of these sprays may work for humans as well if that’s your objective).

There are also newer sprays on the market that use calming pheromones coupled with disagreeable aromas to both quiet your cat and stop them from clawing the furniture.

Sprays with Physical Deterrents

Other cat repellent sprays use physical deterrents such as a puff of air or noise to keep the cat away from the area.

These machines sometimes require a lengthy reset period to function properly, so your cat may decide to take his chances and check if the machine is operational when he wants to cause trouble.

If you’re considering about acquiring some of the more expensive noise and spray deterrents, keep in mind that some of the equipment may fail or stop working effectively over time.

Deterrent to Taste

Some sprays employ taste to keep cats away from furniture or other surfaces.

When the cat gets the product on its paws, it can taste the bitter flavor and learns to identify that piece of furniture with the foul taste and avoid it.

Are these sprays harmful to your pet and family?

The quick answer is yes. Many of the aromas connected with these sprays are ones that most people find pleasant but your cat finds quite unpleasant.

The challenge will be to locate a scent that you like but your cat does not, which may need some trial-and-error experimentation on your part.

Any spray containing capsaicin is an exception because it is an extremely strong chemical and a little goes a long way.

Sprays containing this spicy pepper component should be used with caution because it might cause respiratory difficulties in those with asthma, COPD, and other respiratory disorders.

Are cat repellant sprays going to discolor your furniture?

The majority of the sprays will not stain your furniture, although some of these items contain essential oils. Essential oils may leave a residue on your furniture depending on the product’s composition. Always test the product in a tiny area first to avoid accidentally ruining your own furniture in your efforts to deter your cat from scratching it to smithereens.

How long are you allowed to use the deterrent?

Many of the deterrents on our list come with their own set of instructions on how to use them, so we recommend following those.

You will most likely need to use the deterrents many times per day for at least a couple of weeks, but this will vary depending on the product.

Several spray companies promote using their product as a training aid, and you may have a better success rate if you use the spray in conjunction with positive reinforcement for excellent behavior.

The ultimate goal is to wean your cat off the deterrent, so you’ll probably only need to apply it for as long as it takes to keep your cat away from the furniture or surface you want it to avoid.

You will need to use the spray as often as the package recommends until your cat quits the annoying behavior.

You can discontinue using the product once you have confirmed that the cat is not relapsing to negative behavior.


Sentry Stop That! Noise & Pheromone Cat Spray is our top pick for the finest overall cat repellent spray for furniture because it combines a fragrance and noise deterrent for a more successful outcome.

The PetAg Boundary Indoor/Outdoor Cat Repellent is our top value pick since you get a good amount of fluid product and the spray is versatile because it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) understands how difficult it is to keep cats from scratching your furniture, and we hope that our reviews will assist you in finding a spray that works for you and your feline buddy.

We hope our reviews of the best cat repellent sprays for furniture have helped you choose one.

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