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The Best Cat Leashes To Buy

The safest method to let your cat out into the great, wide world is with a cat harness and leash.

A walk around the neighborhood or a trek in the woods will help them stay healthy and trim, but that's not all.

Taking your cat outside will also relieve boredom and help them burn off some of the excess energy they've been wasting on your furnishings.

We spoke with adventure cat moms and vets to find the best cat harnesses.

We developed a list of selection criteria with their assistance, then restricted our options to five categories.

We also found the best cat leashes for outdoor activities, which is a vital piece of equipment for any cat explorer.

Learn how BestForPets (bestforpets.org) Reviews evaluates and recommends pet goods.


Best cat vest harness


Adventure with RC Pets Kitty Harness is a favorite among the guardians we spoke with, as well as the adventurous cat community in general.

The vest-style harness is composed of breathable mesh fabric and has adjustable neck and waist straps with a buckle at the waist.

Megan Ferney’s main harness for her feline adventurer, Leon, is the Adventure Kitty Harness, which RC Pets designed with the particular shape of a cat’s body in mind.

“Almost all cat harnesses are simply small dog harnesses: they don’t fit well and cats can easily get out of them,” she noted. “This particular harness is ergonomically designed for a cat.”

The Adventure Kitty from RC Pets comes in three sizes to fit chest sizes ranging from 11 to 22 inches and has a durable D-ring at the back for attaching to a leash — a 6-foot matching version is included.

The vest is available in three colors: black, raspberry, and teal, with reflective trim for improved visibility in low light. Both the harness and the leash are machine washable.

The Adventure Kitty Harness may contribute to overheating in hot weather because it covers a considerable area of a cat’s body.

Cats who are sensitive to handling may have difficulty with this harness, which must be pulled over their head. A buckle has been added to the neck in a new version, however it is still tough to obtain in retailers.

Overall, the Adventure Kitty is a safe and comfortable harness for cats of all shapes and sizes, according to Rachel Trybuch, who has one for each of her cats, Mr. Floofington and Duchess Meow.


Jacket cat harness is the best



Jacket cat harnesses are popular with Dr. Aimee Simpson, medical director at VCA Cat Hospital of Philadelphia, because they are simple to put on and quite secure.

“I use a jacket-style harness for my cat Maeby, who was trained to walk outside as a kitten and now enjoys, even begs for, her evening stroll in our backyard.”

The Kitty Holster is the most popular jacket harness in the adventure cat community – and the one Simpson uses.

It’s a great harness for kitties that have mastered escape artistry as well as those who are considering about joining the squad because it offers so little leeway for a cat to wiggle their way out.

There are no additional straps on this harness, which is made entirely of lightweight, breathable cotton.

Simply wrap the cloth over your cat’s back, slip their front legs through the openings, and secure the Velcro closures at the neck and belly.

The Kitty Holster Cat Harness is available in four sizes to fit a 10-to-23-inch chest, as well as seven different colors and designs.

It includes a metal D-ring on the back for attaching to a leash (not included). The harness has no fluorescent trim, however it is machine washable.


Best low-cost cat harness



Come With Me Kitty Harness by Petsafe is an H-style harness that is ideal for warm weather. “It’s simply straps, so no heat retention,” Ferney explained.

“I always put that one on when it’s really hot out.” Ferney added that because this harness is very expandable with adjustment points at the chest and waist, it also works nicely in the winter draped over a sweater or jacket.

Ferney particularly enjoys the harness’s martingale-style rear design, which tightens as a cat pulls forward or backward.

While H-style cat harnesses are less secure than vest and jacket harnesses, Petsafe’s version has a strap pulley at the back that makes it more difficult for cats to escape.

The Come With Me Kitty Harness is available in six different colors. Each has a distinct colored waistline, making it easier to put on correctly.

The harness features a D-ring on the rear for attaching to the accompanying 5.6-foot bungee leash. When filthy, the Come With Me Kitty must be wiped down with a moist cloth rather than being washed.

It comes in three sizes to fit a 9-inch to an 18-inch chest and is an economical solution for both new and experienced adventure cats.


Best kitten cat harness



Finding a harness tiny enough to suit a kitten might be difficult, according to Sarah Olewski Klassen. Catit’s Adjustable Cat Harness worked well for her explorer cat Gibson, and she recommends it to other kitten adventurers. “It’s the perfect size and it’s quite secure,” she remarked.

Catit’s harness is designed in the shape of an H, with straps over the neck and waist and a straight strap connecting them along the spine.

This harness lacks a straight strap connecting the neck and waist beneath the belly, like does Petsafe’s Come With Me Kitty Harness, which may make it easier to slip out of.

The Catit harness’s neck and waist straps are adjustable, and because each has a buckle, there’s no need to pull this collar over your kitten’s head. The harness is available in three sizes to fit chest sizes ranging from 10 to 24 inches.

A removable bell attached to the metal D-ring at the back alerts small animals that your cat is on the hunt and assists you in locating your kitty if they escape the harness.

The Catit harness comes in three different colors: red, black, and blue. They don’t have any reflecting embellishments.

The harness comes with a 4-foot lightweight ribbon leash. It cannot be machine washed and must be cleaned with a damp cloth.

While the Adjustable Cat Harness by Catit may be easier for a cat to escape than vest or jacket-style harnesses, the basic design makes this an ideal beginning harness for young explorer kittens.


What sort of cat harness is best?

Vest harnesses, jacket harnesses, and H-style harnesses, which feature straps that buckle over the neck and waist, are the three main types of cat harnesses.

Which harness is the most effective? Christine Calder, a board-certified veterinary behaviorist, has no preference as long as it fits well and stays on.

You’ll also want to think about the time of year. In hot weather, an H-style harness is preferable, and in cold weather, it is simpler to match with a jacket or sweater, but a vest or jacket harness is preferable in more moderate conditions.


Why do cats collapse when you put on a harness?

Cats who have never worn a harness before are more likely to fall over or refuse to walk the first time you put one on them.

Because cats are extremely sensitive to materials that push against their skin and fur, without a progressive introduction to the harness, they may assume it restricts them from walking or moving regularly.

Consult our recommendations on how to introduce your cat to a harness below to avoid your cat shutting down.


Are cat harnesses torturous?

No! Cat harnesses, in fact, can introduce your cat to a whole new world.

“Walking is a terrific method to keep indoor cats active and provide them with more stimulus than they would normally receive at home,” Simpson noted.

“Living indoors can cause boredom and anxiety in many cats, so having access to the outdoors might help to alleviate this.” She also mentioned that walking can help an overweight cat shed weight.

However, it is critical to note that not every cat wishes to be an adventure cat. If your cat is extremely frightened, they may not be the greatest fit – however Simpson informed us that even fearful cats can like the outdoors if they are introduced to it slowly and cautiously.


With a cat harness, what kind of leash should I use?

Calder and Simpson do not believe that cats require a certain type of leash.

While Simpson walks her adventure cat Maeby on a 4-foot leash, Calder believes that other cats may be less uneasy on a longer leash that allows them more mobility.

Olewski Klassen occasionally walks her cat Gibson on a retractable leash, but she told BestForPets Reviews that many cat explorers dislike them since the long cord makes it difficult to keep your cat safe.


Is it necessary for me to carry a cat pack?

Yes! Our adventure cat guardians and Simpson both think that carrying a pack is vital when adventuring with a cat.

The pack provides a secure haven for your kitten to return to when they are scared or when danger is nearby. Riding in the pack also allows them to rest and rejuvenate.


Please recognize our gratitude for the time you’ve spent reading this. The best cat leashes in the nation are ranked by BestForPets, an online resource for pet owners (bestforpets.org).

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