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15 Best Cat Litter Boxes For Maine Coons

Because the Maine Coon is one of the world's largest cats, it will require a larger-sized litter box to accommodate it.

However, with so many brands to choose from, it might be difficult to choose the perfect one for your cat.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has chosen the best cat litter boxes for Maine Coons for you to compare so you can notice the differences.

We'll tell you about our experiences with each and how our cats react to them so you can make an informed decision about what would work best in your home.

We've also included a brief buyer's guide that explains what you should look for if you decide to keep looking for the finest litterbox for Maine Coon.

Continue reading as we examine the size, durability, convenience of use, and other factors to assist you in selecting the best box for your cat.


Premium Booda Dome Cleanstep Litter Box

The Booda Dome Cleanstep Litter Box is our top pick for the Maine Coon cat. It’s one of the largest on this list, with a 22″ × 22″ inch floor space for your cat to move about in.

It is fully private and has a 19-inch-high ceiling. It’s highly robust and appealing for a litterbox, and it even has a stairway for your pet to utilize to get in.

The covered design helps to eliminate odors, while a carbon filter screens and ventilates the air. The size of the Booda Dome Cleanstep astonished us, and our cats seemed to love it as well.

The only issue we had, other from finding space in our house, was that the steps leading into it take up a lot of space that could have been used to increase the usable area within.


  • 22″ x 22″ x 19″
  • Private
  • Large
  • Odors are reduced.


  • Steps occupy a lot of space.

Extra Large Cat Litter Box | Whisker World Designer Plastic

Designer Plastic Whisker World The extra big Cat Litter Box has a 16″ by 21″ litter area for your cat. The sides are clear, yet they have an appealing engraved design that will look wonderful in any decor.

Because the sides are clear, it’s much easier to find the little goodies your cat leaves you. Because the entrance is lower, it is simple to enter and exit.

We like using the Whisker World litterbox, and its appealing design makes it ideal for places where guests may see it.

The plastic is strong, easy to clean, and does not appear to collect urine odors, however it is quite thin and will fracture if someone steps on it too hard.


  • 21″ x 16″ x 8″
  • Simple access
  • Simple layout
  • Design that is appealing


  • Thin

BetterBox Non-Stick Large Litter Box by PetFusion

The PetFusion BetterBox Non-Stick Large Litter Box includes a nonstick coating that makes cleaning easier and keeps the ABS plastic from absorbing urine odor.

Its huge size gives your pet a 22-inch by 18-inch area to relieve itself. It has round corners to make scooping easier, and the entrance is somewhat lower to make it easier for your cat to use. It is exceptionally resistant to cracking and breaking.

The only issue we had with the PetFusion BetterBox was that our cats were able to reach lots of litter outside the box due to the eight-inch edges being a touch too low.

After a few weeks, we saw traces of wear on the nonstick coating, which suggests the rest will peel off over time.


  • The coating is nonstick.
  • 22″ x 18″ x 8″
  • Durable
  • Ingenious design
  • Lower access


  • The coating wears away.
  • Obtains litter outside of the box

Pidan Igloo Cat Litter Box Lid Enclosure

Another brand with a covered design that provides your cat with solitude and helps eliminate odors is the Pidan Igloo Cat Litter Box Enclosure With Lid.

It has plenty of space and will give your pet a 21-inch X 21-inch area to perform its business. Lifting the lid to expose the litter inside makes this sleek design simple to clean.

It’s stylish and 19-inches tall, so it can reduce odors while also giving ample of airflow for your cat.

The negative to utilizing the Pidan Igloo was that the ramp that cleans off your cat’s feet as it exits the box took up some of the space inside, leaving less room for our Maine Coon, and while our cat had adequate room, it isn’t yet fully developed. It’s also one of the priciest litterboxes on this list.


  • 21″ x 21″ x 19″
  • Modern style
  • Private
  • Simple to clean


  • Small on the interior
  • Expensive

Cat Litter Boxes JUNSPOW Large Cat Litter Boxes

Cat Litter Boxes by JUNSPOW Another recent style that resembles a giant crate is Litter Boxes for Large Cats.

It features a clear door in front that your cat can use to enter the box, but it must exit via a hole in the ceiling to do so, which helps reduce the amount of litter that ends up outside the box.

The top also has perforations that help remove litter from your pet’s feet as it walks across it. It folds up so you can take it with you and is simple to put together.

It has a 20-inch by 16-inch surface area for your pet and is 15-inches tall. It includes an easy-to-remove cleaning tray and is sturdy enough for your cat to sit on top of.

The JUNSPOW’s disadvantage is that while it’s simple to scoop out the box, the rest is tough to clean. Another issue was that our plastic door kept slipping off, and we couldn’t secure it.

We gave up after a few tries, resulting in litter on our floor.


  • Modern style
  • Foldable
  • It aids in the reduction of odors and litter outside the box.
  • 20″ x 16″ x 15″
  • Simple to empty


  • Cleaning is difficult.
  • The door has collapsed.

Ultimate Stainless Steel Cat XL Litter Box by iPrimio

The first metal litterbox on our list is the iPrimio Ultimate Stainless Steel Cat XL Litter Box.

It has lots of space for your cat to turn and scratch, and it comes with a pee guard to help keep urine and cat litter inside the box. The lower side makes it easier to enter, and the stainless steel won’t scrape or absorb urine odors.

The idea of a stainless-steel litterbox appeals to us, and we believe it is the way of the future. However, this model is rather thin and readily dings, and one of our pans was dented during shipping.

After a few weeks, we observed rust accumulating on ours, and there is a little space between the pan and the shield that will allow urine to pass through.


  • It will not absorb scents.
  • 23 x 15 x 12
  • Simple to clean


  • Dents and bends
  • Rusts
  • The space between the pan and the shield

Giant Open Top Kitty Litter Box by Petmate

The Petmate Giant Open Top Kitty Litter Box offers your cat a large area that should be more than enough for your primary kitty.

Its simple design works well to keep litter within, and it is easy to clean because there are no sharp corners to trap waste. Its strong plastic construction feels solid and long-lasting.

It is light to lift and does not get bulky while dropping into the trash. Our main issue with Petmate Giant was that the plastic is somewhat flimsy and readily scuffs.

Once scratches appear on the plastic, it quickly absorbs urine odor and is tough to remove. Scrubbing causes more scrapes and aggravates the condition. There is also no low point to make it easier for elderly cats to enter.


  • 25″ x 18″ x 10
  • It keeps the litter contained.
  • Durable


  • Urine odor is absorbed.
  • No easy way in

Litter Box KittyGoHere Litter Box for Senior Cats

The KittyGoHere Litter Box Senior Cat Litter Box is a large but short box designed to assist older cats who may be unable to enter and exit ordinary boxes.

It’s only five inches tall and has a slanted side that allows your cat to step right in. It’s also available in a variety of colors, so you can match it to your existing decor.

Unfortunately, while testing the KittyGoHere Litter Box Senior Cat Litter Box, we discovered that it was unsuitable for digging cats because we had litter all over the place.

We also thought the plastic utilized in its construction was weak and brittle, and that it wouldn’t survive long. It’s also fairly soft, readily scrapes, and can bend while being picked up, leaking litter.


  • 24″ x 20″ x 5″
  • It’s simple to get in.
  • A variety of colors


  • Short
  • Flimsy fabric

How to Choose the Best Litterbox for Maine Coons

Let’s take a look at a few things to think about before selecting the ideal litterbox for Maine Coon.


Because the Maine Coon is such a huge cat, size is one of the first things you should check for. While many litter boxes identify themselves as large, we recommend checking the packaging specifications.

Choose a brand with at least one dimension of 20 inches, however larger is preferable. We printed the measurements for each item on our list and only chose brands that fit our size guideline.

Type of Litter Box


Covered litter boxes include a doorway through which your cat can enter the box and a top that provides seclusion while trapping odors inside.

Many brands have an activated charcoal filter to assist absorb odors as well as various ventilation apertures. These boxes also do an excellent job of keeping litter contained and off the floor.

The disadvantage of these boxes is that they can produce an unpleasant environment for your cat, comparable to an outhouse, causing your cat to refuse to use it. We have various covered litterboxes on the list, some of them are pretty appealing.

We attempted to highlight any models that lacked sufficient ventilation, but we recommend reading internet reviews if you are considering purchasing a covered brand that isn’t on this list.


Uncovered litterboxes are far more prevalent than covered litterboxes, and may be found practically anyplace cat food is sold.

Most brands are far too small for your Maine Coon, but you might get lucky. Uncovered litterboxes must have high sides to keep the litter inside, especially if your cat digs.

Taller sides, on the other hand, can make the box difficult to enter, especially if you have an elderly cat with arthritis. To make it easy to enter, search for a brand with one side lower than the others.


Whatever type of litter box you purchase, you must inspect it to ensure that it is made of lasting materials.

The majority of the larger litter boxes required by the Maine Coon are made of plastic, which can work well if it is thick enough not to shatter.

Softer plastic will readily scrape, allowing bacteria to thrive. It can also absorb urine odors, causing them to linger long after full cleaning.

We recommend going with a company that uses durable plastic that won’t scratch easily. Stainless steel is also a good option and is growing more popular.

Some cats, however, may dislike the feel of stainless steel if they dig to the bottom.


One significant advantage of exposed litterboxes over covered litterboxes is that they are easier to clean.

However, we recommend evaluating the form of your litterbox to ensure that there are no sharp corners or valleys that may make cleaning difficult. The greatest brands have a simple flat appearance with slightly rounded sides.

Because bacteria can cover a considerably larger surface area, covered boxes are more difficult to clean.

Many of the brands on our list are simple to disassemble, allowing you to properly clean each component, but if you choose a different brand, you will need to consult the manual for your model.

If you’re tired of your house smelling like a pet, try the Hepper Advanced Bio-Enzyme Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator Spray! It removes even the most persistent odors and stains and comes with a money-back guarantee.

Other Suggestions

  • Avoid putting the litter box in a corner since confined walls might make turning around difficult for your pet.
  • If you put scented litter in a covered litterbox, the fragrance will be magnified and could damage your cat.
  • Cleaning the litter box on a regular basis can help to reduce digging.


When it comes to choosing a litter box for a Maine Coon, we strongly recommend our pick as the overall best litterbox for Maine Coon.

The BetterBox Non-Stick Large Litter Box by PetFusion is huge, incredibly robust, and has high sides that assist keep litter contained within the box.

One side is lower, making it easier for your pet to enter and clean. Another wise decision is our recommendation for the best value.

The Ultimate Stainless Steel Cat XL Litter Box by iPrimio is a low-cost litter box with a removable lid that helps keep the litter inside the box. It is made of the same high-quality plastic as our top model and is very simple to clean.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes you enjoyed reading these reviews of the best cat litter boxes for Maine Coons and discovered a few products you’d want to try.

If we were able to assist you in finding an appropriate litterbox for your Maine Coon, please share this information to the finest litterboxes for the Maine Coon on Facebook and Twitter.

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