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11 Best Cat Litters For Odor Control In Australia

Having cats means having a litter box (or two) in your home, which can quickly become nasty if you don't keep up with cleaning them.

That is why kitty litter with odor control is essential! Your home will smell better for longer if you use odor control cat litter (even if you did forget to clean the litter box yesterday).

But which cat litters are the most effective in preventing stinky odors? There are numerous cat litters available in Australia, but today we'll look at the six best for odor management.

This best cat litters for odor control in Australia list from BestForPets (bestforpets.org) will provide you with all of the information you need to make an educated decision on which kitty litter to use.

Furthermore, our Buyer's Guide will give you a good idea of what to look for in an odor control cat litter if none of the ones listed here seem appropriate for you.

Are you ready to make your home smell great in no time? Then continue reading!


Clumping Litter Tidy Cats – Best Overall

  • 35 kg in weight
  • Scent: Unscented
  • Clumping: Yes

Tidy Cats 24/7 Clumping Litter is the best odor control cat litter in Australia because it provides triple protection against aromas caused by urine, ammonia, and feces.

Tidy Cats’ cat litter is ideal for households with many cats, promising to keep your home smelling fresh 24 hours a day.

Cleaning out the litter box has never been easier thanks to the fast-clumping action that results in tighter clumps! Tidy Cats is also 99% dust-free, making it easier for you (and your dogs) to breathe.

Despite the fact that the cat litter is unscented, a few users claimed that it smelled fake and slightly like chemicals. And, according to one report, the clumps fell apart when the litter box was cleaned.


  • Odor protection on three levels
  • It guarantees 24-hour odor control.
  • 99% clear of dust


  • Litter may have an artificial odor.
  • When cleaning, clumps may separate.

Best Value Catsan Crystals Cat Litter

  • 2 kg in weight
  • Scent: Lavender
  • Clumping: Yes

Look no further than Catsan Crystals for the best cat litter for odor control for the money.

This clumping litter is constructed of silica gel crystals, which absorb smells quickly while emitting a pleasant lavender scent, keeping your litter box and home feeling fresh.

Each use provides up to 4 weeks of odor absorption, so you can use this litter for a long time. However, it is recommended that you scoop at least once a day with this litter.

When the crystals have reached their maximum absorbency, urine will begin to accumulate at the bottom of the cat litter tray, so keep an eye on that (crystals turn transparent when they have reached their maximum absorption).


  • Lavender fragrance for freshness
  • Promises four weeks of use
  • Quickly absorbs odors


  • Every day, you must scoop.
  • When the crystals are depleted, pee pools in the litter box.

Multi-Cat Scoop – Premium Choice

  • 34 kg in weight
  • Scent: Fresh
  • Clumping: Yes

This cat litter controls odors five times better than other cat litters. How does it achieve this?

It not only eliminates pee and feces scents, but it also inhibits bacterial odors. In addition, the new aroma of the litter is activated by your cat’s paws each time your pet uses the litter box, which helps with odor management.

It also contains carbon, which absorbs additional odors, and because the litter clumps so securely, there are no crumbles or breakaways to foul up the box. When it comes to nasty odors, this cat litter has you covered!

However, this kitty litter is a little more expensive than others. It also markets itself as low-dust, however a few pet owners complained it wasn’t entirely accurate.


  • Stops bacterial smells
  • Carbon for additional odor control
  • Kitty paws activate a fresh smell.


  • Pricier than competing brands
  • Not as dust-free as claimed

Clumping Clay Cat Litter by Catsan

  • 7 kg in weight
  • Scent: Unscented
  • Clumping: Yes

Catsan’s clumping clay litter, made from Australian bentonite, quickly absorbs moisture for effective odor control.

Furthermore, it makes extremely tight clumps that make cleaning out the litter box easier, which helps to keep unwanted odors at bay.

Furthermore, this brand claims that their litter lasts longer than other clay litters, resulting in ongoing odor control. This litter is even effective in multi-cat households!

Some users, however, complained about the clumping motion, claiming that clumps fell apart when being scooped out.

There were also some concerns about the litter being easily tracked throughout the house, making a mess.


  • Quickly absorbs odor and moisture
  • It claims to be more durable than other clay litters.


  • Clumping may not be as good as advertised.
  • Simple to track

Nature’s Calling Cat Litter Applaws

  • 6 kg in weight
  • Scent: Unscented
  • Clumping: Yes

Want a cat litter that is not only good for odor management but also good for the environment? Applaws cat litter is the best option for you.

This litter’s components are all-natural and biodegradable, made from walnut shell linings and fibrous fibres.

Furthermore, these fibrous materials are excellent at absorbing urine, feces, and ammonia odors for immediate odor control.

Furthermore, this litter clumps within 15 minutes of use, allowing you to scoop out your litter box sooner rather than later, further reducing odors.

Unfortunately, this is unlikely to be the cat litter of choice for households with nut allergies. There were also a few complaints about litter getting stuck to the bottom of the litter box, so keep an eye out for that.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Urine, feces, and ammonia scents are absorbed.
  • Clumps


  • Those who are allergic to nuts should probably avoid it.
  • It is possible that it will adhere to the bottom of the litter box.

Breeders’ Preference Paper Cat Litter Made from 99% Recycled Paper

  • 2 kg in weight
  • Scent: Unscented
  • Clumping: No

Breeder’s Choice cat litter is also better for the environment because it is manufactured from recycled paper. However, it does not clump, which may be a disadvantage for some.

These paper pellets, on the other hand, are highly absorbent, quickly trapping moisture and aromas for great all-natural odor control.

This litter is also claimed to be low-dust and low-tracking, allowing you to breathe easier while keeping your home clean.

Because this litter does not clump, several users had difficulties determining which pellets to scoop from the box when cleaning it.

Also, there have been reports of pellets becoming trapped in pets’ paws, so keep a watch out for that.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Absorbent to the max


  • There is no clumping
  • Pellets can become lodged in kitty’s paws.

Guide to Choosing the Best Cat Litter for Odor Control

There are always a few components or requirements you should look for when acquiring anything, and odor control cat litter is no exception.

Here are some things to look for while looking for the best odor control cat litter for you and your cat.

Non-Clumping vs. Clumping

The majority of cat litters agglomerate, which makes cleaning up much easier. Non-clumping cat litters, on the other hand, can sometimes be superior at odor control (but not always!).

Clumping litter can sometimes crumble or break apart, making it difficult to get all of the used litter out of the box.

Furthermore, non-clumping litter may need replacing the entire litter box each time you clean it. You must decide whether or not you want convenience.

Unscented or Scented?

Choosing an excellent odor-controlling cat litter does not necessitate the use of scented litter. Unscented litters are equally as effective at keeping your home smelling fresh.

They may also be better for both you and your favorite feline if either of you is allergic to artificial odors or chemicals.

The aroma of a litter can be almost as unpleasant as the scents you’re attempting to eliminate in the first place.


Bentonite is the most often utilized substance in cat litter, followed by silica gels.

However, if environmental friendliness is important to you, you can locate natural and biodegradable cat litters (such as the walnut and paper ones on this list).

Some of these more environmentally friendly litters may perform less well in terms of odor management, but many can be flushed and give little dust and tracking.

As a result, it may balance out. Remember that cats like litter that has a similar texture to sand or soil, so choose a litter that your pet will actually use.

Controlling Odors

Some cat litters just feature odor control for pee and feces, while others target bacterial odors as well. Some people may add carbon, charcoal, or baking soda to assist absorb odors.

If you’re specifically seeking for odor-controlling cat litter, consider the litter that attacks odors from the most angles.


If you have several cats in the house, it’s usually preferable to acquire “multi-cat” cat litter.

These litters are specifically developed to handle the odors associated with multiple cats sharing a litter box, so they will work better for you.

Remember to have more than one litter box in your home if you have more than one cat; this, too, will aid with odor control!


Price is usually a significant consideration when purchasing anything. Fortunately, cat litter is available at a variety of costs, making it easier to select one that meets your needs and budget.


It’s usually a good idea to read reviews from other cat parents to discover how effectively a litter controls odors.

Just because a brand claims to be great at something does not always imply that it is. You can simply find reviews from other pet owners online to see how well a cat litter performs.


Tidy Cats 24/7 Clumping Litter is the best overall cat litter for odor control in Australia, as it provides triple protection that lasts all day.

Catsan Crystals Cat Litter is the best value because it is somewhat less expensive than other products and offers 4 weeks of odor absorption per usage.

If you’re searching for a more expensive option, Scoop Away Multi-Cat provides five times the odor prevention of regular cat litter for just a little more money.

The BestForPets (bestforpets.org) staff hopes that our list of the best cat litters for odor control in Australia was useful to you as you search for the best alternative for your furry buddy!

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