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For Your Pet, The Best Cat Litter Boxes In Australia

There is a dizzying array of litter boxes available on the market. Fortunately for you, we've done all the hard yakka work of researching some of Australia's top-rated litterboxes.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) then compiled them in one easily accessible collection, followed by an educational buyers guide, so you can get your hunt for the best litter box off to a good start!

Each product on this best cat litter boxes in Australia list has a slew of favorable reviews and high ratings.

Each product has been tried, tested, and reviewed by cat owners to help you make an informed selection.


Petmate Giant Cat Litter Pan – Overall Winner

Less is sometimes more! Even with a wide range of complex litter box devices, we discovered that a plain box was the best overall cat litter box.

With no frills, this large litter pan from Petsafe meets all of the requirements for a traditional litter box.

Furthermore, it is extra-large, with sides twice as high as a standard box, allowing it to contain all of the flying particles of litter that pet owners battle with.

Clean-up was lot easier than it used to be because there was less litter waste in the surrounding region, according to evaluations.

The high sides keep in any stray streams, making it ideal for elderly cats who struggle to maintain their aim straight.

The front has a curved opening to allow even little cats to enter this box. It might not be appropriate for little kittens. 

Overall, we believe this is the best cat litter box available in Australia this year.


Best Value Van Ness CP5 Sifting Cat Litter Box Pan

This Van Ness sifting cat litter box is our top selection for the best cat litter box for the money. You receive more than just a typical box for a very low price.

This litter tray has a double layer pan to separate soiled litter from clean litter, allowing your litter to last longer. The top pan also has curved frames to keep any flyaway litter in place while in use.

According to reviews, it is ideal for pelleted wood litter and magically separates soiled from clean. However, it is less suited to finer-textured litters, and clumping litters become trapped in the pan.


Scoop on PetSafe – Premium Choice – Free Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

If you want something a little more upscale, a self-cleaning litter box is unbeatable. Soiled litter is immediately swept away and stored in a secure chamber by this box.

Instead of scooping and cleaning every day, you’ll just have to do it once a week. Soiled litter tucked away also aids with odor management in the home.

One interesting aspect of this litterbox is that it tracks the amount of time your cat spends using it.

Because urine frequency is linked to urinary and renal function, this is a good approach for you to monitor your cat’s health.

This litter box, however, is only suitable for use with crystal litter. Other sorts of litter tend to become stuck in the self-cleaning system.


Corner Cat Litter Box SmartCat 546000 – Ideal for Kitten

Our #1 selection for kittens is this corner-shaped litter box. While many of the options on this list are suitable for kittens, this was our top kitten pick.

The high sides keep a kitten’s scratching mess contained, while the front has a low-dipped area for young kittens to easily access.

While many of our choices on this list are suitable for kittens, this box will assist them with litter box training.

However, reviews indicate that this entry area still includes a considerable step that is not suited for cats with mobility issues, such as those with arthritis.

It is also too small for huge cat breeds to use comfortably.


A Pet for Life Portable Cat Litter Box that Collapses

This cat litter box is designed primarily for travel. It is designed to fold down and pack away discretely, making it easy to transport.

Set up this tray in airports, motels, or caravans to make traveling with your cat as comfortable as possible. It also includes a complimentary collapsible bowl that may be used for food or water.

While designed for cats, some owners have used it on their small dog breeds as well.

Because the box is smaller than a regular litter box, it is inconvenient for long-term usage with a large breed cat.

Buying a Cat Litter Box: A Buyer's Guide

Who knew there were so many varieties of litter boxes?

Each type of litter box has its own distinct set of qualities, and while we’ve chosen our top ten choices, the litterbox that’s best for your cat and home will depend on your specific situation and your cat’s preferences.

Read our cat litter box buyers guide to help you choose the best litter box for your needs!

Cat Litter Boxes Come in a Variety of Styles

A straightforward open tray

Traditional litter boxes consist of a simple tray that is open for easy access. As you can see, after a rigorous assessment procedure, a traditional litterbox topped our list today.

The simplicity of a traditional tray is often difficult to beat. The less features a box has, the less likely something will go wrong!

When shopping for traditional litter pans, consider the size, height of the sides, and entry point to determine how comfortable it will be for your cat.

Lid closed

Closed lid litterboxes are becoming more popular as more and more cat owners keep their cats solely indoors.

Without the choice to relieve themselves outside, the litterbox in the house can soon become filthy, and scents can spread throughout the house.

Closed lid boxes are preferred because they can contain some of the airborne scents.

Cats also prefer a closed lid box for the extra privacy it provides, especially if the litter box is in a high traffic area or if you have multiple pets.

Nothing beats the calm and quiet of conducting business in solitude!

Best way out

The front-entry, top-exit method was used in some of the products on our list today. This technique is intended to assist prevent litter tracking in the home.

When cats escape from the front, they frequently bring morsels of litter and long hair with them. This can be mitigated by using the upper exit.


Sifting systems are best for removing feces or filthy clumping litter.

Sifting trays separate huge pieces of litter from small general litter, making cleaning the litterbox much easier for the owner than rummaging through it with a shovel.

It also means you’ll have to complete a full cleanout less frequently, making your litter supplies last longer.


Self-cleaning litter boxes are considered the luxury of litterboxes and are ideal for both cats and cat owners. Cats, being neat freaks, adore a tidy litter box!

A self-cleaning litter box ensures that a cat’s litter box is constantly fresh and empty, even when they are left alone for extended periods of time.

Self-cleaning boxes are also great for busy owners because cleaning is considerably less often because filthy litter is stored in a separate and secure compartment that must be emptied on occasion.

Choosing the Best Litter Box for Your Cat

The most crucial factor to consider when selecting a litter box is your cat’s preferences and ability. Will they make use of it? Can they make advantage of it? It is pointless to have a nice litter box if it is not appropriate for your cat. Here are some things to consider.

  • Consider how easy it is to get inside and out of the box. This is especially critical for kittens, senior cats, and cats with impairments. Some boxes may be difficult for them to enter and exit.
  • Size – Cats come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and their litterboxes should match this. Cats want enough space in their litter boxes to turn and walk around comfortably. They also require space to dig. The larger your cat, the larger the space box they may require.
  • Some cats have no shame and will happily use the litterbox if it is placed in the center of your living room! Many other cats, on the other hand, prefer to perform their business in privacy. Consider the seclusion a litterbox can provide for your cat, especially if there are no suitable calm areas in your home for an open box, in which case a closed box may be more appropriate.


Following our extensive research about the best cat litter boxes in Australia, we determined that a traditional litter box was our overall choice.

The Petmate Giant Litter Pan was a clear winner.

It is highly rated as a product that accomplishes the task it has to do and does it well.

It is sophisticated in its simplicity. Its huge size is appropriate for cats of all ages and sizes, and its high sides help to keep your home tidy!

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) thought the Van Ness Sifting Cat Pan was the greatest value. It’s an upgrade from the typical litterbox, with a twin tray system to make cleaning easier.

It also has a slew of positive feedback from satisfied customers.

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