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How To Buy The Best Cat Halloween Costumes

It's always wonderful to include your pets in the festivities, whether you outfit your family in matching costumes or let them choose what they want to be.

Costumes for dogs are simple to make. Cats, on the other hand, are a different story.

Choosing a costume for your cat is simple, but persuading your cat to wear the outfit is a another issue.

That doesn't mean you should abandon your plans to include your cat in the Halloween festivities.

The best cat Halloween costumes are those that are simple to put on while also being cute and entertaining.

That's why BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a list of the top ten Halloween costumes for cats, complete with reviews.

Hopefully, this list will assist you in selecting a costume that even the most hesitant cat will approve of.


Adorables Best Overall Lion Mane Costume

The OMG Adorables Lion Mane costume is the best overall Halloween cat costume. This costume screams adorableness and is ideal for your fearsome feline, especially if you’re planning a themed costume like The Wizard of Oz.

On cats with particular coat colors, such as orange tabby cats, the outfit will look stunning and very natural. It will, however, look just as cute on cats of any hue or size.

Because it is just worn on your cat’s head, this costume is suitable for cats of all sizes. You won’t have to worry about finding a costume large enough to accommodate a plump or thick-furred cat.

It is extremely simple to put on because it simply pulls over your cat’s head and velcros, so you won’t have to worry about your cat battling you to wear it. However, because it is made for adult cats, it may be too large for a kitten to wear.


Puoyis Pet Cat Bat Wings – The Best Buy

The Puoyis Pet Cat Bat Wings are the best cat Halloween costume for the money. Because the lightweight felt material is incredibly soft, it will not add weight to your cat and should not cause discomfort while being worn.

This costume is basic, but it’s quite cute and ideal for finicky cats who refuse to wear anything else. Your cat is likely to forget they are wearing it.

These bat wings are ideal for a black cat, but they also look wonderful on cats of all colors. The velcro straps serve to keep the costume secure, and the straps are adjustable to accommodate most cats, including kittens.

However, because the strap wraps around the cat’s stomach, it may be uncomfortable for larger cats.


Miyakoo Cowboy Cat Halloween Costume – High Quality

When compared to the other costumes on this list, the Miyakoo Cowboy Cat Halloween Costume is a touch out of place.

However, it is ideal for cats who appear grouchy, since they may properly represent that tough cowboy persona while dressed in this costume.

This costume is comprised of two parts: a hat and a shirt, pants, and vest combo that is designed to be put on your cat’s front legs to give the cowboy the appearance of standing up.

The cowboy costume is available in four sizes ranging from extra small to large. Cats should wear sizes extra small, small, and medium, but you’ll probably need to take your cat’s measurements to achieve the best fit.

Don’t worry, the description includes the measurements that each size is suited for. Getting your cat to let you measure him may be more difficult.

The disadvantage of this costume is that it is more difficult to put on, so you may have difficulty convincing your cat to wear it.


Pet Cat Sailor Costume by Namsan

The Namsan Pet Cat Sailor Costume is constructed of breathable cotton material, which keeps your cat cool and comfortable.

It comes with two pieces, a hat and a bandana, both of which are highly intricate and well-made. Because the hat is not hollow, it will sit on your cat’s head rather than snugly fit.

It does, however, contain ear slits and a velcro band to make the hat fit more securely. The bandana has an adjustable Velcro strap, making it simple to place on your cat and suitable for cats of all sizes.

The hat, however, only comes in one size and is not adjustable. That means that even if the bandana fits your cat, the hat could not.

It may slide off your cat’s head if your cat does more than merely sit on the couch all day. Overall, this sailor costume is both inexpensive and attractive.


Halloween Vampire Costume IFLYOOY

If you want your cat to seem frightful for Halloween, the IFLYOOY Halloween Vampire Costume is ideal.

It has a cloak and a headgear with crimson horns affixed. The cape is composed of velvety satin, and the headpiece has a plush lining and feathers. 

The satin and plush materials make this costume incredibly nice and pleasant for your cat to wear, and the red and black colors will make your cat stand out regardless of his color.

The cape and the headpiece are both adjustable, however the headpiece is more so than the cape. It is intended for adult cats, although the cape and headpiece sizes are common.

If your cat has a small head, even tightening it as firmly as it will go, the headgear may be too big. Similarly, if your cat is large or has thick fur, the cape may be too tiny to properly wrap over your cat’s neck.

You should take your cat’s measurements before purchasing to guarantee that this costume fits, although your cat can still wear one piece even if the other doesn’t fit well.


If you’re fortunate enough to be able to dress up your cat for Halloween, we hope you found these reviews of the best cat Halloween costumes useful.

The OMG Adorables Lion Mane costume is the finest overall Halloween costume for cats since it is adorable, inexpensive, and simple to put on.

Try the Puoyis Pet Cat Bat Wings for the finest value in a costume. They are not only cute and easy, but they may be worn by cats of all ages.

Whatever costume you choose, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope your cat has as much fun as you do.

Choosing the Best Cat Halloween Costume: A Buyer's Guide

How do you know which of the greatest Halloween costumes for cats is the ideal choice for you and your cat now that we’ve looked at several of them?

After all, you want to make sure the costume suits your cat, even if you have no control over how long he wears it.

However, you know your cat better than we do, and with our Buyer’s Guide, you can select a costume that matches his personality and one he is more likely to wear.

Cat Measurement

One of the most significant tasks will be to measure your cat. This will give you an indication of what costumes are likely to fit him, allowing you to buy the right one the first time.

The last thing you want to do is be in a hurry right before Halloween because you have to return the costume. When purchasing a costume for your cat, make sure to measure the circumference of the neck and chest area.

Most costumes are designed to be worn around your cat’s head and neck, with some even having straps or fabric that cover the tummy.

You must ensure that the costume you wish to purchase will fit your cat in these two regions, especially if your cat is larger than typical or extra fluffy.

A measuring tape, such as one used for sewing, is the finest tool to use while measuring your cat. It will not only be easier to wrap around your cat, but it will also not startle them.

Measuring tapes found in toolboxes can be useful in a pinch, but the sounds they produce and the fact that they are made of metal may startle your cat.

When you’re ready to measure your cat, put the measuring tape over his chest and back, slightly behind his front legs. Take careful note of the measurement.

Then, wrap the measuring tape around your cat’s neck again and record the measurement. You may also want to measure the circumference of your cat’s head for costumes that include a cap or headgear.

Wrap the measuring tape around your cat’s head carefully. This is the most exact method of measurement. Be warned that your cat may object, and you may need to entice him with treats.

Style vs. comfort

Once you’ve determined your cat’s measurements, consider the overall style of the outfit as well as how comfy the costume will be for your cat.

Remember that cats’ personalities vary, so just because the product description suggests that all cats will enjoy it doesn’t mean they will.

For example, you might enjoy a costume that includes a cape and headgear, but your cat might not. If your cat dislikes anything constricting on or around his head, you should avoid choosing a costume with a hat.

Even if your cat will wear the cape, purchasing a costume that includes a piece of clothing that your cat will not wear may be a waste of money.

It’s also worth noting that certain costumes are more akin to clothing than others. You must actually put them on your pet (for example, put his legs into the costume).

Other costumes can simply be strapped on with velcro, making them more easier to put on. If you know your cat dislikes being picked up, it might be wiser to choose a costume that you can put on without picking him up.

This will keep your cat happy and prevent you from getting scratched.

Your Cat’s Resistance

It’s crucial to remember that your cat may reject the concept of a costume entirely, especially if you’ve never attempted to dress him before.

It may be easier to dress up a kitten for Halloween because they are still learning and are unaware of any differences. Adult cats are less inclined to accept the idea than kittens.

Many mature cats, especially the elderly, are unlikely to wear a costume. Remember not to force your cat to do anything he does not want to do. If your cat attempts to resist, you and he could both be injured.

If your cat is apprehensive about wearing a costume, you can ease him into it gradually. There are many festive collars with elastic in them, for example.

They are larger and more decorative than a standard collar. They contain elastic so you can put them over your cat’s head. He may be festive without feeling awkward.

Throughout the year, you can experiment with putting other minor bits of a costume on your cat. If a costume includes a cape and a hat, try putting the cape on your cat throughout the year to acclimate him to the idea.

You may also offer your cat a treat before putting on the cape to teach him to link something good with the cloak. Once your cat has gotten comfortable to the cape, incorporate other parts of the costume, such as a hat.

Again, giving your cat goodies before putting the hat on his head is beneficial. Allow your cat to become accustomed to wearing the entire costume. That way, when Halloween comes around, you’ll have no trouble convincing him to wear it.

Finally, it’s worth noting that some cats will never warm to the idea of dressing up. If you want to keep your cat festive, offer him some Halloween toys or a standard collar with a Halloween print on it.

There are ways to incorporate your cat in Halloween activities without causing him distress.

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