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The 9 Best Cat Grooming Tubs

Have you ever attempted to wash your cat? If you said yes in a voice barely above a whisper and then silently sobbed, it is considered that bathing your cat was not the best experience.

You are not by yourself. Many cats dislike water, therefore you may have suffered cat-caused hand injuries while washing them in your bathroom sink.

Or perhaps arms. Or even your face. Instead, you think you'd rather live with a stinky cat than go through that again.However, your cat may require another bath in the future.

Perhaps they rolled in something stinky or greasy and are unable to clean themselves. They require assistance. A solid grooming tub will make the experience more enjoyable.

Here are BestForPets's (bestforpets.org) top picks for the best cat grooming tubs on the market right now.


Best Overall Cat Grooming Tub: Furesh Elevated Folding Bathtub and Wash Station

The Furesh Elevated Folding Bathtub and Wash Station is our top pick for a cat grooming tub.

This tub has elevated legs, making it simpler to bathe your cat without stooping and straining your back.

There is a harness within the tub that you can use to gently restrain your cat if they are nervous and may try to escape.

Another advantage of this tub is that it is built of a sturdy and claw-resistant PVC plastic that can be folded and stowed quickly.

There are also compartments for storing shampoo! While there is drainage in this tub, due to the material, part of the water does not drain completely.

You may need to use a towel to completely dry it.


Pet Gear Pup Tub – Best Cat Grooming Tub for the Money

If you are unsure how frequently you will bathe your cat, you should generally avoid investing in a grooming tub.

However, having a tub on hand is always a good idea in case your cat gets into a jam. This is why the Pet Gear Pup Tub comes highly recommended.

It is long-lasting and inexpensive. If your cat is anxious or shy, you should be closer to it during bath time.

Smaller tubs, such as this one, can be placed on a table or the floor, making your cat more comfortable during the session.

This tub also features a drain with a plug, however the plug’s quality could be better.


Best Elevated Cat Grooming Tub – Flying Pig Grooming Bathtub

The Flying Pig Grooming Bathtub is our top pick for an elevated bathing tub for your cat. This basic, yet strong and functional design makes bathing your cat easy.

Because this tub is supported by legs, it alleviates back pain. You may also bathe your cat from any angle of the tub. This tub requires some assembly.

While the legs are not adjustable in height, they do include levelers that allow the tub to stand on uneven ground, making it suitable for use both outside and inside.

Although this tub has drainage, the quality of the drain plug might be improved, as some users have noticed leaks.


Elevated Bathing and Grooming Center Booster Bath – Best Functional Cat Grooming Tub

Our pick for the most functional cat grooming tub is the Booster Bath Elevated Bathing and Grooming Center.

This grooming tub has a U-shaped design that makes it easy to bring your cat into the tub. The inside of the tub is lined with a rough rubber pad to keep your cat from slipping.

There is also a harness that you can put on your cat to keep it from running away during the washing process.

The legs can also be readily removed to make storage of the tub more convenient.

Because of the U-shaped design, this tub cannot be filled and is best used to gently shower your cat.


Acrowell Portable Pet Bathtub – Best Cat Grooming Tub on Wheels

Wheels may make transporting anything easier, including pet washing tubs. This is why the Acrowell Portable Pet Bathtub comes highly recommended.

While bathing your cat, you may need to maneuver the tub fast, which is best accomplished if your tub is on wheels.

This tub may be folded up and stowed neatly in your closet or other storage locations, in addition to having wheels.

This tub has built-in drainage, however because it is made of flexible PVC, it does not drain completely. To soak up water in the crevices, you may need to use a towel.

Choosing The Best Cat Grooming Tubs: A Buyer's Guide

Are you still undecided about which option is best for you and your water-averse feline? Read our buyer’s guide to choose the best option for your home and pet.

Why Are There So Few Cat-Specific Grooming Tub Options?

If you’ve been hunting for cat-specific grooming baths, you may have noticed that they’re not simple to come by. But why is that?

Cats are often self-sufficient when it comes to cleaning. In fact, they spend at least 5 hours every day beautifying themselves.

Another issue is that most cats loathe being in water. These are the primary reasons why cat-specific grooming tubs do not have a niche market.

Many of the tubs described can be used for dogs, but they can also be used for cats.

The most crucial factor while bathing your cat is that it is in a solid and clean bathing tub in a safe area.

Considerations When Purchasing a Grooming Tub

  • Your bodily well-being. Some cat grooming tubs are raised, making it considerably easier for folks with back trouble to bathe their cats. You will have some cheaper options if you are more flexible and can bathe your cat on the floor in a tub.
  • Examine the measurements. Check the measurements of the tubs because many grooming tubs are designed for dogs.
  • Space. Some cat baths are fairly large, and finding a place to store them in a small home can be difficult. Because some durable cat grooming tubs are not foldable, consider cat tubs that can be folded and stowed more easily.
  • Budget. Elevated cat grooming baths can be pricey due to the additional materials need for the legs and drainpipes. If your cat spends most of its time indoors, you won’t need to bathe it very often. Consider your budget and determine which grooming tub is best for your cat’s lifestyle and your checkbook.


It can be difficult to choose the proper grooming tub for your cat. Some tubs may be too huge for your cat, so opt for tubs designed for smaller dogs.

These will be more appropriate for your feline. For your cat grooming tub, we propose the Furesh Elevated Folding Bathtub and Wash Station or the Pet Gear Pup Tub.

We genuinely appreciate your time in reading thus far. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that this article will assist you in selecting the best cat grooming tubs.

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