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15 Best Cat Nail Clippers Available

Cat claws are naturally sharp, allowing them to seize and kill prey and maintain balance. Your feline pal can help with nail care by clawing trees and fences outside or tearing up the sisal scratching post indoors.

You'll need a good pair of clippers if your feline companion is being chased by a painful piece of dead claw or if they require help trimming overgrown claws down to size.

The best cat claw clippers are sharp enough to cut easily and fast, but not so huge that your cat becomes anxious. They should also be straightforward to operate and comfy for you to use.

Choosing the proper set might be tough with options such as manual and automated, spring-loaded blades, and professional clippers.

To assist you in making the best choice, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has reviewed ten of the %product_count% best cat nail clippers available.


Gonicc Cat Nail Clippers – Overall Winner

  • Spring-assisted manual
  • Non-slip rubber handle, stainless steel blade, and plastic

Gonicc Cat Nail Clippers are the best cat nail clippers in our opinion. While trimming your cat’s nails is unlikely to be your favorite grooming activity, these cutters are meant to help.

The sharp stainless-steel blade quickly cuts your cat’s nails, while the length guard prevents you from cutting them too short. The non-slip grips ensure that you don’t lose your hold and that your hands don’t get uncomfortable while clipping.

These clippers lock while storage, ensuring that no one cuts themselves. There is a spring between the handles that can get loose after prolonged usage, but aside from that, these clippers are the best of the best.


  • You and your cat will be safe with this function.
  • Clip length guard prevents you from trimming too short.
  • Non-slip grips


  • Spring has the potential to be unruly.

Premium Quality Necoichi Purrcision Cat Nail Clippers

  • Type: Manual
  • Stainless steel is used.

The Necoichi Purrcision Cat Nail Clippers are at the opposite extreme of the price spectrum, at least for manual clippers.

According to Necoichi, these have a 30% thinner blade than other similar cutters, resulting in a cleaner cut, less likelihood of nail breaking, and increased visibility to ensure you don’t cut down to the quick.

The quick is the pink section of the nail at the base. This is densely packed with nerve endings and blood arteries, and severing it can cause your cat to experience severe pain, bleeding, and anxiety. It will not only be difficult to finish cutting the claws this time, but your cat will remember and will be more likely to fight any claw clipping the next time.

The clippers also have a cat head silhouette and many cat paws on the cushioned grip handles for added comfort.

The clippers are easy to use, and the stainless steel blades cut nails well rather than crushing or ripping them. They are, however, incredibly pricey, and this is yet another set that requires small hands to operate correctly.


  • Blades that are 30% thinner than other cutters
  • razor-sharp blades
  • A nail guide is included.


  • Extremely costly
  • Large fingers are not recommended.

Cat Nail Clipper by Pet Republique – Ideal for Kittens

  • Type: Manual
  • Stainless steel is used.

Even if your young kitten doesn’t require much assistance in maintaining claw sharpness, it’s a good idea to start young by cutting every couple of months.

This guarantees that when they get older and their claws do need to be cut down to prevent harm, your cat will not be stressed by the entire procedure. It’s more convenient for both you and your cat.

However, a kitten’s claws are quite little and thin, and clippers that are too large would not provide the necessary precision. They can also appear rather intimidating to a small cat.

Pet Republique’s Cat Nail Clippers are short clippers and the blades feature a half-moon pattern. The half-moon shape ensures that the claw nestles between the upper and lower blades, both of which are made of stainless steel, allowing for a more exact cut. The handles have a textured finish that aids in grip and are ideal for both left and right-handed use.

Because these are intended for little cats and smaller animals, the blades are not strong enough to handle huge adult cats, so you will need to get a new pair as your cat grows, but they are a good starting point for you and your kitten.


  • Knives for kittens and tiny animals
  • Grip texture
  • The half-moon blade serves as a nail guide.


  • The blades could be sharpened.
  • They will need to be replaced when your kitten grows into a cat.

Cat Nail Clipper JW Pet Gripsoft

  • Type: Manual
  • Plastic and stainless steel

The JW Pet Gripsoft Cat Nail Clipper is a low-cost pair of nail clippers. They are made of stainless steel and feature a rubberized handle sheath.

The finger holes are large enough to fit most hands and ergonomically engineered to be comfortable for both left and right-handed pet owners.

The blades are not spring-loaded, and there is no nail protection to prevent cutting down to the quick, but they are nicely constructed, affordable, and sharp enough to glide through cat nails quickly, reducing the time and stress of cutting kitty’s nails.

If you have a huge adult cat, you may need to hunt for a more sturdy pair of clippers, and if you have large hands, they may be a little difficult to use.

However, in most circumstances, they will do the job well and at a low cost, making this basic set fantastic!


  • Cheap
  • Fits kittens and tiny adult cats.
  • Rubber handles are comfortable but secure.


  • Not suitable for thick nails
  • Large fingers may find it too tiny.

Resco Original Cat Nail Clippers

  • Type: Guillotine
  • Materials: Steel

Resco Original Cat Nail Clippers resemble shears or secateurs and cut with a guillotine-style approach, as opposed to the scissor clippers previously included on the list.

They are made of solid steel and are quite robust. The blades can be replaced, so you won’t have to buy a new set of clippers every time the blades become dull.

Professional groomers utilize this type of clipper because it lets them to cut straight, accurate lines, and its design allows for rapid and easy cutting.

If you are a novice cat claw clipper, you may have difficulty with the form and shape of these pricey clippers. Furthermore, the clippers are fairly terrifying due to their design.

Although the design makes this clipper suited for any size hand and can be used either left or right-handed, the blades are not extremely sharp, which means they are just as likely to splinter, shatter, or crush claws, especially on large cats.


  • Adaptable to any hand size
  • Replacement blades
  • Durable steel construction


  • Expensive
  • Look intimidating
  • The blades could be sharpened.

Steel Grit Dog & Cat Nail Grinder Patpet

  • Grinder type: electric
  • Plastic and stainless steel

Some cats are simply not like of having cutters near their claws. Trimming might be difficult for people who have had a negative clipping experience in the past or who simply dislike the look of sharp scissor-type blades.

In these situations, or if your cat is extremely trusting, an electric claw grinder provides quick and accurate claw maintenance.

The Patpet Steel Grit Dog & Cat Nail Grinder is a compact grinder. It comes with three grinding wheel heads rated for large, medium, and small dogs.

It is also quieter than many other electric choices, and it can be simply recharged using the included USB cord. It also comes in two speeds: 17,000 RPM and 8,000 RPM. Cat owners will typically combine the small animal grinder with the 17,000 RPM setting.

Although the Patpet Steel Grit Dog & Cat Nail Grinder is quieter than other grinders, it is still around 40dB, or roughly the same as a refrigerator, which can be enough to scare some cats, especially when combined with the natural vibration.

If you’ve never used a claw trimmer like this before, it’s a costly experiment to see if your cat enjoys it, and while the grinder heads should last two years, new parts are only available from the maker.


  • It is less difficult than trimming with scissors.
  • It is less noisy than other claw clippers.
  • Powered by a USB cable


  • Expensive
  • Only the manufacturer sells replacement parts.
  • Some cats will be bothered by the loudness and vibration.

Dog & Cat Nail Clippers Toe Beans Clawper Pro

  • Type: Manual
  • Rubber and stainless steel

The Toe Beans Clawper Pro Dog & Cat Nail Clippers set is designed for groomers but may also be used by pet owners to keep cat and dog claws in check.

Because of the open handle, which is rubberized for increased grip and comfort, this set is suitable for both left and right-handed users, regardless of the size of their fingers and hands.

The package includes a hidden nail file, which may be used to tidy up after a trim or between trimming sessions to extend the duration between cuts.

The entire set comes with an eco-friendly drawstring bag, which is great for transporting them, for example, to events and exhibitions, or for storing them easily and conveniently.

The spring-loaded stainless steel blades Spring-loaded blades apply pressure as you squeeze, preventing sliding and making the experience more pleasant and enjoyable for everyone involved.

The clippers are pricey for a manual set, and the blades break the nails due to insufficient sharpness. Because the file is a touch too slick, it takes a long time to make any kind of impression on larger claws.


  • All hands can use the open handle.
  • Spring-loaded blades provide resistance and precision.
  • It includes a storage bag.


  • Manual clippers are expensive.
  • The file lacks abrasiveness.
  • Blades have a tendency to splinter claws.

The Best Nail Clipper For Dogs And Cats From Hartz Groomers

  • Type: Manual
  • Plastic and stainless steel

Hartz Groomer’s Best Nail Clipper For Dogs And Cats are scissor-style cutters with an open handle, allowing anyone with small or large hands to use them.

They offer a rubberized handle for comfort and control, as well as stainless steel blades that are spring-loaded. The semi-circular blade design makes it easy to guide the claws into place and keep them there.

The clippers also have a nail guard that can be adjusted. Once your cat’s claw is in place, slide the guard over to keep you from cutting any farther down the claw. The spring-loaded handles provide precision as well.

The clippers are reasonably priced and have some useful functions, albeit the nail guard is a little loose and moves about. If this occurs, you will have to rely on your instincts to avoid severing the quick.

Because the blades aren’t sharp enough, they split the nail, and even with the handles open, it’s not comfortable for larger hands.


  • Adjustable nail protector is included.
  • Handles that are open and fit most hand sizes
  • Precision cutting using a spring-loaded blade


  • Nail guards have a habit of slipping out of place.
  • Large hands will not be at ease.
  • For thick claws, blades are insufficiently sharp.

Dog and Cat Nail Grinder Kit Dremel 7300-PT

  • Grinder type: electric
  • Materials: Plastic

Dremel is famous for producing high-quality multi-tools and hand grinders. A cat nail grinder is identical to a hand grinder.

The fast-spinning wheel on the Dremel 7300-PT Dog & Cat Nail Grinder Kit is covered in an abrasive substance that gradually grinds the surface of the nail down.

It allows you to clip the nail without cutting into the quick, and the 60-grit sanding drum is more than suitable for working on cat claws.

The Dremel has two speeds, is cordless, and comes with its own charger that recharges the battery in three hours. You also get four replacement sanding bands, so you won’t have to look for them too soon.

The Dremel is pricey, even for an electric grinding clipper, and it is noisier than other similar devices, causing many cats to flee.

Even on the lowest setting, the vibrations are audible, the grit is too coarse for certain delicate claws, and the bands can come undone, thus leading you to sand your cat’s paws.


  • The convenience of wireless
  • Claws are easily removed with an abrasive grinding wheel.
  • Replacement sanding bands are included.


  • Expensive
  • Loud
  • Sanding bands might become dislodged.

Medium H&H Pets Dog & Cat Nail Clipper

  • Type: Manual
  • Plastic, steel, and rubber

The H&H Pets Dog & Cat Nail Clipper Medium is the biggest of two nail clipper sets available from H&H. This set has open handles as opposed to the tiny set’s scissor-style handles. This means they are appropriate for both large and little hands.

The grips are rubber-coated and textured, making them comfortable to handle and easy to grip. They are spring-loaded, and a lock keeps the handles closed and the blades safely sheathed when not in use.

These are a bit pricey for a simple set of cat claw clippers, and the blades are fairly dull, which means they shatter and crush even the tiny cat nails.

Because the blades are sharp, it takes longer and requires more effort to cut through, which increases your cat’s anxiousness.


  • Clippers with spring-loaded blades
  • Open the handles


  • Basic clippers are expensive.
  • Claws are crushed by dull blades.

Buyer's Guide: Selecting the Best Cat Nail Clippers

Caring for cats entails more than just feeding them and making sure they receive enough exercise. It also necessitates other maintenance procedures as as tooth brushing, fur grooming, and claw clipping.

Nail trimming is frequently regarded as one of the most unpleasant aspects of cat ownership. A placid and loving ball of fur can swiftly transform into a hissing beast equipped with untrimmed, sharp claws.

Having the greatest cat nail clipper does not ensure a simple trim, but it does mean that the work is completed faster and with less stress for your cat and you.

It can also keep you from cutting the quick, lessening your cat’s dread on the next claw-clipping day.

Tips for Easier Claw Trimming

Begin Early

It’s too late if your cat is an adult, but the younger your cat is when you start cutting its claws, the easier it will be now and in the future. Combine this with the following tip for the best long-term results.

Erect a structure

Grabbing your cat, spreading its claws, and starting cutting right away is not the ideal technique to alleviate stress for your feline friend. When your cat is calm and relaxed, begin practicing exposing the claws at any age.

By pressing the toe pads, the claws are exposed, which is important when it comes time to use the clippers. Continue to practice this until your cat tolerates it.

Prepare the Desserts

Make sure you have some tempting snacks on hand to praise your kitty for good behavior. Give it a reward if you can expose its claws.

Give a treat if it lets you approach with the clippers. This positive reinforcement demonstrates to the cat that allowing you to execute these behaviors will result in a pleasant food at the end, making it more eager to let you do it again in the future.

Make Use of the Best Cat Nail Clippers

Use scissors or human nail clippers sparingly. They aren’t built for cat claws, they can be intimidating, and they are unlikely to provide the precision and accuracy required to effectively trim the claws. In addition to the evaluations above, there is a guide on the many types of cat clippers below, but you can choose between simple manual clippers and grinders.

These are less expensive if you can do the job well with manual clippers. Good clippers will cut neatly and fast, making the job as stress-free for all parties as possible.


Prepare to take breaks and give your cat a breather at all stages of the clipping routine. If it becomes stressed when you initially begin exposing the claws, take a break and try again when both of you are comfortable.

Remember that your cat will pick up on your nervousness and stress, so if you’re worried about the whole affair, they will be as well.

Make it a habit

It’s tempting to put off doing things that make you nervous, but cats’ claws should be trimmed every two or three months, if not more frequently.

The more times you do it successfully, the easier it will be to persuade your cat to let you do it again. Don’t wait a year, otherwise you’ll forget the best process and your cat will forget the treats it gets for good behavior.

How Often Should You Cut A Cat’s Claws?

Your cat will most likely keep its claws in good condition by scratching trees or scratching posts, as well as walking or sprinting along abrasive surfaces.

As a result, trimming may only be necessary every two or three months. Indoor cats who do not utilize a scratching post may require it once a month or every two weeks.

The frequency of trimming should be determined by how sharp your cat’s claws become.

Choosing the Best Cat Nail Clippers

The following are the most prevalent selections for the best cat claw clippers.

Electric vs. manual


Manual nail clippers resemble little scissors. They have two blades that connect at the place where they cut the nail. Stainless steel blades are common, and handles can be closed or open like scissors.

These are often the least priced, however additions like nail protectors and nail guides can raise the price.

As may the use of higher grade stainless steel – not only does it provide a better cut, but it also results in a thinner blade, allowing you to see the nail underneath more easily.


Electric cat claw cutters function similarly to a portable grinder. They have a small rotating head with an abrasive surface or a sanding band wrapped around it.

The band spins at up to 20,000 revolutions per minute, and the whirling abrasive surface removes layers of the nail. These can be costly, and many cats will become anxious as a result of the sound and vibrations.

The Nail Guide

A nail guide is a notch or ridge in the blade of the clippers. The cat’s claw should slide into the slot, preventing it from sliding around as readily as it would on a straight blade with no notch.

This is especially crucial when you first start cutting, since it can save you from having to make two or three cuts on each claw. These guidelines are not found on all nail clippers, although they are relatively prevalent even on low-cost clippers.

The Nail Guard

The nail guard is a little piece of metal or plastic that fits behind the blade. It prevents you from pushing the cat’s claw too far, which stops you from cutting the quick.

The quick is densely packed with nerve endings, and cutting it can result in blood, pain, and anxiety in your cat. You’ll probably have to stop clipping, and your cat will be much more nervous the next time it sees the clippers.

Tang (Finger Brace)

The tang, also known as a finger brace, is an appendage that protrudes from one of the circular handles of a pair of manual clippers and is similar to those found on hairdressing scissors.

You insert your middle finger into the tang, increasing pressure and allowing you to use the scissors more efficiently. These are unusual because many users believe them unneeded, but if you want them, you must look precisely.


Cat claw trimming is a dreadful experience for many cat owners and cats, but with the finest cat nail trimmer, the process may be made a bit less painful.

They don’t have to be expensive, are usually simple to use, and perform far better than standard scissors or human nail clippers.

The reviews from¬†BestForPets (bestforpets.org) should have helped you pick the best cat nail clippers available to keep your kitty’s claws in check.

The Gonicc Cat Nail Clippers are a low-cost clipper with an excellent cutting blade, making it our overall favorite cat nail clippers.

Cat Nail Clipper by Pet Republique, which are even cheaper, are another basic model that is unsuited for little hands and kitten claws but is extremely affordable, making it our top cat nail clipper for the money.

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