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12 Best Cat Proof Curtains

Are you tired of your cat scratching? Will you be able to stop them? Are you looking for the best cat-proof curtain for your home?

So, here at BestForPets (bestforpets.org), we are at your disposal; we have done some thorough research on the various cat-proof curtains on the market.

Scroll down to see a list of the best cat proof curtains, as well as buyers' advice on what type of material to use and curtain rods that are easy to install.


Nicetown 3 Pass Cat-Proof Microfiber Curtain

The Nicetown 3 Pass Microfiber Cat-Proof Curtain is our first option since it is composed of high-quality polyester material that can withstand cat claws, stains, and acts as a waterproof shield.

The cloth of this curtain is thick and velvety to the touch, which is a benefit because it prevents your cat from scratching on it. This is because her claws will be unable to sink in easily and she will be unable to adequately sharpen her claws.

Furthermore, it offers a dark cozy environment for your feline companion and family members by providing a completely dark room and protecting from dangerous UV rays and sunlight.


  • Durable materials are chosen, which means it will not be easily destroyed.
  • It is claw-resistant, stain-resistant, and waterproof.
  • Protect yourself from the sun’s damaging rays.
  • These curtains provide privacy while also adding a beautiful decorative touch to the interior of your home.


  • The disadvantage of this curtain is that it comes in a variety of colors but only one texture.


Red Velvet Cat Resistant Curtains at Stangh Theater

This Stangh Theater Red Velvet Cat Resistant Curtain is our top pick because velvet is a high-quality material that is resistant to cat claws.

Furthermore, the tight meshes prevent your cat from readily sinking their claws into it. Furthermore, the thick fabric of these velvet curtains prevents your cat from scratching its claws on them. They will be unable to groom their claws efficiently and will not provide scratching satisfaction.

The thick velvet curtains also serve to screen sunlight and UV rays, resulting in a warm and comforting environment for your family and feline buddy. These curtains are ideal for use in the living room, bedroom, theater room, or children’s room.


  • The velvet substance is naturally long-lasting.
  • A thick coating not only protects against claws but also from damaging UV radiation.
  • You can easily wash these curtains in the washing machine.
  • It has dense weaving.


  • The only disadvantage of this product is its high price, but it is well worth it because it is the best in claw resistance.


Home Exclusive Solid Cabana Curtains

If you require a less expensive option, the solid cabana curtains by Exclusive Home are a perfect substitute for our top pick. These strong fabric curtains are ideal for use in indoor or outdoor places such as mudrooms or hybrid spaces.

These thick, canvas-like structures aid in the establishment of an outing field in your backyard or lawn area for you and your cat.

It not only protects you from direct sunshine and UV rays, but it is also claw resistant, allowing you to spend time with your cat in the yard area without worrying about the interior.

The solid cabana curtains are simple to clean, and even if your cat plays with them, they will not become stained. This is due to the fact that it is hair resistant, and you can wash them on a monthly basis.


  • These curtains are waterproof, claw proof, and stain resistant.
  • Used a high-quality polyester fabric
  • The thick covering makes it difficult for your cat’s claws to sink.
  • Machine washable solid cabana curtains


  • The disadvantage of these curtains is that they do not effectively screen sunlight.


NICETOWN Cat-Friendly 100% Blackout Curtains

NICETOWN’s blackout cat-friendly curtains are among the top cat-proof curtains on the market. This is due to the fact that its thick polyester blend material not only blocks light and heat but also acts as an anti-scratch.

This curtain’s material is sturdy and velvety, and it fits effortlessly into curtain rods.

Even though your cat is drawn to the solid texture, the thick material will prevent her from climbing on the curtains. This will keep her from jumping, climbing, or sharpening their claws on the drapes.

It also comes with velcro, which can be used during the day to create a complete blackout theme in your living room or bedroom, depending on where the curtain is set.


  • The fabric is made of high-quality polyester and polyester blend.
  • The material has a thick and velvety appearance.
  • The thick covering of the curtain prevents your cat from sinking in their claws.
  • These curtains are simple to open and install, and they are machine washable.


  • The use of blended polyester fabric may be a disadvantage of this product.
  • It does not provide texture variations.


Microfiber Cat Curtains Eclipse

The Eclipse offers high-quality microfiber cat-proof fabric curtains that are both claw and stain resistant. Its thick polyester fabric prevents your cat from effortlessly sinking her claws into it.

Even if she tries to scratch the curtain, she will not achieve the satisfaction she seeks because her claws are incapable of scratching it effectively.

Furthermore, these curtains filter sunlight and harmful UV rays, which are damaging to the health of your family members and cats. Plus, the fabric is machine washable, so you won’t have to worry about it getting dirty.

The cat-proof curtain is designed to be easily fitted in any standard or fancy curtain pole. Furthermore, because polyester fabric is naturally resilient, it will not be easily destroyed by your cat’s claws.


  • Polyester of excellent grade
  • Washable by machine
  • Its robust texture adds an exquisite touch to your home’s design.
  • These curtains are stain and claw resistant.


  • The disadvantage of this product is that there are no color alternatives.


Grommet Blackout Curtains Anjee

Anjee’s Grommet Blackout Drapes are an excellent choice for keeping your cat from climbing the curtains.

This is because they provide design-style curtains, which also serves as a benefit in diverting your kitty’s focus away from scratching or playing with the curtains.

These curtains are composed of microfibre, which prevents your cat’s claws from quickly sinking and damaging the cloth.

It also comes in a variety of geometric designs, which will help to keep your feline entertained. They enjoy watching objects, and these designs will not cause their mind to push them to scratch.

This strong microfiber cloth is protected by a triple weaving layer. If your kitty companion tries to play with the curtains and sink her claws into them, they won’t come off easy.


  • Made from high-quality microfibre
  • Different geometric designs are available to divert your kitty’s attention.
  • Available in a variety of designs and colors
  • It is scratch and stain resistant.


  • The disadvantage of this product is that it is only available in a few sizes.


Black Velvet Curtains by Ryb Home

Velvet curtains are considered to be one of the best cat-proof curtains since they not only add an elegant appeal to your home’s interior.

However, the thick and plush fabric is claw resistant, preventing your cat from passing through or climbing on the curtain.

Ryb Home’s tightly woven velvet curtains are also fantastic at resisting your kitty pal’s fur and body odor. These warm and cozy feel curtains come in a variety of colors, giving you plenty of options for selecting the best one for your home.

These curtains come in two panels, each with a different size of rod pocket on the top that can be simply fastened and allows for a variety of hanging styles.

The panels are robust, so even if your cat attempts to climb and holds the grasp, it will not fall down easy.


  • Gives your home’s interior an exquisite appearance.
  • These curtains are composed of easy-to-clean synthetic velvet.
  • Its strong, tightly woven cloth is impervious to claws.
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • The curtain’s length can be a concern.

Finding the Best Cat Proof Curtains: A Buyer's Guide

Let’s face it: you won’t be able to stop your cat’s scratching and jumping habits overnight. You must devise alternate methods to keep her from harming the household objects.

We’ve already talked about the best cat-proof drapes on the market, which will assist to curb her scratching behaviors. Before adding anything to the cat-friendly household, there are a few crucial things to consider.

In the case of curtains, the material is vital, followed by curtain rods, thus we have discussed these topics below to give you an idea and help you make a sensible selection.

Furthermore, we have included a notice highlighting the material items you should avoid purchasing if you have a kitty at home.


It is critical to choose a curtain material that will complement your home’s design while still being cat-proof. We have listed a few cat-proof materials below.

It won’t provide much scratching enjoyment for your cat, which will diminish their interest in playing with the curtains.


Velvet is the greatest material since it has a low pile fabric and is densely woven, making it ideal for cat households. Because of its heavier, thicker substance, it also lends an attractive aspect to the inside of your home.

Furthermore, because velvet is stain and claw resistant, it makes excellent cat-proof drapes.


Microfiber is regarded as one of the best curtain materials, particularly if you have a pet. It has a low pile fabric, which means it won’t hold odors for a long time, so the curtains won’t stink.

It also includes a tight woven, claw-proof material, so your feline companion won’t be able to scratch or damage it easily, and it’s simple to clean.

The closely woven fabric makes it tough for a feline companion to jump and hold since their claws don’t sink in easily, and she can’t sharpen her claws on it.

Overall, it’s one of the greatest fabrics to use if you have a cat at home.


Sunbrella curtains are created from dried acrylic solution and are mostly used for outdoor environments. They are extremely durable. Furthermore, such materials are soft and stain resistant, so there is no need to be concerned about cleanliness.

It’s an excellent choice if you have pets, including cats, because these materials are tightly woven and claw resistant. Because your cat will be less attracted to this material, he or she will be less likely to toy with the curtains.


Canvas material may not provide an attractive style to fit your home’s interior, but it is definitely worth purchasing. When you have a cat, this sturdy curtain material is an excellent choice because it acts as an anti-scratcher.

The fine weave of canvas makes it difficult for felines to climb or keep the grasp. Check the material of your home drapes before purchasing new or replacing them out.


Here’s some advice: there are a few materials that are fantastic for the design of your home but will clash when you have a cat, so please avoid them.

Linen and silk, for example, are wonderful materials that offer an elegant look to the house interior, but their smooth texture will entice your kitty’s mind and they will go through those curtains like a knife goes through the butter loaf, and will quickly be harmed by your feline pal’s keen claws.

Yes, you read that correctly, there are leather curtains. Because cats are easily attracted to fashionable aesthetics and specific odours, it is best to avoid using leather curtains.

In the first place, it will not look good, and in the second place, even a single scratch will be evident and create an untidy appearance.

In fact, choosing curtains with tassels or other decorative elements to give them a unique vibe is a no-no. Cats are easily drawn to this small items and will try to play with it and walk about grabbing it.

Eventually, the curtain will be damaged, especially if you have kittens, who will become more fascinated and try to catch them.

Rods for curtains

After picking the suitable curtain material to keep your cat from climbing the curtains[1]. Now is the moment to choose a sturdy rod that will not easily fall off.

There are two sorts of rods: tension rods that easily fit into the window frame without the need for fasteners, and mounting rods that require drilling to secure the rod above the window.

Tension rods are better since they can support the heavy weight of a curtain as well as other weights, so if your cat tries to climb, it will not fall down easily.

Furthermore, because no drilling is required, these are simple to install. So, depending on the size of your window and the length of your curtains, you may choose the rod, which comes in a variety of sizes and is simple to install.

How Do You Prevent Cats From Climbing Curtains?

After conducting thorough research and purchasing cat-proof curtains for your home, you must still keep a watch on your feline companion and ensure that they do not scratch or damage the curtains.

Here are a few pointers to help you protect your cat from damaging your curtains.

No matter how diligently you train your cat, scratching is a habit that will not go away easy. So, here’s the ideal solution for you: supply them with decent scratching posts and toys with which they may sharpen their nails.

Still, if she decides to climb the curtain and scratch the claws on them, and then cover it with unpleasant material, she will not be attracted and will be less inclined to scratch them.

Trim your cat’s nails on a regular basis to lessen the risk of your curtains being damaged. Furthermore, if she lacks strong claws, she will be unable to grasp the material and will collapse.

Trimming her nails every couple of weeks will give you the mass difference you’re looking for while also protecting your curtain from scratching.

According to the report, many people use deterrent sprays to keep their cats away from household goods. Similarly, you can use spray or adhesive tape to keep your cat away from the drapes.

Use unpleasant odors to keep her from standing there for too long, and adhesive tape to prevent her from comfortably holding the gr]ib. She will automatically give up and will not attempt to climb the curtains.


Which cat-proof curtains are the best?

Stangh Theater and Nicetown 3 Pass Microfiber Cat-Proof Curtain Curtains in red velvet Cat Resistant Curtains are some of the best cat-proof curtains available.

They are constructed of robust and solid materials because they are composed of microfibre and velvet. They’re also claw resistant, so they won’t be ripped off or damaged by your cat’s sharp claws.

Furthermore, these materials are thick and pleasant to the touch, yet their waterproof shield keeps your kitty’s claws from damaging or dirtying them.

What are the best cat-proof curtains?

Cat-proof curtains are available in a variety of materials and colors, with pricing varying depending on the material and color. So, if you want to buy the best cat-proof curtains, expect to pay between $8 and $50 on the market.

What is the best way to cover a cat window?

Open curtains allow your cat to pass through and play with them; however, you can simply close all of the curtains to prevent her from doing so. You can also use citrus spray to keep your cat from damaging the curtain with their sharp claws.

What causes my cat to climb the curtains?

Cats enjoy climbing and jumping from one object to another; they are expert hunters, thus these abilities are instilled in them.

Indoor cats are unable to employ their hunting talents, thus out of curiosity, they jump or climb the drapes to sharpen their skills, or they enjoy undertaking such actions when they are in a playful mood.

What scents do cats despise?

According to studies, cats have incredibly keen smelling senses, even stronger than humans. Citrus, lavender, rosemary, thyme, eucalyptus, mustard, and other odors are particularly offensive to them.

When your kitty is with you, these odors are a no-no, yet some pet parents utilize them to fool their feline companion. So they stay away from places and objects and don’t harm them by scratching them with their sharp claws.


We’d like to wrap up our review of the best cat-proof curtains on the market right here.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has not only compiled the best cat proof curtains lists, but we have also included a purchasing guide for your convenience.

For example, if you have a cat-friendly household, picking curtains based on the interior design is not enough; you must also consider other variables that can safeguard your household items from being destroyed accidently by your kitty.

Based on our study, we have chosen the following product as our top pick. Let us just go over everything quickly.

The Nicetown 3 Pass Microfiber Cat-Proof Curtain is our first option since it is composed of high-quality polyester material that can withstand cat claws, stains, and acts as a waterproof shield.

Aside from that, it has a thick and silky appearance that prohibits your cat from utilizing it for grooming.

Furthermore, these curtains shield your family and feline companion from harmful UV rays and provide you with a nice dark area to relax in with your loved ones.

If you require a less expensive option, the solid cabana curtains by Exclusive Home are a perfect substitute for our top pick. These strong fabric curtains are ideal for use in indoor or outdoor places such as mudrooms or hybrid spaces.

In fact, these cabana curtains let you to have a tiny picnic in your backyard lane with your kitty companion. Because the cloth is thick enough, your cat won’t be able to dig her claws into it and protect you from the sun’s rays.

This knowledge is more than enough to make an informed decision and provide an attractive touch to the inside of your home.

Have fun shopping!

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