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11 Best Cat Nail Clippers And Trimmers

Many cats naturally wear down their nails through scratching, exercise, and general activity, but some cats require a little assistance to keep their claws in check, in which case cat nail clippers or trimmers will be required.

Even if your cat doesn't usually need her nails trimmed, it's a good idea to keep cat nail clippers or trimmers on hand because long nails can grow in a curved manner and dig into the pads, causing your cat pain.

Having clippers or trimmers at home allows you to address any excess nail growth as soon as you notice it. To find the best cat nail clippers and trimmers, we tested dozens of them.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) took into account a number of factors, such as the type of clipper, ease of use, overall effectiveness, and average customer reviews.


Shiny Pet Cat Nail Clippers are the best overall cat nail clippers

Our top pick, Shiny Pet Cat Nail Clippers, demonstrates that cat nail clippers do not need to be complicated to work well.

These clippers resemble human nail scissors, but they have sharp angled blades with a notch in them to accommodate the shape of a cat’s nails.

Because these blades are extremely sharp, they cut cleanly through the nail each time, rather than squeezing the sides of the nails, which is uncomfortable for the cat, can lead to cracked nails, and may put your cat off having her nails clipped for the rest of her life.

The handles have an ergonomic grip to keep the user comfortable, which is great if you have long nail-trimming sessions.

With your purchase, you’ll also receive an instructional e-book that will show you exactly how to use them—great news for cat owners with little nail clipping experience.

Shiny Pet Cat Nail Clippers are only $13, making them extremely affordable for clippers that cut so easily and effectively.

Shiny Pet Cat Nail Clippers Highlights:

  • The angled blades make it easier to see where you’re cutting and avoid nicking the quick.
  • These clippers are extremely light and small.
  • The non-slip handle helps users maintain their grip during critical moments.


Casfuy Pet Nail Grinder is the best electric cat nail trimmer

Casfuy Pet Nail Grinder is not your typical cat nail clippers and trimmers. Instead of cutting your cat’s nails, this product files them down with a mini rotary sander for pet nails.

If your cat is allergic to regular nail clippers, she may let you trim her nails with this nail grinder.

It has three ports, one of which is small enough for cat nails, and two speed settings so you can tailor it to your needs (unless your cat’s nails have grown extremely long and thick, the slower speed is best for cats).

Unlike many other nail grinders on the market, this one produces little noise and vibration, so most cats tolerate it well. The built-in battery is charged via USB cable, making it simple to keep it charged.

All of this costs about $43, making it one of the more expensive cat nail trimmers on the market, but the ease of use and convenience make it worthwhile, especially if your cat dislikes traditional pet nail clippers.

Casfuy Pet Nail Grinder Specifications:

  • The diamond bit grinder safely and effectively wears down cats’ nails.
  • When used correctly, there is less chance of injuring the quick of your cat’s nails.
  • On a full charge, the battery lasts about 2 hours.


JW Pet Company Grip is the best budget cat nail clipper

You don’t have to settle for low-quality cat nail clippers just because you’re on a budget.

Despite being less than $6, JW Pet Company GripSoft Cat Nail Clippers are thoughtfully designed and trim nails effectively.

Because the short length allows for better control and maneuverability, you’re less likely to cut into the quick of your cat’s nails (the live part of the nail that contains nerve endings and blood vessels).

Furthermore, the rubberized handles provide a non-slip grip to keep the clippers steady.

The blades themselves have a semi-circle design that allows you to see exactly where you’re cutting right up until the moment you snip, allowing you to confidently trim your cat’s nails.

These clippers are small enough to be suitable for both kittens and adult cats. When all is said and done, these cat nail clippers are a steal.

Key Features of JW Pet Company GripSoft Cat Nail Clippers:

  • The small blades enable precise trimming.
  • Handles with a firm, non-slip grip
  • The blades are razor sharp, making quick work of nail cutting.


gonicc Dog & Cat Nail Clippers with Safety Guard

When you use the gonicc Dog & Cat Nail Clippers with Safety Guard, you won’t have to worry about nicking the quick.

Because it is impossible for your cat’s nail to slip further than the guard allows, you can be confident that you will not cut into the quick and injure your cat.

These cat nail clippers with safety guard can be lifesavers if you’re new to cutting cats’ nails, are uncomfortable doing so, or have a wriggly cat.

For your comfort and the safety of your cat, the handles are ergonomically designed with a non-slip grip.

They also have a lock feature that allows you to lock them in a closed position, which is great for households with small children or simply to keep your fingers from getting hurt if you dig around in a drawer where these clippers are kept.

These aren’t the cheapest cat nail clippers on the market, but they’re also not the most expensive.

Key Features of the gonicc Dog & Cat Nail Clippers with Safety Guard:

  • To smooth sharp edges, conceal a nail file in one of the handles.
  • Sharp and efficient stainless steel blades are available.
  • Ergonomic design with soft, non-slip handles


WALKINWITH LOOKUT Premium Pet Nail Clippers with Guide Light

WALKINWITH LOOKUT Premium Pet Nail Clippers with Guide Light use an LED light to prevent you from trimming your cat’s nail too short and injuring her.

But how does an LED light accomplish this? The light shines through the nail, revealing the location of the nerve and blood vessel in the nail known as the quick.

You’ll be able to easily avoid it once you know where it is. It’s worth noting that the color of your cats’ nails does affect how effective it is.

The LED light exposes the quick in white nails 99% of the time, brown nails 85% of the time, and black nails 60% of the time.

The device’s blades are razor sharp and cut through nails quickly and cleanly. If you want, you can use the integrated file/grinder to smooth your cat’s freshly clipped nails, but this isn’t required.

This pet nail clipper is far more complicated than others, which explains why it costs $32, and we believe it is well worth the money.

WALKINWITH LOOKUT Premium Pet Nail Clippers with Guide Light Highlights:

  • The light is powered by a battery, which is included.
  • It is easy to hold and use.
  • Each trimmed nail is collected by the nail trapper so that it does not fly away and become lost.

Who Should Purchase Cat Nail Trimmers or Clippers?

If your cat’s nails have grown out of control, you’ll need some cat nail clippers or trimmers to get them back under control.

Although not all cats require regular nail trimming, most do on occasion, so we recommend that all responsible cat owners keep some on hand just in case.

You could also get your cat a cat scratcher, which can help keep his or her nails at an appropriate length. However, if your cat’s nails are already too long, this is not a viable option.

Consider the Following Features

A few key features should be present in cat nail clippers and trimmers. Consider the following when choosing nail clippers or trimmers for your cat:

Clipper and trimmer types

There are many different types of cat nail clippers and trimmers on the market, so it’s critical to select the right one for you and your feline friend.

Standard cat nail clippers resemble human nail scissors, but with shorter blades and a semi-circle cut out of each to accommodate cat nails.

These are inexpensive and effective, and they work well for the majority of cats. Nail grinder style trimmers are another popular option.

The top has a rotating part that gently files down nails. They’re ideal for cats who dislike traditional clippers or owners who are concerned about cutting nails too short.

Razor-sharp blades

It is critical that any bladed clippers you choose have razor-sharp blades. If the blades aren’t sharp enough to cut through the nail cleanly, they’ll squeeze and crush it instead, making your cat uncomfortable.

Grip that is ergonomic

Nail clippers and trimmers for cats with ergonomic grips are easier and more comfortable to use. If you have multiple cats or it takes you a long time to trim your cat’s claws, you’ll be glad you chose clippers with an ergonomic design.

A safeguard

Some clippers include a safety guard to prevent you from cutting your cat’s nails too short. If you’re worried about hitting the quick, this is a great feature to have.

LED lighting

Cat nail clippers with LED lights are also available, which is another feature designed to help avoid nicking the blood vessel in your pet’s nail. The LED light shines through the nail, revealing the precise location of the quick.


How do I cut my cat’s nails on my own?

It can be difficult to cut your cat’s nails on your own, so enlisting assistance is always recommended.

Otherwise, you’ll need to figure out how to secure your cat with the arm of your non-dominant hand while leaving your dominant hand free for nail trimming.

If your cat isn’t used to having her nails clipped, we recommend starting slowly and rewarding her with treats after each successfully clipped nail so she associates the experience with tasty food.

What happens if you don’t keep your cat’s nails trimmed?

Some cats can go their entire lives without getting their nails clipped.

These are typically cats who scratch frequently (hopefully on a cat scratcher, but occasionally on your wood furnishings) and are allowed to roam outdoors, where they will wear their nails down on hard surfaces.

However, as cats age and become less active, their nails frequently grow longer. Cats who don’t like scratching and don’t get enough exercise may always have overgrown nails.

If you don’t trim your cat’s nails in these cases, they’ll grow longer and more curved, eventually growing into the pads of your cat’s paws, which will be painful for your feline friend.

When should a cat’s nails be trimmed?

Cats who suffer from overgrown nails should have them clipped every 10 to 14 days.

Can I cut my cat’s nails with human nail clippers?

No. Human nail clippers are not designed for cat claws and are unlikely to be powerful enough to cut them.

Even if they were strong enough, the shape of the nails is not appropriate for cats’ nails, so the clipping experience would most likely be unpleasant for your cat.


We are confident that one of these eleven reviews of our top cat nail clippers will be an excellent option for your cat.

As a reminder, we chose the Casfuy Pet Nail Grinder as the best overall cat nail clippers.

The professional-grade stainless steel blades of these clippers make short work of cutting the claws of cats of all sizes. This is the greatest cat nail trimmer available this year, as it is ideal for a wide variety of cats.

We adore the JW Pet Gripsoft Cat Nail Clipper as the most cost-effective cat nail clippers.

The ergonomic handle of these clippers makes them easy and comfortable to grasp, while the razor-sharp blade makes clipping nails painless and effortless.

We hope this article has helped you limit the vast variety of available cat nail clippers. You may be confident that one of our top 11 best cat nail clippers and trimmers will meet your cat’s demands.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) is willing to wager that your family (and your furniture) will appreciate a quick cat nail trim!

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